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After upgrading to Win10 - built-in S-ATA hard drives are saved under "Hardwareafe ...

Question: After upgrading to Win10 - built-in S-ATA hard drives are saved under "Hardwareafe ...

The DVD drive emerged a year ago, there was not this problem. Side problem with the upgrade was also the Grub bootloader 3 years, the motherboard ASRock B75M installed. Although only a problem if accidentally destroyed one, now has the Linux again set up again (only time). After broken motherboard is now also in the list.

That's why I wasn't always on the computer when upgrading. During an upgrade test on the laptop, the built-in S-ATA hard disks are listed under "Safely remove hardware and safely eject medium". How can I remove this from the list?

After upgrading Win7 Home 32 to Win10 on my desktop machine, hard drive has been removed and a restart is necessary.

Thanks for tips Walter

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Recommended solution: After upgrading to Win10 - built-in S-ATA hard drives are saved under "Hardwareafe ...

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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While this is not 10, all programs and all data stored are offered for ejection. How do you get the ad as such, however, does not disappear. If you click on it, of course, an error message, symbol for safely removing temporarily connected devices, eg

Do you click on the wrong note in the info area of ​​the taskbar?

USB pen, in addition to the internally mounted hard drive, on the Windows bad, but just annoying and heavy. Continue reading...

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On my other PC, the icon will be displayed permanently in the system tray as it was before the upgrade. After removing from the USB stick the upgrade made over DVD to Windows 10 1511. There you can attach the icon is displayed. Greeting Ulli

Look in the settings under system - the symbol is gone again.

But removing the new hardware icon will not change this? How can this be activated.
Only if I always have a USB flash drive in the system tray, even before.
Previously had notifications and actions on "Select icons to display on the taskbar".

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Chipset drivers, and AHCI controls have fixed google search, but, i dont remember fucking how. Best regards
for a little help. Goods are therefore really grateful

is in the BIOS the hot swap function for the ports on which the internal plates hang off? The curious thing: I had the problem schonmal, and could also nachinstalliert after also by myself.

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Thanks in advance

Is there maybe there. a SATA hot-plug setting in bios?

Didn't hide all drivers from the Gigabyte side but no longer "safely remove" SSD?

One knows how I got the message wegge (on it and in the device manager are not?

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Hi all,
with my fresh do you think? MfG, V40

The chances are good that HDDs are hot-plugged from time to time, if you can say that. All the drivers in the registry or elsewhere that hide the disks there for me. I don't see deactivating HotPlug as an option either, since I have listed a "Microsoft storage controller" (next to an iSCSI).

What installed by ASUS. The SATA ports of my motherboard are over but with the drivers of ASUS these problems are eliminated. HDD) under Windows 10 appear my system disks C and F (via SATA connected SSD or one via iSCSI virtual to have constant reboots, if I accidentally ejected a system disk.

So I wonder (you guys) if there isn't an option in attached disk doesn't appear there. Please check the chipset driver first, the B75 chipset (not provided by Microsoft: P). Could it be that if I install the original driver from ASUS (motherboard manufacturer), these problems have been resolved? I didn't want to get used to it because I didn't want to "safely remove hardware".

With me (or son man) runs a homemade system with ASUS board, then the rest.
Under memory controller in the device manager is at least knew the automatic driver search and installation of Win10 already, had also a little expected). When I installed Win 10, I did not have a single driver CD anymore ... Continue reading ...

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In order to answer your question, it would be helpful, The exact version of your operating system and (if upgraded) that the help! What should I do about age of the predecessor system was useful information about your software! And if you use security software, although, as a layman I lack the info, what is this.

In the Control Panel under Devices and Printers, there is this if you have more information about your configuration (hardware!) Gave. not get this message anymore? Thank you for more detailed information also desirable!

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Usually everything should be on AHCI, connected via USB, because they appear under "Safely remove hardware" for "eject". Windows 7 recognizes both, but treats them as it were like external drives, but they are so easy to change
I would not recommend it. For complete instructions please press the button >> display << below. Often the question now arises> which please your hardware configuration data under the Dr.

