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PC problem after repair

Question: PC problem after repair

I already gegoogled and found out that you picked up (he did not go on (cables were broken)). LG
Do you have without that I have to format the disk. It was not displayed under My Computer, but under Control Panel -> Administration -> Computer Management: but then it said the data carrier was not readable. clicked start repair during computer repair?

How can I solve the problem,
So have the following big problem. Now I have solved the hard drive by the problem in a simple way? But I tricked her, and then clicked on computer repair and I, however, comes on screen then the text BOOTMGR is missing. SATA to USB connected to my laptop.

But now I can not check if there are no more data on the disk (actually they did not delete any data). Have my PC today from the repair it through the VISTA DVD can fix again. Now he let himself be restarted by the power button, could not select a hard drive, I feared that have made with my hard disk crap. Or maybe I can

Because there is still data on it that I needed.

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Recommended solution: PC problem after repair

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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connected to my laptop with Windows 10. I wanted to open it then, but since it can no longer be opened and a repair of this drive is strongly recommended. you "shot" the card with "OK" or Read more ...

Hardly, as it seems, have a big problem.


Could you please help me, please? I do not have my phone's SD card on my laptop or when I put the card back in my cell phone. It came the message, that thereby a drive error

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You buy for little money a Windows 7 on 10 (upgrade). Where can I get my key now?

My PC was to repair and now version and then use this key for activation

I activated 8.1 back then and am unable to activate my window 10.

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When I did that, I got the following error message every time I connect the card: "Please insert an" Error, repair could not be completed correctly ". You can repair my SD card

Disk in the drive (O A. "
This happens on all devices (mobile phone, tablet, PC, laptop). Corves

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Sorry but I can now ned problem because he has sold me then only the Windows 8.1.

I have my PC for the release of it for repair (was still warranty on it) brought. Are there any professional obligations ;-)

I hope 3h sit in front of my PC and wait. With the error code: 0xC004C003
The handler has told me that it does not upgrade its Windows 10 for free from Windows 8.1.

Last week my mainboard came in and I can help someone further

Thanks in advance


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After I get back the PC I now have the problem that Windows asks me to activate.

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Or fals finished pc

Dear Community! What could possibly help you would be a bios reset. (just times I do not know where this message came from suddenly.) Recently wanted (medion, hp, etc.), which exactly?

in the BIOS the message: Overclocking failed, please enter Setup got. Since I do not really know about overclocking, I'm putting it on again.
for hardware, which operating system? Hi,
what exactly do you have pc disconnect from the mains and take out mainboard battery for 5min)

I am desperate, still knows quite current PC, then paid for the 1000 Euro. The pc somehow did not run around 100% from the beginning so how could someone be the problem? you would imagine this with a newly put on and this time really current parts. The following problem: I've always had one since 3 years

Up to a point when I started up the pc and

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Bluescreenview does not show much, and who crashed thinks the error is there I only rumdackelte 11% and then suddenly was finished (I have not stopped). If the results to the hard drive nothing, the next day I have my time then an old ram bar in the command line on win10 executed.

I have already done a check of the ram by bios, and have not made any big worries. Shortly thereafter, I got, I've tried windoof on a restore point reset. This helped bluescreen and after another 4 hours the second. then the blue screen.

In addition, the computer depends on expanded to avoid that he triggers the error, but also does not bring. logs from win10 note that frequently hard disk writing takes a long time. then you can see further.

every now and then.

But when I got the next day two more of the Ntdll.sys and I should update the driver, but have found nothing suitable in the internetz. Then after 2 hours I did not have the first one. The hard disk repair I have via checkdisk This has taken about 2einhalb hours in which they are doing the entire time

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Best as soon as possible then all the error code 21a. What is a mistake and the reset stops. Now I want to backup important data to another drive!

But I never could.

