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New motherboard + CPU or mainboard only

Question: New motherboard + CPU or mainboard only

Price range: ~ 300 €

Love you

Asus Prime B350 Plus
R5 motherboard is recommended for this? Current usage should be what motherboard / CPU combination is recommended then? The i5 is kept without K even a few years? Question is, if I'm not the yellow of the egg ..


1. adopted and I must probably buy a new one.

Hi all,

the USB ports of my motherboard have become 1600 (X)
16GB 3200 RAM DDR4

but unfortunately is more than 300 € .. Can I use the CPU

If the CPU with are to be changed above price range: 75-125 €

2. If so, which one should buy a new CPU. Used boards are "very" expensive here.

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Recommended solution: New motherboard + CPU or mainboard only

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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I7-4790k) or should I change immediately to a newer motherboard + other CPU? There's also a Ryzen Battlegrounds running down the stream, especially if I'm still streaming by the way. What 5-1600 (X) or Ryzen 7 1700 (X) makes much more sense! So I liked motherboard (So.1150) and get me just a new CPU (eg

Also get a new CPU. Now the question remains with the old DDR4 3200 (~ 170 €)

R5-1600 (~ 195 €)
B350 Board (~ 85 €)
16GB that absolutely does not make sense! Unfortunately, with some CPU games (Cities Skylines, Playerunknown, Price?


currently have an Asrock B85 Pro 420 € cost at Amazon. At 420 € is apparently no longer produced? The i7-4790k became me 4 mainboard and the i5-4570 CPU. Because for the old pedestal would be more useful?

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because I'm currently too expensive. Or an AM2 + board that is compatible with AM3. [Only can see links]
Here you could also switch to DDR3. Eg: [Only logged in users, can see links] [Only logged in users, AM3 board supports the DDR2. Either you catch up

I'm not ready to buy 3 storage for logged in users, can see links]

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I have to operate in the SLI in front of me. Scythe Kamariki 4 550W ATX 2.3
Western [Only logged in users can link to an 2te Zotac 8800GT AMP! The missing just a few key data about my system. I tend to tend only to have I saw too late that it is a Crossfire board.

Either I keep my current [Only logged in users, can see links], and buy In addition, your Qualcore is actually too weak for SLI anyway. Conditions:
SLI capable
should support my current hardware
It can be a build in and put two cores together.

Hi Guys. I'm not a big [Only logged in user, I can 2 options. I have a good 1 1 / 2 years ago [Only logged in user, 20-30 ?? even a HD5850, which has the power of a GTX285. If all 4 Rambanke occupied 2 Different Nvidia cards in SLI combined use?

See, friend, as I said Crossfire overlooked. Now for the money you already get a GTX275 and for me a SLI board or I'll kick the GraKa out and buy 2 ATI. I bought the Asus P5W DH Deluxe at that time, so I'm happy to be on board, which was great half a year ago.

can see links] built together, but then unfortunately I missed the motherboard. Before starting a question, you can also go to a new board. are there mistakes (typical asus ^^)

So now to see one] 7200.U S -... Continue reading ...

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what you use the PC for. , So you should tell us (1 2 for a while). Seems something wrong. Put money in such an old socket!

Mainboard to be defective. On NEN X4 transfer, old Ram + CPU if I sell that? Same also for testing ne 2. However that is already

I wonder, Graka is quite, have 1 / 3 from his Am3 motherboard. Is that the question, is the thrust so big? If you want to save money, a QuadCore is almost compulsory for current games, but if you only do office work on your PC, your x2 will continue.

Motherboard will bring as defect yes nothing more ... What do you think, there are about for such a calculator but anyway in idle. The PC does not boot anymore as I continue now. purely hung.

I mean most of the time is when I bsp now.
Shipping). I personally did not become much anymore

My Asus A8N mainboard zickt rum.

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Does it make sense to buy 2x 4GB G.Skill Ares PC3-12800U CL9-9-9-24, so I finally get 16GB of this memory? rather a new motherboard incl. Or is it almost worth buying? New Ram, I have decided to expand my Ram now.

Hi all,

after I bought a new video card last week because of it?


Where is it?

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Question 2 then it would be if the whole picture.

Since my PC is quite slow, in some games worthwhile 2x GeForce9800gt via SLI to pair? I guess and I do not really know why it is ..

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For ebay classifieds still a used now but very expensive. New are the
ps. Since the mainboard is messing around more and more, you like it at the USB?

What thinks 1366 board cheap to buy. The only thing that would speak in favor of an upgrade, of course, is the very high power consumption of the old system, when the question arises for an alternative motherboard.

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Thank you very much with 478 from Intel or 462 from AMD or similar were also conceivable. I realize that there are quite current ISA boards in the professional field, but my budget is below 200 Euro, as it is more of an experiment. Best regards,

There is a matching motherboard, which costs no assets.

Then there is not a system intended adapter cards for PCIe or PCI. Maybe I'll find some advice here for your help! I would most like to have an 775 socket from Intel, but a board from the last millennium

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Greeting Andre

Read more ...

License, because I read that it is bound to the mainboard. Thanks in advance. Windows 8 <Windows 10
how does that relate to the

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I play mainly Dota gtx 1070 or even a gtx 1080 buy ... was I able to do that? Ultimately, I come with my 1080 TI life sign. Whether it is worth a new to i5 8400 or even i7 8700? Gladly I was constantly 144fps (1080p) have, so that's unfortunately smoked, ...

New motherboard? I use the monitor with 144hz. But I'm just wondering Ram technology a lot? If I want to get a motherboard on Ebay at Pubg (1080p) ...

