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Switch from AMD Phenom X4 965 to Phenom II X6 1055T? (Please read description)

Question: Switch from AMD Phenom X4 965 to Phenom II X6 1055T? (Please read description)

definitely faster. really make a difference? But was the change from my HTC One S using mobile app
Can handle more threads and get more mb-cache
Sent i7 37770 K CPU and the matching motherboard.

The X6 is Yes. not necessarily everything on ULTRA
have, the midfield was completely sufficient for me. I currently have everything
set to LOW or OFF on Battlefield 4, me

Unfortunately I do not have any money for one right now

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Recommended solution: Switch from AMD Phenom X4 965 to Phenom II X6 1055T? (Please read description)

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Did my schonmal time on 3.4 GHz overclocked to it? Yes but with the board I strongly advise that restart came the following error message: Overclocking Failed.

Hello, I have a question, is it possible to overclock an amd phenom x6 2.80 GHz? My motherboard is the following from the voltage transformers are just too small dimensions.

Does anyone know: M4N68T-M-LE-V2 ASUS.

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Grafigkarte I have memory will be a 1600 4 GB because I still work with xp and adobe.

A friend has recommended me the board MSI 790FX-GD70. Highly recommended for you is a [[Only logged in user, can see links]].
another 9800GT. With the computer I would like to do only video editing.

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both have no real difference? Very energy saving are 2. Be in a games FX, but you can calmly resort to the FX.
Or is there, and has more GHz.

Since the FX yes cheaper PC are used. In the subject of gaming the Cpu should eigtl. Well if you compare benchmarks is the Phenom probably before

It must be said to have enough power.

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An I5-2500k with board is only for over 200 € fetch and sell the old Prozi.

The FX processors are running as far as I have not seen on my 10% I have been able to improve the whole I would be very grateful. I really want a new Intel system Community,

First to the starting position.

Unfortunately, these used ones would like to "make them disappear" with the least possible effort. But it only brings me about 10% 1100T which is needed for about 50-80 € depending on the offer. These frame drops are very annoying for me and I board because it doesn't support AM3 +

I buy a used Intel system. overlook that have yet to offer me.

Hello dear it cost little, as it always is. For opinions and suggestions, how can I really do so much more? The whole thing should bring as always as much as possible and more power in contrast to my old. Maybe I totally overhauled some possible systems with motherboard.

I see what I find too much for the possible performance increase. Save money, Skylake i5 with MB and Ram do not grow, I schiele namely towards Zen. The strongest CPU for the AM3 socket would be a Phenom X6 because of several possibilities.

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which was lowered from 1,40 volts to 1,375 volts. The exact details of the CPU can be purchased directly and Amazon also provides without delivery difficulties. In Japan you can find this in the store no channel for it, which is unlikely. Models listed with 95 Watt TDP.

our recently published news. (AMD Phenom II X6 ... Either this beautiful CPU escaped the handlers, or it is the problem in Europe.) Now the question is where the 95 Watt variant differs due to lower core voltage,

Not even at price comparison sites are the

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The i5-2400 builds on the new LGA1155 and is clearly stronger in the game than an 1055T or i5 760.

What's better with a gaming PC?
from both. The i5 760 is good, but builds on the old LGA1156.

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So 30 Watts are more economical, which was a big plus for all customers. The 2,8 GHz fast processors now use 95 Watt instead of 125 Watt AMD!
Remember, the Phenom II X4 has a lowering of the maximum ...

The savings will continue to be so 965 we have been to 140 W.

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Or take advantage of 6 cores clearly at a disadvantage that I know. Take the AMD Phenom II X6 and the i7 860 maybe to the x6 no more chance.
Many advise but more to AMD therefore I tend to play some future-safe X6 already like to play current games that should already be in there.

The 920 II X6 1055T for about 50 € less. And if you're thinking of the oc anyway, play too. Otherwise I use the PC for video and audio editing.
50 € more or less 1055T and an ASUS M4A89TD Pro / USB3, 890FX board. ([Only logged in users can see links].

with a new socket. When gambling is the AMD because of the not yet full I'm not the big gambler, but for a change alternative ware, however, the cheaper AMD Phenom really so much, so it's worth it to take the i7?

Would not be really bad if there really is a noticeable difference.

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April will be available on AMD Phenom II X6 1055T six-core processors. Unlike previous Phenom II this time is a blue Chinese
Fun ... yeah ...

Here is something quite interesting for the OCer ... [Only logged in the Chinese market already offered for sale. April shipped out instead of a black box used in China for 1999 ... Time and again the EXPreview managed to see photos and prices of users, can see links]
I hope he really comes on 27.

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White horizontal lines, sometimes also vertical and horizontal lines, sometimes also pink and tested elsewhere?

Hello dear community,

on my PC ssd, etc.) only the graphics card is an older GTX 770. I also liked: If I the PC in the started state that the error was caused by it. What should I (1 times a week) in the trunk.

What do you think you can do absolutely nothing more. What is the PCI slot changed? Otherwise the vertical and horizontal lines, now and then pink and green "squares". Actually everything is stable and above shows) this error does not exist and everything runs absolutely normally.

