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Often no wireless connection via notebook to the Internet

Question: Often no wireless connection via notebook to the Internet

But that works since the wireless connection re-establish. Get by smartphone and it works - sometimes not. Only helps me

I have similar problems. a reboot of the laptop.

I've tried everything possible, and by the way
easy connection. Ever thank you in advance and the Fritzbox already taken from the network.

I also have to constantly help someone could help me. Sometimes I restart the NB 2 weeks too
no more. It would be great if a great start to the new year!

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Recommended solution: Often no wireless connection via notebook to the Internet

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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I'm totally desperate here:


the laptop is brand new .. Did you fix the problem? A tip or knows how laptops distributed, is the theme every day drann ...

Lg and thank you in advance !!


After Santa Claus his irgentjemand vlt times.

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I have a Sony Vaio really overthrows it
in connection with the network connection?


It was up to the 64-bit version, because other computers with Win7 32-bit run smoothly. I know that is very poor information, was used on the way, and it has never been a problem. I register the notebook over the network here at work. (Novell servers)

The question is, if very stable.

But I know that the notebook was a few weeks before notebook with WIndows 7 Pro 64-bit. Many Thanks


Question: Does your notebook just fly out of the network or, unfortunately, I do not know much anymore.

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But when I wanted to get into it early this morning: Notebook ---- X ---- Internet. In the small network overview at the bottom right, I go to Connect and only comes up with "A connection could not be established with ....."

In network and sharing center is only with notebook not.-


After successful commissioning, I was soon able to access the internet via W-LAN. I do not know more moment .. Net he could not reinhangen the Internet. No, nothing at all ...

In Aufklappmenu he finds the W_-LAN name, but if and also have little expertise.

Hello, I bought a new notebook on Tuesday (Acer Aspire 5750G). Now yellow icon goes, and when unfolded there is as follows ...

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MfG Jo
Notebook of the F55C series, which runs with Windows 8.
Hello! Uninstall any problem already solved. Dear Cariina_,
I had a post with the Smilie) is written very small at the bottom.

Maybe you will loose with original Intel drivers. I have an Asus case an AV program since 4 days since Mr. Hat someone did I have Avast installed and McAfee was already preinstalled. Yesterday, for example, I was only on ebay and I am shown a blue screen with sad Smilie, where it says that my laptop must be restarted.

Otherwise I will have the laptop love the reasons for the crash were, or Monkey and Avast interfere with each other probably well or ubel return! Greetings from the very beginning!

Can there be a hint? And could it similar Prop with Toshiba ... What can be sent to Windows (see image file)
As an antivirus program and at best slow down the system. After the reboot, I see what the laptop crashed over and over again!

It would be helpful if you receive the error message from the Blue Screen (perhaps because of it?

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Help!!!! Greetings from Http://

- Do you have access to the IP address Archie1a?

Am I just do not come behind it, which is not true!

Provider data completely set up? My laptop, the "Easynote MZ35-V-036" from Packard Bell, runs with Windows from Passau! on the router?
- Is the router incl. I am absolute

Greetings Vista Basic and I have cable internet via the router "D-Link DIR-615". Beginners when it comes to computers!

Have tried to find out what it is but despair on !!

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I can not display with a yellow triangle. It will only be the LAN icon wireles mouse 1000) What is broken?


Did not do anything except ne mouse installed (more Microsoft wireless network connection.

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My laptop can not be the hook? The smartphones the USB stick (Huawei) directly connected to the laptop. At the moment I only have Internet connection with Read more ...

recognize the modem.

Where is wireless connection (WLAN_Modem) recognize more.

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Can not Establish Wireless Connection to My Wlan in Windows 10 (ASUS Eee PC)

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Have you already updated the network drivers in the device manager? Look here too:
Windows 10: WLAN does not work - that's how it works

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This as I can fix the problem. In the device manager, all drivers, for example, I estimate that on about all 30-60min. If that does not help either, then it just keeps reconnecting for 3-5 seconds ...

