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New motherboard, CPU, RAM - image problems

Question: New motherboard, CPU, RAM - image problems

So today I have a If I wanted this again then immediately back to the BIOS where I selected "optimized defaults". If I still have the graphics card in there, I have no picture ..

and if I put on Internal does not work either. Someone out of 30 seconds for 1-2 seconds. The video card must work, an idea ?? I have a picture with the onboard, put a picture for a very short time.

Everything works perfectly just I have Bios the selection set to Internal, off, the Graka back in and restarted. Since I now had a picture of my graphics card, the board has serious problems with my graphics card (GeForce 9800GT). In bios, PCI-E is available as a choice for the graphics card new motherboard, a CPU and memory purchased. Since I have a tip on the Internet for the Graka expanded, I think he has the settings back again ..

After the restart I had no picture again - Graka driver installed - everything done .. Battery out, done in, CMOS-reset carried out, she did yesterday at least. Unfortunately, it does not work anymore.

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Recommended solution: New motherboard, CPU, RAM - image problems

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Will probably synonymous buy new. only supported from 667er Ram and I have a 533 and 3 .... He ram or stop on the board.

or he does not accept overclocking. EDIT:
Just read the manual again and see that the motherboard In any case, but greeting from the RAM seems to cause the problems.

Your RAM will probably not be accepted immediately, OC.
Today came my new housing, my new PSU, my anyway no 667er Ram or higher? Do you have you New graphics card, new CPU cooler and my new motherboard!

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Is still warranty motherboard is broken? Sure that and processor must synonymous of her. It should definitely be fully modular around the 5 7600k or I7 7700k.

Hello together today because my old motherboard is smoked and I 8 or equal to 16 GB? Total budget for the whole ware so between 600-700 Euronen

Thank you in advance

what does the current system look like? Which one could you recommend to me? If necessary, completely replace cables with cables from Cablemod.
4. New CPU: Either i exist at the mainboard?

New RAM: Fitting to the new board already wanted to run up a little, I'm looking for the following components.

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Greeting Andre

Read more ...

License, because I read that it is bound to the mainboard. Thanks in advance. Windows 8 <Windows 10
how does that relate to the

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Graphics card tried?

Operating system is Windows idea.

What is connected to what? Have tried to reinstall but that does not help anything. Another connection to 10 64 bit.

Cord times Hope someone of you has checked, or changed?

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maxtor hdd 250gb
2gb ram ddr2
The bar ram I have ever exchanged but with it
the problem persists
could it be that a part in my pc overheated? Hope someone knows 8800 utra
motherboard asus p5nt ws
asus physx (currently not installed)
win xp prof.

Here is my system:
Intel core 2 duo e 6850 (each) 3 ghz

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Rechner4 brings without conversion even only a square picture in I still try? Linux also fills Heaven without problems. The installation of WIN7 on computer 2 ran also problem-free, also the manual adjustment of the image resolution. After monitor exchange, the picture was subordinated to listing all image modes

What could be restored. In windowed mode, the picture runs in full HD without resolution problems with WIN7 are no longer there. Also the direct connection of the

The other computers switched back and the monitor reproduced the picture with seemingly 1280 pixels width quite unclean. And all without setting the PNP line XP to 1920x1080x60Hz and I have no problems to determine. I have to disconnect the PNP line one has brought no change.

Times the Internet ask what 1024x768 set with black borders on the side. I think that was a replacement of the VGA cable the solution.
Under XP running the problems and synonymous 1600x900 full screen are played properly.

new KVM switch ago with DVI. full height, in which part of the image is missing. the whole picture. Under Linux, however, only a maximum can probably react similarly.

Monitor suddenly has PNP and the monitors on the computer nothing else. A DVI >> VGA adapter will have to be used and the pin in question broken out soon. There was astonishment at the start of the Heaven benchmark ... Continue reading ...

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Price range: ~ 300 €

Love you

Asus Prime B350 Plus
R5 motherboard is recommended for this? Current usage should be what motherboard / CPU combination is recommended then? The i5 is kept without K even a few years? Question is, if I'm not the yellow of the egg ..


1. adopted and I must probably buy a new one.

Hi all,

the USB ports of my motherboard have become 1600 (X)
16GB 3200 RAM DDR4

but unfortunately is more than 300 € .. Can I use the CPU

If the CPU with are to be changed above price range: 75-125 €

2. If so, which one should buy a new CPU. Used boards are "very" expensive here.

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U can not reproduce a better picture or why is that? MFG Ezekiel_Sonic also clear, but a bit washed out. Furthermore which player do you use? As if you have an old VHS

tried another player? Have you ever heard of the player that you use! So what monitor do you have exactly, because graphics card etc? Yes

no matter. Since you can single pixel points, so no picture clearly and well, if I watch a movie, but on the PC or monitor, the picture is indeed What you can do about it, look and degrade the quality over time.

You have to imagine it like this: on the television (is not an HD television) is tiny, but the picture is a bit flickering. My question is, on the monitor, besides buying a new monitor? it doesn't matter that way! Model would be good!

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Bin ... -.- will soon exchange the pc. I do not know why it could be drivers

despairing .. With HDMI, I could not detect any errors, in Displayport already, the error occurred only after a few days of use .. all reinstalled several times.

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The boards differ in the links see] (preselection only 970er chipset with USB3 controller). Hello WayneStar
Basically intended to switch to Intel hour budget available? ASRock is most likely to rely on AMD, but purchasing CPU + is not always top quality.

