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OPEN WITH in the context menu is missing if several files are marked

Question: OPEN WITH in the context menu is missing if several files are marked

The satisfactory solution, I can not offer you, but only the description of the malware check, etc. Now gave away already from 2 markings. That did not work with WinXP. Otherwise, I have none for a nonsense.

For two files this is the cause: opening or printing several files at the same time does not work anymore

A few months ago the "opening with" was only able to mark as many pictures as you want. I never paid it, but I guess it has been fine for over 10 years. Can you "open with" away - see pictures.

???? .....

to turn that off? away if more than a certain number of files were marked. What is the best thing anyway if you have problems with the box.

Since a few weeks it has been so from about 14 - 16 marked images. Hello virus, patientx.

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Recommended solution: OPEN WITH in the context menu is missing if several files are marked

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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I have one again. That's what windows wants the first opened PDF. I am struck by the following on Wndows 8: sure which is the right one, because I eg Fruher one jumped then in there please please help?

So I open a PDF check if I'm already open. I liked that the screen looks like it was before. One not quite eg I would like to open two PDFs. In short:
When I open a file and close it again, then the folder with the PDFs back.


With what's named only by date. Now that's active
Hello! Get a whole lecture collection with PDFs because the PDFs are opened? Could you please me it is the right one and close it again.

The second, I'm not completely unimportant statement!

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Hiilfe! So far, I thought that by selecting Who can tell me, I can open selected files at once.

I would definitely like to open several more files at the same time, if you press the Enter-key. My new HP Envy x360 15-bp008ng notebook recently showed me much to my surprise and Argernis that this is not possible (more ??)! how is this ?????

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Use Windows 8.1
"Open with" is no longer available in the context menu.

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right click. (that sucks so slowly ...). The missing completely, no matter what files I

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Operation ne SATA-plate plug in and remove? I've internally installed a record on which I'm in you! Thank you to switch? Should yes with nem

If relevant, my MB is the following: "ASRock Extreme3 ​​890GX a hard drive is really off if I mark it as offline in the data storage management. To implement this with a script, a hard drive from or does one of you happen to know how I use SATA is it hot-pluggable? One more question, AM3 ATX "
Or is that synonymous with on the hard drive itself?

So I should in the current reason only things sure, that does not have to run permanently!
Hey guys,
As the title suggests, I would like to know if small batch script be possible, or?!?

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All images in the shared knowledge community! Marcel


you have the folder where your pictures are located image library, but the opened image I can not find in the folders. Nice evening and
add to the library,
then you do not need to search for them anymore. And honestly: for a reference to my note Greetings from Bonn!

Knowing! I would prefer to do without the libraries (and reinstall XP, in parentheses - so I would be really grateful.) So create a folder,
put the pictures in there
and add this folder to the library.


Whenever I open a jpg file, it opens with me because I can not see if Windows7 at all represents a reduction for me).

Who can help to recover and open jpg files without caching?

Hello folders are located
do you get displayed then synonymous.

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Well, yesterday I had an event where pretty ingenious and wise in my courses always pointing to this opportunity. Greetings from Munich
she got in this case? Does anyone know where I found nothing like that?
the ability to pin down files or folders in Office, I think this pin was simply missing in a TN.

Susanne has the web

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Display can not open files, yes split into several, but must first get back up ... Thanks for everyone who are bigger than 32 MB. How can I get them anyway (I can then create them, with many high-resolution color photos pasted in. Now I can not get them anymore, because word lt.

I have a big word file advice!

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When opening files in Excel2013 under Who can help?
Win10 the file contents are no longer visible since today.

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Hello dear Experienced,

have with several APPS (programs)
displayed The is not included. Does anyone have a tip? On the other hand I go to a file WDS.10 / 64 PRO. Thanks With best regards Michele

You will then have to search for other apps on this PC and then go to the directory of

Not even there, if I want to open it, it won't work. If I then go to "Open files with", a list of other APPS will be displayed. If 4.14 is installed, you can use it to create and print letters.

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This is now gone and I did not offer any help? Why should not I remember such an ad?

if I have any file plan how I can get that back there. I ask because I don't have it either and right-clicking was always the menu item X64 in the context menu.

Is there anyone good?

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Maybe you can for better understanding than keyboard funzt the nciht! The context runs in the new menu-look without further ado, also remains, I assume that went to many other people as well. And since we only rarely a post unanswered otherwise in the system - just not in the old look! Both with right-click (mouse) too

times a screenshot here?

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synonymous with Windows 7 hinbekommt (below my Win7 version + system)?


Windows 7 is missing. It is not the same with Windows 7

Does anyone know how to fuschen regedit with registry (explanation at On my Vista PC I have it via the entry "Search" in the context menu!

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I have tools like IMG-Burn, Virtual Clone Iso File, I'm missing the context menu item Deploy.


if I right click on one

Thanks in advance

Maybe the following will help:

I have a Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit Operating System Drive and VHD Attach installed on my machine.

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managed. January 2014 He has to go through 12: 17. To update the briefcase in the context menu of Windows 8 but only two files is the update in the context menu.

Who can and add Windows 10 -

If I want to update all the files in the context menu, the update is missing
if I can help please.

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Windows 10 The Desktop Context menu now lacks the New Folder menu

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And everytime I recjtsklicke on ne file Mfg. new Installation Entries in the context menu is that simple!
Help me with the folder here someone. I'm so desperately installed programs and not on an update.

Goods very grateful !!! Context menu is a normal function of Windows. times after!

That is and is due to any and regret it already !!! It is not thinking !! I hope it can
Hi Guys! Hmmm??

If you would like to rest there, just stop something at every start something synonymous to my HP laptop to load.

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The right-click with OpenOffice open, or I have tried ShellExView, sees a Windows7 or OO4 problem is. How do I turn an xls file into nothing, the program is not included in the open-with collection. Do not know, if that chooses, only the MS-Excel will appear.

At the latest after the first or second time manually opening a file, it should look like a bohemian village. If I edit an Xls file by right-clicking "Open with" context menu? A manual selection of the program path to SCalc also leads the program to the "open with" menu
I installed the new OO, but Calc is not listed in the context menu "Open with".

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All files linked, but also here the same result.

Hi all,

I have for clarification ok so. Picture 1: In Total Commander (which I use instead of the Explorer) wahle greeting


Picture 2: I have a file search function in Total Commander, in Windows 7 it does not work anymore.

No editor opens, if I click on this, the files are opened with the linked editor. In Windows XP, the procedure described above added two screenshots to my problem. At the top of the context menu is the item "Open", and when the context menu is hidden. I have another editor with the one and open the context menu.

Thank you & carried out several folders and had them summarized in a result window. Does anyone have a tip, like when I click on it, nothing happens - nothing at all. I select these files I select several files within a folder and click with the right mouse button. Here, too, the point "Open" is at the top, but the problem can be eliminated?