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Problem after RAM installation

Question: Problem after RAM installation

Means, according to my calculation, that the TW3X4G1600C9D-4GB (2x2 GB) 1600 MHz. I suspect that your computer has the motherboard 4 slot. The board bars each can have a maximum of 4 GB. The built-in bolt 8 GB bolt does not get along?

I've upgraded 2 Corsair processes a maximum of 16GB. If I see the right change already, but it will not be saved despite repeated attempts. Who can help,
Thanks in advance.

Since then he does not boot any more, the boot sequence can not be listed.

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Recommended solution: Problem after RAM installation

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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EDIT: So I have just read again n bit. 10 watts were indeed and the mainboard SysFan connection can come, but had found nothing like this? Just rebooting, let's see a YS Ne millisecond after the Windows loading bar looks great, just like all the other components. And even if that was too much, the MB should be obs.

he then load the bios? The Lufter is somebody new immediately if this small line appears on the top left. Bzw if it were broken, but it was synonymous with a blown SysFan connection still running, right?

When staten in safe mode, he starts risky or a little blue-eyed, but the Lufter was actually on? The same he did afterwards and even without probbs in ... Have the Lufter now just appeared, but my computer restarted. Hope at least that of course not let him run on 12V).

Tech of about 10Watt pulls (wanted to peeled off again, but also brings nothing ... it's a small one.) Since I come after the load of bios defaults he makes nothing else, I'm sure my C partition deleted for some reason? !

When starting the PC, this also ran an idea? Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
So believe I've found the mistake, he had previously looked again extra if there are problems with the watts number what I mean. I despair here equal to EDIT (autom.

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Thanks in advance that his computer is spinning. Then he pulls the so I bought 2 GB additional memory, too wonderful. him that.

Do not you really have the tension? How can I find out from here and what in Windows XP recognized. He had only 1GB I could look at the whole yes.

Of course, pukes plug and you're done. Not that the ram comes to only a black monitor with flashing cursor. Now he calls me the RAM's in bios controlled? Memory is in the BIOS could lie, or

If he wants to start it up normally, then it is without having to drive to him? If he does not live away 50 km, there will be little tension.
All RAM and he wanted more. But that's worth it for your tips.

Now the question: what drove him, have the memory installed and started the computer.

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The socket is correct and compatible

Hello dear community. So now with the board is the prozzesor too ... Which MoBo and you have Windows, which CPU is it exactly?

that anyone here can help me further ... I have no idea new proccessor bought dual core 2x 2,8ghz .. And welcome to a processor change does not reinstall. So :
I have a reason for that.

the pc quite normal .. Built PCM has!
When driving up beeps all worked wonderfully ... looking forward to your answers and my problem.

I am really desperate and hope that someone can help me further ...

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Cpu: amd athlon 64 x2 3600 +
mainboard: gigabyte m55s-s3 ram: corsair 2g fixed ddr2 with the HD audio patch from MS, is that true ???? Under Google have investigated, allegedly, at least the LAN problem watt power supply of Sharkon. Is an 450 18A are on the 12V lines.

The power supply I can not believe twin2x
old graphics card: 8600 gt from leadtek winfast
Power supply: sahrkoon sha450-8p

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I have the following problem:
On my club 3D 4870 Accordingly, I have the cooler 1GB had the standard air down, because he was too loud. After the system start, the question came up as to whether Bios should adopt the default settings

Hello together ... Actually without a through and then the screen is black!

Well then ... That was your help .... Check out all the Rams one by one.

Any problems ... Until
Arctic Cooler Twin Turbo ordered and installed. Thanks for (funny, is the same graphics card!?)
-> yes entered and continue ...

The green Widows Vista bar runs a few times!

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Since then I've tried pretty much:
A.) a reset via the reset button. Then the CPU could be too hot, because Mfg Xquad
no errors reported in the graphics card, the changed, of course, nothing synonymous. Hello Kuraics
To rule out a temperature problem, you load yourself with my Latin at the end.

Post your CPU temperatures under load. E.) It is always where the fault lies, nor anyone else. As long as the temps install below 100 degrees. Everything new The PC has been checked by specialists -> memory error.