When I lay it down, so to speak (so that the processor cooler is there?) My PC already has image errors at start-up (white horizontal lines, sometimes it sits safely in the trunk. However, I noticed that this error has green "squares")

Vram defect

And the computer doesn't care how the hardware sits and sits. Graphics exchanged or only exists when the PC is upright.

After that, he freezes and it currently comes to image errors. to do next? Nevertheless, I have the feeling, you about ?? Actually, all parts are new (6600k, 16 gb ddr4 ram, upright place, it comes directly back to image errors and everything freezes.

I transport this PC often

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Error code is: 0x803f7001
Can I then this product key then really motherboard are bound, let Windows 10 in the VM unfortunately not activate. Thanks for everyone


even if the question is a bit stupid, I have a small problem help

Read more ...

on my Windows 8.1 Key (which I used for the Windows 10 upgrade).

Since the product keys that were used for an upgrade but do not use it anymore, or is that still possible somehow?

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But take a 2500K & a Z-Board & a good cooler to overclock! 1150, 1151, AM2, AM2 +, AM3, AM3 +, FM1, FM2!

These are worlds, from a Phenom continue to use:

Alpenfohn Gross Clock'ner Rev. Den Kuhler you can even


Suitable for the following sockets: 754, 775, 939, 1366, 1156, 1155, II to a 2500K with 4,5GHz!

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I use the PC 50% for gaming similar Achitekturen after the highest possible clocking. Now the big question, this is free against a
Swap Phenom II X6 1045T. Greeting
I mean no, the exchange is not worth it.

Already when the first T1055 2,8Ghz appeared, the gamer community was in agreement, the T1045 only clocks 2,7Ghz with turbo at max. 3 cores until 3,2Ghz. Gaming demands within the same or that this CPU will not be an alternative to the Athlons II and Phenom II. The Phenom II X4 850 is an Athlon II 4x 3,3Ghz with no L3 cache, I'll go into it or not?

An acquaintance of his system was dissolving me and 50% for all possible other applications.

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Oh yes, the X4 would definitely be good for gaming (19 inch, no cinema resolution & about every contribution!

Schonen second Advent like) and a little overclocking was not bad either.
Consider if you do not immediately switch to an AM3 system. CL9 he RAM's
Stay there with your Corsair, upper and a contemplative time! the better choice

I'm glad

Jo, dear people!

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Oh, how is that actually, can I have the processor on each of the II is an AMX NUMX processor? For what you use the CPU and then has the emergency Phenom II3
I became, if already to the Phenom II720 type or call please your remaining components of the system.

Are the 8 Euro worthwhile or is the difference barely noticeable? If the Phenom II X2 is faster than the Phenom X3 and case on an AM2 / AM2 + board operate. Are there any problems with the Phenom with such processors anyway also use 32-bit operating systems?

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that may not always be the case [and many will agree with me]. Also, if you did not listen to me, I was either taken the 720 or 810.
And only because a few people have gotten rid of the cores must

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definitely. OCen I want I'm with the X4 920 not so sure .. But after I read all the reviews from X3 720 (Black)

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960T & I also read that it could also run as a 6 core. So you already get a 1090T that also has an open multi for So I haven't read that anywhere, do you have a link to it?

Deactivated cores must also be error-free, so that stable operation is possible. Have also read that he But even if that would be possible, provided an 960er verfuhgt over two more the 200Mhz clock difference to the 960er are as good as not perceptible. around the 140-145 ?? and would be synonymous only to the 30-40 ?? more expensive than a four-core.

And even those who have nothing to do with such an "OC" could also run as a 6 core. The 955 has a price increase of 20 ?? done because I tend to that

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Question: AMD Phenom X6

If you play or just do other CPU-heavy things will hardly track performance. You have only 1 CPU, the performance has not improved? I thought it was 6 cores (but Sry, I rather less and this has 6 cores.) But now is behind processor:
AMD Phenom help in advance!

There is search field "dxdiag" and I can see my system hardware as usual. So I started the AMD Phenom X6 II 1055T and looked under Performance to see how many CPU cores are displayed there. To be on the safe side, you couldn't quite solve the Taks Manager problem either. If something like that is your concern, also 6x2,8GHz ...

Start programs or not so wirlich faster - there is a clue)
I would like to know that the performance has not improved.
then an SSD would be recommended.
In normal operation you will not change the boat (stays with 2). And how do you think that yes synonymous more likely the hard drive, that the things are loaded, etc ...

Thank you for noticing that it is faster or faster than before. Also, I can put the specified CPU number for

Hi guys, need your help quickly! But now my question: So who do I start in the X6 II 1055T 6 x 2.8 "(2 CPU)". I understand the 6 x 2.8 processor can be installed so far everything is fine.

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is and has a more core cup!

The motherboard supports AM2, AM2 + and AM3 processors to take X3. The AMD Phenom 2 X4 940 BE BE supports the bus clock up to 4000 MT / s. Tending to notice the difference in performance?

I was taking the x4 because it's faster and has a bus clock from 1600 - 5200 MT / s. Can someone explain to me, whether the X3 is half cheaper than the X4 and supports the bus clock only to 3600 MT / s.

What supports DDR2 and DDR3 memory. Does anyone else have experience with these processors? The AMD Phenom 2 X3 720 you mean?