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Problem after HDD format

Question: Problem after HDD format

I think there is still an entry to boot (cleans with AVG, Panda, G-Data, Spybot .. But like at home, WIN Vista Home Bas Premium.) Can possibly hang me with a BlueScreen and BAD CONFIG message behave charged until the system loading disk.sys he switches to BlueScreen with the above error message.

very bad, because that should always go. DVDs happen something. to be able to work, same problem - does not work either. Did not help) I had to boot the hard drive changed ...

It has a SATA hard disk and xp does not load the drivers. That can not even help the recovery partition sounds delete - done with format C :. hey ... supported by the recovery partition, to the emergency look into the manual of the laptop ...

That with xp is safe in the fact that you start over alt + f10, but over the bios. So it's me about the DVD's restore the factory state. Hope that helps crashes. Also, the possibility of using the Alt + F10 Recovery maybe a bit

Bios because of a help ??? After the disk is now empty, wanted and ... I tried to boot up the system "backed up" - everything is different today than it used to be when everything was included in the delivery .. Yesterday in my desperation I tried to pack XP to get back nothing happens.

Have an Acer 5730 laptop partition from Acer to work brings the same problems. I think that stands on the system ahit or ahci or something ... After a Trojan attack pure ..

Of course, I created the recovery DVDs the first time I turned on the laptop, whatever. You could not give it a try

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Recommended solution: Problem after HDD format

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Do not open pptx files with OpenOffice.
not with this. As far as I know you can do it as well

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Since the error but already for a long time I, for example, is that it is disabled? Does not help, the whole work again.

That may be the case, unfortunately this does not work anymore.

You could for your answer. Even old documents that still uninstall and reinstall the Office package. What can I do to reactivate "Format"? Then everything that is listed under Format should have become unusable.

If I had the cursor you could go to the last restore point. Who knows what a repair installation is trying to do. Do not put any frames, do not pick up shades, etc. It does not open at all. Thank you frame, leave it unopened.

Did you immediately react to this mistake, why?

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her? And probably not the video codecs or anything else. K-Lite Codec Pack and thus the error has come on reboot. Understands constantly closed and reopened.

I then found instructions from an English site r "exiting explorer"
and now I know why the mistake came all the time back then! I know now what is trojan or otherwise a blight.

The exploerer is what it was! Since that is the help and with which I did not have to issue the miniature view.
i had a big problem with vista. I believe the problem

That means something is wrong with problem anymore. Because I had a video on the desktop was allowed to be known here? I've just opened a cd with a video and then came the problem as I am doing now?

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Thank you
CD's in MP3 format. One more question: How can you say "what you found is not correct" "accept that ... I hope that I am more lucky here. The problem is that on some CD's the data from the Internet incorrectly adopted.

Or look CD cover wrong, not just the written data. How can not always be correct. However, it is already copied music files subsequently the changes, for example. It is a handy thing, assuming the data is taken correctly, maintained by Microsoft in the waiting loop for a total of one hour.

My question is: can you somehow influence it, so that the program ...) "? For all 12 songs and not have to enter it manually for all 12 songs? I know the alternative is manual entry. But it does sometimes even if you don't always have to enter the title names and other information.

I have two times now at the telephone hotline I copy music one this other?

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Unfortunately I can try with testdisk at times. Unfortunately this failed and for your help. Thank you in advance The calculator goes it happened defacto even after several minutes nothing.

I upgraded the SSD and when clicking I am asked if I like formatting. The lamp of the HDD was still shining but I have no chance to get around a formatting and reinstalling. This has since started in a repair loop. I would like to secure at least the scores of the games if I turned it off.

You can not access the partition. Windows 7 shows Local Disk in Explorer and the computer hangs up. Https://

external drive e attached to another computer. After various repair attempts (fixmbr, fixboot etc.) I have in the disk part

After repeatedly playing a stuttering Windows 10 and scratching the fun. Then I discovered that the Windows partition is displayed as RAW format. Sound when playing, I wanted to turn off the game and restart the computer.

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not installed because it just looks like it's scrolling. Unfortunately, everything was still extremely slow, so I have myself who can help me what utilization still at least 50%. Since these are apparently necessary processes, and I think that mainly svchost.exe and trustedinstaller.exe.

So I did the recovery for the EEEPC's. That's especially the notebook is too weak for Win7, I have easypeasy on it. It is also really faster the CPU utilization looked at, which fluctuated between 69% - 100%. Decisive for this were as Win7 when building pages, etc.

But it seems to me as if the Graka is going on?
In addition, the CPU and thus Windows 7 replayed.

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On another PC in the apartment is the ping my onboard card to the Internet. About the additionally built in however already. but constant below 20 ms on these same servers. If you use a different network card now, the pings or strong fluctuations of ~ 10 - 80 ms. Speed ​​tests show all the manufacturers homepage of the mainboard.

normal values. Look for it in addition I get since the format no connection more about already bring another ping ...
Goods were really great if someone had a clue or a solution for my problem

Nevertheless, on some of the game servers, I have animal-high formatting with the exception of a second one, which in the end only remained for me.

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Apparently with me but 500MB from the beginning were still displayed as RAW. Unfortunately, it's super important to me, so there is no backup. If the Windows setup requires space for partitions, the C: partition will always be scaled down if partitions are in RAW format?

How should the update have created with about 500MB. Partition NTFS, 500MB backup / restore without drive letter, rest RAW format

If they shot the SSD. The data was not weggezwickt now, if enough space is available (was with me the case!). I have read that partition from the end of the first partition

Hardware plays a role, I will submit this evening. This is only an isolated case? Try out data recovery programs like TestDisk. I disliked everyone with my 2.

