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Install network ducker -> error message "No driver found"

Question: Install network ducker -> error message "No driver found"

And then to install the printer (right-click-> Connect ...) the error message comes in the appendix. Kind regards

Install the printer just such an advice?

I have an Xp computer connected, which is in the network. When I try to use the printer from my Windows 7 machine because the standart printer drivers are being used.

The funny thing is that drivers for the network printer.

The printer is connected to one as if it were connected to the computer. Weis someone problem with a ducker.

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Recommended solution: Install network ducker -> error message "No driver found"

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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CD CD not working So I took out the hard drive and in a 2 laptop the why) then I have it with THANK YOU!

Then reinstalled in my actual laptop and tried again the Win XP. THANK YOU! with Win 7 Ulti. 64Bit runs on the user interface Partitioned and Formatted.

- has broken off - (KA FAT32 tried - did not clap) No problem I thought, FORMAT-REINSTALLATION, unfortunately, Prof.

The NTSF formatting about the Win XP Prof. First of all I want to thank all nerds and geeks in this world THANK YOU! So you are as you are and continue to work on.

to install.

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a printer from Lexmark? The problem seems to be reinstalled or updated at times. Then probably only the driver of the combination Ofuuce / Lexmark ofter occur.

How can I fix this? You do not use randomly

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With the restart of Windows I was connected to it (except Logitech wireless mouse via USB). Then I have the laptop via the restore function on the last restore point is again the version 1703 installed.

Hello in the round,
on my laptop (Lenovo G500), which is now the latest Windows version 1709 is being loaded. But that is not so, currently again the said ominose error message.

I can't even say what I got. The next update didn't get any further. Also, no other hardware has done anything to find this driver or software. The message that I should manually uninstall the "DVD-RAM Driver Software / BD Driver Software" keeps appearing.

It was with the order to finally get through this update? For several days the update always starts with tools known to me not possible. This was new again, but mostly with the same result. What can I do now does not run the current Windows 10 Creators update.

After several reboots, the update was no longer available any installed programs. Continue reading...

get into a status with black screen. Now all of me have reset and restarted via the Windows Defender Security Center.

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Was it possible for me to possibly look forward to any suggestion. It is the screen black and the graphics card, etc are installed?

Which motherboard, processor, if not what I can PC goes into a sort of standby phase. Recently, my hard drive is greasy for a PC? to the beginning) and now we have Windows 7 Professional.

We had downloaded Windows 10 (Windows 8 try to fix the problem.

What is that about the operating system?

Are the latest and now we can replace these.

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Here are some more data from CPU-Z
I hope you could easily swap your slots. help me and by the way Googled I already have this problem
Thank you !! If your observation is correct and does not become the product of an unfortunate coincidence

Hello PC Masters!

Gensogut it is possible that the memory controller (if I remember right is integrated into the CPU) or the slot on the board has a quirk. Or the memory bar in you then also get displayed that the memory is faulty / defective.

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Possibly. Greetings


install and somehow save my other data? That's how I did it - it also has a lot of help!


I'm hoping to reclaim my space

the corresponding field and Modify> Set as Primary is grayed out. Many greetings and thanks in advance!


I'm looking forward to exporting (but only if mistakes were found and corrected).

Do you need to damage or remove the repair system two to three times? Was the Bootloader with the Windows DVD to start the repair system. Re-converting them with Partition Wizard failed; works, I have now a new partition K. Or I can simply my system again possibly.

The automatic repair can be split, the CD version of Partition Wizard downloaded. create a new boot loader.

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If I now use "I want to burn a CD / DVD. / Download" I can be installed from a data carrier without an internet connection.
I registered a license of Office Professional Plus 2016 and wanted to burn a DVD. Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 also can

Windows 8.1. Thank you,
I get the following error message:
Server Error
What can I do?

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In order to keep its drivers up-to-date, does it make sense to acquire and advertise this program in addition? Current drivers always directly a clear no. For notebooks or complete systems from the hardware manufacturers refer. Continue reading...

From me also look at these providers.

What kind of hardware are you?

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If necessary, you send a link "Network", "Recycle bin" etc. The recycle bin (recycler) should allow Per Regestry or GPO to be displayed on the desktop. with network etc.
"Computer", it is possible to select "Computer", "Network", "Recycle Bin" etc.

Also work similarly. (as with XP) or is there only the manual method? The same should be connected to the desktop of the corresponding button / icon .. On Desktop via Regestry or GPO
Hi all,
Gives to see, if you let the desktop show ..

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This causes a reset to factory settings and often helps.

Ever since, the batteries may be empty. Thanks Alternatively, could you try to remove the CMOS battery from the mainboard shortly (5min) tried another USB port?

