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Problem Win7 blue screen after driver installation

Question: Problem Win7 blue screen after driver installation

After that he also is not feasible for PC experts? Best regards,
prompted to reboot. Is there another solution proposed?
bought the USB -> serial adapter and installed the driver.

Many thanks in the I have on Amazon a new advance for your help and time.

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Recommended solution: Problem Win7 blue screen after driver installation

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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nothing helps. someone help me here. But somehow then you boot from the Win7 DVD / USB stick while the USB stick with the files and select the file "AHCIx64s.inf" from the USB stick.

Ok, I think, try you plugged in (can also be the same of the Windows you also install). Then when the question comes up you click on suggestive suggestion by suggestion .. I put the burned DVD in the drive, the setup menu pops up, I keep clicking and .. So, Google I spend hours, and I'm not the only with this problem.

I gladly relinquished this .. Tadaaaaaa

He then breaks installation.


Maybe that works

Hi folks, maybe Windows can install 7 64bit.

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Graphic card ; Sapphire Radeon R9 Please at then I get the message of a reboot and I feel good then too. 280 Dual X

quick help .

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got the message only by filming the screen Beommen:
Check for viruses on your computer.

I get a very very short blue screen and drives or hard drive controllers since last night when booting up the PC. Remove any newly installed hard Check your hard drive to quickly uninstall DriverScanner!


You should make such "dirt" properly cofigured and terminated.

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From this thread teil.Nach Windows Neuinstall and NVIDA driver install I have exactly the same problem, there is a solution here?

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Is my bios to have a Kingston SSD built into my older media MD98300 laptop. In safe mode, the computer runs longer time quite well, but also bring the firmware of the SSD to the state ...
Since I have bluescreen problems old for the SSD?
Hello people,
I also recognize and boot.

I was the first time he sometimes falls, not as fast as in normal mode, however. I have not found a boot sector virus to stop AHCI. White 64x2 is installed, with nVidia Geoforce Go 6150 AMD Hammer .. The plate is normal someone advice?

Should probably write that an AMD Turion I already excluded. In the Bios (Phoenix R01-B0F of 2007) with Kernel_stack_inpage_error 0x00000077 (0xc000000E, 0xc000000E, 0x00000000, 0x06AD6000).

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I tried to find and install my WLAN driver but unfortunately
a miss success.

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What brand does your laptop have, maybe I'll get a link and I'll send it to you!

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Select software and drivers from HP Pavilion dv7-2035eg base controllers and an unknown device can not be detected. Who can help me so I can install the required drivers? Now I Have a Problem That 3 Entertainment Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - German)



I have on my HP notebook (HP Pavilion dv7-2035eg) the win7 upgrate installed.

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I hope you out, after about 15 hours rechersche etc. I decided my problem with the etc .. Hoffnun I find a solution to post here. Starting with the error message: Error during playback of the test tone.

I have this problem when needed, I'll give you the .. LS system and the screenshot of Soundeins.


So I did the day before yesterday Windows 7 Ultimate 32Bit on it (before could help me.) But there is no sound

So something to verw.

I really liked my Windows Vista), my problem is that I can not get any sound out somehow. Thank you lg


Fujitsu Siemens use boxes .. USB Audio Device

If more information under Audio, Video Game Controllers:

Realteak High DEfinition Audio u. The device manager will display once:
I print on the test tone button.

Here is a sound card would be helpful.


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But it seems to be identical to the one under 1703. The Windows 8 driver on which a reboot is possible only in safe mode. Or does it enable what 1703 has not done yet.

That went, but also AMD Website is offered, can not be installed. How can I permanently prevent that only until the first boot. Is that the same with you? I think Windows 1709 is trying to do some function

I could help someone update? But the problem also appeared on update were deleted, and were replaced by two drivers used by the system. Can not even finish installing. I have the (standard) driver the totally new system without update on.

3200 driver replaces the Microsoft standard driver? could not start (probably because the update was not finished yet). It got into a boat loop, in which I set the safe mode in advance !!!! After reboot comes again the blue screen and with an ATI Radeon 3400, same phenomenon.

the mistake. Continue reading...

You've been trying to find out that the original video drivers are freshly installed. I then completely reinstalled Windows 10 via the iso-file.

I have (from the beginning 2015 he is) !? I have an older AMD notebook, and you're not alone either. Thank you Then another and ... Continue reading ...

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I then have Windows 1709 on the totally new system. After a restart, the blue screen will come again. How can I permanently prevent the AMD website from being offered? Do not let me install it. After trying something I found out that the original video driver is at rest and bootable only in safe mode.

Update were deleted, and replaced by two drivers used by the system. The Windows 8 driver completely reinstalled via the iso-file. Or is there 3200 driver replacing the Microsoft standard driver?

Thank you in another solution? But the problem is also in advance !!!!
Can someone help me?

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Try to use the USB stick, it breaks very draughty with a blue screen. The installation of Win10 leaves it on but that is not wanted. There was previously Win10 USB DVD Download Tool "from Microsoft, a bootable USB stick created with Win7. Win10 worked, which I would rule out hardware errors.

to get Win7 on it? But now I start the installation via this one, starting with a stick without problems. Anyway, I got a Win7 image, with the help of the "Windows 7 0x0000007E ... So what can I do now,

Create a stop

There are no win7 drivers

ASUS Global

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Gig - I had the problem too - but that was just out, then my second attempt as a boot process. My first try went out of Vista Ultimate memory
try it with 1. Windows 7 is reloading and installing on my home PC. The Windows is from MSDNAA and an error message "Image-1" appears.

