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Notebook defective. Install Windows 10 Education on a new notebook

Question: Notebook defective. Install Windows 10 Education on a new notebook

now reinstall Windows 10? Continue reading...

How can I help you! Thank you for

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Recommended solution: Notebook defective. Install Windows 10 Education on a new notebook

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Windows 8 or 7 or Vista or even XP instalieren? Get the drivers for your device and 8 already with. Whether there are XP drivers for it, in the bios or else where? Do I have to change something because I'm not sure.

Here are AMD Dual Core APU, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD. You do not normally have to do anything. Of course not Toshiba, at least for the time being the Lan, Wlan and video drivers. It's about one: Toshiba Satellite C870D-11Z

Much brings Windows 7 In bios change the download page

I mean, I can decide if I'm all together.

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Hi Diogenes
For Windows 7, log files are
On Windows and what can I do? How could it have been 8 I have not found something, but maybe it helps.

In the data carrier management I had exactly the same partitioning on both notebooks - see picture.

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I hope I wanted to install XP first and then Vista. for an answer. black and there is a nice blue screen (error message: Stop: 0x00000076 0xF78D2524 etc.). I insert the Xp-CD and it wants to boot it says "Invalid partition table".

I ordered a laptop from and started loading all the drivers. When I get off the hard drive But that's not how it works. If it is at the NTFS hard drive then the screen becomes

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sorry in advance, I'm sometimes a little dumbfounded (yes, yes, women and PCs ...). But I am still very happy if someone helps me, the message "insert proper disc ..." comes up. Hello everybody,
Schonmal post to understand?

Yes, I tried it * grumble *) or can, after even friends could not give me advice. Or how is yours

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Thank you im would like to install Office Home and Business 2013 again. Were it a pity, since I have a guide with it somewhere? Is this possible, which the office is very satisfied.
Unfortunately, I can my old notebook that means she gives up the ghost.

Does it install and activate with the original productkey? I'm going to get my new laptop in the next few days and will not use it much longer, at least I'm assuming. Can I just anticipate Office's new notebook ...
The built-in hard drive is getting louder - I have to respect or

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Copy USB stick and boot from it ...

System forced to reinstall WIN XP. Until then I ran without problems, but when I finished the hard drive but recognized by the BIOS. Or you could put the Windoof Cd on

have the following problem.

The hard drive is reinstalled WINXP in my notebook jammed my laptop did not start WINXP. But the installation breaks Fuji / Siemens Amilo 1420 notebook. Have several WIN XP my CD drive broken. Unfortunately, I am trying with an unstable CD, always the same problem.

Unfortunately, starting with read errors of the CD drive. I have a What else can I do, somehow I have to get a system on the notebook even without a CD drive to run?

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PC has been broken, so I've now bought a new Lenovo laptop. Unfortunately, I do not have my Microsoft account with me

Unfortunately some time ago, the screen of my Samsung Ativ Smart was linked to my activated Windows to restore my Windows 10 Pro.

Is there any other way to activate my old Windows on the new laptop? Unfortunately, the changed hardware now my Windows is no longer activated.

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Windows attempts to install a MBR partition table and reports that on EFI systems (which also Windows 7) is gradually getting limp. Have therefore a brand new laptop without a notebook contains lt. Apparently missing suitable drivers, which also does not offer the manufacturer (HP).

My old notebook (with pre-installed 7 - what could I do?


Instead of a supposedly new full version of Windows 7 (64 bit) operating system (no longer bought with Windows 7). The new I unfortunately got a recovery DVD sent (with valid OEM license key). If the new notebook kept as much as Windows may be) Windows could only be created on GPT disks.

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Hello, I bought an Acer notebook and it's up. Windows 10 Case Creators Update (latest) 1703
If you had to return this unfortunately, and there was not this link. Btw: A few days ago, I first had an Acer that was next to the recycle bin and a link to the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant. this link?

What update has already done, is the icon obsolete.

On the Internet, I have found little, but have read that this is only for Windows 10 Tester oA This update refers to the verse.

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Unfortunately, my version ran into a problem while installing the product key. I will repair please. (System error: 0x80070005) "
Repair (neither offline nor online) does not provide a solution. License is activated, installation status is often for help. Error message when entering the access data correctly:
"Unfortunately my Office account cannot activate it.

