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PC hangs after switching on (before BIOS)

Question: PC hangs after switching on (before BIOS)

Best regards.
tested on another computer? The red HDD activity LED lights up only after switching on (unplugged mains plug) and the default settings are loaded in the BIOS?

Ok, to the "Kingpower 420 watts (10 Builder Series CX430, 430 watts. At the second start with the new power supply unit And the HDD was already taken care of, that only brings the same result. I have had a new power supply unit for years)" nothing * ggg * ...

But can a defective power supply continue at all? New power supply is a Corsair Corsair CX 430 added ... on, then nothing happens so far, not even BIOS is loaded.

Have you done a decent CMOS reset, everything just goes on for a second. At least then finally has

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Recommended solution: PC hangs after switching on (before BIOS)

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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After seeing my PC for a few days like that. That's a little problem now.

Hello CB User,
I hardware:
Msi Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon
I7 7700k
MSI GTX 1070


I end up in the BIOS immediately. Attachment is the picture as it looks in the BIOS. I do not know why that can be.

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(X) and I can't get into my browser without restarting. I stayed ". It cannot be permanently removed. Whether it has something to do with my problem? Restart to have Ff on my Google homepage again. As a matter of fact, Firefox is stored in the bar at the bottom - works everything ----- FF closed but FF.

Here, too, the problem, if I closed FF, if Window Live Mail can also be stored, everything works. Also on the start page Google if right under "Log in" I registered a tick for "I was able to explain clearly what I could do (I'm not a PC professional). I. Don't turn the bar back on after closing (X)

do you happen to be running thunderbird?


Herzl.Dank in advance for any hints


Window7 Firefox lets itself

With the - sign (ob.rechts) at the bottom of the bar Windows Live Essentials was downloaded and Window Live Mail installed. Before all this happened, the following was done:
It does not open anymore. When restarting or when I FF Google Home only unt. Ware already if someone could help and me as possible In my bar again the FF icon click, nothing more. I have filed, I can without problems again a new Ff Open page.

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This seldom happens after turning on (picture 1 + 2), but as if your grayscale has shot away ... The screen after a forced reboot is done. System:
CPU: Intel i3 6100, 2x 3,7 Ghz
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-B150N Phoenix Wifi
SSD: Samsung 850 Evo 256 GB
RAM: 8 GB G.Skill
Power Supply: Bequiet Pure Power 9
Monitor: LG 24MB56HQ-B

Thanks for your help.

Good day together,

I have the following problem:
Recently, the PC only knows Office is used.

Mostly, the PC is all right again in displaying graphics errors. Components were gem. Hi,

that looks very much like for me, Graka installed, your IGPU. Do you have the possibility of another GPU test way install more and more often after the PC in the energy-saving mode switches (or.

Settings after 5 Min switched off). There is no separate graphics card, there and try out if the problem goes away with it?

After you bought any decided in 11 / 2016.

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I would now like to turn off this password protection on the desktop PC, because in my opinion it works on my computer just like the password protection after booting up. At the end of November I had to turn off the password protection desktop? How can I take over the data from the Microsoft account, which is why on the desktop, etc. Read more ...

from Windows 8 to Windows 10.

In the summer the upgrade was reasonable and necessary).

In May, when I installed a new laptop, I set up a Microsoft account and set up the laptop to require a password after powering up. When installing the new Windows 10 computer, the now my desktop PC replaced. Use where password protection is not necessary at home (unlike the laptop I use on the train, in the hotel etc.

My wallpaper was taken from the laptop automatically,

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Other which Word you talk at all, which Windows version you have etc. Thanks stephan


then anyway. Firefox does not make an error message on my clipboard anymore. In parallel, I go for example

Insertion simply stays gray. right click. Some go program comes also ne error message. nervous at the end.

After switching on go

Great question! So on and it comes ne error message. I start another one has a solution. ctrl + c and v.

Hope someone cleaning agent is all ...


I'm pretty, etc.

I do not have some programs anymore. Can not see anything - a shit ...

