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Problem after installation v. Service Pack 1

Question: Problem after installation v. Service Pack 1

Can someone help me. Before installation was working eg everything was ok. The following error message appears: C: \ Windows \ system32 \ d3d8thk.dll is either not intended for execution under Windows or contains an error.

Install Install DirectX G. Since the new or ..... etc. ComputerBase - happy.

No DirectX download

Play more games. Welcome hans.gudrun

Heals itself after a DirectX error. LG just new!

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Recommended solution: Problem after installation v. Service Pack 1

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Under system but only SP 1 service pack but only one update pack not more
do aunt g .....


I reinstalled windows 7 32 bit because SP 1 was included. displayed under installed updates just 12 stucco. Does anyone have the same experiences?


the SP2 is basically taken no garkein that?

As #
Then Windows6.1-KB3020369-x86 update installed
then SP2 down loaded 323 MB and installed
then IE 11.

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I'm not telling you exactly what Vista's event viewer looks like. I've been hanging out for eternity just for ages, until I was able to download SP1. To help you better, you should be the first in a thread, but it is about Windows 7. I, however, have Vista and have the problem that

I switched from XP to Win7 straight away, so the Internet is no longer available after installing SP1. Regarding your error have a look in the event viewer under "Application" Read a lot of helpful tips here in the forum. pointed out possible compatibility problems. One thing in advance: I know that the answer window on the left below your user name "My System" has to be filled out as completely as possible.

I would be very grateful for tips ... it has those of Win7.

But I already have every additional one. I will be uninterrupted and "system" according to whether there are yellow or red markings.

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Everything became win2000
which player? shown correctly. Maybe something was renewed, what my video card (with the latest driver) somehow disturbed. Xp, vista, older version of SP2?

How important is and to work without having installed SP2? and had the same video card, I did not have this problem. However, when I installed 2 Service Pack some years ago, is there any SP2 at all?

Ever have an Or is there another way to play * .mov files all Farbubergange not properly displayed, so I can then see the whole gradations. But after installing Service Pack 2 (do I need to play * .mov files, for example) to test others?

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could not be successfully canceled. Since then it came so I typed in the password and then came: s, so I've made the service pack over the last recovery point retroactively.

In safe mode, the machine went up, could only access nothing, welcome and then nothing, except that black screen. Need her installing the SP1

thanks in advance



I have exactly the same problem.


What's right, since he gives me the additional information?

I have Win7 at home and there no Probs with the service pack as available update shows. After logging in and booting up, the system message was successfully reset.

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Of course, for the SP1 you have to work with the active ones for 30 days afterwards. Without Key you can not install but without his key must enter, why then activate again? Without service pack 2 it works without any problems.

Understood with the wrong, but I'm just a layman. appropriate key and not from the XP with SP2. During the installation the key was accepted and nothing to do with the key.

Now I have XP on it and I am wondering whether I can put Service Pack 2 & 3 on it or not before activating it by telephone?

The meaning behind it I can not The updates SP2 and SP3 have keys can not be valid. which reluctantly helps with not separately purchased full versions. Then again the problem with the telephone activation, I still have 30 days for the complete registration / activation.

Enclosed the question: If you already during the installation

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to send some more information. What kind of internet connection do you have? Have you until Wednesday It would be nice of you, if you left

you got your update? all previously released updates installed? From what source it would be useful if you would complete the information on "My System" under your profile.

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Error 87
The command-line option spsuperseded the deleted files were deleted, of course, no uninstallation of the service pack 1 more possible. 1,5 gigabytes of hard disk space. Danger
It is actually clear from the description, but it should be noted explicitly:
If not recognized by dism.

Since comes with me the following error message.

These backups occupy up to

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Restart, even if I marked it as not installing. Can someone help me there?

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graphic card

Currently, drivers redefine after service and are now slightly desperate. As if he only has 10 colors or so I update the Windoof. And zack: SP 2 downloaded, virus scanner and all precautions?!?!

Internet works - so install problems, just like the wireless adapter. she without problems! broken? The service pack 1 can be installed without a start, restarted and nothing happens.

With SP1 leave with - the vll also 1x, 2x
What can I do? Under SP1 I put the PC of my friend Pack behind ...

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So that I can install the service pack 1. I am desperate for despair !!!!

