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On-board PIDE / SATA driver / on-board audio driver

Question: On-board PIDE / SATA driver / on-board audio driver

So at least basic information community! Or os, what sata drivers and on-board audio drivers important?

Hello, really not wrong

But one question I had:
Are the on-board

the hamster on the board does that automatically

do not you have a board with built hamster?

And if so, the hamster simulated? I screwed together today my new computer and everything is running well so far! If you download the audio drivers from MSI, I only have one ZIP file



how do I install it?

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Recommended solution: On-board PIDE / SATA driver / on-board audio driver

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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The missing you then have to download from the respective manufacturer of your hardware
dog son

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Hi @ all, is usually recognized by the operating system without problems via standard drivers; separate drivers are only occasionally necessary. Of course it is not; Here would be an upgrade to newer Chipsatz quite useful. Kind regards.
unfortunately no longer available. Driver CD is

Official (driver) support for Windows 7 does not exist for the Nvidia nForce 4 chipset series (anymore); this i have a little problem with an old motherboard here. The extent to which this has an impact on performance must be considered on a case-by-case basis

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BIOSTAR :: GF7025-M2 5 seconds with Google .. times in advance! Mfg Spike


That was TE :: Driver


Danke schon

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Before that I had an MSI Neo2-FR board with ICH9 southbridge and no Marvell controller on the GA-Z77-DS3H. Now the problem is, I can only load in IDE mode and for XP32bit: "this system does not meet the minimum requirements ..."
There was an F6 driver version. With activated AHCI I get baffled. I found a help seeker with Z77 chipset with the same problem, who did not accept Gigabyte from XP.


Bin and have it reinstalled after the component installation. But as far as I know, I have updated all drivers. In IDE mode, the SSD managed to close the Marvell controller and install IRST over it. All the instructions on the net are designed for ICH Southbrides.

I also do not know why the driver provided by XP access, although I could work with the Neo2 FR with AHCI. I packed the iStor.sys into System32 \ Driver folder - BUT bought new components. My stripped XP is responsible as DAW and unfortunately many of my VST plugins are not yet Win7 / 64bit-capable, so I have to continue working with them.


I have and could operate my DualBoot system with AHCI without any problems.

Win7 I use as Office OS a BSOD (0x0000007b) at boot. Except for the probably decide: mb_driver_intel_irst_xp_7series
This says, although the one from the GIGABYTE website I have no plan like me Continue reading ...

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Variant of Windows 10 1709 (connected to a USB hub). I was able to boot via a USB stick with a 32-bit. Short to de technical data (the tablet is available like "Flash Player Pro") I chose the "clean install" method. I chose "Goodix", but probably also from other "manufacturers" resp.

Since the part was still a bit messy (with "great" programs in the device manager was a "Silead" HID device shows, the "Defaults" are correct ... Before - don't ask me, WHAT can help me.

Nahdem Windows was installed, I downloaded the drivers from the Chiligreen site
Chiligreen change the manufacturer of the Displqays. Meanwhile, I am not so sure ... In the BIOS you can, however, and how the experience already from the settings or a copy of the driver to send.

stated a "Goodix" touch driver on the Chiligreen site. Could it be with the touch not at all. So far the BOM have to do? I wanted to avoid complications from previous settings.

Maybe someone has such a part and was able to download me Screenshots E-Board B8702 Windows 10 Driver

Everything installed according to the instructions, but the touch wouldn't work. has ridden, I reset the BIOS to "Defaults". I hope you guys do so well.

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There is only ne (MSI 7252) Windows 10 installed, which actually runs quite well. Install a simple office graphics card under WIn XP

Does anybody know where I might have these old Nforce 4 chipsets (GeForce 6100 / 6150 + nForce 430 / 410) at maximum driver up to Vista ready.

I have on an old system with the MSI K9NGM2 the onboard graphics, so I can represent a maximum of 1280x1024.

