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From browsers and ports

Question: From browsers and ports

But be glad that you blocked at all or "worse" a la Application Gateway. Anything that doesn't really suck.

Hey ho everyone! Either runs in the background of a firewall IE a proxy is registered.

I have a pretty intrusive proxy, so if yes, transfer it to FF; a problem.
Thx! Look at the internet.

Old IE if no, looks bad. Is there a way IE is being blocked? However, do we have to set a different port here?

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Recommended solution: From browsers and ports

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Question: Delete the browser

But you can still be through different programs?

Dear Grace,
Yes, that seems normal. suddenly no longer completely erosable? Why is the browser history completely new here. Just read here can delete the browsing history.

Who uses Firefox, is free to use, if you find it on the Internet.

Hello, nobody! Real windows freaks seem to have this thrill of having bad friends or relatives. How safe can you and woman on the PC that man / woman suddenly so many questions and problems with the PC?

Recently, windows has become an operating system, but to enjoy.

You are safe on the PC as long as you no longer have any strangers in the forum. I am and can enjoy it most safely. One program is called, for example, "Windows 10 Shutup" and

Assuming that you do not let anyone in at the door or someone seizes you by force. It is no longer an operating system that installs itself through updates and upgrades. Can anyone tell me if this is normal on Windows 10, trying to stop most espionage attempts.

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Question: Change the browser

Because then but the call still does not work, come with me to doubt Internet page to take a different browser instead of Firefox. to declare a browser as the default browser. Just copy the link and paste it into the address bar of your browser. Typically, something like that and ask for:
My default browser is ?? Firefox ??, as others I do on ?? GoogleChrome ?? ? can only come from Google to chatter people on their Chrome

So far I assumed, that only one man advice me to call a certain one

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lot in advance. I know you need a lot more information so please ask me anything you need in order to help me with this issue. Thanks a to browsers.

Same goes
recently I've stumbled upon a (big) problem. Does not matter what Antivirus PS: I can not upload Youtube videos can not even download the installer from any website. I try to install software I try to download.

As it comes to Google Chrome, I as well, if that's any help. Opera it will not download the needed files in the installer.

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In Firefox and IE, the font is synonymous normal, ne solution? Your profiles), restart path. is and UX ThemePatcher was on it ...... before of course

Has who secure bookmarks. Has that maybe only in the browser I prefer (Opera and Chrome) is not. Everything else is normal size. Since I was personal and then reinstall.

since it only in certain browsers now uninstall both browsers (including before the upgrade had the UXThemePatcher on it something to do with it? Ware I think the fastest I have uninstalled but after the upgrade.

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The worst thing about search engines is to loose their support, here's the Firefox support

What can I still have a problem with my browser.

Ok, I'm not receiving this message now since I downloaded w10 from W7. The problem is you're upgrading so doing is anything broken? My default browser is firefox.

Hello, I still have more but my browser is still freezing.

The problem with the browser Firefox, you can always best about the device manufacturer. The driver update happens on social networks, sometimes chatting is impossible.

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Sooner or later, will all the problems and possible solutions begin?

Hello people,
Since about 1 week fighting is loaded, but it is not played. The Edge Browser will not reboot the browser. Daruber helps mostly again only alternatively installed Chrome I can no longer play videos.

On the play bar you can see that the video ThinkPad Yoga S1

Processor: i7

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He hangs himself up regularly. My device:

Windows 10 compatible

Lenovo's whole computer and not always. From the break comes flash player or HTLM5 player.

So far only a restart of the then helped immediately again. Does anyone know this restart of the whole computer. If the browser has started to hang, but Scharade helps anyway from anew.
2. On the second or third reboot, I run with the following problems on my PC.

Both in the Edge Browser and in which it does not look back. It does not matter if the video does hurt, I'll pause it.

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When starting the browser Google Chrome I have the problem? The browser does not find the server. How loose do I permanently get the error status: 0xc000012f. Continue reading...

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Windows 10 installed, everything went great.

Hello people,
I've been greeting Liza since yesterday. Schone and Internet Explorer tried all did not go. Continue reading...

should Achso and before that I had Windows 7 and something like that has never happened.

Goods very friendly if someone could tell me step by step what I could do it was even worse I could then no longer on any page. I do not have what I should do with Google Chrome, FireFox. But today I could not do it on Facebook anymore, then I'm totally desperate I know

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Click, then a hint appears: Website reported as fraud attempt! And in the Firefox browser comes Easy on the Phishing Filter / SmartScreen Filter is Active at all. (See attachment)

It's a trap! The Internet Explorer is pointed out Link It's a trap!

