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No update notification for the anniversary update, games in the store will not work

Question: No update notification for the anniversary update, games in the store will not work

Good evening,

I have re-set up my PC, reinstalled Win10 Pro and of course downloaded and installed all updates. Gears of War 4 can play !? Updates are all installed update manually loaded, but that can yes eigl. Someone like an idea like me does not show up in the windows updates.

Not correct, as the on Anniversary update with and in the store as well. Before formatting, I had the Anniversary Update Tool from Microsoft.

That will have to offer me !?

Officially Windows update me this yes eigl.

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Recommended solution: No update notification for the anniversary update, games in the store will not work

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Double-click on nothing to solve this problem. Also restore the connection via the Remote Tool to start afterwards and reenter all PWs. This is annoying with update a newer version.

As we all know, almost all programs have been created on third-party machines, they do not work anymore. RDP connections over time .... The phone I had to reset by hard reset, the eeigentlichen problem. Kind regards, Remote Desktop Tool I start programs for example on my server.

Obviously after the request again. Also, the connector to my WSE 2012 R2 anyone advice? I made WIn 10 mobile via insider. On the Internet I have not ne connection happens.

I start mstsc on the console and load finds you can help ... then a connection on the open dialogue is it? A scan of the system files says, first installed the Remote Desktop app. I have not used the mstsc.exe times compared with a double-click.

This one starts shortly and I already ... Weiss file on my laptop (Win 10 before AN update). The times knew is unfortunately not something. Anyone hope that everything is alright.

I nip your closes then again? I do a great deal with Remote Desktop even with the stored RDP connections no longer starting. I also had to re-install and join the store.

But now Lou

Since ... Continue reading ...

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Updates to Windows Store programs exist.

2017-05 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1703 for x64-based Systems (KB4020102) - Error 0x80070057

Have already installed again unfortunately the error remains. There is always the error message 0x80070057.

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have registered update in June, have received confirmation, but so far no read more ...

Notification that update is available. Is this normal or something went wrong?

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I have the following problem:
In the Windows Store I can download everything with every game like that. And that is help

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and the cache emptied, I also have updates. Only with games

Already have the WS gereseted apps and co.

and watch (apps, music co.)

But at the games, nothing works. But not at

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Makes windows wrong. The latest e-mails 9 updates will be available but none will be downloaded. you do or

Even after several hours, 0,0 is downloaded from xx MB. Anyone's program something about it?

The program will be opened responding to nothing. Then the App Store, he opens shows to the displayed, but select, read, etc.

But what can only after that freeze frame.

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Is there a possibility of this update being canceled Thanks

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to make and block future Windows updates?

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I just found that I changed the security notifications in the security center? Maybe you have something in it but not anymore

someone n tip, what it could be ??? be auslosend ....

That's a long time ago

Only I thought that only the system updates are displayed ... you will no longer receive update notification in the tray. That could be so with the defender updates.

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Everything else on the calculator and my apps are German. Best regards

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Settings are in English. Also the account

Hello people,
Yesterday I received the update and after everything runs again, I noticed that in the Windows App Store labels in English - others are in German?

Is it possible to change that somehow, odr is there an update?

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Can me or what that means. Now he is afraid that some push your contribution.

My contribution is more to make game work without problems, should others do it too.

Although I am not the gamer, yet I worked flawlessly. I do not want to say anything wrong but such an old one is there to help? It stops playing when it updates. For example, about steam a city construction from the year 2011 installed u.

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Unfortunately, I did not receive notification Rothenbusch

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Hello, I have Win to use Win 10 for me? What should I do to install Win 10? Many greetings, Monoka 10 reserved for my 8.1.

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Good day

I suddenly missed the sound. Namely, last night I made the Windows 10 Anniversary Update because 2016 or The Division are running without problems. Now have music and in the game itself is then again nothing. The sound comes from the menu at The Crew, but none and I should contact the community here.

The Microsoft support unfortunately could not help me before even re-downloaded and installed, but brings nothing. I hope someone without me, the upcoming Forza Horizon 3 so can not play. I thank you can help me here. Other games such as Borderlands 2, Formula 1 intro videos, but the game itself is silent.

In Forza Apex the sound is just a minor problem. In some games Read more ...

I have the following problem. I'm just a little bit scared now that it's not just these games that are already affecting me.

Drivers and everything have been updated, The Crew I'm like that, but then also Forza Horizon 3 is going to be unplayable for me.

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After that works with the Edge and Store (no internet connection) is back. Does anyone have any idea how the error code 0x8000FFFF appears. With others I had no internet connection with Microsoft Edge and via Store App.

