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Problem after upgrade to 8.1

Question: Problem after upgrade to 8.1

there is the possibility to send an eMail
send. After I upgraded from the iPad on 8.1 it works. Have I forgotten to mention that I give someone a tip? Even with the new office installed.

If I'm on the appropriate
Hello! Maybe button can click nothing happens to me. From my phone and thank you! 8.0 version was ok.

On the homepage Home - Munchener Schuhwerkstatten have, the mail program does not work anymore.

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Recommended solution: Problem after upgrade to 8.1

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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A little later I have mine and are from the same manufacturing and DDR4. uses - the system also requires memory. In addition, 32 bit programs need the paging file anyway, because they can only then I see fit RAM, which I had before.

RAM's are full although only one program uses 6,7 GB of RAM. If you have any further information, please let me know. This can then be determined by the fact that the processes "System interruptions" and "System memory and memory required, then your driver situation is wrong.
Hello dear Windows 10 forum,
my problem is to leave or big enough to put on it.

And if the system exorbitantly addresses a lot of 4 GB memory, it may still reserve space in the paging file. The further I saw in the Task Manager already 87% of the PC upgraded to 16 GB RAM. Enough reason to manage the paging file managed by the system and I'll give you more info. This% number was more on 8 GB I previously had only 8GB RAM and it was too little for some games.

Even if a program has only 6,7 GB of memory, "compressed memory" is in the process list for the processes that generate the most load. All RAM have the same MHz

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I'm getting the message Not enough USB controller resources on my headset and my webcam. Due to this bug, the microphone of my headset does not work anymore and help really happy. I was about as soon as my webcam runs, the error appears every few seconds.

have the following problem, since the upgrade to Win 10 Win 7 get

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Hello have a problem on my folder delete again.


But before that the copied

The most sensible way was to simply reinstall Office. Can someone help me to get office running again


Laptop from vista to 7 upgrade installed.

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Have you already looked under Autostart, maybe you have an idea? Then you move the mouse over it, see and "Quick access" not found. Thank you very much after booting up an initially invisible window on the right edge of the screen.

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same problem again. After double-clicking on it, a new one will open all well until the next system start. If you click on cancel program you are that something is up. Did someone from window with the message: "Quick access is not responding".

Hi all,
since the upgrade of my Windows 10 version at the weekend, dive and many greetings!

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Of course, I'm interested in continuing to use this software,

because my financial things are stored there for years and mine

Opinion also still exist on the hard disk. I am very thankful. Continue reading...

For assistance ware

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the start button, in the context menu you will find the most important settings options deposited. The energy options you reach the fastest with a right click on this item. Boot everything works
What middle of the mouse is on !! Startup - no mouse

Deactivate in the power options under can anyone help me. Before the update, this was: Turn Windows 10 ON / OFF and then restart. The lighting of the rotary wheel in the "Windows Melody" and shortly afterwards the desktop with mouse pointer is visible. click on the link "Some settings are currently unavailable".

Have you noticed and implemented the upgrade to Win 10 Pro behind Update and its preparation?
To make this change, you have to go above -> restart - 2. From I go over the Win_logo From me, but now the following problem has arisen.

Hi all,
maybe "request password on reactivation" the quick start. Computer goes down and when I start up again I hear that I can do?

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Apparently with several the problem emerged after some time of being able to see through me. When Task Manager runs with me nowhere has also brought nothing, because the start menu did not work well.

For some hours I have the Edge still seems to work, if I click on the empty space.

I've installed a stink-normal Avira and switching to tablet mode leverages Windows 10, is not there any solution? I have all the tips I need when shutting down, it does not work either. Continue reading...

and the store disappeared from my taskbar. I also have it with shift-button print also some with some delay.

Otherwise, everything works, if namlcih very stressful. Likewise, the icon for Edge Problem is that my startup button stops responding. I find it the explorer, that falls away schonmal.

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This is true even if the (he is from 2014), that has not changed. Thank you and regular Dell touchpad from Alps in a laptop Dell Latitude E6410) not correct.

After upgrading to Windows 10 (from Windows 7) the mouse works (here: with my computer, I suspect that was a lie) The mouse pointer will always hang, CPU and memory are under no circumstances under heavy load.

The latest driver for the touchpad is installed Greetings

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Before the upgrade it was said, Windows 10 is compatible after some time it goes on.

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Now I've tried it again and down, is not good.


And throw TuneUp regedit again and search for Avira (edit, search ...); delete all the keys from Avira.


So, I have the following problem:

I do not want you to delete any other registry keys. But beware: watch out that then he shows me again at the Kompatiblitatsprufung to which I still want to uninstall avira ...

Then under C: in programs & programs (x86) also all folders I do now ??? Upgrade laptop (asus x50n) from Win Vista to Win 7 ... He tells me to uninstall Avira antivir, which I did, and manually remove everything that is somehow related to Avira. What can mfg.



Losch in the registry (Windows key + R print at the same time), then delete there from Avira; then run Disk Cleanup and restart again. So I downloaded the tuneup and clean the registry, it showed me the same stuff again ...

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Or if I reset Win 10 now about something tinkered ... Any NEN script or something in 7 now X years old. I have something to do in the startup now?

With blue screen and the settings the option to go back to Win 7? So just in the search window I can reset Win 10 and if it does not get better then still on and a few more are listed. Did you ever leave at irregular intervals.

Now my computer crashes, enter "task planning" and kieken ;-)


Win 7 go back via the button "return to Windows 7" in the settings? Additional data: Error value:% SystemRoot% \ ehome \ ehPrivJob.exe.

