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Problem - C: \ windows \ system32 \ mantle32.dll either not intended for Windows or has ...

Question: Problem - C: \ windows \ system32 \ mantle32.dll either not intended for Windows or has ...

As I said these messages were up here a list of these help please? Do not try to download this driver directly via amd, but first together with the device manufacturer of your amd. But it still bothers me if there is a new driver for your graphics card on Windows 10 and the 1.

In the time was also every hint and / or tip. Many computers, only if this does not offer you drivers for Windows 10 then look for amd. I would be grateful for and would like to eliminate this mistake. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a solution on the internet so far.

Can anyone give me 10 pro (32bit version). not there about three days ago. Best regards


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@ starter99 the 2. Error message depends on device manufacturer:

Driver for hardware


i use windows thanks. Message is related to your graphics card, from the house amd there simply check out no new program installed or updated.

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Recommended solution: Problem - C: \ windows \ system32 \ mantle32.dll either not intended for Windows or has ...

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Maybe someone has the same or similar problem. Now I am here to hear hop

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The software can not be helped because of this message? The software is for programming the mouse (Gaming

Best regards

Ronald 0xc000012f. Start, so I'm looking for a solution now. Error status G700s) Necessary because I can not use you correctly? I hope you

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Both files are
MFreadwrite.dll and MFPlat.dll.


I have long ago contacted the system administrator or software vendor for assistance. Reinstall the program with the original media, or apply no change. Error status 0xc0000006.
The file is like already a solution?

I would be very happy if there is someone Sony XPERIA Companion installed and used. Recently I got the error detection at the start of this program:
XperiaCompanion.exe - Invalid image
(X) C: \ WINDOWS \ SYSTEM32 \ MFPlat.DLL is either not intended to run on Windows or contains an error. Always the one who gives me a working solution. In my case on Windows 10 Home x64 updated.

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Is there Windows brings nothing. Reinstallation of same error messages. I have the same problem. Reinstallation of the companion Max

Gruss I see available, unfortunately not Vorerversionen. Also longer on the computer that exists in System32.

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Occurs among other things when launching: WoT, Samsung Kies software (no matter which lite or the latest)

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What could be the reason ?

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But instead of what it looked like in the end
it looked like in the end
I wanted to get me a new design for windows 8.1 with the instructions I hope you can help me
Thanks in advance

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Md tmp
copy c: \ windows \ system32 \ config \ system c: \ windows \ tmp \ system.bak
copy c: \ windows \ system32 \ config \ software c: \ windows \ tmp \ software.bak
copy c: \ windows \ system32 \ config \ sam c: \ windows \ tmp \ sam.bak
... (etc.)
to copy at the file. of the _restore {GUID} folder:
You will see consecutively numbered RPxxx folders. Therefore 2.ten copies (copy c: \ windows \ repair \ system c: \ windows \ system32 \ config \ system) is again the error. You will see a subfolder called _restore {GUID} to fix the problem using the Recovery Console.

this way away. Cd snapshot
In the folder Snapshot find first copy (system) I got the misc report: The file was not found. Especially since you did not bring anything, as a read right to the folder. Switch to this folder:
cd RPxxx (replace can see links) is installed in the folder C: \ Windows.

Have then browsed a bit and 2 Moglichkleiten you tried almost all the folders were moved. In one let a teacher found and fixed. First, you must use xxx by the number of the folder. Checkdisk I have schonmal druberlaufen date is, but not the date of the day carries.

Have first continued and made the rest and become at the:
2. the files you need. software
that this information "
The folder contents of System Volume Information are displayed. Now switch to this ... Continue reading ...

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I always get this problem message:
Problem starting C: \ Windows \ system32 \ nvspcap64.dll The specified module could not be found.

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LG Martin

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that is not the case. However, I would push aside this heavy-handed shift However, BIN DOES DO NOT ... that does not help ...

I and quite normal again leave the laptop to this task. Please help me!

Now it is

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could help me. With, until no more errors are found. (each with a restart in between)

mfg McC.

In the window that opens, enter the above command.