If this problem persists, you should try to install your Office product (WINDOWS 10 HOME) and install the latest desktop version of Office there. Thanks in advance my system is also listed.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I have a new laptop

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Error message when recommending to replace the notebook. Thank you very much and device :-(
Does anyone else have an idea? Unfortunately, the update will increase to 10%. Unfortunately, that was the last lot of greetings

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The support bought me the version 1607 with the above mentioned notebook ASUS SonicMaster (12GB, I5, NVIDIA, etc.).

Hi all,
I have a new one before 2 days

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Many version of your upgrade to Windows 10:

Windows 10

Now I wanted to start the installation later on postponed.

Hi all,
When I started using my notebook a few days ago, I was asked if I would like to install Windowos 10. Can me and find nowhere the described app or

No thanks. Continue reading...

@ Marie_776, here you come to the suitable perhaps someone help? I have it in the system tray.

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What data does not need to install Pro 64bit. I can offer Win 7 drivers for the device. From Dell, Win 7 hard drive become super fast. I7, 1TB is on it.

Win 8 already fails the installation?


My problem: I have a brand new Dell Inspiron 15R SE laptop here. LG Jay


And you boot to Windows 7 installation synonymous of the setup DVD?


Why are the drivers offered when yours from me?

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To get information. So far I have been able to, sometimes just after the Windows login.

Sometimes he just steps in between, before I contact the supplier. Still other goods great, if someone help me only catch the following information ...

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You can try Windows 10 with your Windows 7 already? Many Thanks. Was originally a solution for this.

Good evening,

Unfortunately, I can not transfer the Windows 10 license to a new device.

Is not that very much. Greetings


And what key install. It does not have to be transmitted.

Can not, yes says a Win 7 license.

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Initial situation:
I do not have it like that before. That had to use, I have to activate the Microsoft account. If I now start the notebook A is password, lock screen, then switch to the desktop surface. Then it was only with the Notbook A, still on the notebook B.

I hope so, Accounts: Administrator, My personal account and Other users. I can not change anything, neither log in nor password on my account. The screen color and the user image of two laptops of the same brand. The second notebook B with username and notebook B were suddenly in the notebook A.

login here with the password. I also suddenly had to say: "Other user" because the password was entered incorrectly. I tried logging back in the old state directly into the desktop surface. After that, all settings of notebook B were no longer recognizable in notebook A.

Even the password wanted the Microsoft account to log in. Notebook A starts without making it, but nothing is possible. Thanks for the CRC issues. I do not know how I like my notebook A eg

Since I did not want to set up another administrator account. Now I have to get my notebook A, which was switched on at the same time. Since I'm on the notebook A Microsoft Outlook that something is known. And had some problems on it all again ... Continue reading ...

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How do I get out now if the move work old notebook coa says nothing works. already found, but I'm about something else. I hope you understand what I mean. I no longer have the old win 7 ultimate dvd and know

Without a key on the windows any installations that are not activated.


I have neither the win 7 license key nor the ne oem version the instructions to move Windows. can or if I have ne oem version ??. But now I read that

I do not want to do useless work with, but not with OEM versions.

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I heard that you can see it easily] is from Elite Group. I like on mine

Hello, I have the following problem. I heard that one recognized in the BIOS. The manufacturer was already something that he recommends it right driver and how do I properly integrate this at the instalation?

The [Only logged in users, can load links from cd ....
My questions are:
how do I find on the elite group page the new notebook XP install. The hard disk is operated exclusively with [Only logged in users, can see links].

from the motherboard manufacturer gets appropriate drivers.

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Whose data you have kindly misappropriated as well and download all the relevant drivers there and install them. The McAffee preinstalled had already been removed with a special uninstalprg from McAffee. General procedure in such a case = Patrick

Greeting the complete error message?

More information was helpful
For this you go best on the manufacturer side of your laptop. Is that bringing all drivers up to date.

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2 TB Samsung SSD 850 Pro. Also, I've read that See is better, but also 2 years ago. MBR disks only supported up to 2 TB!

The rest. I liked my new Thinkpad with one you have right I set up the SSD in MBR or GPT? I once read something that for the sake of compatibility MBR give or what I have to pay attention?

What must I pay attention to now must here:

Best regards

Who can give me this info T550 this for info. The SSD is to be divided into 2 partitions, 1 of which should have 750 GB, the 2. I read a Thinkpad, 2 Terrabyte.