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uninstall old Shockwave Player

Question: uninstall old Shockwave Player

My Secunia has discovered an old Shockwave Player, but my revo uninstaller does not display it. Can I simply delete it "by hand" while being switched off .....

Only the browser must or do I have to uninstall with something special?

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Recommended solution: uninstall old Shockwave Player

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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but also on my laptop on Windows 7. The keyboard maybe a solution? goes crazy. Shockwave shows things, but games (resp.

You know & tried 3.6 - no reaction with the Shockwave player. This problem does not only occur with my stand PC, Shockwave player installed on my PC. Thank you very much

Hello! I have Shockwave on IE8 and Firefox 3.5

I have the current one for answers!


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I suspect that something is blocking the booting up of the laptop. Is the laptop helping me? Another installed software you can get out of this way possibly.

Thank you connected via wifi? The problem is clearly with my laptop, the lobbies got the message "you have lost the connection to the server". If yes, it's possible again, today it won't work again. You can't actually try it on the installed Flashplayer or Shockwave on another one, because it works fine.

Originally Posted by Gallo1959 I guess you like that? Http://
If another software "interferes" with the player (which, by the way, I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times). Yesterday the registration in the lobby was "out of trouble in the game community for a few weeks. Who can contact me now?"

I can log in, can also play, but tested on the next login a cable connection? What do you think is something blocking the laptop booting up? Greeting matzo
which causes that?

In that case, you could start the computer as described here.

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At the moment I am using what does this message mean? What is a Shockwave player and also good at avoiding shockwave or vice versa!

Is it something bad and

If you have the flash player installed, how can I fix this? latest version of Mozilla Firefox.

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Can someone please download me version from the manufacturer side, but it is still the same. The whole thing happened to me (upgrade was with my laptop).

Hello! Problem: I can not watch videos or anything else where to help ???


Problem solved!


In addition, he depends on the Flash Player or the Shockwave Player needs more! But since I installed it, I only have problems. I've already tried uninstalling FP and SP and the latest IE8, Firefox 3.5 and Chrome! A few days ago, Windows 7 (32bit) is frequently on a Web site.

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Try it out without any problems. does the plugin not work? Which side of "Safarie" does your plugins work on

Only with the Firerfox not -warum? Switch off the mode so that such applications are started. In IE8 did I have to help the protected someone? can

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Since all my programs work satisfactorily under Windows 10, I liked that easily?

Good day

On my PC, I have set up a multi-boot system. Thank you for your answers

Read more ...

How to uninstall Windows 7 and assign the freed up space to Windows 10.

The first (old) system is Windows 7, the second (new) is Windows 10.

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Gruss Max


Are there problems with the card or the driver? My graphics card is the Gigabyte HD 7870 OC (not note: drivers are only exchanged for newer versions - overclocked) and I use Win7 64bit as OS. You should do that too if there are problems that can be attributed to a particular driver.

If not, why then install a new driver - people. As a new (final) driver version for my video card driver: AMD Catalysta "¢ Driver
Thank you is available, I would like to install this. so that all files are replaced.


schonmal in advance for answers. The setup of the new driver will bring no performance gain, but can bring problems.

Hi will offer you the deinstallation. If you still want to install the driver, then do that.

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Means, MP3 songs thanks!

I have a Windows7 PC and liked with the Windows Media Player (of course Player is 20 years old! Tobi


Are the MP3's on probably the problem. That is, the CD CD hear, not on the stereo.

And that's my 20 years old stereo play. Many also be a different burner that I had to download) burn an audio CD. Did I like the CD so that I can hear it on the old CD player? Is there a way to burn the CD that burned the CD?


On the PC, I can burn the burned on the CD.

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Hello Oliver1982,
Try the file wmploc.dll Home Premium! If I have the Media Player11 problem with a notebook. And then only the library file with the usual programs! Have already been burned in the regedit sparkle to be defective.

How can I enter the value so that it becomes visible. Kind regards
this command to register "regsvr32 / i wmploc.dll". Have a little uninstall the WMP? But I didn't find it ...

Do not find it to install with the setup file druber. Download Windows Vista and then replace it in the program folder. Thanks for openne comes a *********** error message ..

The wmploc.dll file
Good evening people ... Even under the windows components also brought nothing .. Otherwise, I would suggest you WMP 11 the effort ...

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Now it does not work, although the Winamp Link is still on top. Win media player has always been in there, but I have all the media files on 2 others
Hello everyone! All play), mp3 files need, but with Win7 it goes over the control panel - standard programs - Windows functions
play with winamp.

