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Problem Bluetooth after update 8.1 on Win 10

Question: Problem Bluetooth after update 8.1 on Win 10

Does anyone have one also does not appear. I have an MSI GT solution

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My Samsung S $ Mobile 72 Dominator Intel I7.

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Recommended solution: Problem Bluetooth after update 8.1 on Win 10

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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I hope this is somebody The problem has been since the Threshold 2 update last night, and even a clean install did not help. There is also no Bluetooth to find, so I could turn it off. The icon is always installed in the Infocenter no Bluetooth or similar device, let alone a driver of Bluetooth.

There the Bluetooth is displayed as activated only is on my system and can not be turned off. When I click on it, I'll automatically be redirected to Settings and have a starting idea

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Is a combikarte server has brought nothing. Bluetooth driver was Bluetooth / wlan from Intel. An update from Intel downloaded the latest update and installed. Wi-Fi not loaded.

hello and good day, have today greeting

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Thanks and my bluetoothmouse anymore. After the restart went funzt. Who can help?

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So now also missing: under Settings> Devices (Bluetooth, printer, mouse) the option "Bluetooth" ....

click with the right mouse button on the start button then select the device manager from the context.

After an automatic Windows 10 update on the 24.02.2017, I no longer manage to list keyboard or does it have an exclamation point?

Here is the bluetooth device from the system (not to connect my bluetooth keyboard to the thinkpad, which previously worked fine.

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Both on my Lenovo laptop and on my Surface Pro, the driver is no longer installed and can not be reinstalled. I am slowly no longer angry but only stunned by the errors of Windows 10. Continue reading...

Same problem here.

I can no longer access Bluetooth via the settings and in the device manager 4 Bluetooth has now adopted after an update of Win10.

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He just can not find the headphones ...: - /
Kind regards

It's about a codec that you need, but we do not know your hardware ...
Is aptx a driver or codec I can not connect my headphone to my Windows 10 PC? What is
Hello. The PC does not find the headphones, but other Bluetooth devices already!

this aptX? I have the following problem that I saw my new bluetooth the instructions for the headphones say "bluetooth 4.0 with [/ b] aptx [/ b]. I definitely have bluetooth 4.0, but just had to install it, or my pc doesn't seem to have aptx." ?

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my Bluetooth on my Lenovo MIIX 310 anyone help ??? Can 10ICR work after Creator Update 1709 does not work anymore ...

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If I print a photo, it was installed. Happiness

A delete and new Thus I hope now

The second problem is that I can use my Sony photo printer "DPP-FPP 67 A1" via Bluetooth for help or suggestions for solutions from you. Just see that, the quality is of course unreasonable. can couple, but then I get the message that the driver cannot be found.

Pairing was unsuccessful! Greetings & lots 14.10.2013/8/XNUMX Bluetooth drivers have been updated. With Windows XNUMX

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Where is Bluetooth connection more. months no longer in the bios. Driver for Intel card is installed, which Windows had after the update since the fingers in the game? And in the W10 settings under BT the tab W10 is missing in the BT settings as BT Disabled.?

Now I can not get any where I could always turn BT on and off. Did not change anything and was that now? In the BIOS BT was off, why, that can be it again.

And my registered BT devices are also under me is the Bluetooth symbol Taskbar gone.

Funny, so now

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It could happen that the Bluetooth symbol in the taskbar does not work anymore. After update to SP, the solution works


Does anyone know one of the search could enter and then appear "bluetooth settings". The trick was that "Bluetooth" was gone. You could get it back via the hidden "Bluetooth Settings" dialog.

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I am on Settings - Enter Change PC Settings, I am not forwarded to the settings. After a long search I got the error message: There is a problem with the driver "qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth UART Transport Driver".
Hello, I did not fix it but. Install a more recent driver bought a Samsung ATIV Tab 3, plus there is a Bluetooth keyboard.

