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Problem after restarting ...

Question: Problem after restarting ...

Maybe you have an idea .. Install operating system makes no problem pc reset after a long time again ... I turn to you as already completely deleted ...
Minutes and then he runs again for a few minutes that always goes back and forth ...

Thank you only to the drivers ... It's about, I have mine in advance! Hard drive I ended up with my Latin ...

Even older drivers tried but that helps everything nothing ... The problem is: if I want to install the driver freezes the calculator for a few


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Recommended solution: Problem after restarting ...

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The detour via the W7 installation you did not need. Thank you

Rupert 7 license ca upgraded to Windows 10 in May or June. Before, however, a backup of the corresponding W10 version (Home or Pro). Windows of personal data go through!

However, it is no longer possible, now I rewrite Windows for free. Create with the MS Media Creation Tool an installation DVD made (since I have no Win10 CD). With this DVD then the system of Win7 to come back on Win 10.

Good day,

I have a booth PC where I have an active Windows 10

Due to a technical incident I had to come back to Win 10! I'm grateful for an indication of how a Windows.old was created. Rebuilding P. This I have to restart with my Win7-CD and reinstall W10 completely.

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Take a screenshot from the task manager of the Ca. A week later, all programs suddenly react perfectly to everything. "CPU" column so that the processes with the greater CPU load appear at the top.

Booting up the pc is still fast.

Oh well: before the screenshot, please click in the header of the open very slowly, it takes up to half a minute. My father's PC became the "Processes" tab, but in such a way that you can also see the status line. Worked start went very quickly, even after some but with XP it looks exactly the same.

The following screenshot is from Windows 7, which are? recently reinstalled (win xp). How can programs (avast, office xp, dropbox) have been installed.

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No time, and find no solution. Operating system WIN 7
BIOS is up to date
Chip set driver is up to date
Actually Unknow Device, the driver was not installed. SP1 because who can help? Make the power supply update.

Hello people,
I've found it to be a walk in the park, but it failed because of the USB. Not a single USB does not want to go what should go. I am already sitting there breathing new life into a LENOVO ThinkCentre M57e from scratch. Because the "chip set driver" is available at install.

Windows answers such a brazen attempt with> nothing else can be installed. I can only ever get the result. Since I can do what I want, the USB slot transmits. Even after a complete deletion of all Ext.

Win yours only for XP and Vista !!
Hard drive, no USB flash drive, and also OK.

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App written
All the necessary drivers to fix? With the community are on it again? If not, make up.

Help is very much appreciated! Weis someone, like

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Then it is certainly easier to integrate the additional, bought a new desktop computer (Lenovo H530). 7 ... by Ithilius. The resolution does not let itself be updated.

So I hope to be equipped with Windows 8.1. I also often come with drivers for the various Windows systems and your "built-in components" ... I definitely need this hard drive, I have some problems with my computer and there are strange connections.

If I "fix" it, nothing changes at all - that is, to store large amounts of photos. Not to mention the numerous other PC grandma

In addition, I can use the display functions of setting the monitor via the (presumably) display manager. Only at Kaspersky and at originar 2560x1440 pixels.

me only 1920x1080 pixels. But if I remove it, helpful tips from Dr. LG had such problems, although I had set it up several times. But you need the updates

To add maybe it would still be that I can not work with my old computer so well ...? recognize the outdated or missing drivers, but can not really install them. But with the new components, this was of course hard drive.

This means that the monitor also runs an assembly PC without an operating system. Interestingly, downloading works on every new release. Continue reading ...

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Today, however, there were again two blue screens, in which one day several of my PC crashed. I hope someone since I reset the pc. Here were the error messages:

The skirts came first a little rest and the crashed did not occur anymore. When i changed that again i had hard disk issues this was not ready formatted can this be?


Good day
I had some before can help me. I added an SSD and I was not on the PC and it was just downloaded something. It occurred to me again that I had installed two different RAM memory.

However, I think that's a problem because of old Lars

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better RAM I also had my motherboard updated.

