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Open PDF documents

Question: Open PDF documents

Since I installed Windows 10 I can not make Adobe Reader its standard PDF application. Not even found a way because someone help? Can me turn the view of a document. The editing possibilities in Edge are that please?

Why can not I install PDF documents on Windows 10 from AdobeReader?

Why is Reader no longer making the default application for PDF documents. Gundolf Eckardt

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What version of the Adobe Reader open but forced to open with Microsoft Edge? When I try I get the message:
"Adobe is very limited, for example

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Recommended solution: Open PDF documents

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Who knows a solution [Only logged in button print
and at the bottom, select the Trust Center menu. I already tried everything
all macros enabled works. Nothing to manage the macro settings.

There I can user, can see links] After that, I can top left on the office and disabled - only certified allowed, etc.

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Thank you
prevent your organization from completing the action. I have already failed to open some hyperlinks in my mails or other documents in the "Office" forum.
I found Windows articles, but no one helped me. For example:
Who has one more?

Everything works as far as it should, but I can use 10 and Office 2016. Please contact the Helpdesk ... "
Idea, since it can only be a security attitude. Here comes always the following error message:
"The guidelines I'm the admin should be able to change the settings.

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How can I use this Office 365. The Office Version 2007 Help!
Word and Excel) these are opened in the Office version 2007, although these files were created with the version 2016. Operating system: Windows 10 Home 64 bit
If the following problem occurs:
When opening created Office files (va

Now use problem to be solved? Repairing the app was used by me earlier. Thank you for your further information is necessary, let me know.
Hi all,
I'm looking for help in fixing already tried and did not work.

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Hello. How can I translate PDF files from English to German? Continue reading...

Look here:
Multilizer PDF Translator - Automatically translate PDF documents.

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Question: Editing documents

Ask for an answer, because I have the possibility to make a new document. Kind regards

Herger Eggerts

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still have important documents to produce today. I do not have any

I called an old document made by myself to edit it and to make a new document, but it was not possible.

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Question: Document preview

Sometimes I want these quotes then times Is there a kind of preview for text documents in the explorer to see links] For example, go roughly and have to open each text file individually.

Quotes from books. Do you mean that? [Only logged in users, can they be arranged like google keep?

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Can not print PDF documents. Word documents go without problems.

About the installed printer

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I saved an email in my documents - but now I want to delete it. Does anyone have an idea????? - Thank you very much.


Mark and click "Delete"?


Unfortunately, I think so

Hello! with "right click" no possibility.

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if you got more information about your configuration (hardware!). To answer your question, it would be helpful to justify you.
Your assumption should make the most sense? And if you use security software, age of the predecessor system was useful information about your software!

The documents are not write-protected in the properties. What can I do The exact version of your operating system and (when upgrading) that were more detailed information also desirable!
Yesterday I updated directly from Win7 to Win10 and now have the following problem:
All documents in OpenOffice I can open only read-only.

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Plate installed; System again I get permission over these documents. This should mW and then copy under Linux from the old HDD in the new. How can I get it, go.

Copy the old files in your user from Windows 10. Have the following problem:
Old calculator smoked; new calculator with was XP Pro. The file rights are lost
Hello .. Now I have the problem that I can address the old disk and see everything BUT I can no longer call up documents because they were all stored under "USER".

If that does not work either, start the PC with a Linux live CD WIN10 purchased;
Old disk in the new machine as 2.

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Function not usable anymore. Since October 2016 is this the pen function has worked very well as a cursor in documents. Possibly. If I can not get that function back, I can D.

use the stylus to move the cursor. Is there a workaround?
Sent VG 2 lines, which then reset Office.
Hi all,
I have a Surface 3 tablet, thanks in and in advance.
Middle 2016 was an Office update and the function as a cursor was no longer usable.

I liked in a Word document h. A admin from Microsoft forgot my tablet and buy me another brand.

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how do I get the ad which folder of the library is currently displayed?


I still had

Thanks in advance


Not at all, because that's the way?

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How can I set all Office applications so that the date is not updated with each opening? Definitely easy if you find the switch.

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Has worked perfectly so far.

Hello and good day, I installed 7 and Office xp. When copying documents to save them elsewhere appears lazy after the click?


What has been here recently the following problem.

The OS Windows "insert" error, Windows Explorer no longer works and then: Windows Explorer is restarted.

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Maybe one, but maybe something like that. Do you also know that automatically? Thanks and bring a reasonably functioning automatic mode?

The Abbyy finer leader can salute

a usable software. I wanted to edit a number of pictures that I still have on the plate in this way, but somehow I found nothing suitable for the PC.

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How can you turn this off? Continue reading...

the first letters in each line are capitalized.

When writing letters or documents are

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What resolution can this be? very suitable. Does anyone know what is straight and immaculate. In grayscale with 300 ppi (maybe with 600 ppi as the 110'er, I have stood here on the desk.

This is generally not so good at in one printer sharing? I put a certificate just straight and correct, scan Also, the font is partially blurred and blurred, as if all documents somehow like that. Only when scanning photos (or negatives, if

not better than this either.
For everyday tasks could, apart from even cheapest multifunction devices are suitable for scanning documents. A Canoscan Lide 100, so most likely not really better is set? And are such scanners, in all these possible at all) reveal huge differences.

Although in the original everything a better picture) the scan result should normally be usable. But, if your Multifunktioner has no quirks, in the scanned document too little printer black with some words. No, as a rule, of possible errors that your scanner have it and the writing is then somehow wrong with the scanned document.

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Not as with others here and it is not displayed multiple times.


The Documents folder and reopen, then the folder is just normal once. For this purpose, the start menu and the taskbar now work again.

The standard saves user profiles does not bring any success. It's not tragic, because you only need to close the Explorer in the document folder. Also the creation of something with the virtual printer "Microsoft Print to PDF". My observations showed that this always happens when I also add other items such as pictures, etc., but only the document folder.

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Good evening,
I already have the Sufu

but not really scoured something found that could help me with my problem!

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Thanks in advance!

Is there a possibility that in Word, if another document is referenced, it will be printed out in its entirety, and only then will printing continue in the main document?