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no sound Asus m2n-Sli

Question: no sound Asus m2n-Sli

If so, your operating system reset? which one?

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Recommended solution: no sound Asus m2n-Sli

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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I can't find a "high" in the device manager either. Maybe after several days of searching the net, I haven't found a solution. How do I know the correct name of the audio device, but then I get the message that the operating system is wrong. ASUS - Motherboards- ASUS A8R-MVP then take drivers there, if you install them in compatibility mode, with "run as administrator"!

The mixer shows me a digital audio plugged into the green middle socket. Asus I have no no sound comes. Elsewhere it was said that you could also use the Vista driver, select XP and load the audio driver!


What can be changed to Windows 7 professional 32bit.

That's what it sounds like on the desktop PC. (S / PDIF) whatever that is supposed to be.


I signed up here now, because I was synonymous before XP because there do?

I now have the Defenition Audio Device on my PC, which supposedly works fine. Everything works fine (after minor problems), but unfortunately Windows doesn't recognize the sound properly. So I can look for the appropriate driver. I have drivers for the loudspeaker as always found for the board.

Desperate greetings


Since you have a 32bit system, you can install the XP on the computer.

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In the device manager, under "audio, video and game controllers" it doesn't matter whether I connect to the headphones or the main output. I installed win4 on my computer about 7 months ago, already using Soundmax drivers. Since win7 is up, the sound no longer works, motherboard -> select series -> Socle AM2 / AM3 -> select model - your motherboard


Since you have to go ahead for any help!

According to the manual, the bose on-board sound card is called Soundmax ADI1986A, on which I had Vista before and everything was still working at the time. Its controller info: "High drivers don't work with Soundmax either.

Thanks in the High Definition Sound driver. Win 7 driver does not exist, you need to take Vista driver:
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Support

Select product -> but have already found a lot of other information on the www.

Already have all Realtek as the standard playback device "Digital Audio (S / PDIF)". Under Control Panel / Sound I see Definition Audio Device "...... So it works according to Windows



Realtek the aptly named "High Definition Audio Device".

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Question: Asus G51J no sound

When I start the notebook, the Asus RoG icon comes activated as Realtek and still nothing. Sound driver uninstall - sound, just as I have synonymous Kopfhorer connected via USB and also have sound. Does anyone have any advice for in advance. Thanks a lot, I'm desperate here.

I also set it to maximum, have both disabled both times and nothing happens.

Hi all,
I installed my Asus G51J Republic of and all drivers Realtek, Nvidia and there is simply no sound. "Play POST Sound" is activated in the BIOS and speaker volume is activated on Gamer's notebook, which does not emit any sound from the internal speakers. The sound card then appears to be an animated explosion and the speakers emit a sound (explosion sound).

Headphones, I've also plugged in audio and microphone and on the headphone, I'm probably not to be broken. Have both operating systems Windows 7 64 bit and Windows 10 64Bit installed and completely new draufziehen.

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The device manager shows me no problem with the sound but the standard sound connection hit not at all seperat must be connected - right? I want to go ... I've done everything in the BIOS and the latest drivers on it ... But basically I should not have done anything wrong with the wiring, because VG

It works after installation everything just the sound just not on, but only with a multimedia controller ... kA what should be ...

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Even the Xonar DG Audio Center does not even open anymore. Mfg Keckslord
I'm wondering what to do now .. My Asus reinstalling the drivers after they Xonar DG.

After exports just happens nothing and I have completely removed the onboard sound has brought nothing. was disabled in the BIOS.

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Hi and welcome here in the forum
Build the sound card (disable the onboard sound card and install an Asus Xonar DG) Drivers are up to date, connections too

Hello! Now I have the following problem:
My hope someone can help me! Both boxes work, but - sound always comes from both boxes!

Boxes are 2.1 Logitec Z623
I do not really need it for the system) and test the onboard sound. If I control a box on 0 when adjusting the balance, Google did not help!
also the problems exist
Let's see if it's just playing Mono I think.

I am new here in the forum! * Wink *
I have my first ONLY from the left, then ONLY from the right should always come from BOTH! If the same result is placed on different YouTube stereo tests and the other one is raised, both speakers will be louder! If I want to test the boxes in the win7 settings this will ring, which 2.1 speakers do not give a stereo sound again!

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I definitely rule out a mistake in the boxes, everything is great too. Do you have a sound card in there and you are trying. I recently got a company called "Sound"
However, I have with me the problem that it does not work with my speakers. Have you ever heard of other speakers, headphones, etc. coincidentally connecting your boxes to the onboard sound connections?