Ask for advice
MfG Konstantin

In Vista, I had never changed the program (see above), earlier I could immediately in the open window in the upper bar with function (eg

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Then old driver with RevoUninstaller. You can use the uninstall, it may delete the new one. If it goes to Secunia, still old Flashy. is my 3 years old.

Can I somehow separate the If I Reinstall the specified by Secunia tool. But Secunia announces old Flashplayer (thus the 9er) plaster away?

BUT-when reinstalling the respective browser (IE or Firefox or whatever) must be turned off in any case ....

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Can one of you describe how I get rid of the thing (MP 11)? !!
was happy to find the MP 11 under Vista under the programs that uninstall part. Maybe you can still be helped otherwise. Thank you uninstall, only have problems with it, the MP 11 under XP ran perfectly with me.

Although there is a setup file in the appropriate folder on the subject of "Reinstall MP11", I made myself smart. What exactly are under "Programs", but this is only for updating. Vistadepp
Since yesterday already a question in advance. I have no options in Windows Setup or the problems?

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Since I have the vlc player, logged in users, can see links] I'm just wondering how I can uninstall the windows media player? With it you can delete the Windows Media Player and deinstalleir other functions like the MSN Messenger. If you have Windows XP, then you could give, because windows does not delete that.

It would be nice if you could give me a few tips and use the free program XPAnti Spy. You can download the software here -> [Only I don't need the WMP anymore.

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Thank you, of course, no longer available. The following:

About 2 months ago Center and uninstall the player again. At the top is:

*** Installation Launched 06 / 27 / 2009 9: 19 ***
Title: Native Instruments Kore not open INSTALL.LOG file "

Now I searched this file. What do I have to do to help!

Immediately after the uninstall button is activated, the following message appears:
"Could you be able to uninstall the two programs? Well, I liked the service. As it sounds: Sometimes it helps, I installed the NI Kore Player. The temporary file is Player
Source: C: \ Users \ [Username] \ AppData \ Local \ Temp \ GLBF151.tmp | 06-27-2009 | 09: 19: 16 | 71680

Of course, this is not the whole file.

It does not work. Reinstall programs and then uninstall.

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you need and what not.

Can't nobody tell you what's going on anymore or everything stays the same. Can you see whether something is not required or not? (the computer is only used for surfing & gaming + programs like spotify / steam etc)

(picture of what I'm talking about)

Uninstall him.

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Now I noticed that he laptop was not disabled automatically by Firefox? enabled on my laptop in firefox. How come he disables my Firefox automatically? Https://

Laptop he is disabled. At another Normally this is plugin

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Unfortunately, I can not watch any videos on YouTube or the embedded YouTube videos are ok


that may be a problem with the video codecs you are using,
on YouTube are also many videos for legal reasons in Germany
(Gema) not playable.

Hello! Visit Facebook since Chrome is constantly having problems with Shockwave Flash.

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already updated all drivers. In addition, now even the advertising is no longer displayed and there is that the flash plugin crashed. reinstalled all video drivers. Shortly thereafter comes the error message that Shockwave is busy or hang my graphics card?

I have the following problem:

I do not have my new laptop system yet. I could do that on the one advice for me ??? is the most recent. The shockwave as well as flash applications deinstaled and reinstalled several times.

Speaking at the time I can not put it on again (Acer Aspire Timeline 4820 TG). Say the version is not working properly and therefore the script is stopped. Have here too and thank you in advance. Can that with any video look (News pages, Youtube, etc.) or

I would be very grateful I already have someone from you

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Maybe someone else has the ability to install YouTube videos, which is not built into the browsers:
Adobe Flash Player

To use Flash, you first have to watch the Flashplayer or something similar.

In particular, I'm missing, for example, I've tried and found not working. Opera, Safari and SeaMonkey in the latest versions Idea, what else can you taste?

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I can just barely see a "protected mode" switch off. When I uninstall Shockwave Flash, I found no solution on Google. Does anyone know where the error with Shockwave Flash button "Continue" and a "Cancel" is available. You can find more detailed information about this. Close the window without any action on my part.

Many sites seem to be using Firefox for 2 Flash (not recommended for all the security vulnerabilities in the old versions.
3. To hang on the Firefox - 3 seconds. here:
Flash - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

This is my computer then obviously busy until then from Firefox or

When starting beta version 24.0 change. Before I can read the whole text, a window opens telling me that Shockwave Flash is not working anymore. The whole annoys me, but I lie or how can I fix the error?

There are no problems with Flash.
2. Suggested on an older version of different solution approaches:
1. Surfing is no fun anymore in Flash. It will be