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After Upgrading to 14267 Error Message: MSTS Needs Hardware Acceleration

Question: After Upgrading to 14267 Error Message: MSTS Needs Hardware Acceleration

Note my graphics card is an NVIDIA Geforce GTX LG Didi

650 is and I already have the latest driver already installed. Then I ran dxdiag and there I am confirmed under display that DirectDraw acceleration, as well as Direct3D acceleration and also AGP surface acceleration is activated. and now I can not start it anymore.

Who could start me, comes the error message:
The MSTS requires hardware acceleration. The game ran flawlessly under the 14257 version When I then help my old beloved MSTS Train Simulator with this error?

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Recommended solution: After Upgrading to 14267 Error Message: MSTS Needs Hardware Acceleration

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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There should also be an archive 7.2.800.17 installed, but version 7.2.700.7 is required (compatible) ". Goods are available with older driver versions.


After the Windows 10 upgrade I got the message "Version contact the PC manufacturer support.

If you need help, you can get it from the PC manufacturer (website).

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IngeausNRW, Gerate driver if anyone helps .... Where can I safely download this driver without addons?

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After I did not turn my PC on after 2 weeks, Windows requires Windows 7 free upgraded to Windows 10. Continue reading...

Since I do not really get anything out of the support page as I am suddenly an activation and the latest update has also changed nothing.

Half a year ago I was able to solve my problem easily, so now I turn to the community.

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I'm just about 600 €, Power 10 with 400W. I need, CPU, RAM, grouting, I keep, as well as screen, housing, etc. because you need anyway almost all cables

Did I choose a reasonable CPU cooler (overclocking first not so ok?

Mainboard Ryzen runs and also manages the specified speed without trying it out. The mainboard is a big question mark: I don't really know my way around, only Ben Nevis Advanced, and a cheaper power supply, e.g. I thought of a Ryzen 1600X as a CPU, GB DDR3000 di ... loc = at & hloc = de
NT: Corsair RMx Series RM550x
MB: Gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming 3
Kuhler: Thermalright Macho Rev.

Dafur possibly save a slightly cheaper Kuhler as the NT (think it's good if the NT is modular)?

As graphics card is currently a RX480 8 GB to A modular power supply is not really necessary, in this context, I was happy to stay.

Dear CBler,

since I still have an age-old motherboard and probably new NT. In the RAM I was taking this, because he just rumgurke perfect with Phneom II X4, I meanwhile need a CPU upgrade.

The BeQuiet ... Continue reading ...

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appeared, so wait for benchmarks of the finished game ...
Otherwise you may not but belong to me for ULTRA synonymous settings without full AA was allowed to pack the ... Of course, with a new CPU
but the game is not yet based on the beta performance ...

The 7870 can't do that, but for moderate high / ultra full AA and AF etc ... At the moment Battlefield 4 only runs at ~ 30FPS and> 10FPS when I have to shoot ...

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On my PC Win10 version is 10586, for upgrade version 14393 is needed. Continue reading...

Try - always off after 32% of processing. During the installation, the installation program breaks. - after several times What could be the cause?

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In addition, I read that the COA this ambiguity. The question is, do I need from the UEFI and reactivate myself

Hello dear forum members,

Have on my VAIO SVE1713F1EW before Windows 8 is stored directly in the BIOS. Accordingly, I then formatted them and got the CreationTool from my Windows website and installed Windows 10 Home.

Now it happened that my hard drive completely gave up the mind and could not even be saved by a recovery function. Thank you in advance for your answers,


no, you do not need to win10 upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10 for a long time. So now 8 and upgraded to 10. I had Windows again after Windows10 installation a separate Coa-Key?

Otherwise, win10 also simply takes the Win8.1 key and re-enables it based on your hardware ID, just skip the key input.

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Thanks and and in the bottom right corner, the prompt appears to activate Windows. And since sooner or later I was forced back to Windows 10, greeting

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So far everything works, however, the key does not seem to work me to decide on a clean reinstall.

A few weeks ago, Windows 10 FAQs and tweets did actually buy Windows 10?

Due to some problems, I have independently installed on my Windows 7 computer. Do I have now, contrary to the whole I've got the .iso file, formatted the hard drive and Windows 10 loaded.

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Hi all,
Here I am again with help in advance. Remedy is not. Uninstalled at the hardware other until the problem was gone?


What is something for which I have no explanation or



Do you already have an update for which I can even go online. Since the last WIN7 MS update, my Internet connection has been starting 180 seconds. I'm glad to find that. That can be reproduced, always the 180 seconds.

With all other systems, including WIN10, Internet access works in 3 seconds, as before! This is seconds:

Then I finally have internet access! Have a multiboot computer (see presentation thread in this forum). Thanks for a while.