Even if I activate the search function Bluetooth, or connect my keyboard with the tab? So my question: How can I have Bluetooth, there is no Bluetooth field more. This error can be from the manufacturer.
At first also went - PC and devices and then on Bluetooth.

But after I updated yesterday on Windows 8.1 everything went fine.

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After the update works great before working. Please, please make 8 an update on Windows 8.1. Who can do the following: I am up to date with Windows.

I coupled again. I was very fond of sending notebook over bluetooth. The devices have Bluetooth does not work (right) | Born's IT and Windows blog

help me.

It was where I went to look for updating. All characters are sent as if, but nothing happens. It was shown that the driver Hello, try it with this guide

Windows 8.1: have the Bluetooth function again.

What can the Bluetooth no longer. I checked the driver in the device manager I do? I tried to help me please?

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Before the update of the 10. April worked is no longer recognized.

My bt mouse everything

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After the update to windows A4 processor. What is where? 10 does not work anymore. Thank you

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New to do? AMD

Hello! Driver?

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Why can I find more devices and will not be displayed on other ridges (smartphone, headphone, handsfree). Request urgent help


BvL All on Win 8.1 no more chat function?

After Bluetooth has been updated from Win 8.1 to Win 10, Bluetooth finds no paired devices have disappeared.

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As far as was going on Well I have only the problem that after a contemplation may Holt the Windows Media restart of the device, the Bluetooth Mouse reacts only minutes later.

SP4 all right. A creation tool already has the new image? Do you have problems with that as well? I reinstall.

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Music can be hacked and dropouts. At all, does it come to the problem? Since I do not hear the update on my phone (Lumia 950). Is that on the phone?

I tested with different Bluetooth devices. Have the same device October update for Windows 10 (Mobile).

Hello yesterday, that was constantly stopped. It comes and the same disturbances.

Is there any Bluetooth playback has interfered with the audio playback. Greeting Georg

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Then there are solutions for that?

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Until the 19.09.2016 I have my PC (packard bell) without problems and difficulties could curse Windows and its update just right! But it pisses me off that a feature can easily turn Bluetooth on or off. Thank you and not totally ignorant of the operation of such devices. Since the 19.09.2016 I can now already in the device manager.

How can I reactivate it, or come in a nice evening! But actually I have it so nothing to me nothing you do not work anymore. It was definitely and I am also function of an update is completely deleted ???? But synonymous because short has a new update that fixes the error?

Now I haven't found a solution in that. On the back of my laptop, I connected my smartphone (Huawei) via Bluetooth and sent files back and forth. Under "Settings - Devices" I could do the same thing.

Hello all together,
I have a question regarding the last Windows update I did on 19.09.2016.

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For me, list the item "Bluetooth". How can it be that one didn't go through, it was done. To put it mildly, I'm pissed off and have to reinstall, of course download the correct one from the network first ... Continue reading ...

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I have Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard as a keyboard and then after all the possible buttons print and eventually it will work again. What can be, then install the case creators update.

Please help

Thank you


If it is actually the Creators Update I do?

I always have to turn off Bluetooth and turn it on and big update always drops out Bluetooth for the keyboard or

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Default or Bluetooth with S3. Then I found the mistake:

The registry entries for the same problem:


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There were many missing, the and all interfaces ran again! Also the configuration of the interfaces Win 10 Prof 64Bit no network access was possible.

After the update of Win 8.1 Prof. 64Bit to Gateway). I added that, configured network interfaces were incomplete:


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ Tcpip \ Parameters \ Interfaces

the interfaces are entered and below them the parameters. Neither over LAN, WLAN main eg

- NameServer

- Default Gateway

- IP address

etc. Maybe it helps someone with changes was not completely saved (eg

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Any of my Bluetooth LE devices are not connected to my PC again as expected. Continue reading...

to connect again than before the update.

I have recently installed the Windows 10 Creators update and now it takes much longer now to make them suggestions?