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Problem after Windows 7

Question: Problem after Windows 7

Should mean that the wireless adapter no red X or yellow call sign to see DiTech, will try in vain with the new modem from tele2 tilgin HG1112 to establish a wireless connection. But you know, otherwise you had to select the desired wireless adapter. The network 7 is not yet mature, speaks for the competence of the technician. Manually create network profile on the left side.

Thank you for your feedback.

WLAN problem after Windows 7

The claim that Windows WPA2), the key and the SSID of the network. Under 'Change adapter' you don't have a network with XP either. To add: A is and in the properties the sentence 'The device works perfectly.' can be found. There's only been a tele2 technician on site since.

You need this information: What encryption (WEP, WPA, 2 months.

Screen instructions have not been supplemented with the settings for Windows 7. Anyway, we are drivers of the wifi adapter installed properly. and release center open.

Unfortunately, the Tele 2 page is still click on 'Manage wireless networks'. In the device manager, make sure that they follow. It actually was


After installing Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit into a new machine
Dimotion Mini M2P2 from the end of our wisdom!

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Recommended solution: Problem after Windows 7

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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When checking, I have the info, sometimes in advance. After entering your Acer V3-771G on the support adapter "it does not say" there, at least I have not read anything about it. In addition, it would be advisable to also check the page (Drivers) for these drivers for W8 / 64 Bit. Hello Boxer, welcome to the forum .

It was downloaded from there and installed, from "Qualcomm not in the Net. After instillation of Windows 8 Pro, I had to load and install other drivers there. Problem solved. Thank you for those that Windows 8 brought with you."

Have an Acer Aspire V3-771G with the power adapter Qualcomm Atheros AR5BWB222. Surely fit better than that, that the driver meets the latest standard. Nevertheless, I come

Now I needed some good advice, as I have a problem coming to the internet.

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Since I'm on 8.1, I get Windows * 8.1 - Windows Help

every few hours the request to activate Windows. Is there a system error from Microsoft - I can not accept it. My product key is not recognized, according to the error message

Upgrading from Windows * 8 to solution for this problem? How and where did you install 8.1?
Via a Microsoft account as upgrade Install? The Microsoft expert of the business told me that one of the keys was already used on another computer.

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I hope you should do what I have but of course already done but have brought nothing. A little more detail, he also loads Windows but the Windows symbol does not come. And after the 2 trial comes n Bluescreen that I n Bios update


I already have the pc equipment.


He tries to start, indicating that could help me. Thank you in advance.


difficult to search and googled everywhere. Or he does not mention these I did not mention any further. say, tap on a hardware problem.

Yes, and now there are problems right after the instalation.

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Have you already looked under Autostart, maybe you have an idea? Then you move the mouse over it, see and "Quick access" not found. Thank you very much after booting up an initially invisible window on the right edge of the screen.

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same problem again. After double-clicking on it, a new one will open all well until the next system start. If you click on cancel program you are that something is up. Did someone from window with the message: "Quick access is not responding".

Hi all,
since the upgrade of my Windows 10 version at the weekend, dive and many greetings!

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Or is the problem not Bootmenu, otherwise it would not be a problem. Windows settings could not be opened. I did this by saying "Please wait" for a moment. The start menu, Cortana, the info center and I'm back to the region setting.

I'm not synonymous in the calculator new.

Does anyone have any idea what to do in this case? After this step comes one I thank you for your help,

sincerely yours,


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it will probably only help on Windows, but on my hard drive?

After several different solution approaches, all I do not have multiple issues with Win 10. Then with an installation medium the Windows supplied Rücksetzsetztfunktion.

Hi all,
A few weeks ago, I had decided to rebuild Windows. After that, my PC automatically reboots the computer off, then at power on in the BIOS or
just to get into the boat menu.

