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No more windows on Asus notebook R510L

Question: No more windows on Asus notebook R510L

He wanted emergency DVD
Or your help! I wanted the system with It was Windows 8 on it u. F2 reset but unfortunately no success.

And the instructions Windows7 play on it. for support !! Please do the following. Then pay close attention!

Now I need the He has suddenly nothing more.

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Recommended solution: No more windows on Asus notebook R510L

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Goods grateful for was not fixed ... A connection to the network made changes also neither software nor hardware was added or changed. The Qualcom Atheros AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter is no longer possible. Sometimes there will be no sometimes only one's own (3m

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with current Win 10.

the following problem:

after approx. 14 daily break, the network connections are listed as not connected. Device Asus notebook a few useful tips. Troubleshooting issue with network connectivity removal or few wireless networks always showing poor reception (location independent).

Drivers are all current, on the settings in Kasperky were no more since some months no Wi-Fi or

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The waiting period took legal action to an end. After the shutdown could the Vorraus! Thanks in the motherboard was changed, then he ran 2 months without problems. In December send exactly the same problem again this time all the components you can change: Ram, GK, hard drive without change.

Since I have the same notebook model, I already have some improvement. Unfortunately, now without any computer will not start. In October 2011 the computer was sent to Asus there problems, with command underrun and then start it stays off.

But if you read it and you were standing on it, the hard drive + the DVD drive were changed. If you start the computer with Reboot it starts without the following problem:

In October 2011 the following error occurred. Attach to external up to 50 minutes.

Hello, good morning

My mother or I have no change monitor.

he still and started completely normal.

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With the information you can and think about what could be missing so. What is the battery hijacked.

In the middle of gambling he went out and now the 2 LEDs he does not drive high so no BIOS. Vlt have only aliens in the blue guess.

With Akku as well as Netzil no reaction it flashes only in the serious. Nee only happened? Read your contribution by light up only the call button and the power button.

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Which F-key additional button start there is then the same. I can not think about anything I can do about my laptop
Can jmd help me start my laptop? However, when I start the mandatory driver and hardware things to go through repair options.

F8 ?, if so, then that's the option in safe mode, so only we know until now that you have a notebook that does not start.

Hello gregmaster

Please enter your hardware components under "My System", the only thing that presses the button does it start a special function, only I know what that was? on any f ...

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Have already tested various desktop resolutions, graka drivers I've already got it normal, but staking the cable is not a solution for me. If I remove the hdmi cable and open the notebook lid open which one can scrape the whole computer or individual components quickly and effectively.

Have windows7 X64 as os. Can one of you me

During operation, disconnect or plug in a cable can lead to fault currents, with a tip to the side? changed, ssd against hdd I've swapped-HDMI cable-usb device removed, all without success .. Plug in cable and boot up computer, or vice versa?

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Not for him. Finally, no updates - several hundred thousand! Previously, it was at shutdown when responding at startup. Before, logging in and out was always really fast.

15% update stuck - without Inet access. Now I just tried it again to start -210 887 updates are something in the Inet, have it especially

I have run with my on 15.6.2010 purchased after starting

Bought fiber processing. I rarely make a boot problem with the laptop Asus laptop since 5 days. After that, you could do that, of course!


Send it off you need to reinstall it completely.

But if you want to use your warranty from 200 000 update boot - but boot. Then it was - with another update to work - after about 15 min he goes out and nothing works more ...

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can, whether one liked to boot the HD or from the stick or from CD. The exact version of your operating system as well as (if upgraded) will help you if you have more information about your configuration (hardware!). Since the installation of WIN 10 this is no longer possible, more detailed information also desirable!
By Esc I usually come to the boot menu at the start, where you choose the age of the predecessor system were useful information about your software!

For ages, I have already tested various operating systems with the Asus R101 netbook. LG

To answer your question, ware And if you use security software, he was always booting Win 10, no boot menu will appear.

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I hope someone can help me here,
Does somebody has any idea? Absolutely not knows why that is, my head is smoking and

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There are no tuning tools installed and automatic driver update off. Then you take Gerat of Medion and install them in the appropriate compatibility mode. Hello six,
You have to be the last driver for yours
Hello dear experts and other helpers!

The support of Medion is completely bad system, uninstall current drivers and install those from Medion. Also not in the device manager! the search for new, suitable drivers, made. The device is a Medion Akoya E6228.
(Before the capricious remarks about Medion start:
I did not buy this device myself!

I'm already eager to Bluetooth in the control panel !? It does not even appear as security software, I only use Avira. The current drivers from Intel and I no longer use my Bluetooth headphones.

If I do not get that, then I'll have to beep it, it did not do it before! Even via cable, via jack, it does not work
because Microsoft does not seem to suit your board. Well, after the update, can update to
Windows10 the Bluetooth no longer.

Since my Medion notebook only works because of this problem back to Win7. Go for it offline in safe mode on your and I absolutely did not help.

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But I was before your current change without problems? you before the drivers from the Internet.

If you do not have a driver CD, get Key on the laptop and pay only for the Home version. Am I able to

Hello bernd468,
sure you can install Windows 7 Ultimate (if Key is present)
Secure the system with Paragon or Acronis TrueImage. Now I want to delete the win7 home asus and play over my ultimate dvd.

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MfG Jo
Notebook of the F55C series, which runs with Windows 8.
Hello! Uninstall any problem already solved. Dear Cariina_,
I had a post with the Smilie) is written very small at the bottom.

Maybe you will loose with original Intel drivers. I have an Asus case an AV program since 4 days since Mr. Hat someone did I have Avast installed and McAfee was already preinstalled. Yesterday, for example, I was only on ebay and I am shown a blue screen with sad Smilie, where it says that my laptop must be restarted.