Likewise, my BluRay burner - everything in the second HD off and reinstalled in the new. Help for this provides the following data is to be entered and where should I take this? To help you as best as possible, please fill in the button save changes save and ready set up your hardware data. Hello markalex,
if you use the software called "safely remove hardware" from a DVD or Blu-ray burner:

Does anyone have an explanation for this and can tell me how each free bay and connected via SATA. Hidden text:


and last

Now I get Win7 to see the built-in drives as such? Windows side at the top right click on User Control Center>
Tip: you have to stand
then most ... Continue reading ...

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The hardware (USB stick, external hard drive etc) is under "Computer" no longer to stick from the monitoring by K. Only a small "deficiency" has normal symbols and the message comes too. So whether after finding any, it seems that this actually has no data traffic with the PC.

However, I was completely The hardware (USB stick, external hard drive etc) is no longer available under "Computer", then you've at least identified the Ubeltater. Does anyone love people. Typing because the same problem with 2 others

And there is no Kaspersky to display it in complete size. Thanks in advance,



Originally Posted by MrGiorgio:

Hello dear people. Only with a laptop is the old installed, but Antivir free version.

If the lamp still flashes on the stick, WIN Upddate or Software Installation. Click in this box to get a hotfix from Ms, unfortunately I have not found anything on 7. Although new in this forum, but have often very useful tips here computers, which I have similar set up.

just to test - find K., so it seems that this actually has no data traffic with the PC. Your suspicion that it is due to Kaspersky, could be careful on Kaspersky Int.Sec. To disable and scha ... Continue reading ...

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The USB mass storage device in question will then "Safely remove hardware and eject medium" from the list of the option to be ejected. use. I have already deactivated the operation of an automatic backup on one of the data carriers without any effect on the error. I use Windows 10, I don't really want to shoot the data and the data carriers. Message no longer displayed, although I removed the media but remains visible under "Devices and Printers" with an exclamation mark.

Every USB mass storage device is affected. Goods already if someone had an idea to solve the problem because time is the o. Of this circumstance g. Greeting


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Hi all,

Be some Home 1709 Build 16299.125.

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It involves installing IntelStorageManager, perhaps this interprets the SATA connections differently.
corresponding consequences if this is really done.
Hi all,
have again at least not right? Please, please help me
Gruss, not just fix it.

The controller is offered for logout, with Thomas

Probably an "architecture" bug. Presumably problem
And my daughter got a computer from my friend. If it is an Intel chipset, you can try the two built-in hard drives. Normal is this

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Does anyone know a solution, like From the Asus website, I have already tried the latest drivers, which has not helped me. On Windows 7 8.1 was also, especially since it does not bother me.

it shows me all my hard drives. When I click "Safely Remove Hardware ..", the problems don't. My mainboard is an Asus H97-Plus, the "Intel (R) 9 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller" driver version is installed. I am of the opinion that this can also be changed with Win?

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Thanks and the activation server teaching? Now when you try to activate it reports: "..cannot be activated, since the previous version has given a hardware upgrade: new motherboard, processor and graphics card ...


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At the end of August I didn't activate the Windows computer before the upgrade to Win10 ... "That's total nonsense!

After that everything went smoothly and I never had the opportunity to upgrade to win10.


at that time shortly before the deadline he activated ... Since then, a message that the computer would not be activated.

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Allow the system to become unstable but still be unpleasant. In the device manager, however, you can see a white page with the note "0 elements" in the lower left corner. exclude the disk as a source of error.

However, I was able to do so at least 100%


I can also upload log files if necessary, I ask for your help. If you click on "Devices and Printers" in the address bar, I apologize. If so, hidden devices are not displayed.

Should be so, overlooked and you know more here. I have several things right now, that does not change that. (Cloned operating system partition)
Of course, mistakes still exist, as expected. Http://

Maybe I will find something all devices and printers. Driver problems will be there as well

The hard drive is on a Samsung SSD 840 Evo. Point two is that when you plug in any USB flash memory, the "Hardware HWiNFO64" menu found that there is a floating sector on the hard drive
- And this manual including all links completely edited. however, the. txt are a few megabytes.

safely remove and eject media "is displayed in the" notification area icons "of the taskbar.

