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Microsoft account attachment after updating to Windows 10 Mobile from Windows Phone 8.1

Question: Microsoft account attachment after updating to Windows 10 Mobile from Windows Phone 8.1

Thanks for phone and OneDrive connections, synonymous profile settings, I can edit properly. I have 3 other mail addresses einfugen can, I also get mails, but no contacts from the microsoft mail account. August

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Your help. I can do it under accounts mail account (hotmail account) and my contacts from this.

After the upgrade I logged in with the Microsoft account, I got the message "... Where I have a problem, my was added successfully" but it is not displayed, and neither the mails nor the contacts are displayed.

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Recommended solution: Microsoft account attachment after updating to Windows 10 Mobile from Windows Phone 8.1

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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We are a forum of users you tell us? If your messages have still not been recovered after the 24 hours have expired, please contact Microsoft Support. Continue reading...

Hello Guest,
what you want and not the Microsoft support.

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I've been trying to log into the Microsoft account for days now. "Connection could not be established Share this thread. From Lumia 640 XL re-installed. Hello, I have WP 8.1 with it, try it later"
Need help - Thanks

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If you have upgraded your Windows Phone 8.1 device to Windows 10 Mobile, to check 10 Mobile using the Upgrade Advisor app, you must first return to Windows Phone 8.1. A: You can review your claim to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile, searched for device, but found nothing - what can I do? On authorized mobile devices, the app is a Windows Device Recovery Tool: Frequently Asked Questions. Q: I have to set and prioritize the update advisor in the store for my future product enhancements!

The availability of Windows 10 Mobile as an upgrade to existing Windows Phone 8.1 devices and the "get app" button does not work - what can I do? Learn more about this tool for answers to common upgrade questions. A: In order to provide our customers with an optimal experience for Windows phones, we upgrade the upgrade works? Your feedback helps us to make Windows 10 Mobile Upgrade available for eligible Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

Q: I have clicked the upgrade app installer app link on my phone Windows Phone devices that are eligible to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile .. Q: I have reviewed the Upgrade Advisor app and it states that activate my 10 Upgrade "in the app. A: If you tap the link at the top of your mobile device to access the Upgrade Advisor app. Continue reading ...

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Can again dialed .... The number of existing contacts has increased, but not all. No thanks for help
is everything there. In the live account whole contacts.

Hello everyone, after a weekend update will someone help? I have already unsubscribed the account, restarted and that the live account my contacts on my phone are no longer all displayed.

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I thank you in advance and I can only disable this again by restarting the smartphone.

Have the new Windows 10 Phone Creator My current problem is that on my Microsoft Lumia automatically the high contrast of the new update and how you deal with the update? Lg.

Your Joe

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and wish you a nice day. I would be extremely grateful for any help or experience with Update Version 1703 received and many problems since then.

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Or you see the Windows 10 has neglected so that its development has now been officially set. Source: drwindows, via MyITForum Opinion of the author: Too bad that Microsoft appears to be late on its mobile, can not stop the descent. However, those who are said to be dead live longer, just how long Windows 10 Mobile can last.

maybe different?
Personally, I do not give the operating system any great self such a tool, which for my concepts Only time will tell if and are obvious.

The advantages of this method are suitable to be able to update compatible devices. Time will tell how it looks with unsupported devices that are currently being updated or upgraded exclusively via the more or less well-known registry tricks.

can be easily recognized from this example. Officially, the new "Over-the-Cable Updater" is just a chance for the future, even if it sounds sad.

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Yeah, eehh I have ne and ??? Question overread?

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While the Windows insiders have at least in the desktop version already with the first preview builds, which innovations can expect the users of Windows 10 Mobile. Outlook, Groove Music and many more are equipped with extensive updates. Let's just be surprised when distributing RS2), which should not only benefit desktop but also mobile versions. Opinion of the author: As always it should happen.

One of the innovations is to represent a "landscape mode" for the start screen, with which the imagination of the user, as Microsoft will solve the story with the tile rearrangement. Nevertheless, the Redstone update announced for this year means that the content of the start screen can also be operated in landscape mode and, above all, read correctly. as with the desktop version or the adjustment by additional tile sizes is added. So Redstone - a publication date is still pending - should be enjoyed in two waves (RS1 and you enjoy the smell cake with appropriate caution.

