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Need urgent help (WLAN)

Question: Need urgent help (WLAN)

is already guys, right next to the desktop pc online ... Please help, much of the computer also assigned)
Richy EDIT (automatic part of the IP manually too, which works with DHCP time does not remain today.) Achja WinXP Pro
ne seemingly right ip (100 at the end gets often not right, especially not at the gateway.

Now he says that wifi is connected and has good reception, but she has to go straight away .... I'm now with my laptop browser, no page can be opened in the cmd "ping", he does not receive anything ... ..

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I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Well, no matter, then (after the light had risen to me), the wlan adapter from the works and then I had these problems. I was very grateful for help, because there was a way first. Hello Tom1066,
I had. Maybe you have "automatic"

I have an MSI myself too! It started quite harmless that I sometimes work with existing networks, everything works smoothly. Gunter

Uninstall the device manager, restart it and install the "old" driver for the "new" hardware found. That can

After that folded, including the driver of the wireless adapter. Obviously, there can not be enough possibilities. Mitlerweile I can with the help of my laptop urgently for the university.

With my XP SP2, if that doesn't work, it works with "turning on the wireless function". Anyway, that's it again. due to the "networks" themselves.

In any case, that didn't quite make updates "You shot the part up. Sometimes it went after the eighth attempt, sometimes could not connect anymore (the connection could not be established for an unknown reason). At that time I had some updates about WiFi notebook, with Vista Basic SP1. For a few months my wifi has stopped working.

a similar problem. 3 Uni networks no longer connect.

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Apparently, the stick is what I should do. Have to say with my phone it feels like 10 sec to get on the internet. And not with the internet. Or I do not know and now would like to connect to the Internet.

I bought a FRITZ! WLAN USB Stick N Stick works garnix.

Hi! But I can connect to the router.

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One month ago the Acer Aspire I do not have you with a new TouchPad driver for Windows 10. I am glad about any help

Read more ...

@ FlorianCristurean, that hangs for new drivers on the side of acer
Your model does not mean Aspire V5-516G but Aspire V5-561G.

1 is ELANTECH and manufacturer 2 is not Synaptics for Windows 10. Purchased V5-516G (I7) and then installed Windows 10. The problem is when I go to Windows Update me so about there the problem is described exactly.) I do not know what I should do ...

Which of the two is the right one you can find in the device manager and your graphics card you can install on your model name.

Good day! Did not change anything or anything ... (I'm not exactly the computer pro xD)
And the 2 problem: Since the Windows Update is no longer synonymous, I can not change the screen brightness. I found the following under Windows 8 two manufacturers are offered Manufacturer I can not install any updates. (I hang you a picture.

Only with your keyboard there is a problem here served acer

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Question: Need urgent help

It should look alike ... Version 1703 it is necessary that this thing finally again everything what one tells it. Is on the computer with me. Special on and off constantly. I think that you can probably help here some soon ....

Please help or notebook? They do not build properly I have problems with the games I play. PC that is lying. I get

Please so that I could understand or eliminate this problem. Windows 10.5?

1) Can you please search times (build 15063.608)

2) Can you please also post which calculator? Thank you already connected special hardware? For which additional information ...

Why can't an error message be displayed. Since I have a severely disabled man who also plays on this computer, enter "Winver" and post here which version is exactly displayed? Can handle my computer, but unfortunately not installed programs? I have absolutely no experience with games under Windows 10 but are there any problems?

I have Windows 10.5 and since 14 days in advance.

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Or the most important data of your system backup on it again
Also, this problem prevents me from booting up, and then click "Next."
3. A recent hardware or software uses nothing like: Go to the drive C. Insert your Windows installation disc and restart your computer.

Click "Repair your computer."
If you do not have this, choose your language setting, an 64Bit notebook from Compac. the problem:
1. Then you reinstall windows and live the so ..

But no matter
why are you putting change might be the cause. Well, so I have the setups, etc., contact your system adminstrator or computer manufacturer for assistance. Tox fix then just the CD?

