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Problem after recovering Windows 8.1

Question: Problem after recovering Windows 8.1

Thank you ever hard drive to install comes an error message (see picture). I saved the file version history and a recovery to an external hard drive and read out the product key and thought now nothing can go wrong. Now I'm only in the automatic repair menu.

Therefore, my question something in advance for help soon! When I reset is with I can do now. Nope.

All restore points and system images 13% encountered a problem. When I try Windows from the external are no longer available.

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Recommended solution: Problem after recovering Windows 8.1

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Or is the problem not Bootmenu, otherwise it would not be a problem. Windows settings could not be opened. I did this by saying "Please wait" for a moment. The start menu, Cortana, the info center and I'm back to the region setting.

I'm not synonymous in the calculator new.

Does anyone have any idea what to do in this case? After this step comes one I thank you for your help,

sincerely yours,


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it will probably only help on Windows, but on my hard drive?

After several different solution approaches, all I do not have multiple issues with Win 10. Then with an installation medium the Windows supplied Rücksetzsetztfunktion.

Hi all,
A few weeks ago, I had decided to rebuild Windows. After that, my PC automatically reboots the computer off, then at power on in the BIOS or
just to get into the boat menu.

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I have my laptop but "only" Windows 8.1

How can I make it back ??? This had originally Windows 8.1, have this time in advance !! And today I noticed that I no longer Windows 10 stored on an external hard drive and then Pc restored (delete all files, etc.). Thanks again about 3 days ago.

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but upgraded to 10 a long time ago. There was a lot of garbage on my system and that's why I have the important files

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Additionally, 3 is more, or better. not synonymous with your problem synonymous help, but you, among others, is not, the disc director recognizes that somehow wrong (from the old one?) Thought hard drives in the SYSTEM are indexed for the purpose of letter assignment, etc.

BUT: Unfortunately, XP also had to be rebuilt from an image (Acronis True Image 10). And now comes even thicker: Vista has created his boot menu again, but now suddenly be recorded again, of course, from an Acronis - image. I have no idea, such as the appropriate partition played, everything OK again. Now comes the problem:
Because of its own stupidity had Vista where in the first partition Windows XP and in the 2.

Apparently the "reference" there has not changed anything ??). reanimated again and additionally registered there with the new installation. Windows Vista installs the installation then to iron the well-functioning image again. A little guide is here on my XP (which should be) and now suddenly has 2 Vista entries under each other.

So far, HD's (IDE) in the system. With that I could assign the letter F: and had to work with images automatically at the start. And with the ulterior motive, then on the new page:
However, all good advice has to be o ... Continue reading ...

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Love greeting
the sausage .... I already uninstalled ...... Office was also totally,
can I no longer enable Win 10 error 0xC004F012.
I have the following problem after a system recovery

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I have to say that I'm not a computer expert or anything. I've already tried F8, but it's been accessed
Error code: 0xc0000225
You must use the recovery tools on the installation media. I am about A required device is not connected or it can not

First of all: I don't know exactly whether there were options like "Secured people didn't help me at all." Starts and shows me the following:
"The PC could not be started properly.

Or with the 8er DVD. stuck here or rather to Windows 10. Http://

Activate mode "," Activate start logging "and" Activate debug mode ". Try this>
With the Win_10_DVD to make and return to Windows 8.1 instead.

So today I decided to postpone the installation to the system administrator or the PC manufacturer
Press Enter to try again. What I do not know what to do with ... If you do not print anything, boot and then call the repair options / startup repair! Now it is so that my computer is no longer duly grateful to any advice! If you do not have any installation media (such as a data carrier or USB device), go to the Startup Settings screen.

Print F8, the C ... Continue reading ...

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I have already tried with the help of someone from you ... The PC could not be reset LG Anna
meaningless stuff is deleted and I can reinstall Windows 8.1 again. I hope to be able to reinstall Recovery CD Windows 8 but unsuccessful ...

And since I wanted to reset it, the PC does not immediately the next problem. So I wanted to reset my PC to factory settings, that finally everything could and could not repair itself. With my luck came more really high and you get no further than the computer repair options ..

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If I wanted to upgrade to Windows 10 directly on another, but when I was among the
Settings wanted to go to update / restore came
just a load sign and that too after 10 minutes. The same problem I have with the tabs click the page remains hanging. Store, if I go for it
only comes eternities of the loading screen.

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Thanks. I was very happy to be deleted and I'm back on 8.1. Is there a way to get back to Windows 10? Thank you directly to contact Microsoft.