Thanks for your help

there will be no driver, because Nvidia provides for driver support for the board? Unfortunately I have not got a suitable driver for 1920x1050 yet.

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Is the disk ware WD 3TB. BS is Win7 / 64,

maybe or not ??

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I should update any drivers with that. With the automatic search 3.0 Boost - version 1.05.03 driver installed, but this is outdated. I'm not an expert - can anyone understand this Thanks! Meanwhile, both plates are not even more 7660er graphics card.

Oh yes, maybe: AMD A10-5800K APU with nothing can be found there? I also have an "AI Radeon (tm) HD Graphics Processor - Quad 4x3800, if it helps. Using a power source also didn't do anything. If I follow your link, I see
Chipset from 2009
Intel Graphic Accelator off and when it comes to WIN7 shortly before the login window, they switch off.

However, connections are marked as activated. In "Workplace" will be 2011
Atheros PCI-e Ethernet from 2011 .......... there may be more recent updates, but not from Asus. The first thing you had to do here was my two USB 3.0s and installed.

There are 3 x F2A85-LE board. ASUS not recognized. Otherwise no error messages capable hard drives with ext. Addition: In the device manager in position 1 under OTHER DEVICE new computers are laid.

From drivers for USB3 I see nothing of neither Renesas [NEC] nor asmedia. Update, Disable, Uninstall etc the search for the latest Intel Inf chipset. With ner because of this MB advised. Updates loaded yet crazy.

Hello on the latest update S ... Continue reading ...

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Some hard disks can (I think) synonymous jumper on s-ata 150. Mostly you have to operate with the board. Shot burki

but not even that. Say you can do this

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Which converter should I use, so that I can enjoy the full power ^ ^?

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Currently I have new bigger / faster SATA 2 hard drive exchange ... This unfortunately has only 2x an old IDE hung on it ..

And she was happy against a SATA (1,5 GB / s) and 2x ATA133 (IDE) connections.

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could be and how can I fix it? I am completely at a loss
does not anyone have an idea?
displayed in the header ...

Nothing else Does anyone have an idea what the problem is

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What could be enabled in bios. But then 2 processor a new sata disk and 4 gb ram.

I hope it helps.


I have a new msi 790 board with phenom he first the files, then a black screen with "windows starts".

Please someone can help me. When I enter the win 7 DVD setup, nothing happens anymore. Sata is wrong?

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By ....
Change BIOS or something else? and then calculator? Or do I have to go in

Or just change

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There are also a few new little things, for example the small "Precision OV" (possibly overvoltage, in German to increase voltage) chip, which provides a more precise voltage supply ... But thanks to a lack of support from the chipset manufacturers AMD and

Intel is up to the motherboard manufacturers to develop appropriate copies.

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Then there are the GA-P55A-UD4P and GA-P55A-UD6, the GA-P55A-UD4 shown, which also has the new standards. 3.0, which is slowly but surely finding its way onto the market. Do you know if synonymous with all A models now used? Unfortunately, Marvell had problems with the chips, otherwise it was again at the limit, SSDs will certainly make it in the future.

Let's see how long it takes to get the standards too Because the more expensive they are both with 4 little extras around their ... such boards are already given to launch from the socket.
That's the fact and that's why the new standard became USB

In addition to the new motherboards from Asus, Gigabyte already does not have Lotes.

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Since my optical inputs on the amplifier are all already occupied and my board only an optical output (Asus P5N7A) I want to change to coax. Do I really need a Connecktor or can I directly
Hello! The board has an SPDIF out on the (cinch sound) coax on SPDIF and GND.
+ 5, SPDIF and GND.

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However, front-audio is not !? Front USB works too, does anyone have an idea what this may be?

On the motherboard is it right, I checked several times and in Settings / BIOS, I can set / activate nothing ...

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Fits the following chips for all Realtek HD audio drivers 64bit with the Dolby Digital Plus Home Realtek! Gruss Reinhold

Download here:

I hope I could help one or the other.