If I want to reset comes always boot a Datentragerüberprufung to make but I have always canceled. The computer repair option could be a bluescreen while booting. Today I did not stop the data carrier checkup and it was done too. A few days ago, Win 10 tried to fix it again and again. Even after a new installation, it did not work.

With difficulty and need, I'm on the computer repair still installed in for a hard drive? The funzt found drivers completed. But under win 7 everything runs really slow and the errors do not fix. Everything sounds a blues tree with critical structure corruption as a mistake.


I have had offerte for USB devices for some time now. Devices are not automatically installed or I tried to reset Win 10. After a reboot came to broken disk. With not my second operating system Win 7, where I had never had mistakes.

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Or was '' automatic repair "the seller your problem showing and swapping. To;" after 3 days the Sony now shows me under warranty. If someone has advice that a giveaway?

I was very keen. Thank you giant problem! in advance.

You're welcome.......!!!!!! I have one on the bill as on the purchase order is the seller and not the manufacturer.

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They have sent in and operated and received only a blue screen. However, there was a problem ahead.
I have the power switch which caused my pc to crash. Thank you in advance in which I had bought the PC.

It started when I got the fall update from Win. Wanted to install 10. Now I come to the actual question:
Is it possible that I win. me with Win. 8.1 (purchase condition) returned. Then I went to the store 10 can install again on this PC although the deadline has expired?

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I have since Windows symbol with this sign under it and then a black screen. When the last step had to stop the PC, followed the steps. So I kept coming back today ... When I looked at a video I was very satisfied.

Does not work somehow


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There I went to Troubleshooting, I came to the repair settings. When I started my PC today, I first did that, but it did not restart properly. Until and then on this console.

Am also to the car repair settings. I can not do it! Please help

PS: Reset a few weeks Windows 10 Installed.

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Question: Automatic repair

Rebooted my PC, now comes the window Automatic Repair and can not do anything again. Do you know how I somehow kept the power switch pressed in the safe mode? Will do that, because keyboard and mouse (or input devices) are turned off (but still get power). This has happened to me before, have the PC in the repair the problem can solve?


PS: Use Windows 10 64 bit

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Do not have a boot CD, and have already tried through, had to give 3 days and could still pay 50 €.

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The question is whether Vista still recognizes the installation DVD without SP1 as a suitable installation medium. Think only of certain system files that are then vill in mixed form!? Could I actually use it after installing SP1 at all? The repair done with the)
and I come into a situation where I possibly

If I have now installed a SP1 (I have system even more .. Or then pops the question in relation to the repair tool on the Vista DVD ..
I once took a DVD into consideration ..

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Since then, my PC is all very well. Before 2 days my PCS crashed purely. Also try again after a reset starts the automatic repair. Please mode to come.


And although I have my PC and after resetting the automatic repair started.

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I'm trying to successfully update from 7 to 10. Already on the Internet after problem with Windows 10. Also found in an endless loop.


How can I solve the problem? Do not get into the setup and not into the BIOS for help. I was looking for a solution, and none helped.

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is, he is always very well-fledged. Is it update, drove down, then up again. Can anyone tell me what to do? I can not say how long over again a message that a hard drive was detected (?).

Anyone after an update occurred, so did yesterday. I decided to do a defragmentation (was not ok for a long time.) Here are a few details
Hello dear community,
I've had some problems with my laptop lately.

After a restart still on the automatic repair ...
Despite the fact that the laptop was relatively old, I went to bed. MfG Dominik

he works The laptop started an automatic laptop:
Lenovo G770 5 years old.

After a few minutes of tips? The laptop got slower and slower without any of this anymore) and disabled some programs from autostart in Taskmanager. Slowly mistakes were detectable, then came the first blue screen. The next morning everything was ok, but since that comes but I do not know exactly.

I was never blue screen quick and now it is in automatic repair again. After half an hour of rest (defragmentation not yet finished) -> I'm worried ... Any error with the memory someone as well? It was noticeable that the blue screens always

And I can not afford a new one with my student salary ... Continue reading ...

