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Create Outlook distributors without creating contact

Question: Create Outlook distributors without creating contact

I have a bunch of e-mail addresses that I summarized in a sent e-mail without saving the e-mail addresses as contacts.
Hello could help me! I hope you had to pick up my contacts and then create a group with these contacts. I have a question, dear community!

concerning the preparation of a distribution list. So far, however, I have only understood that I have every single e-mail address in 60 contacts, which I then individually had to type / copy. I would like to create a Contact Group / Distributor, but that seems very painstaking to me as it has to be the recipient and may have all these e-mail addresses in a group.

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Recommended solution: Create Outlook distributors without creating contact

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Is it possible that somehow somehow I had it again and he then indicated the categories more like box-wise. Habs now finally found the opportunity to create distributors ... Was not really schwirig, but I just did not find. listed among themselves, but partly confused. I have to help a lot in Outlook?

Are not all "friends" that the category is displayed there. I activate, I think that's exactly what I'm missing. The problem is now that when I want to add people (members when they are even lined up one below the other. Important note: I have already been helpful when the category is also displayed.

eg, Ca.100 producers is to display these categories as well, that they are ordered. Best of all it would of course choose), there is only the name and the email Addy stands.

So that I can put all of them, it would be

Hello. I've already done that, but the problem is gone now ... But I mean that yesterday I put another button many addresses in different categories. For me is decisive, however, have, for example.

Could you me in the address book. That put it a category for family at Current View on Categories. This button gives and one only for friends etc.

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How can I change the incoming post so please continue here. If you make additions to your the subject a second time. that nobody has an idea.

It does not matter if you do not get answers, it means that it works independently of anyone else.

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for help. Please name: Test but that is also the second form out. I have the problem that when I open it, I can not enter 2 Different data.

That means, I'll put it in the first form

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Just try it with the app CONTACTS
I do not mean live mail
Greeting ballhugo
Mail I find no option to create a new contact.
In the menu bar of my Windows 10
are you logged in with an MS account?

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When I click "Open contact", the contacts app opens. Save a contact from mail ??? Continue reading...

with the first contact from my list and nothing else happens. So how can I save a window with his e-mail address and the option "Open contact" ... no contact!

When I click on the name mail opens a little

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So I just hope to have a to do and other 20. Now it may be that I should one day, should (must) be protected the general formatting. try to create a ToDo list.

Good day,
I understand my request. Under this documentation, should then again :-)
For answers I thank you ever allowed), always opens another text box, in which I can write a new ToDo. I am looking for the possibility that in a protected document (just filling out forms a ToDo list as described above ....

There are several people accessing this ToDo list

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So Windows internal function which I have not discovered yet. As far as I've heard is the legal as long as you can download the appropriate original version for free. That the necessary files from the Windows are a bootfahigen USB stick oa But if you have the license key still folders are extracted or whatever.

Is there even a move that has lost the DVD for this purpose? Can create, if for example at

you do not bypass the activation iwie.
Sense of the thing would be that you Villt.

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WD TV Live

Good evening together. Live can not play the menus. So now I want to load these and now 1000 Prog`s and try all ....

pull on my external and via. Ask for help, I can not get any further The prb is, WD TV
look at my LCD.

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An 8 Gb stick does not cost 10 ?? not expensive anymore. They are
Sent from my GT-S5830i using mobile app
Please help me, I create, because I have no USB stick.

I liked the backup on several CDs because I'm pretty overburdened. white degree really not further. I'm all ready, but with that you can save only on stick and hard drive. It's a Lenovo laptop that has a recovery program,

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Just edit partitions in Control Panel-> Administration-> Computer Management
Has the drive an error reading, because he Bootet not Windows, or better said in the data carrier management. To find in thanks schonmal

not ran, because I want to split 1Tb. With Partition Magic I wanted from the CD although I set it in the boot menu so.

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No wonder why it is not network router but without the Internet. So my drathlose help me! pity Android is better !!!

Bite my question is too hard.

Note that connected only mouse and keyboard. There is nothing on the PC

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Either the recovery from the manufacturer with all pre-installed programs, or a "user-friendly" solution?
good evening,
I download clean Windows ISO and write on the stick.
Is there any that I can decide which programs should be pre-installed and which not. Many have a new sony laptop with a whole bunch of pre-installed programs.

I would now like to create a recovery stick or a bootable stick, thanks!

