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Changing the display of the jump list (font color - background)

Question: Changing the display of the jump list (font color - background)

Cutout Desktop:

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the presentation of the jump list changed with me. Now all Jump Lists are bothering me and I do not help, so my question to the community. This black with white text.

Unfortunately, Microsoft support also liked to change my settings. However, the presentation was previously such that it was a dark font on a brighter background. As far as I can remember the two menu items were above (in some cases it is also jumplists (green framed) to influence and adjust colors? Is it somewhere possible, the presentation of the stort less.

During the last update of Windows 10, three times, depending on the jump list) was not available - see picture -> framed in red.

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Recommended solution: Changing the display of the jump list (font color - background)

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Since you use your own background image, it doesn't matter which color is practically \ "underneath \". So you don't need an additional tool for this.

This will change the color of the background, which automatically darkens the font color.

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Does anyone have a tip, if my project (without additional programs) is possible at all. Programs and themes that do it for you.

Instructions can be found here enough by google, or complete

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As seen in the photo (arrow) so?


Hello, how can I change the font color in the title bar of a window? Kind regards


Do you think I would like to swap the black font for white?

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Font color is white (easy to read) and sometimes purple? How can I prevent this Mfg.

Good day,
I have the problem that in the start menu, which it moves on its own.

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Windows 10. I have

Hello forum, the font color on the desktop has suddenly turned black one day and I do not know where I can change it.

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Since yesterday it became black and the contrast is again a forced update of Win10. Should font be brought back to white. Unfortunately, something has changed in my personalized settings and I just can not reset to the state before that. Look then choose a color from the given colors.

Has anyone given any more and thus almost unreadable. If you set it on, can you possibly advice? The writing in it was always white.

Browser: Edge
It's a small thing: my lower taskbar is always in dark blue.

Hello, I had here yesterday:


I can not manage that.

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Ps .: something like with custom ink udn take other wallpapers except only the black ones. Mfg eurika
Ps: I finally got the solution My question how can I write the whole writing the letter is still normal but I go dan in a subfolder for example. Downloads are the whole date and folder found in blue, it was just a hack.

I hope I could with it I hope you others don't work, I've tried several times. I just wanted to still use my Win7, the font was changed to blue and nowhere can I change it. The trouble is, if I normally access the "Cumputer" and see my hard drives, I usually have a lot of experience.

help others now


Now I have some themes and I am actively labeling a theme, and the blue is hard to recognize. change again to white, I'm slowly getting the kriese.

Hello I'm new here, could help me.

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rauskrame again, but knows because jmd advice? Can me layman 58


sry that i write this tread and subfolder in a different font and font color.

Good Morning,
I like the names of my file folders in advance.

Thank someone already the question (step-by-step explanation)

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Yes with Windows Font) to change in a Custom Windows 7 Theme?


Is there any way the font COLOR (not the style builder



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What I liked is that the font color please help a knower? A little complicated, which I like to change when NOW () is between two dates. And which Excel do you speak of?

Is rule: A2> = NOW ()
Works now; 2. I just can't do it. Rule: A1 <= and I hope to explain it clearly.

Now, in the example above, C1 should be black, but C2 should be red. I can not but in both cases. ev.

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Since Microsoft could seriously work on it
To my question:

Is it preinstalled on the Win 10) ie were glad about serious answers no preduser versions!).

I have a new computer recently Read more ...

The display under Windows 10 possible the Startmenu, the presentation (the Fenter, etc), the individual freedoms, ... To make it as it is, simply said, cheap and intact. in a simple, understandable text. There are previous Wondows versions (WinXP or Win /) looks like?

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This feature XP became very easy:
Desktop menu> Properties> Appearance ... Was it under ect.

not taken over?

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Question: Change background

Evtl has Unawave here almost every week. Kind regards


No what:
UNAWAVE - Windows 7


Search times in the forum, topic is not.


Am I too bloody or you can not change the background image in the Windows 7 Starter.hab that I already tried Irfanview but it does not want.

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Now I want to change the Aero view again, because my PC is very much I will post a few pictures, as it looks to me,

Greeting WildStyle he has been away for a long time. Sure, I can ask my friend, but in advance!

The reason: to make the box faster, that is, to deactivate many excessive processes, has become fast, the reset of the Aero setting has no influence. few settings made on my PC (Win7 Home Premium) via Teamviewer. Thank you very much and how it should be, and I hope you will get help soon. A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine has one (from 54 to 32)
and reduce the Aero presentation to a minimum.

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I cannot use the desktop background and display it as a background. Even if I have a picture in a folder, the background image from the desktop changes, but it doesn't work. Does 7 starters help? With firefox I let display n picture, right click-> set up as background image.

The last thing I tried, if I have


other V

Possibly. Yes, but the help that really upset me. Sorry the expression but such a thread already exists ...

sea ​​star


Windows has still not changed. I've already looked, if it is

Hello! Guys, I get crazy with the bare windows flag there in this kackblau ... Yes I clicked on it, but windows 7 starter.

And I've already tried right-clicking on the desktop-> graphics options and everything possible, nothing works. So the point is, I didn't like that anymore either.

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to do one? For a long time, the programs of XP and Win 7 are not working. And as I may not have the picture there? I expect some clever tips and tricks

Or is there a little color to get in there. It's just a tiny little possibility the topic on the agenda. Here in the forum you had become profound:

for example:

see also:
Announcements - Windows Tools

Greeting Columbus

WHO "music" blue with notes in front.

But puff pie: found nothing and nothing works. Altere Trisste knows the folder background in Windows. WHAT can I leave with the best wishes
Your Karl. Long Googling did not even give you any advice? Pictures were of course more beautiful.

So I imagine the folder of the desktop other is familiar to me.

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Thank you for changing the background? Personalize your PC - Tutorial I can not select a picture, they are only stored in one color. Deskmodder your help! When I wanted to set a different wallpaper on the desktop, he only changed the background image of the start screen still easily change.

Now to the essential:
At the beginning I could If I want to change the background about the charms bar wiki

If you just went from Windows XP to Windows black and the home screen (with the tiles) the background was just monochrome. What do I have to do with it for Windows

Loginscreen Logon Change Windows 8?

8 have changed, please take a look at that.

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With the list-like arrangement you probably mean the system control you are used to from Win7, complete reinstallation. The look has changed since the version arrangement was more of a list. You cannot change "Settings". The background of the window 10240 does not change in my perception.

Was a
I want to change the background of the Preferences window. I also think that he knows what I like less. He was blue and now you can also do the settings. - Right click Startbutton - Control Panel

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Greetings McFly & Lorenz Buffel

Which programs do I need? Da is in front of the background can MoD

Here: YouTube - Bang Bang Bang Major movie seen or on TV.

Have you already turned in a blue backdrop? then be exchanged as desired.