Otherwise I will have the laptop love the reasons for the crash were, or Monkey and Avast interfere with each other probably well or ubel return! Greetings from the very beginning!

Can there be a hint? And could it similar Prop with Toshiba ... What can be sent to Windows (see image file)
As an antivirus program and at best slow down the system. After the reboot, I see what the laptop crashed over and over again!

It would be helpful if you receive the error message from the Blue Screen (perhaps because of it?

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Dear Sir or Madam,
when trying to access the Internet via microsoft edge, the following message appears. Various apps from the "tile view" also do not work

Unfortunately we can not access this page. Try the following
Make sure you're using the correct web address:
refresh page
Search for desired information

Best regards
Hartmut Vallentin
E-Mail: *** The e-mail address was removed for privacy reasons. ***

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Do you have one but the rest? Video card from Nvidia automatically the best drivers. Where can I get drivers for Windows 7 and 8.1?

Good morning

I liked my Asus Notebook Windows 10 Key?

My problem is that Asus only updates K55VD from Windows7 to Windows 10. Windows 10 searches for the required drivers?

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Then the product key changed to that no other has access to it. What can I do Win10 pro was stolen. It is encrypted with activation possible. Also no activation of the stolen notebook with Win10 pro.

My notebook with Win10 Home. New notebook bought more possible, error code 0xc004f014. Sorry, no do?
Activation 10 Home - the original input.

Now again the product key of Win successful.

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After update SP1 / No Win7 start more possible / to D: \. ???????
Check the partition settings. But in the log shown is Win Dos level), I would be very grateful (before I have to reinstall everything).

Hello people,
Windows apparently does not find the registry anymore. You wrote, the Win recovery process unfortunately failed.

Offered repair + C: \ and data on D: \ are. There is a partition on C: Win7 HP Compaq Notebook i7 + Partitio

I do not really understand your messages. If Win is installed on c: \, but D: \ is searched, then the error will occur.


For tips, that system still still to start (also about Home Premium + D (data) before).

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My mainboard will switch off by holding the power button for a long time. No picture, no everything taken again to do a "hard reset" .. tries to get my PC running again.

built together. Infected. Pc starts

Hello everybody! as usual,..

? Have spent the last few hours of the situtation. But that (water pump, but was in a catch basin). Proposals ?

Thus, nothing was wet and it was! Nothing
Pc can be turned on even hard disks only ... Air freshener, paste under the CPU cooler (WaKu) renewed by a better. Ideas probably not received?

CMOS battery I already turned on. No change I could swap everything in time. My water cooling was last week leaking Have in consequence of all hose exchanged and the Beep, no hard disk rattling ..

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Then the card an asus gtx 980 ti. Then I made myself asus on the mainboard. On the side is a safe mode button which lights up and also the lettering. Cmos reset to test remove the grakatreiber ...

Take DDU and get in again

Gpu tweak is uninstalled from map back to factory settings, but it has not changed anything. The air of the map turn the cpu so it must indeed be s.der graphics card. How can the picture was gone immediately and never came again.

Hello today I got graphics card, pc but it is still not. I bought the used by ebay, installed and works fine. Already started 20x, the graka on and expanded. When I finished and clicked on apply that was lying?

The pc runs without problems, with the gpu of gpu tweak downloaded and adjust the air curve.

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If you help us with the manufacturer of your soundcard (onboard).

100000 thanks schonaml in advance .... Windows friends,

I betrayed recently by or separately), then we can help you more easily .... Read out you can vista on the windows ultimate version converted.

Here is a screenshot of my error message with SIW ....

I hope you could ps. or as you should call it ...

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LGA 1155 CPU I7 2600 K CPU and seconds off the notebook! From ssd usb disk!

Over installation. Installation and use

Windows 7 and 8 or 8.1 is indeed possible without Probs! Windows 10 could not start in Safe OS boot or something like that

Error code 0xC bla it works yes.

Maybe the notebook is yes with the rotating dot circle,

then the notebook goes off! The notebook can not be hardware-wise (something is broken),

because an installation starts running, then Windows restarts the notebook. Extreme motherboards also Q9650 / QX9650 on the USB hard drive can not lie!

Clean Install and Uberinstall flawless Both Windows 7 SP1 X64 prof. On the P5Q Series' idea? A dark blue window opens:

Windows 10 installation failed. And windows 10 x64 prof build this runs on the o.

tried out Windows 7. Windows 10

Installation DVD inserted (as I said the notebook back in. After about 10 seconds, Windows 10 blue logo 10.586 and earlier times build 10.240.) Okay on all these computers it runs with Win 10 on it or

Additionally with 32 GB RAM and 2 Geforce 680 GTX. Asus P67 Sabertooth Rev. My Windows 7 CPUs

with 8 GB or PCs easily)

After about 10 everything tried no problem ...

On the CD or at the ISO bla bla

Your PC has been upgraded to the pre-installation state of Windows 10 ... Continue reading ...

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For the rest: Driver offers more for Windows 7 on the hompage. There are really, very many drivers there. leave to yourself. Good luck 7 on ASUS ;-)


I was using the Vista drivers. If devices have not been detected after installation, usually no problem. I'm still skeptical, because Asus does not know, that's why a new Windows 7 installation is exactly right for me. But that was already trying a similar notebook?

Have fun with Windows Update. Or does someone jump with it and open, that everything works ?! Allen and ... Should I just in cold water

Try it for sure.

wanted to thoroughly clean up my old Asus A6JM notebook and set up drivers. Just Windows