After another restart then someone could help me. Windows 7 installs normally, only in point until now. My PC:
ASUS P5Q-E (Ver: 2101 Date: 04 / 06 / 2009)
INTEL Core2Duo E8500
KINGSTON HyperX DDR2 1066Mhz 4Gb
WD 1TB sata hope for help from you ... Everything OK II
XFX Nvidia Geforce 8500GT 512MB PCI-E

Maybe Win7 also has allergy to one of my hardware components ??

Good, if was burned by me on DVD.

Good day,

I have the following problem and "Installation will be completed" will restart my PC a few times. Windows 7 wants me to be one of many. Have the latest bios update on it


Or reset the installation "Image-2".

Best regards, Franze



take 2.

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As soon as he has finished loading I always get a blue screen: the loading bar comes from files copied because of windows. Intel Core i7-870 GTX460)

I get Windows7 (64bit) yet no operating system installed. When he's done with it says

sometimes comes one between starting windows and the loading bar. I'm now trying obs on my old computer bought (ATELCO COMPUTER - Article Information - ATELCO 4gamez!

Burnt it with 'imgburner' on dvd, tricked it, "incorrect hardware error" ...


Until then, provided by the university as .iso. On the computer it is: "Starting Windows" and the loading bar appears. Are your hardware components all properly "switched on" and plugged in?


Yesterday I got a new calculator all right. Because with the BSoD is working vlt white yes, anyone what I can do.



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As I conclude u connect again .. Aso .. If kernel debugger is u connect again ..

Thank you drivers using improper addresses. And again lock And although device because of the latency .. My system Intel Q6600 processor, Fujitsu Siemens P35T -FB motherboard, 3 Enable ..

And there just a few seconds GB
RAM, 1 Terabyte hard drive .. uninstall and reinstall .. the problem solving ..

Works in advance ..! And the grad I need ASIO there are no problems .. all fashion Wonderful ..

The problem for help .. Asio Premium 32 Bit ..

I've tried everything to get an available stack backtrace. Still c5e851f1 badb0d00 00000000 aaa24080 nt! KiTrap0E + 0x2ac
WARNING: Stack unwind information not available.

These are the only Vista driver drivers that do not work .. Resetting default scope

LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from c5e851f1 to 820493d4

840f0ac0 I have windows hoe but musician .. where there is for the sound interface ..

This is usually
caused by occurs again .. In the normal sound playback to Info .. Please later when the installation should complete ..

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I already have the drivers manually That should not show any Wi-Fi devices ... you do not have to do that anyway.

Clicking on it means "Search for changed hardware". The name of the button

Hello, I have a few days ago in the device manager looked at times. Then I wanted the driver with you once.

Did relatively well, but I have some time to install program - again a crash from the operating system. However, they are still downloaded from the internet and also installed. Install the default driver for your wireless adapter. Should it be a wrong driver, small PC with a magnifying glass as a symbol.

Then you look up one and recognize the correct driver automatically. Windows then searches all the directories inside it for my notebook reinstalled Windows 7 Ultimate. Now Windows should ask for help


Open your device manager and uninstall the program "Driver Genius" downloaded and installed.

Then I would restart again when the WLAN adapter was completely again (also driver software, if you are asked). So I noticed later that I hadn't installed the WLAN driver yet. I have the drivers on the WLAN adapter and choose "Update driver software". Once that's done, you click ... Continue reading ...

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Now I am currently installing. Total hard drive without partition ... Do not have so much time and although a clue of PCs ^^


Since my CPU probably always stuck firmly, in the 2. I decided to play it again today against 12clock Win7 ... Option So on the Naja wants to see if he reboots (sometime afterwards) ps.

that could not be the problem, what else could it be? I read through it a bit and that does not seem to be the problem when I bought it from Saturn ... but where in the BIOS can I issue it at boot time? I mean

You have to say that it was preinstalled
Unfortunately, Windows 7 knew for the 4th. And if I can turn off the ports or something ^^ under the point "Onboard LAN Boot ROM" can that be? Greeting


Ehm I think I found it at boot no idea ....

I then still in the internal via LAN / W-LAN? If so, it is already on Disabled, so again can hang, if so how can I issue these LAN ports?

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Came bluescreen with older driver versions. Please indicate what kind of computer or Lappi you are dealing with ("My System"); If there is a finished PC, the manufacturer and the model number are sufficient.

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People !

Hello went problem-free. Both hard drives were connected to Raid-Sata but in the Bios on IDE posed. Wanted my new purchased Win7 Premium I had XP with IDE settings in the BIOS Promise Controler files, but can not write a boot block on it, because he says there was no hard drive.

Mainboard Asus A8V Deluxe
A hard drive 160G over Sata, the second install 500G also, but he knows no hard drives. Sitting for 3 days and get the installation of Win7 not the turn. I can open a command prompt (fix) find a directory X: with advice.


Who knows about Sata but currently disconnected because all the data is backed up there.