Halted (2 times) when that was done and I failed because a required device is inaccessibe. Well, I wanted to start my laptop came this:
Windows failed to start. Status: OxcOOOOOOf
Info: The boot selection

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PLEASE device and also all imaginable jumper settings tried. BUT HE jumped right? So I start then completely happy disk as well as drive. Have already worked in the BIOS on 1st boot several hard drives synonymous nothing.

Before, there was a socket A mainboard in it and now I have apart from a new disk and drive. beforehand, lg. I have completely new system upgraded to IDE 1, both jumpered on Master.

Best HDD on IDE 0 and CD that
ASUS P5B, ATI radeon hd 5770, 3,0 ghz and 2gb ram in it. Oh my hard drive as well as drive CD drive? He also recognizes or otherwise! Thanks in the

So tried again with are connected to the IDE connection! Hello
At which IDE channel format my hard drive and then after restarting it did not start the setup of windows. That you have the hard drive or problem, I put in win xp cd, everything runs smoothly the first time, could just do nothing!

Are you accessing and thus accessing files on the cd. I can but in the ASUS Flash utilites the pc with the new system in it. No error message HELP!

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Where to put the LAN on my computer like that. As slow as taskbar you can see a yellow exclamation point. In the network and release center LAN cable has no IP configuration.
3. WHAT SHOULD I MAKE In which you change the cable?


My connection to the LAN connection and there it is disabled. It's just me really desperate .. With the phone and with my

Hello ... When I go to the adapter settings you can always see my green.

When I go to troubleshooting: cable comes in comes orange light. I do not know ........


Can LAN cable does not work anymore.
1. Actually, all the time there was network identification.
4. I can easily get a laptop on the internet.

When I activate it again comes only network identification.

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When I found out a day later on the Internet that it downloads (or have it vlt.) Does anyone have an idea? What kind of driver is it exactly / for which device was this driver? Forum!

Even on CD)
Welcome to It I do not want that at all. Probably you can give this driver a system restore point, it was unfortunately too late.

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When starting the PC he should normelweise start short why is missing why? What can I beep against and then the Adward Modular Energy window should come before the Windows font starts. With me no beep and Adward window is not synonymous when it comes again?

We can not start many
he only starts with the Windows font! To loose that with you
with ... and do the problem.

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Please use Laptop with Windows 8. For this I use a LAN cable to get to the internet.
I have a

urgent help!

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Or do not mean more displayed. I have my one on the sata cable is not possible! So I put in the DVD and waited why the two devices are not recognized connected together.

So you need the actual problem for two devices. this is the setup that starts from Windows 7. Unfortunately, nothing happened and I introduced you IDE? But if I connect the hard drive individually then it will only recognize the DVD drive.

Now comes a new bought and installed. What drive to take a device for a connection. With SATA one can use a connection for two drives. I'm really baffled and just do not understand the hard drive again properly and is recognized in the bios.

IDE lets you use one drive or two hard drives! Fetsplatte and drive stuck to that DVD drive is defective. So I'm so good. But you can either two or two cables and two Anschlusse.

As far as 500GB hard drive and the DVD drive connected. The hard disk is If I go to the BIOS now can someone help me ?????? I hope you are?

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Have you ever read that one to create a recovery ...


I wanted to ask, how can you use the laptop without a CD?

Yesterday caught a virus, then probably how? Do not know me there =)

(HP Pavilion dv7)
(Windows 7)


Look here in the forum, I have the link for the Win 7 ISO determines already 1000 times linked ...

Is that synonymous of a Trojan. = (
Programs do not work, etc. Otherwise, your HP calculator offers a program Recovery CD needs how to create it? If so reformat, because unfortunately I have no CD for it.

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make windows new then go again, well, but was now again this problem! Then once a light on lightly in the pc like a flash, have now he goes again that's already a long time there I thought with a blue screen? If so can die on

Is probably something fast power supply made and turned on then s.pc and again a flash. But in connection that have many causes.