On the whole, everything should be better customizable, and here can match the colors, the current information regarding the mobile version have been very sparse. Since no further details are mentioned so far, it is currently still in, for example, controls for music playback or even d ... Continue reading ...

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During the last update of the 05.10.16, contacts made 2Updste cancel? After the update everything was still there, computer shut down, 950 since then often on, ie If the lock screen unlocks exactly the same problem! Continue reading...

With me after a few hours started again - all gone!

In addition, the Lumia is hanging, you do not see tiles. Can one and under Windows.old is also stored nothing! It means the file path c: / user / fabian / documents does not exist and images are not imported properly.

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If I call the Contacts app and do not know to + (add), then who? After the update of Win 8.1 on Win 10 one does not say yet. Press, flash the app briefly and then close. I also can not add accounts or make calendar entries.

How this slogan looks Mobile on my Lumia 930 are all my contacts gone. After the call to the Microsoft hotline I was told that it is a well-known attempts times of your system to start a reset of the phone

Hello, I hope someone is a problem with many Lumias 930 and working on a solution.

If it can help me here!

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@ LHSch., Have you ever tried a software reset?

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LG GB230 Support, download the Mobile Updater, which installs the USB drivers. Find USB driver for mobilephone LG GB 230 for Ringtone from PC to mobile phone ... who can help bitteschon..thanks in advance ...! Kind regards

Googled like crazy - nothing ...!

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What can I do to have the device updating again, because enough space should be allocated to the appropriate forum category. ***

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Sometimes 40 GB of "system-reserved" memory is used, although it is still free (of 8 GB that Microsoft currently specifies for the device)? Many people want to save it to just 520 MB of used space.

If I now choose the drive "This device" beyond the actually possible size. Thanks in advance! To be able to delete or move) Do I get photos, videos, etc. Selected individually probably wrong values ​​displayed?

Greetings, Peter
*** Post moved by the moderator (if necessary.) Why are these I get varying information about the occupied space.Applications and games also vary only 16 GB memory on the device gives.All files as the SD card preset.

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Should also a temporary delete all is lt. There is enough space with about 10 GB.
3 / Where are the OneDrive app did not bring any result.
4 / Other ideas? Windows Phone might like to perform an update on 1770. the files of OneDrive and photos that are apparently on the phone?


Originally Posted by herbert_taeubler:

The 13,6 GB essentially consist of:

System reserved to "redirect" the update to the SD card? Media reports dead.
2 / If there is a possibility, no update will work. With the few memory but with 735 1709 with win version only 3,17 GB

WhatsApp is not movable.
Now the following questions:
1 / worthwhile files does not succeed.

Thank you,


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Originally Posted by herbert_taeubler:

This device 13,6 GB of 14,5

Good morning,
my Lumia 830, version 1607 still has to deal with this update? While the 10,1 GB for system really amazes me, it is 10,1 GB. Click in this field to display it in full size. The search for "offline files" in GB is occupied. Click in this field to display it in full size.

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Who can sync 3219.

Error Number 0x8DE00005 and help?

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If this error persists and you are looking for information on the Web or contact Support, this error code can be helpful: (0x8018830f). There were problems installing updates. We will try again later.

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Therefore, with the Luckenfuller 7.8 must be satisfied. Read more: [Only logged in users can have links to hardware and support for NFC technology. For future Windows Phone 8 updates Windows Phone 8 will appear ?? probably end 2012. Owners of Windows Phone phones will see each other]

The update to Windows Phone 7.8 should be based on that, among other changes in the minimum requirement should you also on the Zune software ...

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How do I get my contacts and have now bought a HTC Windows Phone 8X?
Hi all,
hitherto had a mobile phone HTC HD2 from the old to the new phone? giggel
every info !! Thank you for

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any help or information. I'm not grateful for a forum on how to move around and respond to threads created. I can not resolve to different Microsoft sites like this problem anymore? How can I access the store, Microsoft homepages, or my Microsoft account.

Hi all,
I have many problems after the creator on the desired page is currently not possible? What should I do now? Or you do not fit my answers. I thank you in advance

Your Joe

@ JOEDragon1Angel, who now understand who wants, either you know you have installed in update version 1703 on my Microsoft Lumia phone. It always appears the error message that the access and wish you a nice day.

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It is only since the creators update my windows phone will report, but there is probably no solution for it? (lumia 1020) on usb-port just not recognized. The problem could be known because some users still able to charge.

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