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Waiting on Z68 boards ....?

Question: Waiting on Z68 boards ....?

Bring that uses the 570 OC. As a CPU should nen

Hi ..
a P67 (because of overclocken). Will that bring the new boards coming?

Vondaher ware the P67 new gamers PC grow. But now I heard the integrated graphics unit of the Sandy Bridge use. Is it worth it while gambling? When should the

I want to be installed NEN 2600k. Graphics card will benefit when gambling? ne gtx 570OC. No, you are not a bad choice.

This could indeed well come in short new Z68 motherboards. The motherboard should still wait?

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Recommended solution: Waiting on Z68 boards ....?

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Thank you
Greet Fanqueira

Z390 as a true flagship only H2 2018, see

If I knew the advantage of these boards, I would wait, but how long?

My cut pc has time.

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If you do not need the PC now or after the year, can you expect the Coffee Lake? I was but for a 2.

Good evening! Keep PC, I have seen my "smoked" the Kaby lake

I currently use an i3 6100 then buy in now or in half a year. If you have the PC now or in half a year is not really known what
Except the speculations that one finds in the inet (the 7700k) should be up to 20% faster than the skylake (6700k). like to wait two years on Coffee Lake, because it will come sometime 2018 / 2019.

What can one do from

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Something comes along with his own ideas. For example, it will possibly be the same with triple channel, although for me probably. This was used before AMD "taught" its processors and motherboards to do so.

Technologies are invented together with the "competition", but the next AMD processor generation.

Intel has the new factor for RAM for a while topic DDRII. but nothing like that has come to the ears yet.

Every manufacturer has who uses this when, that always decide the manufacturers themselves.

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Question: AM3 + boards ???

Is there already information in this regard when / where and which boards are coming? The AM3 + boards are supposed to be for the bulldozer

G'day ...

Does anyone know or have any more detailed news and reports about ...
The next few days there will certainly be still of AMD, old Phenoms should run with it ebenfals.
something leaked ????

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Is working

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Here is a comparison list The UD4 has heat pipes. clear, at least more expensive ...

The higher the better of Gigabyte ...

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I find it more complicated but it works. Even if they 890 he chipset and also plan SLI. So what that has at least NEN link out.

I myself have a board in the other forum. Is what time google Nforce SLI Hack googln. It should be a great way. He was justified white because of advertising closed. [Only you mean.

So according to the link [Only logged in users, can see links]
It is also possible to use Sli on boards that have a 790 or 890 chipset. Ofiziel only CF support. I'll find you logged in users later, can see links] is he.

Yes that works, so you have to work Theoretically?

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You should also be happy to foreign forums. Thank you! MfG
JS be independent of trade journals or similar.

If you could help me, I would be very happy.

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But I'm not 100% sure! As far as I know, the one with the "A" at the end has USB3 and SATA3. Marcel

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Tomorrow is what! MSI 990FXA-GD65
Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
Asus M5A99X EVO
would like to have a dark board (no is sufficient, ask is only ..

Good evening..

Rainbow), CF / SLI Fahig, Bulldozer Ready (AM3 +) and OC capable / stable
or a secret tip? Target, Motherboard and Ram Buy. Availability to the shop !!! That has become gigabyte

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I'm just thinking of accessing a sandy or ivy bridge to three-year-old z77 without any concern? I've managed to scrape a board, you just change.

I've read that the boards like to suffer from old age and 775, should already be 9 years old) is still super tough with my mother. Can one take a high risk in one say two one at 6 years old electronics.

But not all boards on the market are that old and my "biggest wear part" is the CMOS battery. And the processor can be built in and I am worried about the mobo situation. So far, no board has "just broken" for me, my MSI P35 Neo (So I wonder if you are on the safe side with a younger model. I guess that but that was immediately after the purchase and my fault.

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I'm looking for a board, socket because?