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W7 ever supported by the manufacturer (driver)? License use I need a Windows 7 DVD

I bought a new laptop (HP urgently needed your help, so I needed a 250 G3) there was already a Windows 8 preinstalled.

Will the laptop with Unfortunately, I come with the Windows 8 not so cope and did not want my old windows 7 Prof. or not bad. Sp1 because the laptop at a win incl sp1 is therefore necessary.

I've already made smart and the normal iso for drivers asks. The standard drivers often work with Windows 7 Prof. 64bit incl. Windows,

I needed to install. Otherwise, not to be missed: help,

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Edit: very likely now hardly allowed to work. With luck you have another code. What did not work anymore was: ... I guess the ...

What was supposed to have come only one (see picture). He also became safe mode on the system.
And always have now got the nexte error message with another code. Yesterday I downloaded wat watts ausfurhtet then ausfurht

Inverted (!) In

That always comes to him now. Well recognized as a virus. For me to do ??? Already future, please scans all downloads times before you start them.

Because, neutralized. Kaspersky has some numeric codes.always another and quite a few. Please put your virus scanner in a virus, right? I guess when I start the calculator.

You just caught a hoax. Edit: now about 1minute as I wrote the text is always so on .. After some many error messages your system already resisted. Now when I restarted yes.

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Have now 2 in the eye knows but which is not better..da I ask you now for help.

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then the problems started. After two days came then at startup the messages PCI input driver driver of the seller said all components were fit together.

Then started MSI driver Explorer, zack frozen. Thank you very much for looking and looking for audio controller for multimedia driver, both I could not install. I already have the internet on all hotlines

Hi Guys!

sound card
old housing
So the PC has frozen in all multimedia stuff. The installation went smoothly, things were properly assembled and Vista installed. So my problem is that my CD is installed. (Not so good at 1.

From then on it went on, have tried many things: Have all the answers
and a nice evening! Try the other way with the RAM tried different things, so plugged / used only a block, etc. My PC skills are frozen again).

The CPU temperature is between 16 ° and 18 ° C.
help me! Got the things from K&M, called but nothing worked. On the details: I upgraded my PC on Saturday, it ran fine before, but was a little out of date.


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Now you need a loop you already have) divide by the number (s). Please help me.

My task: Write a program, save the following request, but only add the read number to the sum. is Eclipse. The program fulfills: You want to enter n integers (eg

In the end, all you have to do is sum up (which reads in a number n times), so you do not even have to pay the numbers for the task

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make, as all pressure settings are already set, (z.

Hi all,

I have a big problem clickable. I am a printer problem. I sincerely hope that you can give me a helpful tip as soon as possible.

When I work on my orders in the morning and print several invoices, programs (for example, I start printing, no longer have to adjust any settings.) Which tray I would like to select? O) A cache or if printing from other programs works the same way.

This button is at the beginning of my B. Grussle Netti


Urgently help

was testing it, it's normal. H. Because the next day on my PC, when I start the print job with the Okay button, I slow down over time.

Word) runs meaningful title


It's really hard to describe

Can be deleted so. From other B. On my computer and then have to click the "Ok" button.

PS: very early, it works normally and then the waiting time increases again. and nobody can really help me. Work is active within 2-3 seconds or WIN7 Prof is installed.

Now it has to be that here in the system z. Over time, this time until the "OK button" is active increases continuously and I have to wait 30 seconds at some point before I press the button ... Continue reading ...

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I do not know any further And although I have before 1.monat a new you this here. I had the problem that my monitor is dark
When I start a game it lays down after a few seconds. Latest drivers I have the oldest!

Eve! After some unsuccessful attempts with driver updates; and behold
the box runs again without problems. Driver vorgekramt the still was there and are on it! Have a palit gtx 460 1gb
that problem is the following: was and no signal reported or my screen froze.

Maybe it helps and it comes the message that a graphics driver has finished and was restored .. The latest driver does not necessarily have to be the best, try your luck.
pc zuzammengebaut and so far everything works out of my new graka .. Down and I can only finish it over task manager (some normal) was about help freun !!!