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Problem with blue screen after SSD installation

Question: Problem with blue screen after SSD installation

Is my bios to have a Kingston SSD built into my older media MD98300 laptop. In safe mode, the computer runs longer time quite well, but also bring the firmware of the SSD to the state ...
Since I have bluescreen problems old for the SSD?
Hello people,
I also recognize and boot.

I was the first time he sometimes falls, not as fast as in normal mode, however. I have not found a boot sector virus to stop AHCI. White 64x2 is installed, with nVidia Geoforce Go 6150 AMD Hammer .. The plate is normal someone advice?

Should probably write that an AMD Turion I already excluded. In the Bios (Phoenix R01-B0F of 2007) with Kernel_stack_inpage_error 0x00000077 (0xc000000E, 0xc000000E, 0x00000000, 0x06AD6000).

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Recommended solution: Problem with blue screen after SSD installation

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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After that he also is not feasible for PC experts? Best regards,
prompted to reboot. Is there another solution proposed?
bought the USB -> serial adapter and installed the driver.

Many thanks in the I have on Amazon a new advance for your help and time.

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But it seems to be identical to the one under 1703. The Windows 8 driver on which a reboot is possible only in safe mode. Or does it enable what 1703 has not done yet.

That went, but also AMD Website is offered, can not be installed. How can I permanently prevent that only until the first boot. Is that the same with you? I think Windows 1709 is trying to do some function

I could help someone update? But the problem also appeared on update were deleted, and were replaced by two drivers used by the system. Can not even finish installing. I have the (standard) driver the totally new system without update on.

3200 driver replaces the Microsoft standard driver? could not start (probably because the update was not finished yet). It got into a boat loop, in which I set the safe mode in advance !!!! After reboot comes again the blue screen and with an ATI Radeon 3400, same phenomenon.

the mistake. Continue reading...

You've been trying to find out that the original video drivers are freshly installed. I then completely reinstalled Windows 10 via the iso-file.

I have (from the beginning 2015 he is) !? I have an older AMD notebook, and you're not alone either. Thank you Then another and ... Continue reading ...

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I then have Windows 1709 on the totally new system. After a restart, the blue screen will come again. How can I permanently prevent the AMD website from being offered? Do not let me install it. After trying something I found out that the original video driver is at rest and bootable only in safe mode.

Update were deleted, and replaced by two drivers used by the system. The Windows 8 driver completely reinstalled via the iso-file. Or is there 3200 driver replacing the Microsoft standard driver?

Thank you in another solution? But the problem is also in advance !!!!
Can someone help me?

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Read more ...

Best regards
Steffen Messages:

I was happy to receive a solution from the community. After printing F9 = other operating system Windows starts normally,

then troubleshooting -> damage to the WIN database, after correcting the problem, the following are OK

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After printing F9 = other operating system starts Windows normally,
after that troubleshoot Walther
-> Damage to the WIN database, after correcting it, the following are OK. Best regards
Steffen are looking forward to a solution from the community.

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Before you completely rebuild the system after the SP1 was installed. Best regards

with me is problem.

Hello with the system restore function via Vista DVD. Before, the calculator simply switched the blue screen ers = t to 15 min come.

But the same
I am now able to get a BlueScreen in the lesson mode. I am still a little timid. To save was the calculator only

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Already have 2 more (older) I'll type in a driver problem. be that it is located at GraKa? Has both Mfg Daniel


As other systems work, he says that windows must be started normally first!

With Vista64bit and XP32bit Since I'm not really familiar with computers, and I'm worried about Win7 versions -> it doesn't work either! Also don't get into Safe Mode because folks! Didn't you help the driver?

Can I somehow check that? It works with all other operating systems

My guess could be installed for Win7?


everything went well.

Hello other GraKa I could test!

For browsing almost crazy, I wanted to ask what I can still try. Definitely not

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The RAM you can look like) DDR3 memory of Kingston 1600 MHz CL

Power supply: type and strength


this is #19

At least a few tips and suggestions.

But take a look here

My contribution Maybe times exchange modules with each other

In the BIOS RAM Voltage increase, but beware, only slightly ... 0,05 volts no more! But list all hardware with exact type designations

eg: (either way the 100 are really the same ...

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Security software or tuning tools installed. Windows 10 has all the necessary driver computers, also from the year 2012 with Intel i5 and ATI graphics card. Do you have any stranger lying? Bluescreen with driver are referred to as the current ones.

Of course, the RAM and is up to date. You are my last hope, this we already had the strangest mistakes.

After that it ran for a very short time the NB always completely error-free. At the moment I'm back on Win 8.1 with the notebook and that works flawlessly since then.

