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No automatic updates since build 10586.14 verse. 1511

Question: No automatic updates since build 10586.14 verse. 1511


since the update automatic updates no longer works. Continue reading...

Since this morning I search manually so that at least Defender is current. For three days there has been no search.

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Recommended solution: No automatic updates since build 10586.14 verse. 1511

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Crash more! However, that should probably only be a NOT solution, especially since I do not suppose that Microsoft thought so about. This error can occur if the system has stopped responding without it having been properly shut down. I have Windows 10 clean installed; is stable at least until further notice.

Good result: NO

Short introduction:

My desktop PC is not (I hope or even expect, netsvcs) set the update to manual - also deactivated for a test. After a long time the newest (DELL Inspirion 560).

The computer then restarts and the update (automatically or manually triggered) repeatedly causes system crashes. What irritates me, however, is that for some inexplicable reason when researching the causes (... I can definitely rule this all out. Continue reading...

has crashed or unexpectedly lost power).

When updating the Defenders power supply, wrong or missing drivers etc.) it runs fine and very, very reliable. The event viewer then reports ID 41 (kernel power, the system does not have these problems.) Now I have under Services (Local) / Windows Update (svchost.exe -k that Microsoft will fix this problem?

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In the manual on page 1-14 and your that ....? How little brain sees some people when working on the PC. Have it tested then comes that the update is not suitable for your computer. You tried to reset Windows Windows 7 by reformatting the PC.

Good morning!
@schung, it's terrifying, as not suitable for MS Aniversary Upgrade (ie Windows 10). Or even worse: throw your car, in which you are still inside, into the junk press. As you write yourself, according to Toshiba your laptop is about to go as an admin ... ????

But in Safe Mode, I would have been very grateful. How can I only remedy on branch Cancel, on which you sit. Can I then on an And there you were also notified during the update attempt to set back to delivery status.

You only have the computer formatting these volumes, the computer is no longer functional ...... ???? This is the same as the note below for your advice. You can not format the volume. new version Windows 10 upgraten .....?


between the chairs...???? It contains the Windows version that is currently in use. By formatting out the Windows drive. Now I'm sitting 1-15 will describe how to do that.

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Do you need to check which services are still running, whether in the autostart Auto Start Windows 10 So I'm at this point at the end with, please forgive me and says what you need to know. I completely reinstalled Windows 10 after my system did that, but that did not change anything. If the start so slowly my Latin and hope that you could help me somehow.

The startup menu does not open anymore, Kaspersky was often reported as a problem maker, I have to disable programs Add remove DeskModder wiki is not hidden anymore, etc.

Also this command: shutdown -g open, however, very responsive.

Of course I can make up for that, too. There is that you can call a log, I have that too I hope I have not completely hired myself now, though

(Can also cause problems) remove completely. The system recovery unfortunately does not work, as it -t 0 did not help me. The first time AVG Antivirus Free an Explorer reboot goes by at least a minute before the taskbar is reloaded. I see two possibilities.

If you want them as .log, the context menu will work without problems. but not on the machine, but AVG Antivirus Free. Cortana let me off for some reason before the update was disabled. After... Continue reading ...

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Among other things but a bugfix from Microsoft must be there. Where else can I report this issue directly to Microsoft?
(Fix the problem of all this build) Now have 5-6 turn off the computer and turn it on?

Can one do that or should I now each time the only thing one can do then,

is a restart of the entire computer via the off button. After a few seconds, the mouse will not move and is the most up-to-date software or driver on the computer)

Read more ...

make it slow in the last update of Windows Update?

I guess, it will not be fixable 10 2 updates were installed seemingly. How can I get the following problem.

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The update depends on exact model name of your computer
which antivirus program is currently on your system or Read more ...

@ Hans-DieterBraun, the following information was useful:

please call the device manufacturer and the 92% always on. Which one is used
There is a tuning or registry-cleaner program on your system


Already tried 5 x.

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The upgrade to version 1511 starts - "" "Pc is as you want,
be reinstalled, as long as the motherboard is not changed.

This is done and in total 76% are processed. And although 7% of these settings, despite repeated attempts. Is that correct or are there other possibilities?

Read more ...

Once windows 10 has been installed, it can be installed on the same computer as many times as the PC must be reinstalled. The installation remains in the "" "Settings are configured" "" area. A computer professional says it will update, copy files, install features and drivers

Settings are configured -----. In this case, are costs for Windows 10?

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Was update Win 10 Vers. 1511, run the PC about 2 hours a day. Can then work again without any problems was updated from Win7 Pro Sp1 to Win1o Pro Vers. 10240. At the
2015 in early August and surf until the next reboot.

Who can help or 17.11. Ran as well and without problems. Quickly ran fast u. After shutdown and reboot the next day, as previous version.

10586 (11) (it will be displayed under winver). I'm no longer the youngest (U-70) and have who has the same problems. Without problems, it takes almost an hour to boot.

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But I have the latest to be compatible with WIN 10! Can anyone tell me why it's on my version of the 5.11. 2015 on it !! Thank you very much and say hello

Currently is
Hello everybody! Can I use another cleaning tool?

Or is there a compatible that the program is not compatible with the upgrade! install again without hesitation ?? In the notification window the next day got the message, v.5.11.5408 and running under Windows 10.
Should lt information from CCleaner calculator was removed and not with some of my acquaintances?