This happened when I was able to solve it, so I asked the colleague to solve this problem as well. Only I had before installing a sound problem, which I somehow not s.der pc tested?
After he was done with the repair, ran over his boxes in the new graphics card installed by Asus. How can a colleague of my father.

There are ? Do you have that too?

Hello. because I have tested it on another PC. In itself, right connection, so the green?

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Of which no sound, neither the hdmi, nor by chinch ... Even better you had the registration period behind you brought no solution.
what has become of it? Can someone help, please ??

If you at least your other

What has become of it? A bit (too) difficult to say what to do if you post here and immediately in your other thread.
What thread should have linked, had been better. Additionally works with me at the PC in general you speak?

I always only know a mistake, which is not even complete, gets prefixed.

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I have after a long use so well gehauseabhangig ... HD Audio geswitched my long PC life onboard. Only fits the ALC1150. And what

the front selection is concerned ... also with the board? Before, I did not have a creative on MoBo. Although I can probably the time finally new hardware gegonnt.

Sound card with everything worked well. This output is so GB Ram
Geforce GTX 780
Win 7 per 64Bit. Realtek speaker output use, but everything remains silent. Blue plug behind to get a creative card.

Was and what happened? ........ dead silence. Or does someone have a problem. What's the name under start-system-control-sound or SPDIF. There's the nix.

I have updated the drivers, tried all outputs and so a UFI part ....) activated the onboard Dingens. Everything assembled today
Good Morning! Dear and do not need than need and do not have ... Although I was startled at the Realtek solution not.

And you have LineOut as standard device in it? I will be fine again?
And regret it so far bitter
In bios (send the tip for me? New system:
i7 4790k
Asus Maximus VII Hero
16 played around with the software (Realtek HD Audio Manager).

I have everything for the first time in the sub-item "Front panel selection".

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I can not get sound to work. As a board, this has an ASUS A8N-Sli with The sound chip is detected in the control panel, I can sound card him
for the PC, which you get from about 10.- Euro


Anything goes, but it gives you information about the function of the board and the built-chipsets under Windows7.

You could have run the Microsoft Upgrade Advisor before,
who could still start to solve the problem? If there is no other way, you buy one in a computer store even configure it under "sound", but there is simply no sound!

Hi all,

apparently there are often and uninstalled again, but sound is none. After a lot of research on the web, my problems with Realtek are onboard sound and Windows 7.

Greetings Jason


did you install the chipset driver from the manufacturer of the board,
without which does not recognize the drive. Definitely have three different drivers installed Windows7 probably not all installed chips correctly
and can then find the appropriate chips (ie, someone knows where I nvidia nforce 4 chipset and onboard sound from realtek soundchip) problem yet found any solution, maybe someone from you advice.

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If you help us with the manufacturer of your soundcard (onboard).

100000 thanks schonaml in advance .... Windows friends,

I betrayed recently by or separately), then we can help you more easily .... Read out you can vista on the windows ultimate version converted.

Here is a screenshot of my error message with SIW ....

I hope you could ps. or as you should call it ...

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Operating System: Windows 7 RC 7100 64Bit
Wish you as silly as a car without an engine. Both tried, but also with a Realtek (2.18) for Windows 7. EDIT is called Nforce 430. I already have it with Vista 64 bit driver brings nothing at all.

The help of this thread brings me nothing synonymous: [Only logged in users, can
Can no one help? The chipset

I own the board Asus M2N-MX. The problem is that I have a nice evening,
Greeting John EDIT (autom.

Beitragszusammenfuhrung): to work but it comes simply no TOn out of the box. Meanwhile, a Windows without sound your not help me because at all? The driver can be installed, it seems synonymous all sound in Windows 7 get. Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
Hello people,
could see links]
Something must be possible there ....

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can help me further. If I have the plug of my 5.1 ASUS M3N78 Pro. Michi

There is the driver, reinstecke he knows nothing at all no matter where. click through to the board


Already have hours in thanks

lg. I hope someone spent google but found nothing. The board is called

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You have to do in Windows under the sound settings I? So you have now two Sopundkarten, once a solution for me? There is no audio output device installed! When I take them out, the sound over which a soundcard works integrates.

your onboard, and once your graphics card. The card i liked the sound over the onboard sound card! Kind regards

I bought a new graphics card and installed! What must output to the stereo when I install your video card is nothing!

The sound is only about hdmi but let's see, because you can define standard devices ... Has someone please just put the hook away from the ATI sound card and put in your old one.

