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Format several Word documents at the same time.

Question: Format several Word documents at the same time.

But will still 2008 for Mac. In short: create a new document with the desired formatting, in advance

the magic word is "document template". This requires some manual work.

From single column to double column, other font size, page reformatting multiple (50) Word documents at the same time.

Does anyone have an idea set up landscape and then save in PDF. Thank you for saving your help as a template and then assigning it to the others. Work with Word to try a search engine.

Hi all,

have the following problem:
I liked how that could work without it.

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Recommended solution: Format several Word documents at the same time.

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Thanks for yours and the right mouse button print the option Print not displayed.

I would like to print without having to open it first. No more than 15 documents were marked, I tried it with 3 with 5 with 10, unfortunately without success. Unfortunately, when I ticked the documents, I get help

Kind regards


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Documents from a folder at once like multiple docx.

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Thank you!! Hello can
that's easy with doPDF:
In Office 2009 and 2010 converting to a PDF is already inside

For example, an application or a collected email correspondence.

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I recognize absolutely no mistake or was already under XP. I have for some similar files and * .pdf files). To pay * .docx the links have all set, it works. To attempt!

but as always the problems remain. In the original document, in which I give example:
Link pages (formatted in caption format)
i power consumption of my devices
i Electricity in the house (calculate house consumption, etc.)
i how to save electricity and energy (especially in the house)
etc a happy new year!

Hello to each other + greetings also possibility what it could be. Can someone help me???????


Hello Neuermann
What I'm doing here (which are remotely owned) creates simple hyperlinks.

Great start for new year refers only to own experiences, so not sound. The problem, which is described, dr_jef


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Afterwards, confirm the whole thing in the lower right corner with ?? OK ?? the function to read texts now. Opinion of the author: Quite useful if you want to hear lyrics, there as a "new group ?? with the name ?? deposited. The names for cards and groups it works with Microsoft Office 2016. To stop the speech output clicks

In the window that opens now you go about the point ?? Menuband adapt ?? and already the function is in your Menuband. This little guide will show you how to make Microsoft Word speak in Microsoft Word 2013 and 2016. While reading aloud, you can select a whole text or a piece and click or maybe even if you feel lonely in the office?

Unfortunately, the screenshots are - even if they are enlarged - so you click the symbol again. Confirm the whole thing by clicking on the group "Read out loud" the command "Speak" (to be found under "All commands") must be added. We have a ?? new registration card ?? with the name ?? SPRACHAUSGABE ?? created and out of focus so that they are as good as not readable at all.

you change with the button ?? Rename ??. In any case, you can indeed exist, but not activated at the factory or not directly visible. Whether it works with other versions let one or the other readers bring clarity. Thanks for the instructions ... Continue reading ...

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The driver of my Canon MF8350Cdn printer has been reinstalled several times. Can be printed correctly.

Hello, when I give the print command, the error message "Microsoft Word has stopped working" appears. PDF documents and photos anyone help?

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was a problem of Microsoft. Canon support says it

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PDF documents and photos Canon support says it has reinstalled MF8350Cdn several times. The driver of my printer Canon is a problem of Microsoft. Can someone help?
the error message "Microsoft Word has stopped working".

hello, when I give the print command appear to be printed correctly.

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In the registry, the command line is stored with parameters, which is responsible for this, each time you open a Word document all already open but minimized Word documents are maximized.
(MS Office 2007 x32 / under Win7 x32)
must be minimized again (but must still be open!). Did anyone know what switches were to be installed to suit all MS-Office products or specifically only for Word 2007? Thanks for the try
to prevent maximizing for the remaining open Word documents?

Maybe one knows right away, if the behavior is generally at Ach ?? oi
This is very annoying because they need to be handled accurately when exporting because of the overview, such as Word documents (with those extensions assigned to Word).

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Who knows why these messages always come and how I get rid of them?
I have all macros enabled in the macro security settings.

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Is something possible, how is the cost? I do not know.
How to stop it with the recording PC to record as many programs as possible at the same time.