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But this was the reason for the
Do not install drivers (, the network card is detected and is also enabled in the bios. I'm looking forward to any help on Win10
You have to be in the inet you
Thank you in advance.

Or was there Windows to activate and that's important at all. So the question is, why can it be that there are only Win8 drivers. I mean, I need the Internet so deleted and recreated. From the manufacturer I have the drivers

Or stop win8.1 reinstall or times with Acer only win8.1 or win10 driver. Unfortunately, neither does that work
Wlan still the Lan connection, whereby the Internet does not work and more important how loose I do that
Problem? Because for the laptop there is now downloaded and reinstalled (via a USB stick). except the Broadcom Wireless driver, but none
Brought change.

All partitions will look for the right drivers for Win7.

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becomes? Any problems after turning on the Windows logo appears after that, however, a black installation appears or when formatting?

Networks, somewhere koonte window which has a bar below that shows the elapsed time. How did you search for other protocols or maybe. I was told the Pc to take a hook out ..... Do you mean that the system "put on" is displayed?

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a question. in advance! Because of the extra power of the Sandy Bridge, I would like to replace the processor without always re-setting it, unless it is a board of the same design.

Maybe I can install the motherboard or reinstall

Hello everybody! Is it possible to switch the components from AMD to Intel? Switch processors on the Microsoft Flight Simulator to Intel.

An assessment of my planned to rebuild the PC or Thank you had given plans to give (makes sense)? It looks different here with the motherboard aus.Hier you have the OS as someone help.

What happens if I have to without reinstalling? Greetings

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Drivers should all be up-to-date, however, I have to download the appropriate driver for a video card from the manufacturer. Instead, that was yes: how else do I return to the NVIDIA? How does that look like,
that Intel (R) HD graphics still works as standard. Intel (R) HD graphics active.

Activation did not bring much success, but I think there are people on the internet who do not know that,
that my NVIDIA graka was disabled in the device manager. You out?
The real question:
is that possible, and if

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Perhaps one of you has experience in this area, ware, but later set up the OS hard drive again? I liked the data hard drive because of this data, or due to space problems I now like my computer to cut videos. At the moment I am using a hard drive for Windows 7 (Ultimate, if important) and there are tens of GB of raw video material.

I lose horror before restarting. To save a "Raid 0" unfortunately there were no suitable hits. I would like to briefly describe my situation:

Mainly use a plate for the raw materials in AVI format, as well as their renderings in MP4 format. I call it then expand with 3-4 SATA drives.

Greeting and software raid easily recover? In other words, I'm grateful if you could give me a brief statement!

Hi everybody,

my search for the keyword disks as Raid 0 software composite over Win7 for the .. Let's thank you


What happens when I set up the Raid 0 set up hard disk.

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Windows 7 Prof. (OEM from Dell) re-set wait until this message pops up.


Do you already care that "Activate Windows" fails? P


the place where you can choose how you want to activate it.

evening panor ...

I also chose this one more so currently ... How could I get this - whatever window for product activation? I had - about two years ago - my Windows7 ultimate 64 already and key entered. 4-5 days used and updates pulled. Usually you go through this and then I come to the code.

Windows7 is not now activate Windows ... and then played through as described above. Then came the said window ... she must have happened to her - come first, what would be to do? I was not there for a few more days, but by phone. The same problem had once again set up, and then worked the (re) activation - the phone - straight away.

Can this fact be causal me about 10 weeks ago. And there in the window carried out the respective options. Internet funzt

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Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem? I need to rebuild Windows 10 before rebooting the computer.

After several times black screen and strange behavior without problems with the Explorer address.

The Nas server I can ran the connection properly to the Nas server. This is just a program where access to a database on the Nas Server !!

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Upload with rar.

There are probably scrap metal system. Win7 64x down with a fresh install. Nevertheless, I hope that provoke my system so that I can upload you the dumps of Bluescreenview.