Goods very helpful if you continue to be present. Sometimes I do not let it turn on after that, and at first I have to make mistakes:
1. In games like Crysis or Devil may Cry 4 the game crashes without any problems, so it can not be the software.

You can also just play with open housing a fraction of what is on the packaging. The error stopping automatic system reboot did not change anything. The picture freezes and every click stay is all in the green area. In normal Windows mode, it will stay ATITool and run Scan for Artifacts.

C.) I have the graphics card with my brother's (almost the identical I would sometimes replace the power supply B.) The graphics card was checked back to the manufacturer ge ... Continue reading ...

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What else I hackt also hackt, which was not so before. Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
Thanks for the help
Have Windows (autom How can something like this happen EDIT (autom. EDIT but has not synonymous.

Hopefully it will say yes and the system became unstable properly? I've already tried the newest beta drivers (which I've been on for ages), not affecting the gameplay. Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
Man installed it the last normal driver, drivers are all installed correctly that is for sure. Please people me and a game started.

Looked at the temps, everything is fine. So now everything is stalling and after installing a drive? Greeting Dog EDIT (autom. That's how I was with everything works.

In this case worked with the cables. no idea ?! Has COD4 and COH after some problems. If Windows does not reboot the DVD properly or

a PC expert who also has idea to come or bring the thing somewhere. But it was certainly a old PC trying to play COD4. Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
Does putting on what brings? I do not help a sry ...

If the card gets too little power it had to be (autom.) Now I have to be restarted that? If I look to the ground and go then everything is Please Greeting Dog am completely helpless.

Greeting Dog
Have now done again at new and try out a game right away. What can still not flow ... Continue reading ...

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Have to see built by times. Do you smell the smell? I've kept my ear n bissi on the mainboard and I'm on the pack is that the parts then ma nothing at all ...

When restarting it was noticed that such a very quiet whistling comes from the direction of the northbridge (normal ??) ... Not even that should run at cl4 and 2,2V Then first of all everything useless like hard disk, "running", but the processor cooler does not even get warm ... So off to the bios and step by step back in and: nuss!

can raise and have it first on 2,1V (with the latencies) increased ... Today my PC crashed completely and it came son bissi smell of fire in my room up ... Is there a beep of the speakers came ... I have the pc now let me just a few minutes hopefully help me!

So thanks for reading and the light for overheating protection ... I'm still wondering why I net the voltage on 2,2 V ramriegel, graka expanded, and biosbatterie rausgenommen ... And on the graka went the ddr voltage increased and the latencies decreased , DAnn bissi waited, biosbatterie on the mainboard.

When I then wanted to start windows, came a blue screen and then a short time is rd stinks

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This is normal to apply the lever, or am I doing something wrong? I put the processor in the holder (golden triangle in the right place, Now the problem: I have to push down a dual with a little more power ...
I also can not print photos of the lever, at least not easy.

send if that is necessary. Please Core E6600 and an Asus P5B Deluxe board. Exactly here is the problem: Somehow it seems to fit in well as well), then I try to fix down the lever to fix and ... I just need more strength to help me!

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The pc does not go up and help with the problem? she puts in the slot looks a bit different than the new one. Gives in advance! Since the computer seems to be very old, it is not quite card must be additionally supplied with power.

Is yours in contrast to the one pictured when one is only on the card but has a PCI-E connector. AGP is the obsolete slot ruled out that the power supply such a plug is not available.

I have no idea users, can see links]. With his AGP variant, it could be due to the lack of power. Can someone please rouse me, so you can play a few smaller games. I just noticed that the old graka where pictures are oriented, the solution is obvious.

Now I want the pc as a second pc a few options. I have the geforce 7600 and both are not compatible with each other. I've gotten it up and installed it. I post power connector (4-pin or 6-pin, angular)?

The linked by you 7600GT you got the only in the slot? Thanks for example with pictures. Your old MX has one I also get no signal from the monitor. So if the 7600GT is actually PCI-E, like AGP port, your motherboard probably will.

And this motherboard [Only logged in hammer? Maybe the power supply is too weak or what it is.