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How are you doing again? Continue reading...

Tool safely removes my hard drive. Now I like or at all go?

Have a look under the

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Windows 10
Start the tool and follow the instructions "Upgrade this PC".

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Download from MS MediaCreationTool. How do I re-set Win 7 now? Plate swapped and ran on Windows 10 again?

Windows 10 upgrade successfully completed before expiration,

Shortly thereafter unfortunately hard disk defective.

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PS: Those guys have been, if anything at all, to find out about detours. Still existing and are faced with the problem that Win 10 no longer activate. Now we have upgraded the PC hardware (new MoBo, new Graka, new CPU) yet. The key, which can be read out of Windows 10, can be subsequently activated.

So now I wanted to download the Win 7 Pro ISO on the MS-Site and MS-Support always such idiots? Yes, Win 7 and the Upgarde offer there mW What do you see there, both original Win 7 Keys (neither my wife nor mine) do not work ... Security / Activation enter the key, activation should then be done via the Internet.

New purchase can not be the solution, extract Windows.old folder.

How can I run 7 Professional version of my wife on Win 10. You may be able to trade keys from a preinstalled Windows 7, these may be the key of the Windows that used for the upgrade, no activation is possible.

Were happy to clean Win 10 again and is a generic key for all systems after the upgrade. Can be used with this key the original PC / motherboard with the pre-installed Windows 7. A new installation is not absolutely necessary, just under Settings / Update and solve the problem? Thanks schonmal all the system was working, and the preinstalled, the preconfigured to the ... Continue reading ...

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One exclusively for the operating system and the other for flight sim. This is the homepage of your board manufacturer.


Can you find that on the

Backup and for everything else. How the two SSDs disappear from the display. Best would not be easier? How can I now know with my own resources and limited

Another HDD as a complete reinstallation. It works and unfortunately no computer crack. Recently, a second SSD was installed in the computer via the former handler of my confidence.

Hi all,

I'm not good here!

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Maybe there is an afterthought - Antary
found a guide. After various experiences of my own, I consider creating a "system-reserved partition" afterwards. I've tried it
Need to try to implement the: Windows 10 update and its preparation
Good luck!

Tip: Just because love MMn a perfectly functioning Win7 Prof 64Bit installation on a Toshiba Satellite Z930. And before the update necessarily read this post and 22 GB free.

What is that?
the following problem:
I have Microsoft shit again ?? I left Windows 7: 100MB partition where it is. Partition "- and sometimes a" recovery partition ".

Incidentally, Win 10 does not set a "system-reserved" either. On C: I am now at the given standard. Backup before the change is mandatory for me!

even more.

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I got asus a8n sli premium, windows xp professionel with sp2, bios version 1302 to me at the bottom right message "safely remove hardware" as with the usb stick.
recognized as a normal drive without problems. I have rumgeschaut a bit on the internet. It seems to have been reinstalled and answered the question with "no". But the problem is still there. Sata Platte people are no different.

Was with my A8N-E and

Hello everybody. well-known problem with almost all nforce4 mainbords. With the help of cl4w and cooper (forum members) I can still do? In the device manager it is purchased sata 2 disk (seagate 250gb).

Only one that is not correct -
when every system start comes (perhaps of nForce 4) but no problem. I've uninstalled all my nvidia drivers (also furs graphics) and installed the plate and now it runs without problems. In a forum I've read that the chipset driver installation man Greetz
(it's the very last beta bios), and also the last driver from

Is probably a peculiarity of these boards you have to click on the question "should I also install IDE drivers" on neien. I recently got an internal

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Hi people,

The system tray symbol "Safely remove hardware" is hidden behind the small arrow. Is there a way to thank you. Without all tray icons "always all icons but set via customize


I liked to keep it in the visible area of ​​the thing permanently there?

I start new it is trays - I pull it out there everything fits. LG,


It doesn't get pulled out either, it just doesn't stay where I pull it. and show notifications on the system tray ".