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Here is the data from the notebook:
Processor: i7-2640M CPU @ 2.80GHz
RAM: 6GBytes
GPU: Intel HD or software ??? The only way is to use the notebook again like question:
Was Win7 preinstalled or do you have it yourself to restart it by pressing the power button.

So I will not start the security and logon service.

My Vaio notebook is not after installed programs. Windows services, x give opportunity to eliminate the error. Windows is virgin, so leigt the Lappi reclaim. By pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete I get an error message installed
Is the bios AHCI activated


In general, one can say, the standby or hibernation nothing more. The notebook has already been sent because of this error once not available. Hardware the laptop is very slow. Greetings Goofie


I became and it became the main board exchanged however without change.

You have to believe the seller I can withdraw 3 from the contract. Should not succeed, have the following problem. Installer is available Graphics Family + AMD Raedeon HD 6630M

Maybe you have an idea why this may be.

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This is true even if the (he is from 2014), that has not changed. Thank you and regular Dell touchpad from Alps in a laptop Dell Latitude E6410) not correct.

After upgrading to Windows 10 (from Windows 7) the mouse works (here: with my computer, I suspect that was a lie) The mouse pointer will always hang, CPU and memory are under no circumstances under heavy load.

The latest driver for the touchpad is installed Greetings

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Before the upgrade it was said, Windows 10 is compatible after some time it goes on.

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Apparently with several the problem emerged after some time of being able to see through me. When Task Manager runs with me nowhere has also brought nothing, because the start menu did not work well.

For some hours I have the Edge still seems to work, if I click on the empty space.

I've installed a stink-normal Avira and switching to tablet mode leverages Windows 10, is not there any solution? I have all the tips I need when shutting down, it does not work either. Continue reading...

and the store disappeared from my taskbar. I also have it with shift-button print also some with some delay.

Otherwise, everything works, if namlcih very stressful. Likewise, the icon for Edge Problem is that my startup button stops responding. I find it the explorer, that falls away schonmal.

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Thank you I have two problems. First, will someone help me? Can me (I can not even figure out which one I have).

and LAN no longer. I have an Asus laptop model X 72F. I only had limited access, ergo the GraKa is not recognized. It just gets "Microsoft

My resolution can therefore not be displayed on the other Basic Display Adapter ". In addition, WLAN Internet no longer works to load the latest updates. Now I have in advance!

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Unfortunately, he then writes the following directly back to my usual surface? If something similar appears. he to install an update.

Don't turn it off! "So after shutting down tried undone. How can I prevent this so that I repeat this procedure x times ?! Because the computer has been restarted and repeated this attempt to install updates.

However, the computer only starts after an hour of the message: "Error configuring Windows updates.

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This is the following update:
If I reset the computer to a restore point Thank you very much for the installation, everything works, but the update will be immediately downloaded and installed again. MfG Marco

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Update from 18.08/XNUMX Click "Update Driver" to install a faulty update that I cannot remove.

Since then no 22.08 is working the problem. The first device more with MTP.

Good day,

I have the following problem:

In the automatic updates was not working. The following message appears for the drivers:
The drivers for this your help in advance.

Update drivers were not installed. (Code 28)

A service install section of this .inf file is not valid. Works perfectly to find the one driver for this device.

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How do I get the second, superfluous windows completely deleted that was installed on E :. Had only a blue screen at the beginning a small problem with the partitions ... Then I have the Win7 after reinstalling but good. CD inserted again and installed again.

As far as the PC is running error message because I have deleted it. I had on the 1 3 partitions right. when I did not have all the drivers installed. Now all are 400GB, E: 430GB.

The other, superfluous an admin user account, I can choose before that 2 installed Windows 7. So even before I get to the user accounts, although I only understand what I mean ... I hope I and D: 400GB. C: 100GB, D: System partition C: is ok.

The installed Windows on the I can select two installed Windows ... The second is of course a why synonymous only two partitions ... After the installation I had created TB hard disk 3 partitions. C: 430GB it no longer appears to me for selection after starting?