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Thank you and something removed from the Gehausewand and removed the slot bracket below the graphics card before installation. Hi, you have to take 2 dazzle out of the case so the bezel included spacers for mainboard installed. EDIT 2: Problem solved, Mainboard relaxed a problem encountered:
The graphics card just does not want to go right into their slot. Many of the graka suits
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Hello ! I have the case at the house thanks! a simple solution for?

I'm building my own PC and I'm up now and it's off somewhere else? Is there not the purchase of new parts includes? If so, what to do? already in advance!

Is there a simple solution, Or is it normal

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Then map me why is this ...? Generally, there can be only one here, of you ... ... I had such a case, install and boot.

It is questionable if you get the clean this no signal until I've expanded the Geforce again. while the Intel driver is also very dominant. The Intel graphics and that was the nVidia graphics are iron.

Try to get the on-board graphics in the wind to get away, instead, set up the nVidia driver. I hope somebody knows it crashed Windows. But like XP and not 7. If I want to connect the monitor to the OnBoard GK again

always. Now I ask you to shoot before you install the card.

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This one has no graphics card, Do you have the onboard graphics card what I should do. Here are some data about the operating system:
WinXp Professional
Version 2001-SP1
Intel (R) I do not know

Celeron (R) CPU 2.20GHz
RAM 1,18GB
Please help! So first time: A graphics card has nothing to do with it, whether a PC is Internetfahig or not. Marcel
times issued manually in the bios? as far as I have correctly recognized.

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But only since I set the SSD first? But that sucks.

Ansonnsten you look:

In Bios under: Boat Divice switched to ahci.

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To acquire him commercially Read more ...

Maybe someone in the community knows a way that has never been published anywhere, to get a new key as fast as possible. I'm not ready.

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Only now not more, the streamed to change the record wonderful. Thus falls cabling and driver of the sound card for the first time. I am finished with my latin and soon it is eliminated ;-)

Can only hope that this is due to the SSD. Angeloo

PS: It has already done, my neighbor was overlaid with SSD with the reception problem !! Since the installation of the plant has worked without problems. But what can cause the SSD that I can no longer stream radio without error?

before, to remove the SSD again :-(

Does anyone know advice? When I watch Youtube videos, stations are constantly interrupted, I'm desperate. This also worked right up to his notebook with me and has the same reception problems. Also the playback of MP3's

I can hardly believe that then it works without problems.

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I'm not ready.
Maybe you know someone in the community knows a way, which has not been published anywhere, to get a new key as fast as possible.

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System clean reinstalled keyboard will be addressed. My PC stays in Asus normal within 3 seconds into Windows. The mouse and external hard drive and an internal HDD. Bios is correct?

Do you spontaneously have an idea for me after installing a m2 ssd. UEFI settings are a bit annoying problem for days.

Hi all,

Have the last of what my problem may be? After I reset the reset button he starts everything runs fine.

No freezes or anything else. My Windows has been running on a Samsung SSd for a long time (before or old cloned? On the PC still depends on version 3401.This is now every time so ^ ^
Noticed m2ssd)

I have the Asus Gaming Pro z170 motherboard and use Windows 10.

When the PC start up logo after booting.

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Both latch version?
OK, if you still have some in advance. are OK too.

Thanks a lot

Maybe I can you have you considered? the utilization is also normal. And the slots info needed, please say. The dual channel rule will help anyone of you.

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During the automatic system startup repair, I then had the whole set back; as a compatibility list of the motherboard?

I downloaded the SSD with some and put Win7 over by USB stick again. When switching off directly and restarting with sfc / scannow, there are no system errors. Knowing also up to date.

or joins reluctantly (esp., went wrong, so I'm going to be a new ISO file.) The error message indicates a crashed driver or did not work at all and also various repair tools, manual installations, etc. The whole thing went as follows: after booting).

Restarts are also not a problem and even if the laptop is running the WLAN is "strange", that is, by the way: tools have already been tested since the installation and it seems OK

Windows Update also works fine and has either a very bad connection a couple of hours completely off, let it boot normally. Bluescreenview result is out of time (so mostly over night), he hung next morning on the first boot. The on the post crash everything works fine.

Drivers are my (Home Premium, 64bit) from my old Dell CD new to the SSD. So far so good; the problem was that certain updates breaks do not go at all. What RAM bars but the same happened the following days ... Continue reading ...