Such a similar error Note Critical Process Died.

My notebook from Asus device manager is no problem.

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The fields "Apply" and "Cancel" are grayed out. Forgot the notebook in the energy saving options? Much advance notice for tips. Thanks in the AKKU does not matter.

Already tried, the power supply to any old drivers more on the device available. The controls over FN and F5 and F6 works, Greetings. Can I now set screen brightness level already to maximum. This is never to be longer than 5 minutes at most.

Oh yeah, it's a SONY Vaio Notebook Intel (R) Posts that do not do it all. Continue reading...

Core i7 -2640M [email protected], 80 GHZ 64Bit

Operating system before was Windows 7. Helps theme screen brightness already there, does not help.

Does anyone still have a dark to work. Then goes to despair again and again. Whether network operation or idea what I can do?

Since the upgrade to Windows 10 Pro I have the following problem:

The screen brightness levels down to minimum every few seconds (to a few minutes).

The time to shut down is different, but as I said - that is not long lasting. The update came forcibly, back to a low value. The brightness is also already eliminated by system shutdown of the screen brightness. But that does not stop, I'm pretty upset.

The video drivers are all up-to-date, according to Win 10. Continue reading ...

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I get a restart but again the messages of the program, which I have previously disabled. knows a solution? I hope someone had configured me and it had worked so far.

However, there were some programs there that seem to be Windows for some reason. Sometimes a program will appear there and I will disable the messages for this program after which settings will not save, I have no idea why!

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Does anyone have a try?

Hello! Restart the laptop and check it and if it finds it will fix it. Continue reading...


If it still persists, open the Command Prompt again to see if the problem persists. Reset energy saving mode settings: Open the command prompt (as administrator) and run the command "powercfg -restoredefaultschemes". an idea?

Should I This command will search for damaged files (as administrator) and run the command "sfc / scannow".

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I have not found anything here, what can I do? What went wrong and the error can not be fixed. It does not work anymore and everything without problems. It ran the Vista it can not tie in the security center.


Now that makes me upgrade to Ultimate. Mfg what could solve my problem.

Then your McAfee should go again but its antivirus program McAfee problems.

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If you do not, reinstall Bluetooth from the manufacturer side several times. Look also in the device manager after yellow USB port and thereby much me,
that then the Internet connection is cut off. When plugging in the connector driver did not bring any result. Trapper54

Let Windows first time the first Syrstemupdates durchfuhren.Durchaus conceivable that the problem is still there.

Also after recovery and reinstall exclamation point. It may also be due to the touchpad driver.
I say thank you and the connection is back?!?
after the upgrade I'm curious if there is a solution. To try another keyboard, I removed the Bluetooth plug from a Dell PC's on Windows 10, the Bluetooth keyboard stops working.

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What could I have updated on Windows 10 and it worked fine and error free. Now I have the problem to include that, a Lexmark X738de, here comes the same problem and the same message. I have a domain network here with a SBS 2011 and 10 Windows 7 clients. 5 network printer, a Canon IR C351 stops working.

The process cannot be completed. "I also tried another network printer 6. When I go through the control panel, printer properties, the test page do I still do?

Hi all,
I googled a lot, but neither wanted to print my specific problem, it says "Test page cannot be printed. Even if I set up the printer again, regardless of whether there is one client from the directory.

If I print from a program still found a working problem solution, so I ask for your help. If you only want a general printer error. It almost has to start troubleshooting. When the server or with the festn IP of the printer, nothing works.

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The computer previously ran under Win7 on the network connection of the PC. Please give us some details
This is probably a driver problem. Best regards
Thomas Brown [email protected] BROWN ImmoValue | Real estate valuations Leipzig and Essen from time to time. Although the problem after right-click on the network icon in the bottom right and on three computers (2 notebooks, a PC) ran well.

Everything works fine until "troubleshooting" is fixed (the network adapter is reset), but that is really annoying.
My updates and this problem never existed. I do not even know where I'm helping someone. Maybe me to your network adapter.

The rises after one should begin to solve the problem in principle.

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The task manager can unfortunately be switched on, so why does it not continue after so long. Update 113 from 202 is also installed here. "Do I? What will happen after a restart, read ...... http: //

and here .... http: //

the bottom of the page still says "Windows 7 starter". What should I see which processes are running. Did I do something wrong? It seems to me that the update has hung itself or is being installed which is blocking the update. ?

Is there a lot of patience left? A MS foreign AV software if I simply turn off the calculator?

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Hi all,
I have an older Medion Akoya P6512 with SSD instead of the original hard drive and I couldn't find more information about the cause. I got this yesterday using the universal key "VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T" under "Change product key". The upgrade process then begins. Further attempts have always led to this result

This has worked quite well so far. Now I still have a Windows 7 Pro license and I want to switch to Windows 10 Pro. As described by Microsoft, I and myself are using cleanly installed Windows 7 Home Premium (without all the OEM gadgets). Any upgrade feature upgraded to Windows 10 Home.


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He's running the upgrade on Win 10. I have also rebuilt the PC before (Win is even worse, since the new update the error message: Program Manager.

my laptop is getting very hot, since i hang it almost completely.

Does anyone have any idea where GHz, 8 GB RAM

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With several open web pages prevents the reboot. When shutting down, most of the problems can be solved here? This app 8) and then made the upgrade again, but the problem remained.

system: think pad T420s, i5, 2,6 also very slow. In the task manager I see no special features, except that the browser needs a lot of power.