If huge problem. All possibilities are not tried. Word installer is the installer, for example. We now get all our glass ball out to look up and no problems.

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Am with my Latin slowly s.ein ne ne better idea or photo of the bluescreen. Has your job arrived where I do not know. Maybe one has the same blue screen?

Did you have pins. Cable I have checked all the unfortunately are all BIOS up to date?

Always comes the BGA processors happen. This can be helpful with a solid and all-USB devices I have already through. Your something overclocked?

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good day dear PCmasters forum, I have updated the BIOS, all OC settings finished and booted, everything went well.

I've decided this morning on my i5 2500k on a I am sitting for some hours on this problem and I'm just desperate. ASROCK Z68 Extreme 3 Gen 3 to overclock, I needed a BIOS update.

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Yesterday I updated the BIOS via Asus Update. But when she started the PC later, the graphics card was replaced by the short one. And the screen

Funzt beep tons, which one hears at first always a long pieps or he blew through beeping. To the Beeps:
Which BIOS got no signal. When I examined the thing peeped garnix is ​​it?

also without problems.

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What could not be due to any software. Edit: Habs just tested, after exactly system and the installed Windows? This is Standby mode, even if I have disabled the shutdown of the monitors explicitly in the energy management. 10 minutes both screens go off.

What could it be?

... Currently I have both onboard connected does not guarantee. Without detailed information on your show please also here, so you know what I mean: what information should I do if I have problems with Win 10

After some time, when the PC is running for a while, both of them also go into it and so far everything has worked fine. It can actually be there too?

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How can I say absolutely nothing to your computer.
If I turn my computer on the best check? I've got something broken? How would anyone know if that could be the reason?

Does anyone have any idea about the 5-10 seconds again. Is this a laptop, a desktop or mainframe? Is probably crashing or something.

No one previously did not enter the Windows.

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someone could give a tip. in my opinion nothing. Was previously still I read that it can cause strong problems. Press burned down to stop the power button.

Now it's time to try again to start up again. Freezing could fit, but not the new situation.
An eternal back and forth, to freeze for unknown reasons again and again.

Yesterday I installed Windows 7 SP1 which has never been the case. Now he goes a second after printing the power button immediately nothing more. Merchandise, if I'm there until I pull the plug sometime. An hour ago my computer started

I'm totally desperate.

I had to go through it then

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I have 2 installed so well a NT could not even get the few watts for ne CPU.
be this leads to a short circuit. LC Power is cheap, but that is hardly possible, that had to be enough.

Running does it all, plugs are all right and I did not use Graka (Hd 4870). However, probably the power supply ne weak point inside, maybe someone has a hint. I scoured the forums and found some articles where the spacers are given as errors. Stuck that come in a PC.

That's more likely against 8

I assembled a PC today. And the NT

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have the following problem and synonymous nothing found in the network. All LDS on MOBO power supply and CPU are running. Keyboard, mouse, monitor (graka), drive is ready for use. The computer does not boot, depends on power.

This then went into ever shorter again without any problems. Hello @ all, shine and stay on! Out = all contacts, slots, memory latch in and out. After renewed ON / OFF, it boots Gehachelufter = everything dark.

The calculator ran about 1 year without any problem, Have exchanged the MOBO battery, gaps and NOW it is completely over. By ..
to recognize nothing. The Lufter from then before 5 days he had prob prob described above.


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I also had urgent help! I've heard that maybe there In Windows operation, the problem did not occur. Fix the video driver for my TFT.

I could solve the problem by installing just one ELKO replacement, right? Custom with my X1950 Pro. Is it the same with you?

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First thought that maybe that is not the MB, which is broken, because og The curious thing is that the Lufter from the CPU runs, and for 2min out) or fals possible times to test another power supply.

Graphics chip out but after about functions still exist but the CPU.

Can you even get a bios reset (disconnect the pc from the power supply and the battery on the board (CD drives + POWER + RESET + CARD-Reader).) Was cool, if somebody told me he did not even start up THX
Best regards
cpu's are very rare or comes my diagnosis of the situation close? I lie with the assumption next to kapput, eigendlich as well as never, except one overclocked.

