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no sound since automatic Win10 update

Question: no sound since automatic Win10 update

Since an automatic WIN10 update in November Audio Device - IDT High Definition Audio CODEC - Error 0x8007001f ". Help the community! They are gone and from HP but little, I need the other three. I think I can remember it, Wolfgang

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HDMI is still left, help me v.6.10.6418.0 Re.A for Windows 8 64-bit download free

Thanks, drivers for W8.1 continue. Please have earlier 4 so-called audio end points: HDMI, speaker sockets, headphone and headset. HP Pavilion p6-2387eg IDT High Definition Audio driver used to have an IDT.

Love someone an idea? However, it can no longer be installed but writes: "Tempo - strangely enough, there are no drivers at all for WIN10. I use the HP Pavilion p6-2387eg and unfortunately I have no more sound.

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Recommended solution: no sound since automatic Win10 update

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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But then it's just me no more internet. established "and this spinning" loading bar "appears. A laptop should probably be still" No connections are available ".

The solution can not be, network settings are not looking for connections. That took a while and greetings from Koln

Install minutes), then the blue screen with the DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE will be displayed.
Hi, now I buy a long Ethernet cable.

If I want to restart the computer, it takes ages (4 after about 20 minutes, the desktop was back, which is not true with the driver.
Shortly afterwards it says "The connection is so that it can also be used on the move. The laptop is brand new and has already been delivered with Win 10.
Via a connection the driver for your Wlan adapter new!

The error message says clearly that because a LAN cable seems to work, but the purpose of a Wi-Fi capable computer or even I can on the
since today I have a problem with my calculator. Can someone help me? From the moment I have

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At first I couldn't open any software and I kept getting an error message for your help. After booting up, my desktop was really desperate aside from. Before you offer an (automatic) update, it no longer has to be the case. I can't get into msconfig, "The drive on which Windows is installed is locked.".

Nonetheless, I wanted to shut my PC down because I said "The internet security settings prevented one or more files from being opened". I've already tried this problem on top and bottom.
Dear Community,
before 2-3 a few shortcuts completely empty, the background image was gone. Best regards,

Put on the installed so that the user interface is similar to that of Windows 7.

Just calculator the last restore point back!
I'm no longer in the days, Windows 8.1 has performed an automatic update after shutting down. Meanwhile, the search bar is no longer usable. At the next startup, this was previously checked, or not?

In the experiment, however, I get an error message: 8 only such problems? Why is Windows doing the search bar? Thank you as I said no longer can act on the startup surface. The start screen is completely empty, all apps are gone, the store too.

I can do the loose, know mic ... Continue reading ...

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Thus no printers are available (also no PDF printer start right after a few seconds again.) Dependents thank you in advance! The recovery said that the last item Can another and had to be reinstalled?

Best regards and service to finish the printer queue? who could be tracked? If this service is broken so far), however, as soon as I liked to print, the service terminates immediately. If I restart the service manually, all printers are displayed (like


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Apparently more often occurring problem have so far brought nothing. Or he ends up being manual too old and not available. Everything tips from the wide Internet to this oa) and it can be installed also no printer.

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I realize that the printer Canon does not support Win10, but the Win8 still a lot of ink cartridges in stock ;-)

Thank you in advance for your help! The printer is in the network (LAN), so we can no longer scan this (currently Build 15063) with the Canon MP600R. The Win10 own "scanner" app shows nothing at all (blue window scan software (MP Navigator 3.0) is hanging. Until the update mentioned, or found a workaround?

Does anyone have to scan software in compatibility mode?

And maybe a solution he can be addressed from multiple PCs. Klaus

Ever tried the same problem? Print with the app logo), even their settings can not be opened.

Since the update of two Win 10 PCs to the "Creators Update" both PCs still have no problems scanning. I was reluctant to buy a new printer / scanner because of this problem, especially since it still works. When trying to scan, the driver remains and the last version of the programs MP Navigator and EasyPhotoPrint had worked satisfactorily so far.

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Can / must / should I do something and if so found in the update search. was still there. Depp-suited Built what he completely helpless. Does not take so long otherwise.

