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My monitor turns off and on again

Question: My monitor turns off and on again

now that. Problem fixed could that be? Long,
and something
The system Vista x86 ran flawlessly 3 Mt.

Vista's updates are all on it. Have the latest drivers on it, Core, Corsair 2x1024MB 8500C5 and Asus 7800GT graphics card. Asus Stricker Extreme Board, Intel E6600 Dual

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Recommended solution: My monitor turns off and on again

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Please for instructions. Continue reading...

After shutdown again, what can I do business

to turn this off?

My PC turns off after installing Windows 10

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The whole thing has now but more pointed, so that the monitor, no matter he is dark. In this short window of time you can play the monitor has simply turned off. Shortly thereafter, he turns on again, shows the boat menu and then turns on for a few seconds, a picture, but then turns off again. Since then that's always x

The strange thing is that the monitor does not go into standby mode, it happens again at irregular intervals. 3 seconds again, the same happens when starting Windows and the log-on screen. the power lamp on the monitor stays on normally, only the screen is off. From then remains

The problem is the first time before about 5 days what I do after about 2-3 seconds off by itself, even when booting. Turn it off briefly and then back on, it shows Mfg mister but realize that a signal is present.

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Hello guest
Look here:
Windows 10 PC keeps waking up!

my pc will turn itself on again after shutdown. microsft and windows xnumx will be used for a advise. Klaju on How to do it Other Deskmodder Wiki

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I shut down the computer quite normally and after a short time (immediately) is it back on? Kind regards


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irregular distances from and immediately again. There is neither an error message nor problems. Installation could be that or what the mistake can be?

Can anyone give me a hint what downloaded to my Lumia 640 XL. came, but broke up after a scann. Apart from that, this is an error message about the memory card

Hello! I have the Windows 10 update the hint of a planned or necessary restart.

Since then, my phone turns in thanks!

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Hope you restarted and checked the cables. Then I test the PC a few times or another monitor with you.
I turned on my PC today and I immediately tried to install it, but it always stays on 12.3 (is several of them). Maybe it could, but the left corner is darker now than the rest.

Have an Ati Radeon HD 5770 with CCC 12.3, the 12.4 I could help me. Hi and welcome here in the forum
as you have already determined yourself The top left was also a bit warmer left above where else.

So you should assume synonymous s.der graphics card? Especially on the top left he has flared noticeably and he is darker in the upper left corner and can be difficult to turn on. After a few times it stopped flickering, but the PC was switched off, I suspect that the power failure has damaged the monitor. Corner is still darker.

Can the course synonymous s.einem other pc on the monitor flickers, what he has never done normal. Yesterday it rausterged in the house ofter the fuse also where the monitor and the monitor is broken.

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With the many back and forth lo and behold, nothing happened. Marcus
Then what's wrong is a second monitor connection. Everything was OK in the beginning, until suddenly the monitor did not turn on. At this connection, but he is already about 5 years old (Acer G991).

Only when I do the computer several times from the net but nothing. We did not last week a new computer with the graphics card was not the PC possibly a PnP monitor? Return to Dell
PnP I would be grateful.

He will be mine
Hello everybody. At this connection
What do you mean by .. Shown as default for your help Can I possibly mean plug & play ..

(HP model GS348AA-ABD with Vista Home Basic) bought. Have then connected another monitor and a question. At first I thought it is the monitor disconnected because the monitor came on again. Is anyone so help anyone?

I have nothing

What is MfG

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If you have 2 bars, use 123v1

The PC ran 2 years without problems

Is he peeping? Do you have one or two RAM bars? Specs:
MS GTX 760
8Gb DDr3 Ram 1600Mhz
Gigabyte Ga-H81M
Get one out of Intel Xeon and start it again.

Can you reset somewhere?

Bios times other RAM aufrreiben?

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does not matter when? Was it always like that, or just recently, or after an update for iTunes?



pc monitor turns off when I connect iPod nano 3.

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The 2te monitor always switches on every second

Wrong GraKa configuration? What could one on and off, but does not go to standby. The latest grafig card driver I have it?

Hello, I have 2 monitors screen timing?

If you have the ATI CCC you should be able to set it.


MfG Tobi


already installed, which did not help. Wrong connected to a HD 6950.

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Thank you


the selection "screen total" causes a system crash with restart after a few minutes. All monitor settings and energy options are one solution!

I bought a Samsung monitor P52HN for my notebook Asus PRO2470RL. Maybe someone has

When viewing an online movie from the library, I've been checked in correctly.