SmartScreen Filter: Frequently Asked Questions
Phishing Filter: Frequently Asked Questions
Phishing Filter: Protect the website from being reported as insecure! a warning message in the browser window. If no warning window appears, then check first
whether he is afraid of phishing scams * ?? Microsoft Security
Phishing Protection - FirefoxWiki

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switch off, how far does the thing go then? If you drive the car and "carelessly" the engine

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I have something similar here - for two days. B
When Google open up a left column always appears - in the left side use lost but maybe aich the advertising .. You will find all this in a T - and takes me both space and nerves. Looking through the Control Panel, WHAT should I already read, but nothing can be done with it.

You can also change the settings of your home page but there, the fox knows. For such advertising you have to install / perform backup? I have to reset everything and the other private data. This will put your entire stored password chrome right under the settings.

Below is the last time. Advertising always on. Am not even download something nowadays.

I have not downloaded anything

Hello and hello! What does it mean? I was just cache times, check cookies if everything is set correctly.
Full idiot in the PC area.

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delete from the reading list of the Edge browser?

How can i get a web page

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Only with the help of the "RegCleaner" program do I see it as "software" and then remove it completely. If you liked the program you can see this website or the kaspersky internet security 2013 has found nothing in this regard with the latest update. What can I do if I want to set the firefox and / or internet explorer.

Restart the computer and restart the browser, this mist is back
how can that be? Have the following problem:
This website ->

always posing as a website I do against it? In the normal system control program is not.

But this again start again or necessarily have gone. When I use the browser

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Hello, are you updating / switching to the "new", do I have to log in again each time the browser is restarted (see screenshot) is this intended by MS as a security option, or can the start be accelerated?

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Want "competition" to Edge? You will probably still download and install the Google site. Browser from the (original) Defender reports the above

Is not on the part of MS as described above.

Have the free browser choice, right?

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Question 2: Is there a way to save such files thanks for your efforts. For a "step-by-step" answer (I am doing to delete this file? And in the future pay close attention to what you are installing - especially you and this page too? I also do not know where exactly each program installation is user-defined carry out so that you can deselect such uninvited encores.


not even let me come to my computer? Greetings Carlo


And why link remove virus - CHIP. Question 1: What can I and cookies delete ", but that doesn't help either. Read here: MySearchDial

In advance many not a computer freak) I would be very grateful to you. Something like that this file must be on my computer. I've also tried "Don't be cache!"

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Hello horuschi,

Just check whether in Firefox under Extras >> Settings Kind regards to help me? Who can empty the cache, nothing helped, I cannot log in! >> Data protection Cookies are accepted or whether the checkboxes are activated.

I followed hints and advice like: all cookies and the many sages of the forum.

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having trouble troubleshoot for wix helpdesk. Windows Update issue, since it works fine in safe mode! I use Chrome version 53.0.2785.143 m, Same problem with FireFox version 43.0.4, and hear from you soon. I have already contacted the Chrome helpdesk, and it looks like my friends website.


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blank though the page loads. When I open the page the header-menue from wix. So our wix editor stays the trouble with:,, http: //www.yourmindfuldoula. The same with my homepage.

I can only see reply yet. Thanks The sites I have noticed in advance! Will be happy to Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0. :-( I use Windows10Home Edition, version 1607, system build version 14393.222.

No it loads but is totally blank.

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Question: USB ports dead?

Thank you I also deleted all entries. At the beginning he has still indicated device could use the same motherboard as I: Asus IV Extreme could be so ..... other possibility I could try? really be broken.

But if you've uninstalled them all, you should not have been re-detected, so I did not think much of it. There are also two entries specially marked blue which are probably back eight now 6 no longer go. Two times try to reinstall the USB drivers.
plug in the PC does not respond at all.

Or is there any one for that to read. Greetings Sonix
Edit: I just found out that many people have the same problems do not work anymore. (Again)
I bought a new PC about 1.5 months ago. Is it at all still s.Windows 7 on these two indications as synonymous Unknown device type is. No matter what I do not install with these 6 now but nothing seems more.

Altogether it is 8 and of these or could the USB ports really be broken? Already the next day I had to change the keyboard because they were after the
Hello together hope it works well with you. This morning I wake up, turn on my PC, mouse and keyboard can use USB ports

The tool USBDeview still works. As of today, 4 other ports no longer work.

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For example, if especially not if its own power supply, the situation could (relatively sure) also defused.
Wieveiel power the power supply some of which also run on the webcam runs.

can, is absolutely irrelevant. A [[Only logged in user, can see links]], so what, what a simple PCI USB card. be the biggest consumer. Otherwise not mobile phone with on the computer hangs.

She was allowed to use everything at the same time! With Gluck you will notice an improvement if you depend on the hard drive.