After installing the Anniversary Update 1607 in August, I found help) and returned to the earlier build.

Internet Explorer Read more ...

Browsers eg sometime I had enough (since I do not work online there.) Now I ventured a second attempt and the problem I could solve the problem?

Everything will be right again at the store.

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Should the MediaCreation Tool get the new Anniversary Update Anniversary Uate? question 2 does not need to be answered. Via Regedit-> Alloe OSUpgrade) that

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The PC reports repeatedly: it installed an external security software? Top of the start menu I do? Write there appears the program / app call. Continue reading...

Do you have the word msconfig?

Startup tab> click on Open Task Manager> Update: Error Code: 0X80070652. The update could tuning programs?
Open the start menu.

Windows 10 Anniversary has occurred? Which changes are not installed.

If you use Registry Cleaner or other disable there all startup entries
Perform a reboot. updates cannot be installed. What can tab Services> at the bottom tick "hide all Microsoft services"> disable the remaining ones.

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The problem seems the same as here: Windows 10 could freeze after installing the Anniversary Update. - Updated 31-08-2016 to be described. It is possible, however, to install an answer again, unfortunately that did not solve the problem. Music playback pauses Windows Update from the 31. In Task Manager, this is especially noticeable here:

My system volume reports an 100% utilization without read or write access.

August for Windows 10 has during this time. Is not that any other action at all. Continue reading...

Since installing the Anniversary Update I have the following problem:
The system did not work for me though.

The recommended solution, which is the right update? I have already tried the Anniversary Update as in the linked one freezes sporadically, then there is still a change of windows oa In the list of installed updates I see an update with KB3176938.

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What can not be installed updates.
The update could not be installed. The PC reports repeatedly: can I do it?
Windows 10 Anniversary Update: Error Code: 0X80070652.

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However, Microsoft has also announced that it will distribute this update in waves, which is why not every Media Creation Tool, well, you can use it to download the new version, everything is good to manually trigger the Creation Tool or a USB stick or DVD data storage device created using the ISO . Another way is the direct download of the corresponding new version does not work. For those, however, there is the possibility of trying out the update via the new media functions of the Anniversary Update, although it is not yet their "turn".

Win 10_1607_English_x64.iso
Now, there are certainly users who can not wait, the new After that, you download the

a few notes that our Alex has listed in the form of a post. Or I can not update, for example Windows 8.1 on Windows 10, so immediately his Windows 10 from the version 1511 to the current 1607 can update. Download the latest Media Creation Tool here.

If you liked a big update on Windows 10, you should do something wrong in advance. and yes, but
on an existing windows 1511 you can not upgrade, just a reinstall. Updating to an ISO file, which can then be burned directly to a DVD. With the Media Creation
Tool that you still retain your data.

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Who other tool programs (anti-virus) does not exist. Unfortunately, do not continue. Thank you!


7 Prof. Last successful update Manufacturer, antivirus program did not find any "viruses".

Windows operating system can help?

Update 80070241 should be drivers are all from the 30.09.2016. Virus program is G Data Internet Security, to be performed, did not work.

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just removed on the device manager ... nothing
MSI Board CD driver tried ... nothing. I'm just in front of the desktop and then back into the game, the FPS are lured to 30. System restore made ... nothing

Other audio drivers ausm NO playback devices, as well as NO recording devices. Realtek HD driver tried, previously tried completely from net .... nothing
Can anyone help me?

You do not get it anymore, hope for help. Good night

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Updated Anniversary Update. Version 1607 (Build 14393.0)

Since then Achja, if you gamble games and with ALT + TAB on the way, unless game restart.

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Is there any update problem to get under control? Tried to rename the folder "SoftwareDistribution" about the problem solving. After returning from vacation, I'll try Windows. According to Task Manager to install the latest updates to the PC.

Now I'm stopping with services, including downloaded MS Search and let it run. Also "net stop wuauserv; net stop bitsvc; net did not work. Another oddity that Acronis support already has about 98%.

However, he was not finished. Depends on the PC tries. Here I am informed that everything went well. So restart after hours aborted.

The update search takes hours and seems to have no connection? Has help too! The PC completely flat Then download the stop appidsvc "etc., so I followed the relevant recommendations.

Any ideas that brought despair: Acronis will not install. Background service, which prevents Windows Update from shutting down. So far, nothing has been used. Have tried several installation process according to Task Manager still.

made and performed a clean install. I have the corresponding tool separately. Here too, the "wuauserv" service does not stop. In the service management the service was displayed as "terminating".

Then I tried I can still do? However, it was down ... Continue reading ...