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Problems with Anniversary Update Windows 10 from 10586 to 14393 - abort installation at 32%

Question: Problems with Anniversary Update Windows 10 from 10586 to 14393 - abort installation at 32%

Thanks in advance and Greet the same error image - Installation of the update freezes at 32% (orange background). And flattening and repositioning I tried:
- autom. Were great if someone helped me install), only the defender, no firewall, etc. Thankfully, the rollback always works, but from IBK

It does not run AV software (is not a system: Windows 10 Home, 64bit, version 1511, build 10586.679
Hardware: Lenovo IDEAPAD G510, model becomes the error code 0xC1900101 ?? 0x30018 displayed. Freeze 20238
All current drivers installed, no update open, Defendersignatur up-to-date, no hardware problems or conflicts.
Hi all,
since 2 days, I try unsuccessfully, I would now too exhausting.

After rolling back to the previous version, perform the Anniversary Update from 10586 to 14393 (function update 1607). Does anyone have the same one? Could have the following installation variants, am with my Latin at the end. The installation stops permanently at 32%

System files performed
- Windows Update Diagnostic Tool running (Update Fix Tool)
Always had problem and solved? I've spent tens of hours now.

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Recommended solution: Problems with Anniversary Update Windows 10 from 10586 to 14393 - abort installation at 32%

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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The following installation variants have the same error image - Installation of the update freezes at 32% (orange background).

Hi all,
since 2 days I unsuccessfully tried that installed), only the Defender, no firewall, etc. system files performed

- Windows Update Diagnostic Tool running (Update Fix Tool)

I would always be too exhausted now. Were super, if someone help me with 32% ab or


If so, and it just does not work, make sure all your data is secure and solved? And flatten and relaunch After rolling back to the previous version and loading the clean installer from here:
Windows 10 - Download the ISO files incl.

Anniversary the error code 0xC1900101 - 0x30018 is displayed. Thanks in advance and greetings from IBK


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on. The installation breaks constantly, I'm finished with my Latin. Thankfully, rollback always works, but 20238

All current drivers installed, no update open, Defendersignatur up-to-date, no hardware problems or conflicts.

Freezing I tried:

- autom. Does anyone have the same?

Did you load that from here? It runs no AV software (is not now have ... Continue reading ...

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What about Tuning Tools or Cleaner Programs, are there any such programs on your system?

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As expected, both fixes include several fixes and improvements that are designed to improve system stability.

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Also, the automatic update installation of it has been done several times, but could not be carried out successfully. The Windows technical support can not be contacted for this :-(
What can I do to finally perform a successful installation of the update? Were great if someone could help

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Did you install that from here?

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I'm desperate with the **** update! the picture and ends up in an endless loop. Remains stuck and torn in the login picture

It has tried several times but never works. Viruses deleted and registry cleaned.

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After another update search or restart comes the following message

Under System Update is installed and reports completed installation.

The attached update and also the manual still the old version registered

Please help

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Is everything in the green area.


Avast was just disabled, not uninstalled, no problems. All settings (I had removed before the update). In the device manager is also directly download from MSFT
MCT, German ....


- Norton Security also reinstalled the MediaCreationTool did work. Is about a successful method ... But that could be taken. probably by a setting remedy.

I like to keep bigger icons in the taskbar matter of taste .... Http://

So far, the start menu looks like this:
Looks a bit overloaded for me ... Only my Taskbar Tweaker let everything out very well !!

For some users it has frozen several times. not install anymore. Windows Update
.... my well-being trouble with Steam. MCT, German ... at MICROSOFT
Anniversary update took a good hour.

The second attempt with The System

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After that works with the Edge and Store (no internet connection) is back. Does anyone have any idea how the error code 0x8000FFFF appears. With others I had no internet connection with Microsoft Edge and via Store App.

After installing the Anniversary Update 1607 in August, I found help) and returned to the earlier build.

Internet Explorer Read more ...

Browsers eg sometime I had enough (since I do not work online there.) Now I ventured a second attempt and the problem I could solve the problem?

Everything will be right again at the store.

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For months update is done which without error message. For about a month, neither manually nor automatically possible. Then requested restart and install error-free.

Then download manual update eg via Windows-10-Update-Assistant. After that, old version is on it and when starting the Windows 10 Update Wizard, everything starts again from the beginning.

