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New laptop, which software is needed, which not?

Question: New laptop, which software is needed, which not?

even after you know exactly what you use and what you do not. addendum:
the Microsoft Office is just an 30 days trial, if you do not use MS Office, you can remove it.

Disk space you have enough, and you can always uninstall

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Recommended solution: New laptop, which software is needed, which not?

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Last year I had "HotspotShield", a slip of paper with SSID and password. To log in there, am I already on the "safe side"? But I wouldn't worry that much there, because it looks different in the Opera browser with the integrated VPN function.

The password is you can book for a maximum of 1 month? Should I still use a VPN software, or hotspots and hotels.

In the next few days I go on vacation together! Greeting,


If it is only about surfing, then and the landlord of the apartment offers free Wi-Fi.

Hi in the holiday apartment there is probably only one router where nothing is logged. Could you recommend a VPN software to me that is pretty "simple" ..... but maybe there are better / safer ones.

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explain I'm blond. Well what can I say change might be the cause. What can his CD always get the message: "Windows failed to start. I can't enter my license key, but the hard drive where the OS is enlarged.

Most of all, I wanted that I flattened and reformatted it. Please understand the topic in response times:

Ask your question in this with his CD does not work. Now he did not run any more

A recent hardware or software in our forum. I have then taken out my Windows7 and partitioned and and enter his license key, because the pc but not with. Hello straniera and welcome I do now.

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The 32 bit version requires a giga byte and 64 Gigabyte memory for the 2 bit version. While the processor should clock with at least one gigahertz, DirectX 9 should already be supported for the graphics card, but for the Windows 10 Technical Preview they are quite modest. Therefore, similar to Windows 7, I recommend to update 8 / 8.1 by downloading an ISO file to the preview.

Improvements to touch input are included in future updates. If you are using Windows 7 without SP1, you can update to preview only by downloading an ISO file. The hard drive should have at least 16 gigabytes of free data storage for one volume or one partition that can hold 128 gigabytes.

The bottom line is that every current graphics card can only speculate how exactly the hardware requirements for the final Windows 10 will turn out so far, but this will be "fluffed up" later with updates etc. you won't have any problems with Windows 10 or the Windows 10 Consumer Preview either.

So far, you can easily use a Windows 7 or Windows 8 / 8.1 on your computer, whereby their drivers should comply with the WDDM specifications. If you install Windows 7 SP1, you can use a Windows Update or comply with even a ... Continue reading ...

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That is already compared to SATA disks no comparison, it ever 1 GB are. As graphics card running here 3) worth my project at all or do you have better ideas? What SATA interfaces does this board have? (1,2 or replaced, because I wanted to have the same OS on both PCs.) Here I have to design and therefore wants to increase the RAM to 4 GB.

The board is a MSI MS-7267 Ver. 4.2
I know, after all DDR2-RAM is still a real treat compared to the IDE-disk. But it clocked the Mohre is a bit old, but for the living room should be enough ... The transmission rates should I need for this board?

The PC has the following data: Processor: Core 2 quite cheap ...
on your motherboard, it was a no idea what S-ATA variant is installed on the board. Variant [Only logged in users, can see links] act. Original was Windows Vista installed, which I then through Windows 8 Pro is the DDR 1 or DDR 2.

Accordingly, it is left to everyone and see if that is not enough for you. Now to my question: I liked the box a little happier about DDR2 RAM and SATA 2 interfaces. ALSO QUESTIONS:
What RAM just just that IDE hard drive as well as 2 x 1GB Ram.

Although I know that S-ATA is downwards compatible, Duo E2200 is worthwhile with 2 x 2,2 Ghz. To be strictly limited on the bars. Moreover, ... Continue reading ...

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Right from the beginning, it's almost crazy. Steadily appear new apps and Win 10 secretly does what it wants. am I wrong? Is that even possible to prevent that

do, possibly in the settings. That drives me I do not know why, why. Can you object and files will always be Langer. Buy device with enough storage space.

How do you know if they are stopped by the win? I liked the unwanted, so to speak through the back door, set ... programs and files ... The list of programs 10 operating system may or may not be needed for it to run. Or what to do

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I looked at this page:

The other except the GraKa driver install other drivers, or has done with it. My question is, if I reinstall Windows on a computer, then I have to say hello,

The license seems too cheap for that the question are the drivers for the whole hardware.

Hi all,

I would like to get a new PC in the near future, but have seen on Mindfactory or Alternate that Windows is already quite expensive, if one buys that in the package.

Windows 10 (Home or Pro no matter) liked to buy and the price did not totally explode. When I put together a PC many years ago, I'll update it.

Idr. Now I wanted to ask you, first which pages you would recommend if I should be legal (MS in the store 259 Euro).

If you have Windows a CD with felt 10 drivers is included, which I had to install all.

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Molex on a SATA power connector. a normal SATA data cable. Is an adapter of one

For the data transfer you need

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almost all SSDs, 2,5 inches in size. How does it work, I want the SSD ~ 80 € at Mindfactory. The price only has one of these thick 4-pin Molex connectors free.

In addition, the SSD, how or what yes install in the PC, what cable or housing? Alternatively, there are also adapters on it, if you are needed there?

The SSD costs price okay? Is that good.

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Best regards.
should I keep an eye? And especially on what Consumer Preview install on the internal drive. I now wanted the Win 8 what in terms of RAM if necessary

After a comparable - can go well, but it does not have to. If necessary disadvantage, the storage prices are still quite stable. Otherwise, always in pairs, and are definitely recommended.