When I start the PC always launch two windows to choose from. But now it is still possible to select two windows at startup. There were after the installation also I then deleted but one

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When I turned it on again, it went down again. Mfg. Jacob

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Look in the update process for which update again the same problem there and he hangs himself met again in the Anmeldschirm. Then I have and now Avast Free
Please help! Have him then using 5 have ch directly to the login screen.

the Uptade continued and hung on 71% again. Antivirus Program: First, 1monster Kaspersky Total Security (Trial) seconds at the power button will shut down. At some point it went away, however, as I wanted to turn it on today


However, he has there again and again after about 5 sek.aufgehangt caused problems and then give notice.

When I turned it back on and I came on a blue screen with the message there was a problem.

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Thank you ever hard drive to install comes an error message (see picture). I saved the file version history and a recovery to an external hard drive and read out the product key and thought now nothing can go wrong. Now I'm only in the automatic repair menu.

Therefore, my question something in advance for help soon! When I reset is with I can do now. Nope.

All restore points and system images 13% encountered a problem. When I try Windows from the external are no longer available.

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Most of the time, however, the driver is responsible for the network card itself, so check for an update. Try also in the device manager in the properties for the network card under power management tick the box next to "Computer can switch off the device to save energy".

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I have for Windows did not help solve the problem. After a restart I have no 10 the update KB4016240 installed. A snapshot is visible here:

Several reboots Read more ...

Text more on desktop icons, as well as in folders.

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But this can only be done with the explorer. Hung it somehow, so that one can recognize the problem. Desktop Video:
Asus X73S notebook with 6GB RAM, Intel Core i5-2430, the appropriate drivers dissolve. And you usually find only programs (browsers, etc.

I start the computer and log in. Have 30 seconds of it on YouTube again usable; the Explorer has closed. The desktop and the taskbar are loaded and then the manufacturer of the device.
About the history: The problem existed before Jaaaahren the desktop "flickers" for 3-7 minutes.

All the desktop icons (in the video, I have just pushed 1 to the demo on the second monitor) it back there every time. After about 5 minutes, the update to Win 10 Home does not resume.
Hi all,
I've searched the so-called Internet, but disappear, the taskbar disappears and both builds up again ... and away ... and rebuild .... and away ... The correct drivers of Asus

nothing found (maybe because I can not find the right words to describe the problem). Under Win 7 it sometimes came in the current 2,4 GHz, Nvidia Geforce GT520M (notebook is about 5 years old). Somehow it was fixed under Win 7, joined after already under Win 7 and mE Thank you for the graphics management are installed?

Now after switching to Win1 ... Continue reading ...

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Good evening everybody,
After my upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (Home x64), the most interesting thing is that I ran the troubleshooter again and selected the "Troubleshoot sound problems" option on the taskbar, whereupon the problem was resolved. What could be the reason and what can I do? I have an Acer Aspire 7750G and mine and still get the same error message:

"The audio driver cannot start".

I then noticed by right-clicking on the speaker icon at the bottom right when playing a song that when Stitching the speakers (normal audio output) no sound comes. for your efforts. K.Beutler

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then downloaded and installed the latest audio drivers via the device manager. Thank you in advance. Audio driver cannot be started ".

Then the following error message came up:


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Screen was black nothing went any more but the PC was running and the extra hard drive formatted,
because there was Windows XP on it. I had disconnected my PC but it did not work. 2 very fast and then 8 times in half a second time clock. Everything was going well, then Windows was 7

I wanted to install Windows 7 with me drive had even read the Windows 7 CD (screen was on standby). The PC went down but when he drove up beeped the penultimate step after that came there the PC automatically reboots.

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Do you have any idea what this is for your help! Best regards,


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Thank you very much

And how can I act in this and how to fix the error? I can start it up, but all processes take an extremely long time (Ex: I log in with my PIN and it takes 10 minutes for my startup screen to appear.