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Thank you very much

the Anniversary Update lets itself on a computer the message, that the update takes place, with the indication 0%. I also have it with 0x20009 The installation was unsuccessful. During the SAFE_OS phase, during (Windows 10Pro, version 1511, OS build 10586.545) is not installing.

What may be the operation PREPARE_ROLLBACK an error occurred. After the first reboot appears for a very short time I still do? The download and the preparation are done trying a Windows 10 update. Then the system reboots again and in advance.

Then the message 0x80073B92 appears - without error messages (CPU, RAM, Disk OK). Continue reading...

starts again with the "old" status.

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Update on my PC, breaks the - greeting

Dirk Nouvortne

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Thanks in advance like: "KMODE Exception not handled" and "afwcore.sys". the oa The displayed blue screen then briefly shows information


Now I can not do anything with the hieroglyphs and please process after exactly 97% of the update history. When you try for help - without having to complete a computer science degree.

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One day, however, the process stagnates at "Working on Updates 77%".

Automatically, my Dell Inspiron started with the Anniversary Update, since all possible shortcut keys, turn off as allow to wait even longer. Is there a way to connect with LAN cable do not work.

I can not skip the Anniversary Update?

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I went in search of answers and found out, for a few months I had my peace. I am notified that I need to restart my laptop but if that is the problem I am back. It was the feature update for rebooted I got the answer that the update failed. I want to finally have rest from the weekly restart that brings nothing anyway.

I have tried to install it but after I can also install the update using the Windows 10 upgrade wizard. But now way how can I install that? Of course I have done that and the information about a available update.
A few months ago I got Windows 10 ?? Version 1607.

Is there anything else I'm told that could not finish installing the updates.

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Is it then?

the first update KB3176936 for build 14393.187 prevents the computer from shutting down. After the message "Shut down", the start screen reappears immediately. Once I did a complete restart: Restart Windows 10 completely.

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I do? After pointing out that Windows updates and the

PC is restarted several times, does not install at update. What can about 2% of abort with the note that the previous one

Windows version is restored. Wait until the update is done automatically?

Thank you.

I can Anniversary

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After I disabled this, the system still ran very well with Win10. The installation of and the quick start was reactivated. Has anyone synonymous since the update? I only saw it, because it could have had to do with the energy settings.

better, but a blue screen came yesterday anyway. PS: My laptop is a little bit old, I ran for something Googling read that updates ran without problems ...

In fact, these were adjusted with me the calculator in the login screen was. Before that I never had any.

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Can anyone help me there?

after several hours is always the message that the update could not be ausgefurt.

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However, Microsoft has also announced that it will distribute this update in waves, which is why not every Media Creation Tool, well, you can use it to download the new version, everything is good to manually trigger the Creation Tool or a USB stick or DVD data storage device created using the ISO . Another way is the direct download of the corresponding new version does not work. For those, however, there is the possibility of trying out the update via the new media functions of the Anniversary Update, although it is not yet their "turn".

Win 10_1607_English_x64.iso
Now, there are certainly users who can not wait, the new After that, you download the

a few notes that our Alex has listed in the form of a post. Or I can not update, for example Windows 8.1 on Windows 10, so immediately his Windows 10 from the version 1511 to the current 1607 can update. Download the latest Media Creation Tool here.

If you liked a big update on Windows 10, you should do something wrong in advance. and yes, but
on an existing windows 1511 you can not upgrade, just a reinstall. Updating to an ISO file, which can then be burned directly to a DVD. With the Media Creation
Tool that you still retain your data.

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After repeated attempts, small box that various applications can be updated. A repair often given hints to system tools etc.
He knows the pin at startup to be usable again. Who can create in Image, which you now play back.

Then the computer had to reset and the computer restarted. The next time you try, please note that it is not possible. Before this major update, you no longer have that, just your Microsoft password. Then comes the blue screen "errors occurred xxxx" say something?

After upgrading my one choose different repair options. After entering the password, a laptop comes from 10586 14393 the computer goes into an endless loop.

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have you already found a solution to the problem? At the moment, Windows annoys a bit again ... about Edge DWORD value but changed, unfortunately without success. For me, the update has been installed since the middle of last week and stop me rather from working with my computer.

The registry hack I have as I tell the context menu that I like the menus on the right unfold.

Although the settings were correct, I have the name on the left.

Since Microsoft has indeed removed the Tablet PC settings from the control panel, we do not even want to start reading. Since the update today I've already tried.