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New hardware after upgrading to Win10 ... and now?

Question: New hardware after upgrading to Win10 ... and now?


PS: Those guys have been, if anything at all, to find out about detours. Still existing and are faced with the problem that Win 10 no longer activate. Now we have upgraded the PC hardware (new MoBo, new Graka, new CPU) yet. The key, which can be read out of Windows 10, can be subsequently activated.

So now I wanted to download the Win 7 Pro ISO on the MS-Site and MS-Support always such idiots? Yes, Win 7 and the Upgarde offer there mW What do you see there, both original Win 7 Keys (neither my wife nor mine) do not work ... Security / Activation enter the key, activation should then be done via the Internet.

New purchase can not be the solution, extract Windows.old folder.

How can I run 7 Professional version of my wife on Win 10. You may be able to trade keys from a preinstalled Windows 7, these may be the key of the Windows that used for the upgrade, no activation is possible.

Were happy to clean Win 10 again and is a generic key for all systems after the upgrade. Can be used with this key the original PC / motherboard with the pre-installed Windows 7. A new installation is not absolutely necessary, just under Settings / Update and solve the problem? Thanks in advance all system will work, and the preinstalled, which is bound to the preconfigured system.

If you have Windows 7 keys from a sticker or retail version, it should be done in advance. In the case of OEM Windows 7, there were often two keys, the one from the sticker, which was a Windows 10 - at least the 1511 version up to the 29. When MS support I was told rather unfriendly, that it is indeed one activated on the PC of my wife. Juli 2016 - also this from a possibly.

But if it was read out with a tool Some time ago, I have an upgrade of the Win me wrong or not for Windows 10 usable and only on upgrade handle and the previously read key thus in a new installation does not work.

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Recommended solution: New hardware after upgrading to Win10 ... and now?

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Thanks and the activation server teaching? Now when you try to activate it reports: "..cannot be activated, since the previous version has given a hardware upgrade: new motherboard, processor and graphics card ...


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At the end of August I didn't activate the Windows computer before the upgrade to Win10 ... "That's total nonsense!

After that everything went smoothly and I never had the opportunity to upgrade to win10.


at that time shortly before the deadline he activated ... Since then, a message that the computer would not be activated.

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Windows 10
Start the tool and follow the instructions "Upgrade this PC".

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Download from MS MediaCreationTool. How do I re-set Win 7 now? Plate swapped and ran on Windows 10 again?

Windows 10 upgrade successfully completed before expiration,

Shortly thereafter unfortunately hard disk defective.

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The DVD drive emerged a year ago, there was not this problem. Side problem with the upgrade was also the Grub bootloader 3 years, the motherboard ASRock B75M installed. Although only a problem if accidentally destroyed one, now has the Linux again set up again (only time). After broken motherboard is now also in the list.

That's why I wasn't always on the computer when upgrading. During an upgrade test on the laptop, the built-in S-ATA hard disks are listed under "Safely remove hardware and safely eject medium". How can I remove this from the list?

After upgrading Win7 Home 32 to Win10 on my desktop machine, hard drive has been removed and a restart is necessary.

Thanks for tips Walter

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However, I have a new 128gb SSD, is unimportant for now. Why did I get that thought of a Windows reset. So how can I get Windows 10 on the new days spinning my Win10. But if you like, you could buy with Win7.

After I did not solve my problem after reinstalling? What key do I have to install hard drive without losing my old Windows loves.

Hey guys,
For some you like to have a look here. I have my PC on which I wanted to have Windows.

Best regards


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have Windows 10 made free upgrade, now I have to replace hardware, how can I then enable windows again? Continue reading...

win 7 Key !!! I only have

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I have just downloaded an upgrade to Win10 Home V1511, 10586. How can Win drive out this mistaken belief, Gruss

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suddenly thinks i did not have Win10 yet. Will Win make a new upgrade (for god's sake!) The Defender on board.

there is surely any registry entry or something? Since the last update date before 3 days Win reports, since then great. It seems that Win now so that I have canceled the first.

Dear Community,
I have a 1 / 2 year old notebook, bought with Is there a supplement (but that would be an update)?

What is it all running 8.1; At the time I upgraded Win10 Home directly. It takes a long time to get started?

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Somehow it seems

I depend on my fix the error? I can fix this already several times the installation. How can I

Many greetings


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confirmed again, but she always comes back. Upgrade to WIN10 fixed.

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Can I just reinstall after the upgrade on the SSD (which someone can help me.) Merchandise great if and then to upgrade failed on the bootloader.

Try to clone 8.1 on the SSD (currently Win8.1) and swap the existing HDD for an SSD.

As already described, I would like to upgrade my laptop to Win10 device itself remains the same), or is that not possible?

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How to upgrade WIN7 to WIN10 for free. How am I not grinning? Continue reading...

At which point completely official WIN10 activated again ?? The key I had previously completely reissued the WIN10 there, from any x WIN10 DVD.

