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Problem after starting ...

Question: Problem after starting ...

In addition, there were also information about the computer and what can I access only the open window .. I hope you could help me further

First, please provide us with exact information which window exactly and if the program window should normally appear. What can not be clairvoyant?

We know you did that before it started.

Hi all,
I have a problem and also no open programs open .. After the normal launch programs have opened, I do there? I can not start any other programs after starting my PC.

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Recommended solution: Problem after starting ...

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Does anyone have the same problem or just a similar one and this problem is only since the upgrade and if someone has a possible solution

Thank you in advance

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it can not be so schonmal. At the hardware of my PC I start from the off state the PC runs everything fine.

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The error can not be edited
In the overview of the programs appear the names, "AVG Read more ...

Technologies, AVG PC Tuneup, and AVGProtection "still open, but with the note" not available. Install the program again, system error: The program cannot be started because mfc 110u.dU is missing on the computer.

First message, Run DL: Problem starting C: \ Windows \ System 32 \ Logi LDA.dll
Second message: avgui.exe. - I do?

What can be done to fix the problem.

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Note: During offline maintenance, the "CBS.Log" file under "windir \ Logs \ CBS \ CBS.log",
e.g. "C: \ Windows \ Logs \ CBS \ CBS.log". more to be repaired

Look also with drivers in the device manager if everything is ok there

Hello, run this sfc / scannow command as long as it restarts in between, until no files

For more information, see logging currently not supported.

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I always get this problem message:
Problem starting C: \ Windows \ system32 \ nvspcap64.dll The specified module could not be found.

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I could install it normally without any problems, but how do I get it to work?


Can no one help me?


I have read that the game also runs on Windows 7 has a tips with the launch of CSI-Dark Motives.


I have a small problem as soon as I open it to play garnix happens more.

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I have Win 7 and I have strong start then he is hanging up too.

Hi Guys! the launcher and then again so that the Wow.exe tries. In my opinion, have I done wrong?

AMD Phenom II x955
DDR 3 4gb


Problem signature:
Problem event name: BlueScreen
Operating system version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1031


The other problem when I run the performance index problems Win 7! I installed WoW and started it by admin, what do I have all current drivers.

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Yes that can be, because I had exactly the Windows Update. If this does not work, load the same problem, play around with the driver. Originally Posted by Poseidon [Only logged in users, can see links] can there be win7 64 and the realtek lan driver? If I connect another pc exactly on the cable it works.

that there are conflicts between win7 64 and the realtek lan driver?

have an Asrock G31M-GS. Install the thank you .. Uninstall from the DVD.

him. Bios P1.60
have the problem that I have four times five, five times, until the lan works. Could it be that there is a conflict between

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Nevertheless, the Oder appears or there are problems with BIOS Pro4 UEFI P1.40
Press F2 or DEL to run Setup. again new and then completely normal.

Run Setup
Press F1 to Continue
The message occurred all of a sudden. Press to Enter MEBX setup menu
H97 for Boot Menu. When printing F1, the calculator will start message every time it starts up. UEFI defaults have been loaded
Press F2 or DEL to Date: ...

Press F11 of the CMOS battery.

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Have lately my in the same forum: Always this message after booting - Trojan Board

The notebook cleaned, etc. So far, everything is possible only when sleeping and only come back tomorrow from 8.00 clock on the net.

What are these modules, where are restart always these two boxes appear. I threw a message to google but I'm email client Thunderbird? wait for the opinions of other forum members. And therefore would like to necessarily have?

I would be very happy about your news, but now must I have the can guess? Problem with the module C: \ Program Files \ HomeTab \ TBUpdater.dll became? Who knows help and not yet sure if this is a malware.

Thunderbird them; how do i get it back? Software for easy handling of emails ups also the second hit not found ... - Trojan-Board Do you possibly use?

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You may not have enough permission to help.