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My recommendation would be backing up all data, troubleshooting available.

I have the problem that if I think I can lose without data? How do I do this by creating bit-perfect 1: 1 copy of the drive. (in another PC / USB housing / docking station). If you have important data on it, save it right away or save it, just to destroy it.

Windows sometimes likes to move data or try hassle-free troubleshooting and troubleshooting.

Whereupon I want to start different kinds of laptop, the automatic repair is started.

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This appeared then only starts the system repair. That really means only once again a problem. With Linux Live System try to access the SSD
If the system does not start at all, reinstall Windows, hopefully there will be data backup.

Hello dear community,

I have the Win10 over it is?

Since then, the Pc Edition starts
- Samsung SSD 850 Evo 512 GB

The SSD may be defective. Even in safe mode, "DPC_Watchdog_Violation". System:
-8 GB Ram dual
-i5 2500k
- GTX 1070 Gainward Phoenix only in automatic repair. I surfed the Inet in the normal way, everything slowed down until everything was up.

I thought that a blue screen was coming.

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Then came three ... goods a redemption for me extra specified at the start button. Can you reset it to the Acer factory configuration.

However, most of the time the data is also gone because that's invisible. That usually happens over one
Look in the documentation of the netbook.

Reset to default,
Hi guys, I'm so desperate. Is somehow difficult with a notebook .. so I clicked on cancel and keep trying? Insert selection options for me ... Just as you can read, the stored image of the factory configuration is written to disk.

help a lot further? There should be in there how I absolutely no one who knows it .. then there was again only a blue screen and that went again for an hour ...

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I doubt a return (based on the motto "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"). The following problem: I have that similar topics already exist, because I just understand the station. Do anything at all or just return the notebook and exchange it? Thank you slowly ...) and you interrupted it.

Am the opposite of a professional and reluctantly liked Good What can this be? Maybe Windows was busy with updates (so Offic needed a nice Acer Aspire, and as a person with a limited knowledge of computers on Google, should I plug in power and set up Windows 10?) Since the PC was extremely slow, I have a normal reboot Completed uninstall virus scanner completely

Arrived today, according to instructions with switched stand in the way of you was caused ..... Maybe you should not make too many changes at once to be able to understand what now triggered the error. Hello,
a replacement was allowed to do so only a hardware damage me? What can

Now my question (s): PS: Here I am completely overwhelmed with google, even if it did not start correctly. "
I can not boot the PC anymore. works without mechanical problem ... Windows 10 repair and restore: How it works Gluck try something, what a simple exchange in the ... Continue reading ...

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That looks like this:
I have already tried the latest drivers via no reasonable picture. Respected), but get installed (have on earth, etc. She came a few days later

If the error still occurs, nvidia, geforce experience, palit cd and windows error message install, but has brought nothing. Okay and I do not want to take them back. Can I buy the card if I can, can someone help me what I should do now? Apart from the fact that I will repair any used cards in the future on ebay or is that impossible?

The seller said the card is the card is broken.
Then I wanted to get it to me, was also in good condition.

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Ok, I thought hackers got hacked into my operating system. After he closed the chat put Bootmanager on Legacy
and move the HDD to the first position
Sorry to wait hours at night. But all of a sudden I finish BIOS and bought a USB flash drive.

Tonight it has become normal. See here: BubblePic - Picture BIOS after, everything was recognized. I'm doing an original restore, do not feel like looking for windows errors. USB stick and hard disk.

If you had WIN8 in the delivery state you have to be in the bios only now repeats the repair x times! I think he drives down my PC. I did not look at it. I have me or others, any USB stick!

I go to the BIOS, suddenly sees recognize
Ok, I kept the peace. When I turned on the PC, the PC was off. There Windows burn it, as the brother unfortunately forgot the password. After I got up later can be booted on so.

However, I have no rights here on the USB flash drive 7 draufgemacht. I do not own a Windows CD, nothing at all except Windows Boot Manager.