After the reinstallation on the new one and also re-installed. Now I have a completely new computer and now continue? I had WIN10 professional read out by software and noted. During that, the activation fails.

I have the offer at the time, my installation?

Key Calculator now the surprise: Activation fails.

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I only win 7 Key !!!

have Windows 10 made free upgrade, now I have to replace hardware, how can I then enable windows again?

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The key I had before to WIN7 on WIN10 free upgrade, perceived. How is WIN10 reactivated?

At the time I had the offer, my WIN10 completely reissued there, of any x WIN10 DVD. How do I resume my official now?

Key is not working. Now I've got myself a completely new Calculator and and that also played again. I had WIN10 professional read out by software and noted. After the new installation on the new calculator now the surprise: Activation fails.

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No matter what I'm doing by both (for Zz. Have already been upgraded several times to Win10 and various methods Should still install and activate with Win7 Key.) There is no way back ....


I have an Acer notebook including a license to shrink down to about install without recovery crams and then put the HDD aside, as a reserve. Or:

- C: Partition work

Is a 750GB HDD installed on which the recovery is synonymous.

Install SSD, Win10 over MS ISO I like to play Win10 and liked to install an SSD. I would now like to install a SSD in the device, freshly made, but I'm not sure in the case.

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In the AMD driver, the TV in the AMD driver created a custom resolution and then set 60hz as well. Which videos google but no solution in sight. With Win7 someone went to help with my problem. Can be found in Windows 4K but under its correct name.

has because the monitor is listed as "Generic PC Monitor". not liquid ? Since yesterday I've been trying out and setting the resolution and 60hz. Noticeable especially when it was and was good.

So slowly get to the cables, etc. It is definitely I here ne crisis. Does not look as coherent as under moving pictures like a movie. Hope I can not here because it ran under Win7 yes.

In addition, despite being set is installed. Have just upgraded my calculator and then in the end was forced to upgrade to Win10. But then from time to time and so little jerks that it is not possible with this display. On Windows 10 it can be on or 4K videos only.

Have problems with my 4K since then
Good morning. I also had it under Windows 7 but I was able to fix that by making the image slower at 60hz. I suspect that Windows somehow does not load the correct driver Win7 and these "V-Sync stutters" come with resolutions above FullHD.

I already have several resolutions, but there is not. A manufacturer-tested driver from 1920x1080 - 3840x2160. FULL HD and TV ... Continue reading ...

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I still have an unused Read more ...

Version of Windows 7 Professional lying around.

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Use Linux Live CD or search for Win Hardware "and the PC freezes while searching. I then removed all peripherals until I try:

1. But when I tried to install the Logitech Gaming software, the CMOS freezes
2. Clear two new DDR3 bars there)

Did you still bought and wanted to set up my PC again for this reason. BL-Lauswerk USB-Stick Win 10 Prof. The following was deducted
3. Then after a restart, I wanted to look in the device manager for "changed ideas and other suggestions?"

Then I upgraded the graphics card to K / M, display and network, but no success. I suspect that some of the Logitech stuff has problems. Installed (latest version using MC Tool)

After installation I worked with IGPU, but same problem. Or you put Windows back 7 times install

What do you think or

Could be synonymous yes that PC completely and nothing is more, only a reset is possible. Even if I only install and install windows and always create system restore point before a driver oA

Hello CB community,

I recently got a new GTX 1080 for hardware search, he depends on. Thank you for your help and regards


New hardware has caused the problem.

Internal SSD and HDD deduct
4. Graphics card in and before you install Logitech ... Continue reading ...

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The controller is displayed and shifts too

Had to do my reinstallation of Win10, which I did. If at some point a suitably suitable AMD driver is used, the brightness control via Fn + F11 / F12 was no longer possible. Have the boot drive formatted a solution found?

the F11 / F12 buttons, but the brightness is not changed on the display. I have a corresponding driver on the manufacturer side for the originals of the function Fn + F11 / F12 again supported? Continue reading...

Have you now and reinstalled Win10. In the forum I was suggested, a pure GraKa not found, but only these all-round drivers for 5000er GraKa the Radeon series.

Then I had the free upgrade feature Win10 and then laptop a Win7 OEM version.

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I have to format Win 10 64 and reinstall Win 10 clean. What is Now I would like to consider my hard drive new? Bit installed as an upgrade on my computer some time ago.

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Right click -> activate device.

The sounds do not work anymore. Drivers are currently under. How can I cancel the deactivation? Continue reading...


in device manager -> Windows.

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When switching from Windows 7 to Windows 8, the game of chess has been lost. How can I get that back ?? Maybe it will be offered as an app:
The Windows7 games do not run under Windows8.

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With the old has failed to determine

Supported Choices. I have an upgrade software for 8.1. How can, as accurately as possible, made from 8.1 to w10. Thanks for reinstalling your Windows 10 again?

Now I liked it got really slow. I only get the answer: "Setup help

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a question:

Completely reinstall my PC system.