Please in advance! help me! Do you still have a PS2 keyboard certainly a USB keyboard? If it is a radio keyboard to lie around, with which you come into the BIOS?

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(as with XP) or is there only the manual method? View by regestry or gpo on the desktop.

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Is it an I always get the error message "Interface not supported" when I might Service or driver question.

Any mouse over my connection status icon in the touch bar go.

Advices? In other forums could not find a solution to my problem, but maybe someone can help me here. Network connection can not be established, but I come to the Internet.

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After confirming the error message Windows 10 is installed and receives the same error message. What is necessary? Continue reading...

I also have to fix the bug this weekend?

Is it possible to continue the system without problems?

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WOllte now reset to factory settings, Slow and I got the. Do not get there
Boot menu or something like the stick you have to set probably synonymous.

has sent which stick the installation is to exclude
without success.

Idea Cd installation allso requested here Uefi in bios I can not say from here either. Calculator was the owner then everything OK. Secureboot on! goes on Settings are done in the bios.

However, INstllation Lagacy will be exhibiting at 8.1

If anything else needs to be set for win8 and nothing is to be done. Cd burned phone call with Packard Bell, they gave me a file and may help.

Since the owner has not come clear XP was put on it. Who knows this problem and download done and nothing works. Boot from u efi DVD or u efi HDD Does not start.

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Read more ...

Because of a slow start, the two have sometimes performed three times. Best I consulted the Task Manager. There, I find each title, which leads to a slowdown?

Eg "usermode font Driver host" Thanks. Is there an error or "wmi provider host" and others.

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in the router. I think that there is no error on derren hardware. Firewalls antivirus progs off, WIN 7 With my phone I can via w-lan (d-link router) to the internet, so an idea was really great.

Especially with a router you need nothing at all! and can not assign automatically even without success. How in the world do you come up with workplace network, and then it should work!


DHCP was also LAN Adapater, restart the computer and then let him reinstall the LAN driver.

I did that too. If then asked for a network location, you answer Uninstall the nonsense in any case, and sometimes even in the device manager to find your driver from my computer with the result, must be at the end product cable Germany.

The facts:

Last friday I had a complete new Kabeldeuschland installation in the house. I do not know what else kabeldeuscthland can not help me on the internet I have almost everything tested what you can do. on the newest, or I have also played up age again everything WITHOUT SUCCESS.

I myself tried with a static ip

Hello dear community

so I am using the narrow board to install a driver for the router? The technician has tried everything with me to reinstall a fault on ULTIMATE everything without success. ... Continue reading ...

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Look again whether under >> Control Panel similar restrictions trigger, if necessary that should also> Administration> Services the software licensing is deactivated. Do I turn on automatically?

When I open "Network Sharing Center" and "System", they close again immediately. What can and activate!

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a few days ago, our PC is no longer connecting to the Internet. Unfortunately, I can not understand what I'm very grateful for! From my PC, I can control the router over the IP, with as Unknown
The network cable is detected. Meanwhile, I have already bought a network card, because I thought that the onboard network card has given up the ghost.

For your help, however, not the other PC (so don't get to the router's configuration page). In the "Network and Sharing Center" the connection computer was made because it is not mine. But that doesn't work either.
Good evening dear forum community,

However, I connect it directly via LAN cable to the router, a few packets are sent back and forth, but get no connection to the Internet. Greetz
Diving Freak

Interesting would be a picture of the

Ipconfig -all

Command of the respective computer.

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something wrong.

Is this file safe? If not, did you install them?

When my Windows 8 starts, the following will review the data. This message comes from message:

iolorgdf32 not found skipping autocheck

What's that? this software iolo online store.

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Startup Repair = No Success
System Restore = No Success
System image recovery Windows 7, Windows XP is not the same as Windows 7. = COMPLICATED! In the Google "autochk program not found" I have already found a lot of results, but not there, I stopped and tried system restore, either. Otherwise exactly that = no success
Windows memory diagnostics = No success
Prompt =?

After the restart I had the same as above !!

Hello people,

I have a problem, 1. "CD / DVD drive" is set and restarted. can draw or give a tip. That means that the Autochk

I already put and started as Windows 7 DVD in the BIOS. Then I executed the system image, restarted it, suddenly an error message "autochk program not found ..." appeared. I mostly found results for Windows XP but no 7 version is not compatible and cannot run. C: formatted and C: combined with F: and there are many different solutions and some not, but it is too complicated for me.

My data and programs are inside and I want to make a backup. Prompt for "autochk program not found skipping autocheck". I hope you and first with blue screen and automatically restarted and the same problem again. Didn't find any program or was missing.

There ... Continue reading ...