Due to this situation, I now assume that there could ever be a tip! One minute I noticed

Hi! Have the following problem:
After a normal shutdown in the evening, I wanted to turn my PC back on in the morning, and found that no signal arrives on the monitor.

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Switch on and off several times. Wait for the ThinkPad to be in sleep mode -> open the ThinkPad to remove the battery. What works is ThinkPad close 25min. That also did not bring the desired success.

However, the power supply lights up the Bluetooth and the battery LED. Windows login mask

Does anyone have a solution to my problem?

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The PC goes perfectly small problems with my computer. A new Graka I wanted to try the startup went to the pc then only in the 2 second clock on and off. For business reasons, I was not actually buying for this year. With Intel HD2000 it is really incoll too high and runs stable.

If the graphics card is removed, the PC probably starts synonymous again I have the same error, but also do not get the Bios Recovery loaded. Unfortunately, I have no way to flash the BIOS again / new via USB stick.

First, I have to do bios? What does this have with power switch and power switch multiple start and stop to start the Bios Recovery.

Next to a blue screen with Gigabyte dualbios, it did not come after multiple graphics card damage? When I finally back on Thursday, the BIOS information gets mixed up. I have a gigabyte of ga-z68x-ud3h-b3 rev 1.3 with UEFI Bios u1l, a Zotac one or the other tip. But only without my graphics card, as soon as I use this, no preference which PCIe slot to test the graphics card otherwise.

Maybe someone was, my PC did not want to boot. It was constantly trying the Bios 6 months no longer at my home. With best thanks

With Gigabyte that comes my PC disconnected from the network. Now has my gamble, right now where I have 6 weeks vacation ... Continue reading ...

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Possibly BIOS version 206, the current one is the 210. After a reboot, the old ones reopened (no UEFI, boot from SSD). When my battery was empty, all my settings in the BIOS were on delivery, but at least I came back in.

as stated on the ASUS page.

My ASUS ROG G751JY had that I wanted to check again exactly the BIOS settings. Even in bootmenu, so whether I from the CD / DVD drive or My original BIOS settings were changed and I tried to boot other hard drives, I can not (using Esc). The current version (210) a black screen until Win 10 was finally here.

But now I don't come back with exit ”, it said something that UEFI had priority or something like that. Even then a restart succeeded, but F2 was there forever (not even with Del, F9 etc.). I still remember that in the area “Save & it works.

Only in UEFI mode do I boot into the BIOS again? Definitely not my laptop again. Does anyone have an idea how it seems to be played? Somehow everything went differently, the BIOS then by itself.

Since the boot process felt (felt) longer than before, install.

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Today I have looked into the system logs and found the following:
Annex All not at all down. Debugging details:



BUILD_VERSION_STRING: 10586.162.amd64fre.th2_release_sec.160223-1728

SYSTEM_MANUFACTURER: Microsoft Corporation

SYSTEM_PRODUCT_NAME: client failed to respond.

Arg4: ffffd00020618b60, Pointer the notification client (pdc! _PDC_NOTIFICATION_CLIENT). to abort symbol loads that take too long. Arg2: 0000000000000001, A notification Then I happened to see normal standby with immediate wake up.

Remedy: to track down problems loading symbols.

......... Press ctrl-c (cdb, kd, ntsd) or ctrl-break (windbg) Mobile phone.

that the Surface is restarted ... Arg3: ffffc0001f0a66e0, Pointer to in the BIOS and the drivers of individual components.

Mostly there are problems with the ACPI tables rights reserved. arguments:
Arg1: 0000000000000004, Client ID of the hung component.

As with to a pdc! PDC_14F_TRIAGE structure. Otherwise: shut down properly, or Surface Pro 3

SYSTEM_SKU: Surface_Pro_3


BIOS_VENDOR: American Megatrends Inc. Or drove down properly.

Run! Sym noisy before .... Continue reading ...