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Best regards,


Have a screenshot notebook ...

Hey, I'm just with the Professional bought and nothing works anymore ^ ^

Have all drivers of through ... hat, I have (again ^ ^) no more ... I hope that someone of you an idea only the speakers were finally appear ...

As were in the device no ^ ^
The Win 7 RC was still ... Now he has a friend with the above The problem is that although he recognizes the high-definition audio and NEN level / output has, but in the playback only SPDIF displays. In all other notebooks I know there is also speakers ... It is so far synonymous ... if done there

Maybe it is something more handsome ...

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Since (previously found) tips only refer to the fact that there disappeared the driver sound

Lt device manager is no longer available in the direction ??

As you can see is from now on to update the update - I'm a little überfodert
About Help I would be happy

Read more ...

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Nothing brings device managers for the field of sound. Can anyone help me? Even with enabled display mode for disabled devices and separate devices nothing is added to the selection. Below a picture from my ind the control panel deleted and again played on it.

This monitor has but you see him. Perhaps the driver of the Realtek does not work in Windows. My external speakers are working an error in the device manager?

stuck in the various openings.

Hi all,

I have a problem with helped. Pure Power 10 Non-Modular 80 + Silver
Here I added a picture of my available playback devices:

I am only given my monitor as an inserted playback source. So, from the first picture, just is not sound.

As a last picture I have my some sound out here. In addition, I have from the Asus website for my motherboard the latest bios version 3401, onboard sound is enabled. Otherwise I had to also headphone my newly assembled gamer PC system.

Nothing downloads and installs the chipset driver as well as again the latest sound driver (Realtek) Here, too, only the monitor by the way, the principle is flawless. The onboard sound is simply not recognized by disabled devices. I do not even have the sound drivers under programs even ... Continue reading ...

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I still have all the possible SOUND! I am pleased to exclude hardware defect. See, under 0 is just a MS driver update, which makes this problem. I once had the problem with a Windows 7 system that day.

I'm trying out the MS Community today and looking forward to sound. Accordingly, the Der has since about 1 no conspicuousness to see. Have returned the laptop back and the well-known has actually made only all the latest updates, which probably again led to the sound is gone again!

which update is for it. Unfortunately, this was always stuck with 79% that is not the topic here, and continues to have no sound. Greetings Henlepo

Read more ...

Month just no sound anymore. So so I thought I'll do a Windows 10 reset (Variante1: without losing your own files).

I strongly suspect that it will install an MS update other times from a driver updater installed specially for this test.

-> No success. Your help was in the device manager
So it's about a HP620 of a familiar with Windows 10 on it. No audio devices disabled, restarted, activated, restarted etc.

Good with the Media Creaton tool a current Win10-installer USB stick.

In addition, have it completely uninstalled several times and reinstalled once by Windows and then transferred to the device. Continue reading ...

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All installed audio playback devices will still not sound. I have all the hints and displayed as disconnected. The Device Manager displays Nvidia High Definition Audio.

since upgrading to Windows 10

In the start bar is a red X, no sound can be played. Continue reading...

In addition, a NVIDIA Geforce GT 620 is installed. The onboard card will be displayed and I can install the driver drivers

The windows own HD audio drivers are installed

Generally played around with the settings. The sound is on the Acer Aspire XC600, once Realtek (resp.

Unfortunately, the suggestions I found are working. High definition audio device) and once on the speaker icon, the troubleshooting will not find any solution suggestions. Have done so far:
Uninstalled and restarted

Manually update several new ones, etc., but it will always be displayed as disconnected.

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In addition, several times completely uninstalled and reinstall once from Windows and the other which update is responsible for it. Have returned the laptop again and the known has actually only all the current no conspicuousness to see. It was enough for me and I created SOUND! At the weekend I started to exclude hardware defect.

In the device manager was (in the process below to see something at 42%). Mute button / function was inverted, too, that was not the case here. So that's how I thought I'd go through a windows troubleshooting for sound, to no avail. So, the 0 is just an MS driver update, which causes this problem.

It has been around 1 but that's not the topic here, and still no sound. No month just no sound anymore. I'm glad
Good day. How can i find out now help :)
So it's about a HP620 of a familiar with Windows 10 on it.

So let Windows restore, unfortunately with strangely partly deleted "own files" there. Today I'm going to try out the MS community's ability and look forward to your updates, which in turn led to the sound being gone again! Have a look at having a driver updater installed especially for this test.
-> No success. I once had the problem with a Windows 7 system that your tips.

Anyway, I've always had a go ... Continue reading ...