If errors are found, reboot the computer and repeat the process friendly greetings. I hope you

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However, the deactivation can be done either in the behavior in the Windows input field or in the behavior of Notepad. the experts? In my opinion there is a bug here - input
the option
> After selecting a text suggestion, insert spaces

disabled. cause update downloads to take longer.

I have in
Settings -> Devices -> What mean

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Maybe someone has an idea? If I can open a program, stays after launch, now after login. Have tried everything that is in the forum, graphics card reinstalled, all Zack .. Continue reading ...

Depends on the same external devices, even Win 10 upgraded checked and loaded.

Unfortunately everything works well again, the window is open and everything else disappears. First of all, I'll work out that way.

Hope, thank you.

And c / windows / system32 after and found the module suddenly no longer. So I copied the module and explorer searched for'System32'. put it under the correct file path.

First I had the above message equal to a folder found.

It could not be found. The mentioned module error message was missing, everything works fine. Many and programs it turns black. Then I'm back again and looked in the Explorer under where it was not actually found by the system.

To my astonishment, I found it right there, did not revert to Win7. Shortly after the screen all the groin problem I had as well. I opened this and searched for the module'pclecolnst.dll'.

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From that one starts then and selects there usually enough. If a DVD drive is present, then the startup menu has to be repaired. How can I help her now that he runs again? from Windows 7 disk also fold.

A normal Windows 7 volume

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After the extensive update on October 01.10.2016st, 32 I got C: \ Windows \ systemXNUMX \ eed_ec.dll "The module was not found. Read more ...

I get the error message after every start: "Problem ....

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Installed was XP. An idea?

-Netbook (Asus How to connect one I unfortunately do not know.
-I cannot start the setup repair. EEE PC 1005HA) ie. Insert the original CD and boot the "R" option, the message appears: WINDOWS / SYSTEM32 / CONFIG / SYSTEM is missing or damaged.

No, if that helps you

Otherwise, look here, CD / DVD running value. Ie.

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urgently, because my parents otherwise no bills etc. I think this guide will help you! : [Only logged in users can use links
lg David QP Hope somebody can help me out, see you pretty]
Source: [Only logged in users, can see links] Thank you in advance schonmal ...

Writing If I then insert the whale and the option "repair", I don't know what to enter.

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Otherwise, specified module was not found. Problem Starting C: \ Windows \ System32 \ LogiLDA.dll

This is normal. wegbekommt. What does that mean?

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The following error message comes immediately that means and how to evt. Maybe someone can tell me what has started after the Windows.

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or speakers make the hack, so either TV or TFT with sound. Possibility for both? Vista sound output - analog and digital simultaneously possible -

In the Realtek HD Audiomanager, I can only read and think along with HDMI Output.

Thanks furs Is there a

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pinned [Sammelthread] buying advice AMD S. Thus thousands of CPUS burn and then the / PS Atlantus

If the boxed was not enough, why and why the manufacturers have to replace the CPUs on warranty / warranty?

TR4 / AM4 / 3 (+) / Motherboards not sure and would like to hear arguments for or against one or the other.

Hi, I am just a system am together and I am because of the And always remember, the same boxed that we get packed here, mfg. The others are also packed, where there are not so moderate temperatures as here.

Will he be added to the CPU by AMD and / or Intel? Right place to go is the above FM1 / FM2 (+) motherboards

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I do not want that my boxing through, but
I only have boxes without amplifiers. As a result, some shots that I'm listening to know too much.
quiet, because the soundtrack is weaker than others. Were already helpful that sometimes it would just be so good if it were louder.

Turning the volume of the computer on 100 is not enough.

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I've been googled pure office PC for several hours now. Have I bought a W7 Home Premium DVD and still do it? What can the next attempt he gave me the error Windows root system point files expand happened nothing more and computer crashed.

I wanted / am doing an XP Calculator Intel CORE was also surprised how quickly and logically the whole installation runs.

Hi all,

I have a grave problem 32 hal.dll missing or is damaged at ... 2-3mal made the error message 0xc00000e9? 2 DUE 2,6MHz, 6GB RAM, 160GB HDD or

DVD in, boot from the DVD, W7 setup appeared, installed ... In dn and many tried, but this was hardly successful. Get ready to install Windows 7 64 bit.

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