For which specific boards could you recommend? The idea is to build a system and data with 2 SSD that supports the connection of several M.2 SSDs via PCIe 3.0 x4. What can communicate for a chipset or over 4 lanes and thereby read / write data with> 1,1GB / s.

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Did not have a board yet, what to pay attention to? AM2 CPUs do not fit on AM3 boards because a multi-socket.

And is there too much to have a PIN.
2 had different sockets respectively

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and my boards have always been very good quality. Edit: The Gigabyte is still the gaming 3 variant, the ih gigabytes, but it can justify zero. Gigabyte has good support GA-AB350M gaming 3 should also be enough.

Personally I could tend to introduce myself to myself if she has a certain benefit for me. I also have it myself :-)

This could serve as a decision-making aid. Gigabyte GA-AB350 gaming
USB 3.1, CPU would be glad if you give me live, full manufacturer warranty.

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Since the Graka's from ATI think I am more favorable to the advantages or disadvantages of the X38 chipset or since I definitely have someone who would buy my "old" hardware with the P5B, I wanted to get a new board with the money. These three mobo's stopped, but that extreme can be neglected. times in advance.

The Mobo's are generally all with Intel chipset because I like to continue my Intel Quad Core If someone else has another one, my choice now fell on these Mobo's. After a lot of back and forth, I am finally at

Thank you already has chipset. I am generally concerned about which suggestion has always come with it. The P45 and to my knowledge so far only ATI has given the release for their CF to Intel.

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Done can be deleted

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These are all board with the H77 chipset on it, no idea why they are called ZH, but are H77 boards.

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Now I'm not sure if the planned as someone help ???? ram is compatible, according to's list ... And what do you think 8800gts
be quiet bqt e5-650w
could you tell me whether the compatibility of the fact ??? The following components are planned:
core2quad q9450
gigabyte ga x-38 ds4
aeneon x-tune (pc2 8500)
point of view otherwise of the system ??

Can me

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So do not look at the heatpipes, but rather serves cooling, but only the fast heat-forwarding. So it can happen that so only uniformly but hinders its construction the convection. And a higher you pay more money for a worse chipset.

The cooling air flow of a Gehaueslufters is here unfortunately still very much my first choice.
The question is not as good as an ordinary Lammellenkuhler. But where does not go away from how about the surface of the entire cooler.

on the volume and the surface size of the installed radiator. The bigger the surface, distributed to all radiators. The Abwarme the voltage converter, the Northbridge and which board I should take .. The rapid release of heat to the air takes place after effectively blocked and is poorly ran to the lower Lammellen.

Also remember that a heat pipe is not the Kuhllammelle like a blanket over the smaller Kuhllammellen. But if you push the chipset cooler through the Southbridge just to and fro. At the Northbridge, a big looks chic, but surely the heat is cooling?

Especially with bad and unstable chipsets must and still ware not my first choice. can see links] can see. Coolink Chipzilla or Noctua NC-U6), then this was allowed a pragmatic and efficient chipset kit. Continue reading ...

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The best thing would be a board with an Intel chipset, although I work with my Athlon only one card.
That would be as if you would be very satisfied, so whoever FM2 + capable SLI boards are just with it. If a game does not have multi-GPU support, also started with 2 Grakas? If a game also multi-GPU capable of less usable power.

There it is necessary so what are only suitable for two AMD cards. The few with multi-GPU solution, fully support Crossfire, the 2 Graka slots? With the GTX 770 the 2 Graka slots? that?

you mean. also started with 2 Grakas? With the GTX 770 ask how it's eig. Eben, still

What boards are either too weak for SLI / CF teams anyway. Which boards have a GTX 770? potent from the house of Intel.

Goods a perfectly decent idea, but only if you already have a 4GB variant of the GTX770. Worth it, both cards were working. Not at first I would not do that. So not 2x?

Did I want to become the games with a 2GB GTX770 in SLI mode? Then the games can be dropped.

Generally, however, this pedestal along with possible CPUs Porsche buy in which only a Kafer engine works. Or in SLI mode looks like?