After that follows for 3 only after 180 seconds, before it was about 2-3 seconds.

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The hard drive is timed out at the Windows starts screen. In any case, when reinstalling Windows, the computer starts normally and works flawlessly, except that it takes about 5 minutes to start. Hello dear help team not listed separately.

It remains the longest which is installed on the Windows was not working properly. My Asus UX32V Zenbook went out a while ago. I could not install more on the SSD. I do not know how but unfortunately I have no idea what I can do.

I suspect it has something to do with the SSD, an ATA Hitachi. It will The reason for this is unknown to me, but I suspect that the SSD is connected to the SSD.

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What 10532 pro

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to get to the normal welcome / login screen? Start Windows 10 insider preview with "Press any key to launch the CD / DVD" !! However, the tablet does not have a keyboard to facilitate the installation


Is there another possibility now?

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It does not start their installation, my notebook is not in a good mood anymore. Well, googled again and tried the following:
Even in safe mode and only delivers "INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE". Then I wanted to try the Seagate Paragon drivers after the update was installed. Now I had a problem with my Seagate 2TB external drive

After a short googling, I first tried a simple solution in which I got my new Acer Aspore S13 today and fresh with Windows 10 Home including the ATA port drivers, it doesn't work and now I need your help! I uninstalled all USB drivers and then restarted -> Unfortunately no success.

Anniversary (my WD worked fine), it was not recognized by Windows.

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The last thing I tried was a few cmd commands that install, then the boot area repairs itself ... I was able to set everything up again, of course, but that takes a while to fix the bootloader via the repair function. Please do a scan of your disk management, sometimes it is also because your operating systems cannot both be found. now "adapted" for the dual boot (when installing Windows 8.1 for the first time) ...

Can't speak English very well, but whether your partitions / drives have a name (letters "C" / "D" etc.) ... winload.exe). It will be "destroyed" if you make it all the more annoying that Win 8.1 struggles to work again. About the Windws 7 system ...

I changing error messages, but all of them basically said that any start file missing (ua When I wanted to boot after installation then Windows 8.1 of the SSD B, principle already got what you should do ... LG from picture, there it is in the file to boot.

Great sausage

So far, in an emergency you now "only" need Windows 8.1 new to the third command, which is underlined in bold, worked right away. But first try the repair Latin and hope that you can help me.

At the point I am at the end with my I tried to fix it ... Continue reading ...

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But the LG has an HDMI input, so if not just because I have good experience with Samsung the better ^ ^? Which is, I would rather tend to .... I think pretty much equal.

So those who want to use the PC, then speaks again for the LG.

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Question: Marc needed

But I think it looks bad for Win7 ...


Thanks and hello to where you can find a driver.

Hello I have windows 7 64 bit installed, all well and good, but now my scanner does not work anymore, it is an agfa snapscan 1236 u. Who can help me, who knows everyone


That already tried?

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in the forum! Rtl120.bpl -> is a runtime library from BorlandPascal Addendum: just read on the internet: this library is not very well versed. Have Windows 10 (bpl = borlanpascallibrary)
This may not be sold individually.

You may again receive the message that rtl120.bpl is needed. But if simple explanations, you have to be in advance.

I am very desperate, I always get almost 70 years and have no expertise. Welcome also used by other development environments, eg Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. Thank you and TuneUp already removed. Please explain - help me?

Do you know further? contact the programmer. If a program needs this library, the programmer of the program has to supply it as well.

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Question: Advice needed!

Fals supported your board quad could mfg. Price around the 300 Mainly for multimedia applications and games use! You should know that I the calculator - max. 600 Euro!

Thank you in advance for helpful information. I should only have a slight idea of ​​such things about the new parts. Be "inexpensive" and "powerful"! Answers and suggestions!

you get a good quad. But I need some help and advice, because

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after the online upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10 the mail does not work anymore.

.NET framework 3.5 needed! Continue reading...

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Question: ntdll.dll needed

Please check also in the system files. I think that the error lies in the registry ??? The ntdll.dll is a system file of elevated rights (run as an administrator). The tool DLL Files

If you start the program with no internet connection. Please forget about tools that have broken system files. If you think that the fixer could not help either. time this thread:

DLL is damaged, then execute SFC / Scannow. That repaired and most likely not broken. It's been read that it would not be advisable to replace the file in the system.

Hello @Jorro!

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I needed to rebuild the 8.1 on DrWindows

For the PC you will find a downloadlink in the first line of my signature. And welcome Hello I needed the win 10 iso file or Windows Phone Forum write.

the win 8.1 iso file
where can i get these? Since you're here for a PC? Hello xola
Do you need 64 bit where can I get this?