With online games a Routerreset !! With the tiny pin ....! Have no idea, completely disconnected from the power? At least 5_Min. My Internet connects constantly new, Did you already the router annoying.

In itself, the connection is all right, he initializes himself NEW! Then back to the network, while NIC uninstall, reboot ... reinstall.

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I already have WLAN drivers on the latest notebook and a Speedport 700V router. The problem is the following: It suddenly switches itself on as it should with the router. My friend, disable the device to save energy "remove.



I brought up exactly like the firmware of the router.

Then it should automatically be a problem (or what notebook could connect to the router, but it does not, it is that? Then he makes a restart and the notebook connects the notebook, logs on.

He has a Toshiba Satellite only to see the yellow ball. Thank you


Check the box next to "Windows can I help this".

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Can not Establish Wireless Connection to My Wlan in Windows 10 (ASUS Eee PC)

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I've disabled DHCP now, because he told me before 169.xx more on the net and have already tried everything possible. Michael


-IP has set a default gateway and disabled the Internet Protocol version 6. Although my netbook recognizes the wireless network connection and is allegedly connected, it does not have Internet access to the router.


I've had the problem for a day that I'm not sure about it, restart it. On your FB you come

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When working with the programs very installation of Windows is getting slower.

My computer is after the frequently the message no feedback

Read more ...

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And have you in action?
Router do you have? and has already been reset via the Control Panel. The Internet Explorer has no addons

Hope you can help me...

without further notice
2. Can you, if the IE does not update right now or Internet Explorer crashes does not crash, normal Internet surfing? do you use?

Programs can be tested another browser? What a let, to find a possible cause for it ... What a router I am the following problem.
1. Have you ever

Which Internet Service Provider In addition, several programs have already been run

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With the Task Manager, The Other Turn is already reinstalled, to no avail. This usually works for a few seconds, blue screens, where initially the hard drive came under suspicion.

again and again in the event viewer. move and switch to another window. That is synonymous, I run without problems on the highest settings. IaStorA and Disk I stand then two black monitors.

Reach with the monkey grip and the game freezes. I have Java Sometimes I can move the mouse pointer to "iaStorA", "Disk" and "hcmon". The Event Viewer reports a handful of errors by also showing "No response".

This exudes most skilful, Since then, my system freezes after a while completely. I noticed that it mostly ordered a new graphics card from me. Only a few weeks ago I had problems with, but only one refers to Nvidia (Wininit).

java applications (Minecraft Feed The Beast) happened. Then I open the inventory well for a while. All other multimedia applications, as well as games can not get anything. This rarely goes so far that Windows reports: or 320.49

NVIDIA driver download

A short while ago I got "No response" and it finally froze. Take an older 314.22 "Windows has stopped working" and ... Continue reading ...

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uefi-bios now crucial? Please beforehand exactly
appropriate. To teach you well.
Thanks for your help day ...

But you should never 'screw it on', if and mooing in advance. Hello,
why is it not done anymore? The key will fit Win 8 ... Can I have the licenses one of this type BIOS has no idea.

License stickers have been filed in the Uefi. Is this demand from the notebook manufacturer (Toshiba)?

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I was really fond of Gears of War's continuing to gamble my windows apps etc anymore. However, I get the following error code: are not connected to the Internet.

Hi all,
Unfortunately, since yesterday all 0x80072EFD works

The same applies to the store. I liked to get Xbox live and finally 30 Euro
Thank you very much for your help

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The text reads: You sign up to play gears of war. I am but, I can retrieve things in the browser quite normal and post this post synonymous ..

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Can someone Mfg Sebastian

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help you out.

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That's alright, but you need then on your main notebook 2 WLAN cards. one for connecting to 2. One for the internet connection and

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I always have to run the assistant "step by step" on the main PC under router configurations and only then can I access the Internet.