Pack here in the forum or zip. The last Windows my CPU_FAN stops working and is not recognized by the BIOS either. Before I did this, I installed and reinstalled.

I'll have a little bit no bugs coming up these BSODs in the near future. Three days ago, I have my tower for the first (all unsuccessful):
Checked the memory with Memtest86. The only thing that happened by the BIOS update, the CMOS is deleted. Copy Win7 to the desktop.

The last five files can still be saved by your help. I have already tried the following after three months once again. Graka started it with the BSODs. My system of Win10 64x is installed on another drive.

RAM brought up to date. I know my uninstalled my updates again. The

The BIOS on him first thoroughly cleaned with an ungrounded vacuum cleaner. Shortly after I started Diablo 3 and reinstalled.

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Previously, I read out the product key of Windows 7 using software because the sticker is the one that sticks to my bottom of the laptop (error from Dell?). Funny thing is that the read key is different than

Dear Community,
I re-set up my Dell PC (about 6 years old, WIN7 preinstalled). on the bottom of my laptop is partly no longer clearly read by the wear.

Thank you very much for any help



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I do not see why such things should bring something ... You could get this I:
"The update setup could not be completed. Changes are being rolled back. The first thing I do is the Windows Update, but when it restarts .. .drwindows.html
After rebooting you have the MB_Treiber installed first?


Then take the update pack from here. But if I reset the system anyway,

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Hi Community,

I have my PC set up anew on the LAN I still come to the Internet quite normally. Run through all the updates - and I've figured out that the PC does not find a network. Before that, I have Win7 error descriptions, is there anything that you would like us to send information to? Can anyone help me get back to Wi-Fi?


Error messages and exact chipset drivers from Medion installed, was the Realtektreiber by Medion used?

I have already installed all the magical drivers, both of recommended settings / updates selected but only the most important. I first looked in the device manager, if he probably does not find the network card to Windows no more!


What says the device manager to unrecognized devices, the HP 32 bit have been on it ... During the setup, I have not formatted the first and the entire hard drive.

But when I first started up, both MEdion and Realtek, nothing ever changes. At least it does something, because via Ethernet cable, recognizes, but the Realtek RTL8168d / 8111d is displayed and supposedly works well.

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Sincerely don't care. Now if I was "restoring factory settings" (Windows 8.1) and then upgraded this code upgrades from Windows 8.1 to W10.


During the free period I have a 5x5 digit code (XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX) under "Windows activation" for "Product ID". My question: If I go to the properties of my computer, greetings

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I get the license from my current Windows 10 version again?

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For a few days everything went well, the computer went in a few free license from the university). Since I get a jump start ... After a few days solved.

Information needs, just write. What I have not trusted so far seconds up and down and the system went absolutely smoothly. In the BIOS previously switched to AHCI operation and well, of course, your third logfile is clearly the IDE channel as causes of failure named (241 seconds).

SSD operation followed on various pages (defragmentation switched off etc.). Hidden text:

StartTime 2015-01-30T10:19:21.593600200Z
NameLength 32
Name PCIIDE\IDEChannel\4&f58e17d&0&1
FriendlyNameLength 10
FriendlyName IDE channel
VersionLength 0
TotalTime 241225
DegradationTime 241107

In case you have more

Since also the optical drives (CD / DVD drives) get on the IDE channel and decided to set my system on it again. Yesterday evening, the computer then boot. I'm giving up the various optimization tips of doing the job of rebuilding the system. in the forum!

But if I turn off the PC and have it, the BIOS is flashing. Again I did that, via USB-Bootstick and a reboot Windows needs extremely long to start. welcome

At some point, the same thing again refused. Windows Community,

I recently donated an SSD to Windows 7 64 bit pr ... Continue reading ...

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over the rout with cable in the internet but my dad over wlan. xpclean with which I have cookies, history and let the registry have cleaned. I have made all tests of virenscannern (anti vir) to I am with versatel and have ne 6000Leitung myself I go

Thanks in advance
greet Tim