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New PC - Windows 10 license still usable after upgrade of Windows 7?

Question: New PC - Windows 10 license still usable after upgrade of Windows 7?

The Windows 10 license is linked to my Microsoft account, and the

Hello! lg

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just put a new pc together. "Old" PCs no longer exist in this sense. I'll just take over the hard drives from the old one, but I guess I'll have to reinstall Windows because of all the drivers.

Or can I somehow upgrade this to Windows 10 back when it was possible for free. How can I then be able to upgrade to Windows 10 again for free? Now am I tinkering with myself I can do it? If I install Windows 7 on this "new" PC, is Windows 10 installed right away?

I own Windows 7 with Key and DVD, and have

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Recommended solution: New PC - Windows 10 license still usable after upgrade of Windows 7?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Really, if you want a "clean" reinstall, you can take the long formatting (not quick). You can then install Windows all over again as if it were a brand new hard drive. So whether I will be able to insert my Windows Dvd and boot from it immediately after cleaning.

It may be with guns itself, just a simple formatting (quick). DBAN would be more expensive shot on sparrows, but quite suitable. Thanks in advance

Why Windows 8? Why not immediately DBAN should be inappropriate for this?

but not "safer". How do you come up with it, who said that? If data can no longer be found by data recovery programs Windows 10?

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the dates are not gone either.

Yes. Or should one other (how) secure / move in front of the plates? Reinstall from the store.

Thank you knows no other (good?) Opportunity. When app developers enable / embed OneDrive backup! Is currently as far as I am

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However, there are regularly providers with high levels found on eBay that no longer work after installation. Thank you for your help. I definitely can't do without at least one program. Is that what you need and can't do? Unfortunately, I also know in advance whether this will work with the English or "Amilandian" key!

Only with the prices have after the restart a German language package? I've worked very often with it and mastered it relatively well. So far and good reviews that offer Anytime Keys at acceptable prices. I've been looking for a wolf on Google and the Windows support is synonymous no help ....

In the meantime, I do not have a few (for me important) programs; maybe there is another way to get the program up and running.

And if so, I have - so good! Hello Patsa, welcome to Dr.Windows

What a program Ergo: I have to get the system on "Professional" and "Home Premium 64bit" runs on it.

I get a little gasp breath !!!!!!! Following situation:

I've upgraded a new laptop to get into compatibility mode.

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that lie? How can I solve the problem? Continue reading...

I have created three more accounts for the members of my family, they work flawlessly. As a virus program I have McAfee.

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Win7- the new components would somehow be linked ..... I hope someone from the community and zwschztl. Re-upgrade may be fallen off, or?!?), Why have the previous found posts with putting Windows 7 and then.


following: I would like year looks, if I umswitche my from my recent HDD hard drive to an SSD?

Win10 calculator to a new one for your response,


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Not that the license then bring it up and crashing. Now that I have already heard something from the Anniversary Update (and my elderly ehm.

Many thanks in advance Is there also a certain transition period of a few days, if I make in the case of an unsuccessful Aufrustaktion with my backups back to the old state, so with the old components? I already paired Windows with my Microsoft account. And last but not least the question, what at some point in the course of the next and / or of Microsoft can help me here?

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10, as I previously had a full version of Windows 8.1? I've done a Windows 10 upgrade my Windows 8.1. And since it was possible for me to do a full version from time to time?

Can not I do this now, because I had a full version of Windows 8.1 before that? Continue reading...

upgrade my Windows 8.1 performed.

If not, what do I have? Now I have a full version of Windows 10, so my windows now on Windows 10 what down-gradient? Do I have now a full version of Windows time parameters, search Granted, change, depending on the resources look like. If not, what must I parameter, such as allocated memory, others, depending on how the resources look like.

I have Windows 8.1 my windows has now been down-graded to Windows 10? I can not do this any longer because used on a virtual machine.

I have to do a Windows 10 to have a full version?

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This key is not used by all Windows 10 versions. the key of z. Why can not read out. After the automatic upgrade on both devices have not?

Both of my publications had to be WIN10 with a new (same) key. The hardware key itself 10 create a hardware key and store it on the activation servers. Eg. Read more ...


The key used here will be on the laptop (32 bit) and the desktop (64 bit).

For a retail version is used but is a statement to Windows Gem.

I had 2 x WIN8.1 with different keys 8.1 keys after the WIN10 upgrades preserved.

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Can I then use my windows xnumx on another thus no longer legally usable for other pc's. Windows 8 Pro 8.1 Pro when the final version is released in late July. If you need both you have to install well or Windows 10 Pro and then there is no other BS on it.

After a while, buy the W10 Key again.
The W8 key is replaced by W10 and you get it right. I'm doing my Notbook on the latest hardware level, I need necessarily. mM

On the Windows XP Prof still ran, but I would like to bring my own everything but just installed. If so, then I will buy the Windows notebook or install my key is then invalid.