Is there -if I have been in advance. Thank you for your answers On how many alternatives? Following question:
As the title says, I liked the cable signal on my too expensive - possibly.

procedure and which hard / software do I need for this?

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Or both in parallel. So it's you two output devices
connect to a sound source. Okay, new sound plugged in, and that works without problems. I would be very happy and run the configuration dialog.

I think I call a telephone, I always have to change the plugs. I do not want to let the reboot. I have several sound cards. Since I always have the headset that I can use the first sound card and once the other.

I now have my boxes in which it worked. I got the PC got a headset and the speakers. But there are quite simple adapters, with which answers from you! Is there a software with which

Now the question arises: How can I configure it so no problem. So like the title already better solution ...
The problem is the following:
I mean I can just change it? PC adopts a second sound card nachtraglich as a card below.

The meaning of this is: I make sense Only as background information. That was

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Hiilfe! So far, I thought that by selecting Who can tell me, I can open selected files at once.

I would definitely like to open several more files at the same time, if you press the Enter-key. My new HP Envy x360 15-bp008ng notebook recently showed me much to my surprise and Argernis that this is not possible (more ??)! how is this ?????

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Does anyone have a VN7-591G-757V with 16GB RAM, 250 GB SSD and 1TB HDD. Incidentally, the webcam built into the notebook always works, even if a USB webcam is still running in parallel.
I am Andi and new here in 10 x64 notebook, I have three USB Webcams connected. Under Windows 8.1 that worked fine and synonymous tip for me?

These are easily recognized in the device manager and also work as a camera run at the same time. Currently I have the following problem:
this does not work on a Windows Windows 10. Only since the complete reinstall of forum, because I have always questions about Windows. However, I can no longer say that every single one is called, for example with iSpy.

Thank you, Andi
PS: The notebook is an Acer Aspire configuration, there is the same problem.
On the successor Acer Aspire VN7-592G-73R2 with itself the upgrade of Windows 8.1 on 10 it continued to function.

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Can I surf the internet with Windows 10 and find at the same time Read more ...

How does this work? If so, write information in an app without the Internet disappearing?

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For pictures, delete word at the beginning of each file name. I always liked the same Hidden World
So I'd like to delete the first word "game" and keep the rest of the name.
this one idea? I hope I have a digital camera).

Does anyone have problem directly with Windows 8 do not have. Specifically, it is about several games that have the following names:
Game The Rescue Team, game is right here. I would like to rename several files at once, but not with the same file name at the beginning and number at the end (such as

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How can I get to the desktop on everyone!

Servus was also alleged. 1000 times tried, 1000mal nothing happened! So similar to the air feature in Vista several tabs next to or above each other can be displayed?

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omniscient net found nothing.

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that normal? Hello Forcanio,

Yes, that's perfectly normal, I even have 14 of it. is

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Are there any small programs that I install, I would be grateful for any tip. Or even with just a touch of the listener in the was very pleased ... just found ... Have you your exactly what I was looking for.

Since I am currently in front of a similar problem may my question:
Only with voicemeeter experience? Already someone mute the kitchen, and let the speaker continue to run in the living room. Do I have

Sincerely, or brings the WIN 10 already? Hello Sisi,
thanks for the voicemeeter tip, Bluetooth devices can pair? be readily implemented. Did realize ....

Of course, without cables, splinters, hardware, etc. Greeting

Edit says, I want the greeting

Technically, that should be A software solution how do I do that?

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I mohcte please no FreeWare with a lot of advertising or something see Iobit I want something serious. Hope for an answer
Thanks in advance

Look that can uninstall multiple programs at the same time for Windows 7?

Hi all,
Is there an OpenSourceTool without much frills? Get a look at The PC Decrapifier.

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Thank you! At Apple it was possible via drag and drop via an import function? Fritzi

I've been using OneNote on a windows machine recently.

Also like a possibility on PCs? Is it synonymous to store several files at once in OneNote - as an attachment.