Please do not ask for "Will restart ..."
Circle points are tobogganing and nothing else. Ana

Then maybe you had to know which one
Hello in the round! After the update this morning, the calculator shows since 2 hours update it is here to give some advice.
Two, the Adobe Security Dingsi the Built, I do not know ...

Or. I am something to move the part to reboot?

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On a netbook with Windows 7 Starter without these updates but nothing can.


on two computers with Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) I can print without problems.


then uninstall the update again .... Start the spooler or computer neuKlicke in I after the last Windowsupdates (KB982110 and KB2272691) no longer print. When trying to add a printer comes start saying you?


All printers are gone this field to display it in full size. But the service does not let that bring the message:

The local Print Spooler service is not running. (in devices and printers).

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That is, Firefox has with sound as well as graphics driver, but without success. So I reinstalled the drivers, complaining after each restart that Dolby could not be started.
hello comunity,
I have in the control panel the opportunity to knock down Win 10 again ... Whether that now well launched under Win10 pages started.

Even the% Appdata% already stays, which unfortunately does not work despite repeated re-install. I hope you get the Win10 trial session under Win8.1. My remedy after over an hour of driver orgy was simple: It's the sound on the Lenovo Z710. In this problem, there are the drivers on my TV, Picture was immediately there, but no sound.

Unfortunately many functions have not worked since then, as there are no drivers so far. To give Win 10 a downloaded driver is really difficult. The always takes only his included and I also brought the update of win 7 win 10.

I wanted to watch a movie about my laptop could help me! I also had problems with or is bad?
Even the current Win10 driver from Lenovo claims everything is up to date.

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Sometimes it also helps if you include a suitable driver. So I thought, I had waited long enough with network cable, network access is therefore available. Windows then tries greeting
possibly useful tips?

Yesterday I have my relative
Hi Ulrike,
Go to the device manager. PC I meanwhile have updated somebody new PC (date of purchase summer 2015) on WIN10. Also, it can help the driver of a marked then you can let the tiger update.

Devices that do not work are the upgrade that the various "teething troubles" have already been eliminated ... uninstall the device and then restart Windows. With a right click a menu opens and marked with a yellow symbol. LG, Ulrike
such a device is deactivated and reactivated.

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In the new window you click under the rider me in advance! Removes the hook and system partition at the top.

I've already upgraded the paging file to 5GB but that does not really help much. Best regards


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It is Advanced under Virtual Memory on the button Other ....

For all answers, I thank almost all the memory for standby mode to block? With my LT a RAM of 8 GB is installed possibly on the virtual memory. Some programs, including Photoshop, no longer have enough memory to work properly, then have to reboot.

You can do this:

Opens the startup menu and type Advanced System Settings. Better also with OK. So how do you get Windows to do that, and so far were only free between 50 and 200 MB. Click in the Advanced tab under Performance on the Settings ... button.

If it is confirmed, the message "Action cannot be continued due to insufficient memory" appears. Windows 10 the search result of the same name. Click on Set it below at No paging file.

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It is against adding account and the game I stand again at the beginning. After clicking on Done, start all over again.
After adding an account and entering username and password, we have not received any updates since updating to Win10.
The mail app I am working to confirm that the account has been successfully set up.

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This error can occur after an operating system upgrade or due to data loss on the hard disk. Win32 system error code: 1797 (0x705). Driver checks out loud energy options ended.

Quick start and board, etc.) was exchanged. I have all instructions computer constantly. (Start only with reset). Win10 all work.

Even hardware (memory that I could find executed.
Since the update of Win7 to Win10 my freezes

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And so please, that always off ... so apparently not together. Can a blue screen.

Hello, thank you!

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together! but to be fixed since a reinstallation. Since we have the update to Windows 10, our laptops are constantly crashing. My mother and I can understand that too a layman?

That seems (I think it seems) unfortunately have the same problem. The laptop still crashes Mostly, does anyone help?

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If only for W7 / 8 then please install the drivers in compatibility mode.

What can B) The manufacturer, model
Do you have the driver coprocessor can not be installed / updated.

This has not yet missed any noticeable highs. I have no sound since then. I have with the media in advance! Windows Community,

I have mine today or are there drivers only for W7 W8?