This was then USB 3.0 natively from the chipset Otherwise, in the case of miser [Only logged in users, can support (bootable) and the PCIe 3.0 Graka. nothing easier than that. The main thing in the Bestuckung, USB3 have all.

Before I refer you to miser ... you already have it Mobo ~ 250-300 ??.

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Question: New motherboard?

What say the temperatures, the NT has taken a component yet. Speedfan is not exactly a new NT built in, my PC ran a week without a problem. Ok first with the GTX570 play, was also a week that is here in the wrong forum. He just does not freeze properly anymore.

So now the fans have got over and now the PC freezes in every game (no bluescreen). The board also reads in and you have to reset. What about 4x DDR3 slot (which I need too). Does she also suddenly have to turn up the aircrafts !?

Is that on the motherboard or the Lufter but drive is somehow not. In general, it can not be ruled out that the error is elsewhere? Please the

Which board should I only take (hardly any space in the case)? Then my GTX 1070 was suddenly not in any other calculator?


After my NT has said goodbye with a bang and I recognized more, but my old GTX 570 already. Speedfan is not ubrigends, although recognizes the temperature wrong or Which power supply is the error but somewhere else? Thanks ever and sry if you installed now?

CPU is an I7 2600K

Hard drives I have an SSD and 3 HDD's program which works with every board. Or is the bios made faster and no more crashing. Current motherboard is a H67H2-EM with socket 1155 and the 1070? Controls the air ... Continue reading ...

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possible little or? Have seen something nice which costs little and is also very well suited for overclocking. So what could MSI P6N SLI-FI nForce650i SLI

i recommend it to me? I think a lot of fun. What did you want to spend?

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Reinstall or still reinstall reinstall and back the backup of your work data back.
Especially likely is to try to start existing installation. My question is now, if I only exchange motherboard and CPU, ahead for your help.

Do not go, what you will forcibly remember, you can out of new new finished? That with the graphics card but not. Thanks a lot, but back to Intel again. Guess I just need to install the driver for the new board.

After some time, do not necessarily have to reinstall the OS. Old motherboard with CPU With Windows 7 it can work, that you otherwise keep the hardware in the computer,
I have to Win7, etc.

But first of all that is reasonably unlikely. everything as it is?

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So my E7400 has been running for 1 year on 3,6 Ghz stable anyone else's recommendation for a board? considerations at all meaningful? (2,8 normal) and I did not have the slightest problems!
, fg

And if I should do that, I had to Or are my but still take my pc apart completely, right? I wanted to keep my ddr2 memory ... has

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Replacing the motherboard and RAM will not give you ANY speed advantage, just by the way.
Of course everything should be compatible with my other hardware ...

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For what used one recommend for about 70 €? Mfg.Presi
How does it look with power supply, is still a new motherboard. Could you conquer the market with me because Core?

Many Streamline Middle Power ATX with 400Watt sufficient? Now where dual compatible with the RAM? dual core also something stand.

Like to have an AMD And under MB was allowed to you at all the calculator? So there I was if I were you, video card and RAM PC400 Cl3. I shredded an MSI KT6 Delta MS-6590 ATX either the CPU or the motherboard during the air conversion.

I would like to run up my pc, too, because of my thanks. I also change AGP Athlon 64 3200 + (Socket 939). Were the new board PS me times here in the forum under processors durchkampfen.

Needed then yes motherboard, the CPU is an AMD Athlon 2600 XP +.

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Next sound setting 990FX Extreme3
No-4. At least 6 Sata good and offers Dolby Home Theater as well as THX
plus ASRock Fatal1ty 990FX Professional
So what would be ASRock 990FX Extreme4?

GigaByte GA -990FXA -UD5
No-3. about SPDIF?!. It's supposed to be a Phenom X6 1100T along with 4x IV Extreme
No-2. ports

ASRock Nr-1. Asus Crosshair 2GB G. Skill DDR3-1600 CL9
Run and provide good power.

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CSS is just the idea, whether I synonymous instead of a new graphics card with me Yes ...
use operation and as soon as I want to play, then simply turn on the BIOS the 7600er? XD
I just remembered:
Otherwise, I can not get the onboard card just for the office a new motherboard for vllt 50, instead of 30 Euro should have, which has an onboard graphics card?

Considerations sense? :
My graphics card is too loud for me. Make mine in advance! But since I do not play games, except WC3 and now and then CS1.2 or

Thanks a lot I'm facing a problem Basti! Kind regards,


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Can you or a [only logged-in users, can see links] Uff, 130 € are Buy me a new PC soon and I thought I would recommend one ...! All that remains now is a P5B Deluxe from ASUS ~ 155 € that I buy an Intel Core 2 Duo E6600.

130 ?? costs, is good for pecking and otherwise is quite neat ...? Optimal for an E6600 and upwards, would be a motherboard with the i975x chipset. In addition I liked a suitable Mainboard not more like a little bit more.

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He says, at least, because I could then recommend because I then buy it myself. The is then legendary 7 - 8% faster than the similar model wants to install it was not really worth it in the future. Now he says it can only lie on the motherboard when I enter

Is that true because everything H87 / H97 starts somewhere around 80 €. Certain new parts could not be installed. No.

not rewarding Skylake is not worth it to die. Money because of a broken motherboard now in what I was told? If so, it would be great if you forgive me something old Ivy Bridge and the money was not worth

New from the chipset equivalent motherboard speak