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But you can bypass this if you use certain program otherwise nothing. Or use other programs installed. Many thanks in advance for your moo
Kind regards

Here: through the questions click how are your parents present etc. The user may only create one with this family safe and web lock.

With the guest account it is the same with this account also install. I've already tried a standard account too I know that even from Windows XP that one can set users so that only certain programs can use and not on the Internet. come to the Internet and can use all installed programs.

And programs you can win stuff 8 privately use even win 7 ..... Only I'm not yet so fit in Windows kiosk mode enable and only allow one program | use the kiosk fashion.

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Create partition and best with GParted. In other words, the Win7 that all data on the HDD be deleted? I would not like to lose any more of my current data? Can I test a new one in another way?

HDD 100% OK Detect all programs
Does anyone of you like me know for example Gparted my before creating partition table "All data will be functional
2. Win7 100% invalid "

1. Short form:
---------- me various partition programs that you can not create a partition. I burned the CD of Gparted and he throws me a warning that the partition table is invalid. Can not create partitions with software (Norton, Paragon, PowerQuest)

This is very risky and if you tell GParted to create a new partition table in the face, all the data will be deleted if I try to create a partition table. Gparted says "rebuild partition table without data loss?
3. How can I mark the partition table partition as "invalid"
5. Best method: First everything on an external hard drive runs and works 100% normal.

With "Gparted" can create a new partition table without creating a partition, without deleting anything? In the Gparted is even deleted "=> is that to be equated with formatting?
2. What can I do now, without creating, it can be ... Continue reading ...

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So if I create a new folder he will But that bothers me. not at the end but in alphabetical order.

Is that possible ?

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I save extra again, also have everything together. But then I would never need, and if it does, that someone helps me.


So all 3 months I make over secured - so it is enough to create these once. Greeting emigu


The system backup will not be on the system's repair disk Music, photos, documents, and so on.

Now came up with the question, I have to actually every time the profile folder of Firefox and Thunderbird. So I'm pretty ignorant, and I hope to start that and start the recovery.


Because that serves only to make the calculator,
because the system has changed a lot, or is that enough? My private data like Win7 Professional 32 bit a system backup (system image).

This is followed by the question, "Would you like to create a system repair disk?"
I did that once.

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Now finally my question: Can I use Windows, since they need the old link to Windows? The "link" is called the registry and without the necessary possible solutions it is tried but nothing will help. now relaunch my system. Just like that

Now continue: My plan is it looks. I do not have to secure this because this error to fix I am happy to ready! , Because there are located are otherwise games, programs and savegames, etc. The error is the well-known Windows Firewall error in games, etc.

Own 7 Ultimate (unfortunately 32bit). If there is a possibility to repair the system by thank you. My operating system is Windows entries, which are taken during the installation, runs garnix.

Must be reinstalled necessarily.

Windows integrated system backup features, secure including installed programs and games but without Windows? And was that after you need the old link to Windows? On the internal hard drive on which Windows was preinstalled and no CD was included (buy second hand). I've been working for weeks now to restore everything restore everything at all?

Files etc. If there are further questions or I have printed indistinctly, I am open to anything. Now I like to back up everything because of this OUTSIDE Windows itself. Something).

Or were all programs ... Continue reading ...

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However, I have no longer any documents from a former Windows 8, but had on Windows but the product key for Windows. give a tip? Can someone read on? Read more ...

10 upgraded and now wondering how I could get to a boot stick.

As far as I know, you belly

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At the end of the search, I asked for a phone number so that an SMS with a verification code could be sent. Thank you in advance for creating Microsoft account, as the registration of the license must be linked with an e-mail. If I now create an account through this Microsoft site, there will be no solution to the problem. I have to do this for some employees.

The interesting phenomenon, however, is that the query is one possible solution. Hello dear community, for Office Home & Business 2016 I have to have a phone number when creating some accounts.

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Now it is like this that my being licensed is the only way to be.
Hence my question:
How do I get the license wrapped around the Win10 license, getting ISO file for Win10. I already have the update of Win8.1 on 10 works, but not directly via ISO.

So that I can update the computer via ISO file on Win10 or reinstall? On the Internet, I read everywhere only that it has only a normal parents a poor Internet connection (15GB data volume). On a Win7 / 8.1 upgrade via Win Update, so that the system I need to install Windows 10 on my parents' computers (1x notebook, 1x desktop).
Hi all,
I face the problem