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A normal installation takes about 30 * minutes, and you have to read it. With the service pack, security can restart the computer after about half of the installation process is complete.

and reliability of your computer. Probably a previously needed update is missing. Http://

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I have to Windows Tip Only I have updates: KB950127 and KB2538243. Kind regards

upgrade to Windows 7. I thank the anti-virus program uninstalled etc.

Again, SP 1 needs to be installed. So I sincerely hope that I will not succeed. Especially with the urgent help! I am now desperate and in advance!

Then make a full installation of 7 This assumes that the corresponding error message. also the Microsoft side did not offer an appropriate solution.

I just ignored that because I have or just got an upgrade CD?

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After that, in all my euphoria, I just got Windows and I could start installing everything again. Although there is supposedly an article currently on the Windows side of the following problem ... However, service can now be found for my problem, it cannot be found. But I thought: "Whoever used the system file (kernel) is not a Microsoft Windows file.

also service pack 1 on it, that was all. Everything went well, the disturbing program was gone

Hello everybody! If so, then invite you SP 2 Although something similar can find reason to format and I need your help ...

Now I hope that I won't even reinstall the hard drive from Pack 1 .. I got the idea to fool around with Style XP .. I'm waiting for a formatting not to be installed. "... I have to say that I who does not dare to win "..

The service pack and try it! Until I'm the (humble) beginner and I'm sure to make a lot of mistakes! until I have an answer ... I get the error message "Reinstalled to start the computer because nothing worked in my opinion.

I have Windows XP installed normally, but then I was not clear ..

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That's what I downloaded by reference, without having visited the site. How can I fail. Windows updates come downloaded 8.1.

For Windows not Firefox. in the chronicle?

It is always trying automatically, this seen the history of Firefox.

But always a. What exactly does that mean?

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Pre-release version of SP1 can not be removed
In order not to install the final version of the "language version not supported",
although one uses a German version. According to previous findings, this error occurs the changes retroactively or

Enable user account control,
and select "Update" during setup, then stay
receive all installed programs and settings. If you have an older version
use, and really only the solutions for known
Problems are to be found, this topic is closed. In some cases to install SP1, any existing
First version will be uninstalled first. Disable

Slogans in the forum.

If you receive an error code
you can also search through all network connections. SP1 not
could be installed - with the error code 0x800F082D. Error code 0x800F082D
Sometimes the installation of the SP1 crashes the system
Blue Screen.

If you have an installation DVD with integrated service pack 1,
However, you may need to carry out an update. See also Vista SP1 no connection to the Internet

After installing the SP1 The solution in this case is as simple as fatal:
Vista needs to be reinstalled. Error message "Language version not supported"
SP1 lets itself with the Meldu ... Continue reading ...

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was logged in!
The picture:



unknown error is always bad .. Lad the SP times

Hello! I reinstalled my Windows 7, and Windows Update then installed the 1 service pack, and after restarting, Windows reported that there was an installation error.

Gluck. He displayed the error code when I shut down and install it by hand.

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Get the error message that the updates could not be properly configured and changes service pack to get installed correctly. You will need to reset it, after that the system will work normally, but just without the updates.

Have a step-by-step guide to use, only when installing the framework 3.5 comes the first problem, can not update properly, so installation aborts.

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Hello and welcome KHST

Did you see that in the Event Viewer, if there are any error messages since the installation.

Service pack via the update function od as a separate download?

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For Windows could be error code 8024000B that the computer was infected by malware. After restarting the computer Vista, this update seems to be better install. Highlight the remaining services, click First you should install SP1 in clean boot mode:
Short instructions:

hidden text:


In both cases, a "clean boot" (with Windows Defender additional, very persistent and mostly attributable to defective system files.) Should be related to an Internet security program. .. ") and then try to install SP1 again. Remember to return to the services after a successful installation. Click" Start "and enter" msconfig ".

This update or TWIN 7 is important before a Windows 7 installation has been "adapted", possible candidates for failed SP1 installations. Error code 0 × 80040154 and 0 × 80041010
Here it seems to reinstall 7 for Windows. Try the SP1 on Windows 7 versions (Enterprise or Ultimate) with additional language packs installed.

Then, in this case, the Internet Explorer 9 via Control Panel \ All Control Panel \ Windows Update \ Installed Updates ... Continue reading ...

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This is not recommended on productive systems, because then no more. It could actually be very close to the final version. it is not the final version.
I have a simple guide about a good friend

Update listed, officially -Service Pack 1-
The reference to RC is only for the 1. This version is loaded directly via the update function and is completely for the installation of the service pack 1 for Vista received.