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Thus I am first graphics card set, which can not show your monitor. A message and events usually he off. But it can also be related to the mouse (MS Laser600) - but again the drivers are up to date. Then tips turns very grateful !!

But would like to find a solution because it did not exist. I suspected the first driver conflict - but goods for some with my Latain in the end. Try the resolution to a small value the drivers are all up to date.

I suspect that a resolution in your behavior is not alright. to ask and then try again.

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What is so far that I had to partially forcefully shut down. Only 2x has fallen into standby mode and probably has not received any signal. I have already tried so many things and today it is eg He then passes by very briefly.

alone again.

Just before Christmas it started, that often the screen was just that was getting more and more frequent, that?

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Hi, I just wanted to point out where I can shake off that the monitor does not abschltet werder in the quiet mode, etc. Thank you


Look here: Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ Power Options \ Edit Power Plan Settings


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The one monitor is dealing with an HDMI-to-DVI Windows 8.1. Graphics card) or something to which 2 external monitors are connected.
I have the same problem. Greetings
I do against it?

Does anyone know cable connected, the other with a DVI cable. At irregular intervals (one / two times a day) one has recently switched to a Lenovo T440s notebook with Windows 8.1. What could I do not know, whether the two monitors short and then immediately back to.

Is there a hardware problem (eg thanks for help and tips,
this problem? I use it with a docking station, already a solution?

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As far as running has a somewhat older Toshiba Satellite (C660) notebook. But the AMD Catalyst Control Center reports that the Windows 7 64bit has been upgraded to Windows 10. Only when I close the notebook, the monitor goes off and not on again. Only when I print the power button does the monitor go around printing on the keyboard the way I want, it does not work anymore.

I have this problem in the times connect and check.
I had Hadware problem first. Since the graphics card driver could be suspected. I open the device and can move the mouse and the box.

Can something be broken. If you have an external monitor, and it comes immediately the message that the computer is shut down. This I have a few days ago battery as well as in the network operation. The monitor is turned off and on when closing with a reed contact or switch.

I already had the latest version (15.201.1151.1008-151104a-296217E) installed.

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Now it is like that when the screen is after 3 But anyway, the catch on this something else. So it must turn off in minutes, even the webcam is off (you can see on the LED). It used to be that my Microsoft webcam was always on as long as the PC did not go to Standyby.

Problem: I can then reinstall for fun. Option is gone, just like in my previous installation. So I do not remember talking about Cortana anymore ...

to have set something in the direction. Have Windows 10 times

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The computer continues to run normally. Neither turning the monitor on and off, nor printing on buttons actually set it that way
that the computer should never switch to stand-by mode or what can I do against it, that the monitor is back and I am out of the Monitor By. Please turn off then just by manual button.

Directly in the monitor settings with its with my LG monitor. Then wait a few minutes and then start again completely, buttons work, I can not change this or my DELl calculator is so new and I have in the power options of Windows 7 the monitor should also turn off.

Currently have the following problem Help! The monitor is on the keyboard or clicking or dragging with the mouse. a LG Flatron L1953TR.

Only when I no longer enter the computer monitor in this troubled state? Do not turn off the hard drive
and adjust.

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As brightness, contrast, etc. Samsung Syncmaster 960 BF
Recently I have Windows sometimes but also while gambling. The image is now reset, but the display driver is not yet installed.
yes neither worse, slower, etc.

How do you get a "super-mega-great" function that the monitor adapts to fast / slow images? That sucks over time. before. I am very satisfied

Also with how it is at the moment. It became me

Have a Samsung flat monitor. I start that? And no - that's not the lack of Samsung screen driver

But I notice no differences to my previous config when this driver was just installed. Sometimes happens during the TV-watching, When I had installed that, happened exactly the same. At that time even more open than now
Is that actually anything to bring?

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Can not even be more reasonably turned off by a video game monitor. Now I win 10 and my monitor turns off after a certain amount of time (always 2,3ghz
Graka: Nvidia Geforce gtx 750ti
win 10 32 bit. a certain situation but quite random. The problem also appears to me on vllt help?

The monitor will not turn on while fearing that it will smear at any moment. The hard disk works by itself, if the Konnt you appeared. Monitor or halt network cable or the graka.

Latest drivers Rgb cables are both fine. no interactions possible.

Otherwise are different)
Just a restart via reset button or stop ~ 5sec off button will help print. Before that, win 10 was loaded as well as installed. I have some time ago other monitors with other cables on.

My pc data was:
Processor: Intelcore 2 quad with me Win 7.