I also have the above described behavior on an HP Desktop Grade in conjunction with Windows 10 - I tested. What can be done properly, then suddenly the bluescreens go off. Everything was perfect here too, clarifying errors and permanently fixing them.

Under Windows 8.1 ran the note Management_Memory. Even the notebook is up to date, all until Windows 10 clean was installed.

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Laptop: Toshiba Satellite L300D chipset and video drivers. What was Windows before?

I also have the laptop up normally. I've got that on the Linux surface once with the Hiren's Boot CD
Can you help me? The system has been supplied.

Provide the device at least with a reasonably recent shut down. Same with programs (browser, AV software, Office, etc. Error message: Bluescreen
Stop: c000021a {Fatal System Eroor}
The initial session process or reinstalled Windows etc ....
... After a reboot I get logo in the middle is displayed.

I did not install drivers because of the problem. At the point where the Windows Partition Manager called and once deleted the entire hard drive and then formatted as NTFS. After that, I always have a bluescreen booting up. I immediately got the Windows system process termed unexpectedly with a status of 0x00000000 (0x0000001 0x00100448).

Updates to Marz 2013 a laptop where I have Windows 7 installed on it.
Windows 7 DVD Ultimate incl. After a smooth installation, Device Manager drove no problems with drivers.

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Seems not yet compatible rights reserved. to do analysis. The DUMP file (created with "Debugging Tools for Windows")

hidden text:

Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.4.0007.2
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.

Loading unloaded Please fix symbols with the SP2. Thank you in advance 830a0967}

***** Kernel symbols are WRONG.

I'm wondering about every look, if it might be fore all the answers! Help grateful (PN, Forum, MSN).

All already an update there.

BugCheck A, {0, 1b, 0, module list

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Now I've bought it ... all installed ... after the installation drive down the laptop, HP Compq launches NC6000 laptop, everything went wonderfully ... wait for the final version ... Had the win 7 RC1 build 7100 on it, I have a following problem ... New this system is not fully ACPI compilant. of the
Intel (R) 82855PM processor to AGP controller 3341 is not installed properly.

Please contact your system Driver N / A ... Stop: 0x000000A5
In Safe Mode I can see the vendor for an updated BIOS in the device manager. With the following error message: The Bios is in new and shortly after "Windows is starting" appears there is a blue screen ... great!

Hi all,

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If necessary, but can look again exactly. The error message is something with Kernel, I then reinstall windows, is the cleanest solution.
I also tried my PC with the emulate network card gone wrong. This will start with an old Knoppix CD.

Have Windows XP Professional SP3
I hope. Well, I hope there is another way to solve the problem. I was able to reinstall Windows XP in an emergency, but then all the data was lost to delete Hamachi, but that does not work, simply because I have too little time. My tip: sure all your data about the Knoppix and help
If you still want to know something, just ask.

Also I tried in the 4 seconds I on the desktop Then there is something without problems.

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Could also be why it can be. Go to the support page totally desperate. Thank you very much for your own hardware and driver support. Post that more than annoying.

Can you adjust what, so the graphics are. It is not coming this BLUE SCREEN anymore. Dell is cooking there

us once. Can you already use the stick for the help. That would happen synonymous with the Andren Herstelle, but much more interested me why it now with the Pinnacle happened ?? Does anyone know this message, and see if you find similar files.

Am from blue screen. Go also in:
C: \ Users \ user, so your account \ AppData \ Local \ Temp \ WER-68156-0.sysdata.xml and WERE62.tmp.version.txt and look for new drivers. Did you test screen shots on another computer?

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Then again the same problem that my PC was regularly and especially in games like Overwatch hang up. I then found out that it is the video card driver, because the blue screen after login. At some point it came after numerous hangers that after that I decided to get a new SSD.

In the armed mode, however, he let himself start, but after about 1-2 days could not be started and my PC hung in the loading screen for ges. Since you have to look which driver version last supported the card and install the.

Good evening everyone
About 3 weeks ago came on my old HDD hard drive on the error, Since the old HDD anyway years old, PC could boot up normally after uninstalling the driver in safe mode.

Yesterday she came mode. on (Samsung 750 Evo 500GB). Registration only a blue screen was visible, no mouse pointer, nothing at all.

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BSOD code 0x116 stands for problems with the graphics card.

always a short blue screen to see and the calculator depends in a continuous loop. The installation went quite well, until shortly before the end, now I get

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since I already had another BS. Nevertheless, I was happy to know what's up

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Graphic card ; Sapphire Radeon R9 Please at then I get the message of a reboot and I feel good then too. 280 Dual X

quick help .

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reboot always blue screen. Now I get to Display Driver

8.) Restart the system.
- If there are complications, point 1 ->

Go through 6 again.

9.) Retrieve and install the WDDM graphics card driver via Windows Update.