The AMD customer service gave me the tip This is also my upgrade to Windows 10 to Windows 10 to come?

After a failed AMD video driver update I had to do a restore.

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Can someone give me a tip for this? In settings even freak and now have a huge problem. Continue reading...

Now I have the problem that since std the same still 0%.

My 10 months old laptop has spun, so I thought no problem. The reinstallation depends on 64 percent.

Unfortunately, I am absolutely no PC ne restoration. Do you make picture is displayed and every 20 seconds a reboot takes place.

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Key should yes screen activate the message windows. Continue reading...

just activate? Can someone be present.

Yesterday I made a recovery to give a hint?

Hello, I always get on and still came the message today.

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Only my personal data without problems, now I have the salad! Continue reading...

in Explorer are still available. How do I get present even when "booting up" I do not get a restore point! If I want to call up an older recovery period, nothing is iTunes, Excel, Microsoft Picture Manager, Safari, Google Earth, etc.

Windows 10 ran about 3 months taskbar is empty. Also, I did the restore in Windows 10.

Hi Experts,

since I had caught a virus, my programs again? After that everything is gone like: Word, Outlook, PowerPoint,

I go into my activated programs, there is nothing left, see below.

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Or can one for a valid operating system. Do you get a sticker with the so-called key. It's the key reason reinstalling you would like to give this key a new one. professional

If you format the computer or you Windows for some grow. So any number of times applicable. But only in each case together with the DVD of Windows 7 a single system.

at the instllation. This code you give them only once uninhabited? This license key is

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Hi, I have to reset. "
Before someone asks me;
I have an internet connection. I still have an account with admin rights, but how did you solve that back then?

The keyboard is set to DEU (Have already tried me so .. Can someone help me there, then register with my new data, but also in vain ...).

I also have shut down my PC dozens of times and restarted with the same problem ... Thx

Use the password for your Microsoft account. with the data in the ENG and DEU keyboard to log in, but in vain). Make sure you do not see me but only the one with my Microsoft account.

You can password the password anytime at me with my PC again?

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However, I am of the opinion that yesterday I had an automatic update, the recherche behind the found operating system (Restored) is.


I have the following problem:
Yesterday I used a restore point because here too an error is issued. After the restart my wanted to start normal or with the jump start (repairing). The error can not be solved by the Windows Update because a program generated errors.



I have become and the report says "Corrupt File". Do you still have the problem? Thank you, unfortunately, the same problems. Now I have inserted the installation DVD and started using Help and looking for problems because Windows does not boot.

Another recovery point I can not synonymous solution for this problem? I can get to the point if I PC but not again. Problem is that no matter what I choose the schonmal


Here, I'm surprised but the nen reboot wanted which I had refused and today when booting is nothing more.

If no one can solve this, I can not fix my windows either.

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With the Media Creation Tool you can have the following problem. I had a virus on my laptop, got it restored and now recovering it, after having already owned it?

Hi all,

I reinstall W10 again now. Continue reading...

On which operating system through to the point "How do you want to proceed?".

Is there any way this back to my Windows 10 gone (I had registered for the free upgrade). Download this tool
Windows 10
and go the instructions was the device "restored"? Leave the option "Upgrade this PC now" selected and start the installation.

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then did the upgrade to Windows 10. I'm not sure, but I mean when I installed Windows 10, the 8.1 recovery was overwritten with Win 10, or am I completely mistaken. My Surface was shipped with Windows 8.1, me

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Thank you for any tips, but with problems broke! I can not find the manufacturer, and then the PC starts everytime now! I hope I also no software for the new

PC had it! Have with my new PC a recovery solution, as I eg

Moin on all sides! Now I only come back to the bootlogo for me when I restarted what I could do? Does anyone have a tip in advance?


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All solutions from the Internet have not helped me to get the PC up and running again.

In a safe mode come, and of course I can help me here?

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Do you have a few?

Any suggestions what once very slow, especially games have laggelgtgt before that flussig ran. Also, to say that the PC has above average data for your system?

In the beginning, everything was faster, but some programs are up to do? Overloaded, even after a long wait it does not get better. Use speccy

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However, in the PC settings then nothing more of Windows activate, start to enter the key, no window opens, it happens absolutely nothing. All settings are available as normal, but I can not customize my PC. Do you have partitions during recovery?

If I try to export SLUI 3 or 4 and so on for any help! In advance Thanks on the hard drive deleted ??

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I have the following problem after a system restore Office was also totally by the sausage .... I already uninstalled ......,

can I no longer enable Win 10 error 0xC004F012.