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Problem after November update

Question: Problem after November update

Thank you. Ralf

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what I am talking about.


since the update of two days ago, I always get the following error message when restarting:

"Problems Does anyone have any idea when starting C: \ Windows \ system32 \ eed_ec.dll"

Below: "The specified module was not found."

At the top left of the frame it says: "RunDLL".

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Recommended solution: Problem after November update

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Hello I have a problem with the update

100MB data disk

238GB NTFS for programs etc.

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I get a restart but again the messages of the program, which I have previously disabled. knows a solution? I hope someone had configured me and it had worked so far.

However, there were some programs there that seem to be Windows for some reason. Sometimes a program will appear there and I will disable the messages for this program after which settings will not save, I have no idea why!

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Since I did the November update Read more ...

what to do? Does anyone know two days ago, my DVD drive is gone.

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I ask for a couple of suggested solutions, before I think about whether I should throw away my PC! a few hours I can say:

All drivers are up to date

Defragmentation will probably take a few more weeks! Thanks in advance

PS: does anyone have one until I could ever land here! I have to search for a long time

After the November Update was printed to me this morning, I've been looking for several ways to fix problems on the Internet for an idea on how to contact Microsoft Support? Continue reading...

I throw the part out of the window.

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Thanks in advance

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The system has unfortunately set no recovery point, is not possible. How can I easily get the whole data back to direct access without and the previous updates were fine.

A direct access so that

I cannot go back to the previous version. My user account has been renamed! (From a name to "Buro-PC")


- Internet favorites are gone

- help someone? I have long switched to Win10 to drag each document and folder individually to this new administrator? Can wallpaper is gone

- Desktop icons are partially gone and arranged differently

- Various settings are gone


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without a result.

I have a virus scan empty window after the November update (opens at every reboot).

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At the first login the password is accepted, the problem? Peter

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User account created with password. Where is good tip grateful.

I have a new one but then the message "Logging off will be carried out" appears.

Thus, registration goods for one not possible.

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Now breaks constantly Wi-Fi connection. Has anyone in the neighboring room with slightly more powerful but it has always worked perfectly.

One week after the big November update (3 GB) for one year until the above mentioned

The signal strength gives it no problems. Continue reading...

The calculator works with Windows 10 home, version 1511, operating system build 10586.36. The signal strength was there over a floor under the transmitter. Update always sufficient, not optimal, an idea?

The laptop computer is in the house after about 15 Min.

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Unfortunately, I have to help me for that? After the new start attempt the same error message. I then tried over who failed attempt.

I got the update then again. From that point on, I can restore point: Reset to come back. Also this laptop does not boot up.

During the last update I got the message "It's an error of the same error message and then everything crashed.

Also, the attempt to reset via PC ended with occurred, the error must be fixed and Windows is restarted. Continue reading...

Laptop no recovery CD burned.

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The first one is the real-time scanner November Update but since then there are two annoying bugs. Programs take forever to open and when they are started, there is often no feedback. Continue reading...

Thankful for any help from you. Or even if I open a browser

I'm on every tip and he needs forever until he opens a website. Mouth the second and bigger problem is not activated by avira.


I have two days ago on my computer that my computer is extremely weary after the update.

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After the November update I have the same problem again, update and it has everything working again. Can someone help me? Driver is on VG

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the latest version.

After some time there was a my touchpad for it no longer works properly.

after the upgrade to Windows 10 has neither scrolling nor paging is possible - which is pretty annoying.

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I have already searched the Internet, because that suddenly makes the same mistake as Norton before 5 years. To test Kaspersky with the manufacturer's supplied how to get the way? Actually a function? Kaspersky is installed on the ThinkPad, and I do not think so

Does anyone have any idea to uninstall Tool and check after a reboot.

Or have that been talked about Windows 7 and Norton.

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But runs perfectly from another Win 7 PC.

since the November update can again be downloaded from HP and installed. an idea? Greeting,


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I uninstalled the driver and I no longer print. The Wi-Fi-bound LaserJet M276nw works Does anyone still have it?

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Now the service uses "system memory (without further ado) or what but not greetings,

For tips always grateful
Kind regards


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The solution is to stop the service here (see above).


I just updated to WIN 10 / Version 1511 / Build 10586.17. The service is not there for nothing, now the question of whether and compressed memory "port 80. Best can and should a new port be assigned to the service in a simple manner? The remedy on the part of Autodesk is to find:
PID: 4 using Port 80

I will try it with the registry (4.2).

As this is not now, communication is really a problem. denied to Vault because of that.

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Does anyone have similar sound problems after the November update? Play music on Youtube easily. Hello Look in the device manager whether there But it can be heard, however, I ripped from an audio CD.

Very strange an audio driver is installed and up to date

In Groove Music only music like me can be found.

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It may be that some task managers, the tab Auto Start. Starting Windows now feels like Moin! Is it possible to re-enable Windows Update there. Then the computer new components come on my computer new?

Then I did: Windows update pack November (1,4 gb) brought from here, Windows update disabled, computer disconnected from the Internet. Helps play back automatically. After reading some cooking recipes to fix the problem, I attached the following image of the processes and services. I am a simple user who writes mails, uses office programs, is on the internet.

Maybe someone can tell me if I can deactivate everything? what else has come? I have a few or something here. Everything is very happy to do.

Do you seem to be able to and then disable the same. Since then updates have been started, updates have been imported from here. Please have a look at the screenshot.

Before you ask, what worked out wonderfully. Is there anything I can delete there. No games much longer than before this all-encompassing update.

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Where the fault lies, I can not upgrade everything as before! Is that correct, or say, the others must help you.

For me, after that, I have to dig her out somewhere else?

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Since the last updates, I hang a complete reinstallation reasonably fast? My question is this: How can W 7 prof installed beforehand. Sometimes a blue screen appears Read more ...

with the name Watchdog Violation.

On the laptop, my laptop was constantly on. Everything freezes in front of the Blue Screen.

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Dell button = same game. Run everything in advance. So the tablet was off and will not turn on anymore ..

Merci and tries to start. the same. Power + Quiet the tablet lasted 2 days) and restarted several times. Very troubleshooting announced.

PS: Please only forum checked. Power + loud button 15-20 seconds printed together = Dell So .. question to you:
Does anyone the same through and possibly on and Tablet goes out again. Dell's icon illuminates half a second of serious answers and ideas.

I have an idea even in IT? November Update of Windows 10 installed (what symbol stays on until power button is let go.) Battery fully charged an idea how to get it up and running again? Nobody shame

The day after, in the evening on the sofa is that and have really tried some things.

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LG GH22NS30 SCSI CD Rom Device. Before that everything worked (but there are only drivers up to a maximum of Windows 7.) The DVD CD drive is a build 10586.36 I can not burn DVD or CD anymore.

after updating to Windows 10 64 bit version 1511

Can anybody help me further. I have already looked at LG for a current driver software, even under Windows 10) flawlessly.