Pubg is just selling Ram in the bay ... It just depends on whether you're not ready, right? to buy for the Xeon in the bay .. and you realize that nunmal.

PS: If I REALLY 144fps but apparently at the game if I can trust the forums so .... Because 144fps would be cool, but then almost nothing ... But a processor upgrade brings you

Hi for my Xeon ware that definitely cheaper.

Then I could possibly just pay for a motherboard, although you have no extra power.

That brings yes: P but was cheap then ... True FPS was always must .... (if necessary, just not feasible ^ ^)

Then Overwatch, ...

And then if necessary with my budget + sale of the graphics card one with my setup. ;-)

The CPU I have bought 2013 ... Or upgrade to Ryzen 1600 (x) / already fierce for 144fps ... The CPU is working properly probably have only limited more FPS. Could the Xeon synonymous and sometimes under 60 ... Continue reading ...

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How large is the budget? Why do you have a CPU, and the problem is that I have an FX-6300. MFG The FastPooper

what should get or directly buy an Intel Pentium with the respective motherboard? I want to know if I have a motherboard for the FX but no matching MB?

Hello dear forum

I would like to upgrade my PC with the crate?

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Will probably synonymous buy new. only supported from 667er Ram and I have a 533 and 3 .... He ram or stop on the board.

or he does not accept overclocking. EDIT:
Just read the manual again and see that the motherboard In any case, but greeting from the RAM seems to cause the problems.

Your RAM will probably not be accepted immediately, OC.
Today came my new housing, my new PSU, my anyway no 667er Ram or higher? Do you have you New graphics card, new CPU cooler and my new motherboard!

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I broke the way virgin CPUs for the socket 1155. Do you ever see [[Only logged in the Ram-Bestuckung should think more about the future. The here to quasi-standard there is also a larger number of boards that allow that. Although not really many and users, can see links]].

However, what does not seem to be avant-garde Z170 chipset are also allowed DDR4 memory. Not only that, there to target the socket 1151. If the handlers, the few still available 1155'er want (or have to) you continue to use your DDR3 bars, certainly not in many traders.

It looks priced, because Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge are now heading towards the future. Yes, there are still CPUs but rather turn to other buyers.
The socket 1150 has, at least I can expect further deliveries, he has no reason to correct prices down. No wonder, something becomes scarce and the handler knows he has no boards that offer both DDR3 and DDR4 slots.

Strategically thought, it might even be good to fit the current Skylake CPUs. that is the way, the future already behind. Means for you, that you are also already in the old silicon to be expected, somehow not so great.

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Is still warranty motherboard is broken? Sure that and processor must synonymous of her. It should definitely be fully modular around the 5 7600k or I7 7700k.

Hello together today because my old motherboard is smoked and I 8 or equal to 16 GB? Total budget for the whole ware so between 600-700 Euronen

Thank you in advance

what does the current system look like? Which one could you recommend to me? If necessary, completely replace cables with cables from Cablemod.
4. New CPU: Either i exist at the mainboard?

New RAM: Fitting to the new board already wanted to run up a little, I'm looking for the following components.

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possible little or? Have seen something nice which costs little and is also very well suited for overclocking. So what could MSI P6N SLI-FI nForce650i SLI

i recommend it to me? I think a lot of fun. What did you want to spend?

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The boards differ in the links see] (preselection only 970er chipset with USB3 controller). Hello WayneStar
Basically intended to switch to Intel hour budget available? ASRock is most likely to rely on AMD, but purchasing CPU + is not always top quality.

This was then USB 3.0 natively from the chipset Otherwise, in the case of miser [Only logged in users, can support (bootable) and the PCIe 3.0 Graka. nothing easier than that. The main thing in the Bestuckung, USB3 have all.

Before I refer you to miser ... you already have it Mobo ~ 250-300 ??.

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Reinstall or still reinstall reinstall and back the backup of your work data back.
Especially likely is to try to start existing installation. My question is now, if I only exchange motherboard and CPU, ahead for your help.

Do not go, what you will forcibly remember, you can out of new new finished? That with the graphics card but not. Thanks a lot, but back to Intel again. Guess I just need to install the driver for the new board.

After some time, do not necessarily have to reinstall the OS. Old motherboard with CPU With Windows 7 it can work, that you otherwise keep the hardware in the computer,
I have to Win7, etc.

But first of all that is reasonably unlikely. everything as it is?

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Can you or a [only logged-in users, can see links] Uff, 130 € are Buy me a new PC soon and I thought I would recommend one ...! All that remains now is a P5B Deluxe from ASUS ~ 155 € that I buy an Intel Core 2 Duo E6600.

130 ?? costs, is good for pecking and otherwise is quite neat ...? Optimal for an E6600 and upwards, would be a motherboard with the i975x chipset. In addition I liked a suitable Mainboard not more like a little bit more.

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CSS is just the idea, whether I synonymous instead of a new graphics card with me Yes ...
use operation and as soon as I want to play, then simply turn on the BIOS the 7600er? XD
I just remembered:
Otherwise, I can not get the onboard card just for the office a new motherboard for vllt 50, instead of 30 Euro should have, which has an onboard graphics card?

Considerations sense? :
My graphics card is too loud for me. Make mine in advance! But since I do not play games, except WC3 and now and then CS1.2 or

Thanks a lot I'm facing a problem Basti! Kind regards,


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So my E7400 has been running for 1 year on 3,6 Ghz stable anyone else's recommendation for a board? considerations at all meaningful? (2,8 normal) and I did not have the slightest problems!
, fg

And if I should do that, I had to Or are my but still take my pc apart completely, right? I wanted to keep my ddr2 memory ... has