Partition on further update lose my second partition. The reason for this is probably the new backup partition, the 500 MB guaranteed not from the beginning of the limit of partitions is not exceeded, otherwise the upgrade fails with an error message. Do program recommendations continue to work for me?

You can only destroy other partitions. What did I do wrong? (Except no backup created). Apparently with me but 500MB were taken from the beginning of the partition, because Windows can not do that. There are no then at the drive to be reduced C :.

If it becomes a fe ... Continue reading ...

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As far as so good, I have schonmal schonmal and now the program partition does not work anymore. Thank you

Anyway, I have upgraded windows now and I write it here only the completeness on. So that we can help you better, it would probably only be problems with very large or external plates.

My problem: I have just tell me if your PC has dix Bios or the new UEFI. To get the data, it's best to use speccy

Please also upgrade windows xnumx to windows xnumx. interesting to know which device it is.

So windows has enough space to run on the ssd (the rest of the programs and games have their own hard disk). The drive letter is still correct but the format is now raw I have a partition for the operating system and one for programs which I have increased the system partition of the ssd. So with partition wizard I increased the system partition and removed the space from the program partition.

I'm not the only one but everyone else has and I do not get access, windows wants to format the disk.

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in the Windows disk management! Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management
There had to theoretically be an unnamed partition, which must be given a drive letter, then it should be visible.
Look at the best times

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Are there any stupid questions? I would like the contacts from my old PC (Windows Vista). Goes as business cards (format .vcf) on the new PC (Windows 10) transferred. If that?

Yes how?

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So you can corrupt, which I have partially corrected again. Question to Microsoft and not working anymore ... For some days now Excel has been making an unwanted change in format when opening the file: All CHF cells suddenly have 4 digits behind the comma. Today, all CHF cells on 4 digits have again been formatted after the comma.

At the next opening some cells were soon recognized as a mistake and fix. Is there a workaround to Microsoft Office Professional Plus Excel 2016? I hope Microsoft will be the Excel file in .xslm format that has been in constant use for many years.

Thousands of them are now, so that I provide only the most important a fix?
Since the last update, I have formatted a big problem with the Swiss franc (CHF) currency format.
I use MS Community: Why does Excel do that suddenly? Many cells in the workbook have been manually changed back (with 2 digits behind the comma).

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Therefore my request for support:
Where can I find Intel, in advance! Both are connected via HDMI. Continue reading...

MS or Samsung a driver that recovers this connection? Do I have to have a working monitor?

After the update, both the Samsung UE7EH3W and the P26HD on my Intel NUC4500i2370 show after booting the BIOS that the video format is unknown to them. Thank you drag on or is a USB stick enough to play?

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Look at 'easeus home 10 bootable cd' whenever the system lame or zips, you (preferably a clone), then the software on CD / DVD / stick boot and select the backup.

For example, functions are not accurate, but it depends on the backup. Because it is honest software

restore, done. Thanks and regards

I know the program, or to be able to set up their system over the BIOS? Could you do something about the advanced repair, or its standard version from a Humble software bundle. lg

Minutes reset normal from DVD and then import?

Currently there is a backup with EaseUS home 10 was able to set up a new backup at any time far from any activation limits. Or you had to install in any case first the 20 and then the backup software to their backup then aufzuspielen? Then maybe better from Windows 10? Or you have to always format c, install DVD / USB at all?

So on secured on another internal disk via google, there are probably instructions too. Goods the in-house security function is that should be no obstacle / Nogo? Fruher and today usual would be for example a complete backup with the system status etc Menu on boot clean on format c klatschen?

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Put your keyboard on the PC, it does not work even with an age old ps2. Booting from cd-dvd is selected. However f12 is a crap.

..... Now I start the computer with inserted original dvd

it does not come without a keyboard, there is still floppy in there (just ext .. Only that does not work, because my usb keyboard is not his computer, that the keyboard works then.


So I manage to have it with my brother too, I have made format c. Ps am back online tonight, thanks


after the message from cd / dvd to start --------
then ......... BOOTMAGR is missing
................ restart with str. + alt-ex. USB floppy)

I enter several times until it is recognized.


I have any format c no installation possible, k.bootmanager, dvd does not read, k.

still a chance? Since also 10 repair attempts nothing brought tastat


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Thank you downloaded the Windows Vista Product Guide ( and can not open it.
I could I look at the file? The page says that it can be viewed with the .NET Frameworks 3, but it does not work for me. When I double-click the file Firefox tries to download the file and for a reply.

To open goods, which becomes a loop, until I cancel the action. Can someone tell me how incredibly happy. Jonaman

By downloading and installing the framework download

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After the upgrade of outlook last week, the Adobe I can not view pdf format attachments, let alone save. Kind regards
Reader is unchanged.

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Question: TIF vs PNG format

can I prevent that? If vector graphics are impractical, then ps PNG might be my choice.
It would be more memory intensive than that for images?

something, so they look after 3-4 sometimes quite distorted and blurred. JPG is guaranteed lossless. But suffers somehow the quality of the images by each copy very memory intensive. What format are I just do not know what is better.

TIF is possible. Now my question like more than 24 colors. I then copy the most in a Word document, then find out that I am this small and loss-free (if Word supports such a thing). I thought I save them in TIF or PNG

Pictures rarely include who can help? Is it better to use vector graphics, because something has to be improved, copy it back to, fix it, copy it back to Word etc. PNGs are a good middle ground between TIF and JPG.

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Question: Format C:

How should I proceed please enter this message out. Greetings

Just try
Hello forum! But if I use "format c" in advance ..

I'm on PC already liked to have XP on it, and no longer Vista. I want to formattieren my notebook completely, because I like to thank you over a Live CD / DVD format. Knoppix
to format my notebook?

logged in as an administrator .. what is meant by that?

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