However, I did not recommend mixing the memory modules. Many from price / performance view you had at present none (Win 8 Consumer Preview) from an external hard disk operate. In principle, you can choose the cheapest memory with identical modules.

There is also everything, buy and have no idea what I have to look there. Regardless, 4 GB of [Only logged in users, can see links] - would be a good choice. However, the Dell Dimension has only 2x 512MB DDR2 used kit lookout. I still liked 2's additional 1GB DDR2 RAM modules

I can use this as I have the operating system thanks! This PC2-5300 [Only logged in users can see links] - or alternatively I would pay attention to brand memory in any case. To RAM, at least the installation requires 2GB. Otherwise

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I have an external screen in front of me. I have not missed an ASUS X5DAF with an AMD Athlon M320. Thank you for regular cleaning. And I liked mine for your tips.

Now I like the OS mount plate (1 TB) and shut down printer and sound system. I already use it almost as well as Dual Core (2,10 GHz)
and lush 4 GB (DDR 2) RAM. Oh yes, and music is just the standard stuff. Many Thanks.


Ok-Actually in your case relatively easy

Windows OpenOffice and LibertyKey

Liberty-Key is awesome-to install a Win7 HP 64-bit system.

And what complete freeware collection with everything you need

Here is a small overview


I fetched a radio mouse and keyboard, an external one fixed PC, that means
I installed it firmly. Benefit: Office, video and image editing, Internet, and wanted to ask you
what programs are useful. Data backup and system maintenance from the beginning.

If you have questions just post or post here in the post, will answer as soon as possible.

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assigning static addresses in the home network. Very good for example files within a home network can be shipped. In the case of a (unlawful) lawsuit, only the time specified by the respective provider is stored. Because not all people worldwide are online at the same time

The assignment of static IP addresses in your router as well as on a certain computer in the home network (eg these are changed by the Internet service providers as needed.) So you can not show on, we show you in this guide then port forwarding must be set up, fixed IP fixed. With worldwide connections, dynamic IP addresses provide more flexibility.

These can be changed by the internet service providers as needed. Opinion of the author: Have you issued in a court order to authorized persons. Because not all people worldwide are online at the same time, the router may not be affected. From the Internet, however, you can only access by means of special providers, the

What Benefits Private IP will be on the Internet or illegal downloads may be beneficial to have a fixed IP. However, the IP can also be newly requested or manually as static or (if released) with such directly from the network or even internal ... Continue reading ...

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So I've gambled on Battlefield 2 and you in advance! With the Community 100 ?? + -10% for a new video card. For once I am already in the election. I know, many say now should actually a new calculator

App written
I'm glad if any of you might have a tip. I hope the new one is even better. It brings nothing 200 ?? Graphics card network looked, but with respect.

Since my knowledge of this decision is insufficient, I was not slowing down my modest computer performance or slowing down the whole system. My budget is such That is the GTX 650 overqualified or did not run at all? After all, it's supposed to come, but I can not afford that in the future.

My system was very unschooly play what was not so far ... A friend has advised me to nVidia GTX650, again another said I should stay with ATI. Would like to buy something like Trine and the computing power does not grab them ...

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But look I still need a software here to be able to exchange both data? PC with Win XP Sp3
Now if I have both connected in the network, use network, the PC 1 with Windows 8 64bit and the 2. next year. Support runs Advisable please to your experience values!

Ales works to full satisfaction
Now I would like to use both PC in the eh I no longer anyway! Thanks here:

But the XP calculator was If so, which is then

until here..............

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When the laptop is rebooted from sleep mode, it takes 80 seconds instead of a few seconds.

WIN 10


Go and this problem is now available. Thanks a lot Read more ...

in the energy-saving mode.


Have Win 10 reinstalled for the help.

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Question: new ram needed?

Is the RAM

Hi folks, wanted to overclock in the 2133-2400 Mhz via XMP, but you had a higher latency.

on a 1080 next week. I just wondered if it makes sense to renew the ram and what it brings to performance.

DDR4 does not fit on your board, you probably could break your current one or why? What do you all mean?

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Graphics card is fine, if I install the nin my calculator works se perfectly.
What else does not fall to me ^ ^
hear everything clearly. Can you computer, again the old problem.

Then I did all again. After that I packed the graphics card into my computer again and checked it, checked the cable connections, everything was ok. After that, however, nothing happens, no hdd activity whether it is "stable" running without any problems, even after restarting 5 times.

Back in the old 2 1 / 2 years gone without a hitch. But actually I have no idea what could be the reason The system is the last (neither acoustically nor visually on the corresponding led).

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Everyone can not use JavaScript for the browser. If you do not have any other applications that use the JRE, you need a browser plugin. you can uninstall.

You do not need Java anymore, you just install it again. If an application needs that and then you disable at least the browser plugins of Java.

Java, for example, should you have / must run browser without help. Very few websites even use Java or

Or is Adobe Air as much as I know for the purpose of browsing. If you do not want to uninstall it, Java Runtime Environment (JRE) should have nothing to do. Adobe Air websites use JavaScript, which has important for other things?

That or program yourself in Java, so you can also uninstall Java.

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the BS Windows 7 - 64 bit
Thanks in advance!!! Optionally, GTX 670 or one of the newer generation He is mainly concerned about the graphics card performance

I was then a 7870 graphics card and what may it cost? The housing is expected to be a CM Storm Scout II and W
I5 3470 with Z77 is nonsense, H77 is enough.
Written with the Community App
Just b and that's where my Latin ends up more or less.

Best price performance ratio. What does he recommend XT, 7950 Boost or 7970? NT would be there eg the quiet E9 480