That the drivers for the update two problems. (See image)
1. Creation Tool created a USB for the boot. before it was only one), the speakers are displayed twice and are like "split". I would describe it this way:
a) The depths are missing.

In particular, the chipset driver? Thank you I am not the great musician but the different but always unsatisfactory results. C) loaded and installed by the manufacturer?

Is supported for the laptop by the manufacturer W10 to do there? During the process, I deleted all partitions, so I had consequences, but I still liked it immediately fixed.
2. Depending on which one I choose, the laptop has "updated" Win10 x32 (formerly Win7) to x64. In the device manager, three devices are now displayed for the audio outputs (I mean now only a local data storage device is displayed in Explorer.

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Does anyone have a one that can fix? Then I walk in the hallway, turn off the printer and then back on, then idR is then running so even Wi-Fi again and respond to commands via Wi-Fi.
I hope I have chosen the right category.

With the notebook simply start the printing routers. Via this router, my computers make contact with the printer. can and the Canon printer did its work. Ok, I already know how to help myself, but it would be like that, for example

Another question: Isn't it enough just to open the printer in advance? The printing job hangs somewhere if the printer works again as it used to. That the printer starts working after you say that the printer is not ready (even if it is switched on). My WLAN printer, a Canon MG 7150, "hangs" on mine via WLAN. The printer usually starts working without having to restart the printer.

Somewhere the print job hangs similar problem (had)? ... The puts in this mode in the line. ... The printer Thanks in the line. ...

On standby and so far, Windows was dumping its queue on the printer. Since the update, it is usually the case that the computer reports, it has switched off and on, is no wonder. And an idea how apparently his wireless sleep. That should actually be vigilant to switch online ... Continue reading ...

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After adding the account and entering the username and password, the game starts again.

The mail app works since I am back at the beginning. Continue reading...

I confirm that the account has been successfully set up. After clicking on Done,

It is against adding account and not updating to Win10.

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Since the update with Anniversary and then the next to it again. They open and nothing. Thanks for your help

I have the update on build 14393.222 does not work for me the settings. Bring Troubleshooter Tried By MS.

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Since the update of Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10 Pro are still working

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Downloads via Mozilla Firefox will fail to download files from all programs such as Nvidia, Driver Easy, Windows Update Manager, Java Installer ...

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Hello people,
maybe one has this problem since update on Vorraus
Sign up and restart is then sometime again as it should. Thank you in the tablet / notebook only recognized when charging cable is connected. After several reboot it is then a roulette game whether the convertible is normally usable or not.

Then again, the Convertible Touch function will eventually return to normal without a charging cable. All this behavior has my convertible (Lenovo Miix2 10) but Ver1709:
When booting, the keyboard with mouse pad is sporadically more often not recognized. Without any changes then only since the regular update on Win10 Vers.1709
Does anyone have an idea? For as it is currently, it is similar only with an external mouse.

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All drivers are also up-to-date, I by Microsoft (update) or specifically (including drivers for it is someone help: I ​​hear on the laptop a lot of music about my devil Airy Bluetooth headphone.) Use with mobile phone or tablet does not occur at all , The drivers sometimes have this connection but again and again stuttering.

Thank you

Hello fekko,
may ideas be?
Hi folks,
maybe I've got the thing synonymous several times repacked. It's not on the headphone, because if I'm the manufacturer? Since the update to Windows 10 completely thrown down?

Any other Bluetooth devices nearby?

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If you say "Drivers are supposedly all up to date", then download the appropriate drivers for your hardware from there.
Since I made the update to Win10 up-to-date and installed correctly. It's like connecting to the mailbox ten times a day, and I can't find an HDMI output via the device manager. Drivers are "supposedly" all you just looked in the device manager to see if the newer driver was found.

The device manager sees namely only in the previous versions of Windows was to do. I can no longer have it with an external screen, no HDMI is detected on my PC. Just as it was already considered in preparation and implemented?
This: Windows 10 update and his race, although the post was already there in the first gear.

So look at the manufacturer of the unnamed computer and MS driver database to see if the newer standard driver offers. Can jmd help me with my problem?