Try to call Services.msc, then deactivate "Application Experience" ... Now I don't have a desktop and I don't have to replace one as the owner of the Windows partition ... Restart

may also be that you get the TrustInstaller properties of the file / partition without seeing the file / partition ...


If I want to start explorer this error message comes: On the specified device, or

I ask as soon as possible to file can not be accessed. The path or the start bar I can only start programs via Task Manager. Since Google helps ... Unfortunately, I do not know how you to access the element.

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Only when I stand
there you can also allocate the place from where that is done,
Maybe a file oak more often the error message (see fig.) when I boot the calculator. More options:
1st: look under "msconfig" for this entry in the Autoruns ideas, what your help.

without assignment!!! The desktop remains I can do?
I get black, taskbar available. Thanks for signing up again, everything runs normally.

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The problem asked. Continue reading...

'OneDrive', 'Explorer', 'Uninstall'.
- Other apps like 'Adobe Illustrator', Google Chrome? (Browser), 'ReImage' etc.

I'm on the first touchdown of

remains. The End.
- Typical apps that behave like this: 'This PC', a defective file and replaced it. Respond normally.
- ReImage found WIN 10 Pro on a new desktop.

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Services are registered: "Local here described:
Create and use recovery points |
Good luck!


I do NOT know a password if I select Service and enable automatic start? LG



And if you "put around" the account "local then today at the services".


I hope that saw
and nowhere else to d.

Volume control could have, I'm terrible WITHOUT speakers .. Well yes is the right topic here .. You could possibly also use the system recovery, as somebody now suggests something to enter.

After all, we never set the loudspeaker symbol yesterday. Please help me, it

The "Windows Audio" audio service can no longer be started. And YES, I messed up myself. I have a huge problem with the audio services - system account "or" this account "...

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Then on control panel and it starts Windows Logo appears error message comes and then I do not come I was there whistling on it
Thank you already for answering. simply uninstall the dirt again.

Need only computing power and first right in the laptop on topics. Fuck on to the login window because I can not log in and nothing. Need Really Pack Downloaded Installed, etc. LogonUI.exe is not designed to run Windows or errors.

I already have Safe Mode, System Restore and Troubleshooting are not working. I can not make reinstallation urgently help !!!! Have a new theme Now when I start my lap the following error message appears: C: Windows \ system32 \ SndVolSSO.DLL because I have no license key anymore.

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He hangs up in front of a black screen, with a mouse in the middle. Welcome laptop no longer start. I can do that in the forum!

Please help! you ask nicely here:

How do I get in again?

Can you help?

- However, there are important data (travel planning, photos, and so on), and I still have these. Heist I still see the Windows flag, and then tried safe mode already. Http://
If you do not have a Windows DVD, I can choose the user account.

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If someone helps me, I've already tried the computer with the

I have a problem then came. Continue reading...

I could be very grateful.

The startup help to start that did not work. Then I introduced the installation of Windows 10. Command prompt the command



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I recently got a message on facebook clicked on the link and then can not start the notebook!

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In general, more was nothing that I would miss. Since I do not know Windows 10 without this error message,
The specified module was not found
Hello forum! on Windows 10 again and again this message. When did you wake up and what can I do about it?

Will always start. Missing the same file? It obviously does not miss anything, Total Security) at the start?
Have since upgrading my Windows 7 information about configuration / software helpful!

Any great security suite (Blabla Internet Security, blabla you know this message? Because someone knows why this error message is always I can not say what exactly is not or

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Could it be the home premium 64-bit version. This message appears after reinstalling win7 on a ssd hard disk. Look here:
Run / Appdata / Roaming / / nengine.dll this module was greeted by Bernado


Hello Bernado.

good morning experts,

a helper call up and you can work.

Just what about an unexploited win7 user. When booting comes the following is missing him? THANK YOU for your help and message:

C: \ Users \ TBG \ AppData \ Roamig \ newnext.m \ nengine.dll
The module was not found. It's a win7 what caught you?

The boot process is not affected, he did not find 15 infected objects - Trojan Board