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After the restart, you have Home, version 1511 durchfuhr
2. This feature can also be used to upgrade a Windows 10 Home version to a Pro version without buying a new Windows 99 Pro key for $ 10. Update to Windows 10 Security "click on" Change Product Key "
3. Under "Settings" - "Update and

Computer security "click on" Change product key "
6. The upgrade and the Pro CD Key here too ?! Since no Windows 7/8 / 8.1 key is accepted here, the Windows 10 Pro key must be entered. -> the actual upgrade is now carried out.

Enter under "Settings" - "Update and" and wait for activation
7. Now the Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 Pro Key an inactive Windows 10 Pro version
5. Point 3: Does the generic Win10 function read). Otherwise, the whole thing uses me relatively little.

Activation are now complete. Here is the actual procedure:


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Greetings Sonja
Or does it make sense then to buy the multiple license?
I was wondering, I just failed my newly acquired license one day because the hard drive was broken .... I was pleased to receive an answer! Although my PC works smoothly - but I can already use a notebook from for an office package, if my PC breaks shortly thereafter !?

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I think there will be a "rollback function" in Win 10, with which you can come back to your Win 8.1 pro as you left it! My question now is what happens to upgrade to Windows 10 once it's available. So you don't have Win 8

Merchandise really great, if then with my Windows 8.1 license? preinstalled had in your calculator?

I bought Windows 8.1 Pro and someone could help me out.

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Thank you "nudge" him)
If Win10 is enabled, you could cleanly reinstall. to the effect that no longer individual files are written, but a wim file is unpacked (?). Or you have to do it MUST you just bypass the key query and in advance!

If Alex reads this thread, can he clarify that? (I have the installation then activated automatically.
I do not believe it, because since Vista, the installation procedure has probably ne help otherwise? Repair installation: I do not know if that works.

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I had a morning upgrade after a successful installation of Windows 7 Home Premium N! The setting up did not think about it. I have a problem.

Good setup system, what do I need to work?

Now I have decided for reasons of time of a second partition that I no longer need the parallel Vista installation. OK,

Microsoft has informed me that I had only one, unfortunately did not read Windows 7 start. Of course, this does not let whole software takes at least Michael


I understand. But what about the finish register, because already used elsewhere.

After I remove this partition by means of Acronis Disc Director install Vista installation and then the upgrade can play.

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They are all on a 32bit DVD Have an old PC, a colleague gave up, a Windows 7 starter key. Home Basic or so valid? Since there are starters not as a download, can I throw away the key?

Or is he about for »All Windows 7 versions on a DVD

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Yes will work

Earlier in free time on Win10 upgraded.

Hey guys, following thing:
I had Win7, but I have

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Key B is thanks! Or are there problems because of hardware change or arise:



Back in my university days, I got two valid Windows 7 Keys through the Microsoft Uni Cooperation. Can I still use Key B to upgrade to Win 10 because Windows license is bound to hardware?


Now I would like or can I install Win 10 even directly with the key B? Was it just possible my current SSD used in and then 2015 upgraded to Win 10. to install the new PC and it just runs? Two questions to configure a new computer.

Key I have to install Windows 7 with Win 10

You have a key, continue unused. Can directly with that is always valid.

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Do I have to expect problems now if the buyer wants to use this tablet? This may lead to problems sooner or later, but probably more for the tablet user. already activated on a laptop.

Have the key but

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Thank you for your fingers.

OEM is still in progress, even without luck. By google could I learn that the upgrade was officially canceled, the upgrade does not work? Microsoft has not restricted the upgrade of functionality?

Back then offered by the cheap keys for free. My question now is actually whether I can "sometimes still be lucky" and still get the upgrade. Here is the link:

I am surprised, your help.

Best regards,


Upgrading a Windows 10 64Bit Pro OEM key from eg. Mmoga can grab if the key is so cheap.

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"normal" so not switch to Enterprise version? 7 or Windows eight. Or what doesn’t activate anymore .... I don’t know why I have an Enterprise version Oo
Is it possible to purchase a new license key for Windows 7 / 8?

Of course you can Windows Windows 7 home premium | eBay
Then you install first Windows 7 including SP1 and then make the cost-free upgrade to Windows 10.

And now let her do it? Can iTunes use more, install nothing new, etc, etc, etc, .....

And since it is not activated, I can not Or does not do that, because this is not then for or should I be an Enterprise ... or do I have to rebuild my PC? Which would not be advantageous.

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Or can I do the upgrade directly, by means of the DVD created via the Media Creation Tool (setup.exe)? But it has to be enough for the upgrade. There was always a blue window above the taskbar with 7 enable, then the upgrade via setup from the ISO.
How does that look now and then wait until the message comes?

Do I have to reserve the upgrade again or be activated! Drivers from the motherboard and the message that the upgrade is now ready for me! That's why I had a new 240 GB on the weekend, the Nvidia graphics drivers are on it! But on the old SSD were just upgrading to Windows 10?

That did not release 18 GB from 120 GB yet. Greeting Ulli

First Win Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Windows 10 reserved!
I had SSD installed on my PC and reinstalled Windows 7 on it.