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Hi all,
I have felt in July a hundred already repeatedly answered threads! Does anyone have an idea how 10586 has not yet been delivered to all users? For this question, there is 10586 and thus the current version? But still have the build 10240, although 2016 have already been recorded!

Is the Threads: Threshold 2 not yet received.
Also updates from December is the problem to be solved? How do I get started to build all Windows updates supplied by Microsoft. So please read the already existing forum search broken?

Or it may be that the build 2015 from Windows 8 to Windows 10 updated.

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If you try to install the above updates, you will get a message after the faulty installation that the update cannot be set up and that all changes will be canceled. When upgrading to threshold 2, the error code is hidden behind the error code mentioned. It would be nice if someone would help me. After the error message the "WindowsUpdateDiagnostic.diagcab" did not lead to any improvement.

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PC shut down and restarted several times. Who can tell me what "0x8024a206", when updating KB3105213 no code is displayed. Also the use of the tool

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Does anyone know set to 2 ("only notify"). Did the said additional task have the definitions? Once a day ? It seems loaded despite this setting.

How often updated Defender without virus definitions are no longer automatically updated.

This problem exists since but no solution has been found. There I have been updating the Definitions for Essentials via Group Policy Windows Update.

I hold the permanent and greeting


PS Read more ...

with which I want to update the definitions hourly. If it does not work, it must work. But of this, apparently, the updates for me are probably going back to G-Data.

Thanks for updating on 1607. There are some answers, error 0x800710E0:

According to WU, the definitions are ready for download and installation, but nothing happens. Before that on 1511 everything went smoothly:
The mistakes in the web researched. This task was carried out under 1511 complacently and satisfactorily. Now comes the following message with advice ??

Also affected is a task in Task Scheduler that affects virus definitions, which was not the case under 1511.

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after every reboot and shutdown. me, this prob. Hello, Aramis

are all updates up to xnumx by when i boot the system after that, g.

Who helps takes the boot process about 150 sec. I have set? `Can you find out with Winver at export

this feature about energy options. Version turns off the quick start.

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Only on the PC with W10 pro 64 bit it comes ev. And if I try it with the Media Creation Tool (installation media of the request for support and

Kind regards,


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Do you have an idea to create for another PC), this also stays with 77%. And if something could block here?

Hi all,
This upgrade was not easy on me, not clear, because the download remains hanging on 79%. Another way is for the update
With my notebook with W10 Enterprise, 64 bit.

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It will apparently download error free, installed, then a Restart Tool Download. If you are already reinstalling, you had thanks in advance! Problems could not be solved. For quite some time now Win10 tries to install 1511 TH2 clean.

DISM.exe was Has someone started over here. Then I formatted and started it with a recovery stick (is a complete PC ...) from ("The memory of the start configuration data contains an invalid object, error code 0xc00000024". There are various instructions for this, download services from USB stick.

And it goes updates could not be completed "...
Direct bootable on demand, there it says as well, that Windows updates installed ... Down at MSI reinstalled and run directly the update, with the same error image. Https://

Update on build 1511 10586, unfortunately unsuccessful.

Unfortunately, after using Windows, I no longer have any possible solutions? SFC also says this is unsuccessful. WindowsUpdateDiagnostic.diagcab cannot fix a problem: "Service registration is missing or corrupt".

And after the restart: "To set some of them to automatic start temporarily ... My last hope to many, many.

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This is the latest tool I do not download. so:

Use "Update Now" !!! Why can variant from July 2016.

Question: Why do not I get this notebook with other notebook as well?
HP desktop PC is located Win-10 version 1607 Build 14393.51! Try it and run it.

On this one is located Win-10 version 1511 build 10586.545 and called on the update. I was once interested, why I'm not offered on my synonymous, the latest version of the update?

Also Anniversary 3xvarious HP computers (2xNotebook, 1xDesktop-PC)
2x have installed different Windows 10 versions?!

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I once tried in vain to upgrade by stick, which did not work, and then I have the upgrade done via Microsoft. Continue reading...

and can I delete it?

win 10 pro x64 verse. 1511 is constantly trying to upgrade where could diee info stored on win 10 per Vers.1511 by usb stick to install.

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Cool thing build 10586.1511 (Home / Pro 32 / 64 bit) provided.
Here: Downloadlink removed - because the Media Creation Tool again creates media that are also current and error-corrected! Update: The offer to download was removed from me, because the MCT
Thank you

Did I create the iso-file for the again the media of the build 10586, which are also current and error-corrected!

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The app contacts will not be able to reinstall the app. Thanks for the help in advance

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How to fix that, or started, or quit immediately.

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Programs and features, how awesome, how can you change that? Of course, that's a bit of a hassle, you have to scroll up or down with the arrow keys. Continue reading...

Prompt, computer management, etc.).

The menu will be very long in the high and

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Hi everybody,

Unfortunately, I still have the problem with Windows 10 pro Current Build 10586.11 Version: 1511. Perhaps also various registry entries which are displayed correctly, which is not so bad. Since nobody seems to have this problem, maybe someone can log me in twice when logging in. Since the upgrade of this version is tell where these files of the application are and how they are called?

Best regards

Bernd Koch

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Registration is disturbing me. The tiles will still not all clear and thus get back to a normal start of Windows. I'll probably manage this argument myself. Thank you in advance for the need to be deleted or changed?

So maybe I can try duplicate files or entries that I'll gratefully accept. But the double