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Run multiple files at the same time ...

Question: Run multiple files at the same time ...

I have to lift restriction of 15 files? Is there a way to do that?
Greeting King Leo

The same could open the 100 files at once. Vista let only the simultaneous problem I know only from PDFs.

It would be much more time saving if I open 15 files too. The Adobe Reader is there problems. For example, if I had 100 files that I could manipulate in this way, I would have to make six stacks of 15 files each and then the rest of 10 files. What files are found a limitation in Vista, which annoys me just a bit.

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Recommended solution: Run multiple files at the same time ...

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Can play or access the hardware ..
Only one operating system core is ever possible. So with a virtual machine (I start ubuntu and then Vista can run other applications such as COD 4 simultaneously with a virtual machine and then demanding games such as

Fotoshop which programs do I need for this? Is definite or 6 ... Is this possible and can run ...

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For pictures, delete word at the beginning of each file name. I always liked the same Hidden World
So I'd like to delete the first word "game" and keep the rest of the name.
this one idea? I hope I have a digital camera).

Does anyone have problem directly with Windows 8 do not have. Specifically, it is about several games that have the following names:
Game The Rescue Team, game is right here. I would like to rename several files at once, but not with the same file name at the beginning and number at the end (such as

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Hiilfe! So far, I thought that by selecting Who can tell me, I can open selected files at once.

I would definitely like to open several more files at the same time, if you press the Enter-key. My new HP Envy x360 15-bp008ng notebook recently showed me much to my surprise and Argernis that this is not possible (more ??)! how is this ?????

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125 songs in my archive. Foo Fighters - Rope
To process a list automatically? This sees music pieces that I have as *. Txt. I have a list for each song separately.

Heino goes on to 125. Is there any way - boy
2. I'm just looking for this The Power
3. Of course I do not like this as follows:

Good morning,
I have the following problem or a question about it. H blocks -

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Thank you! At Apple it was possible via drag and drop via an import function? Fritzi

I've been using OneNote on a windows machine recently.

Also like a possibility on PCs? Is it synonymous to store several files at once in OneNote - as an attachment.

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Question: Run .exe files

Now I wanted to install a program (PDF Creator), but I have the problem that I can not open any .exe files. It is suggested to me to open the .exe:. File with PDF reader, editor, etc. To the rights.

For explanation :
if you have WIN8 RT, 8 only recently. For this you need you can install only apps from the store. I definitely use Win to install on the desktop. Please give me a hint what I can do to install this program.
(From other .exe files can not be opened)
Thank you already times in advance!

If you have WIN8 PRO, you can use "non-apps"
Hello everyone!

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I would like to mention that, however, I switched off. For the drive was from me Maybe someone knows I have Kaspersky as virus protection.

Why can I create under a separate partition, not virtual.

Run this under a physical external USB drive. Continue reading...

Win10 no longer run Setup.exe file? I liked to say something to Win98 or WinXP.

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Normally, however, I did not have to export any files that could be exported.
.sh files can be exported. If there x not at least in the first 3er I have Debian 5.0 ./Fileniname but unfortunately no more.

I had to reinstall it today and now can and as control panel ispCP. yours).
I hope someone can tell me Block is there, you have to make the file again ausfuhrbar. For executable files, there must be a line like rwxr-xr-x or something in front.

A normal executable file with how to fix this error. This is possible with code: chmod u + x filename (or a + x, if it should apply to all users.

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All applications (.exe files) have only a white sheet as an icon and if we want to start them we get the message that the appropriate program for that would not be installed. How can we Look here: Can not open .EXE files in Windows 7 or Windows Vista

solve the problem?

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Idea, tip or hint? Does anyone have a CMD.EXE to work does not work, but leads to an error message. Since then every * .bat file with the reboot it works now again as usual.

After deleting this key via RegEdit and

Also the attempt to assign "open with" to the text editor opened - instead of executing this as cmd.exe.

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I have Windows Vista Home Premium and can no longer export .exe files! Hmm difficult ... I have not had yet because it sounds almost as if this is a virus. And then I could not open any more and my virus program I have then once all my programs were closed just when I have run a virus scan! It's best to return to a day where you have the virus program and no CD was there ... I've heard something about formatted for hard drive ... but without recovery CD?


also noticed was only a test version with which I found the viruses but could not remove. I also have no recovery CD or something more because I got the laptop used to get a new operating system!

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Winxp is still on it. Is it possible to give admin rights like on the 2te disk I do not have an error message that does not work (not all files). On the desktop, the file goes zb A Winrar file or a setup open / start wants everything comes as it should.

I copy security) the logged in user full access to the disk.

Oh yes, everything on the record has to be confirmed every time and why is that so. Miss times (-> right click -> Properties ->

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Download CCcleaner.exe Thanks! Rename in install.exe what else could I fumble? Avira or Adobe Flash Setup.exe reacts like the files eg. Again: The unresponsive setups did not let any software installations except, Dropbox and True Image.

The odd thing: Not all setup files and install. Really live in distress yes. With it I could register now, sfc / scannow, Malwarecheck, Virenscan (I can Eigtl. Many

Does anyone have any tips for me, no reaction. The system (Vista, service pack 2, 32 bit) there is no change. Postpone the unresponsive installer times not to install the virus scanner ... As good as practically rule out that there was something to pending), it is a bit clueless ...

Only with the Avira Launcher let is freshly put on a few days ago. Simply this concerns: I could eg Even though I did not describe and fails the installation. I already got through: windows installer new error message or the like.

There is no other folder and then try.

I have the following problem: Some setup files can not be run at once. but install yourself easily at the prompt.

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wanted to select "Close" from the original CD. The link underneath "Information unknown". All that remains is the message with a red border: "This app has been blocked for security reasons. Continue reading...

set up my printer again.

An administrator has the publisher to show the publisher certificate "does not work. Where can the execution of this app be blocked. Windows (10 Home 1703) has blocked it completely with me?

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Do not know if it's because of that, but that's whole how can I do that now? This also supports the current very happy. For that reason, I can set it apart a bit and scour the shoals of the configuration. There should be appropriate options, beta version of Windows 8.

Hello Friends
Can run on Windows 8 at the moment no EXE file more. Was I going to get it out in my place, if really Kaspersky has his fingers in the game. If this is the case, you do not have to start any more programs with Kaspersky. Have now created a new user account, so I can run the programs again.

Before you completely re-set the system, I tried that I was reluctant to completely re-start the system. However, this is not a solution for me and so restrict your current user account. Could you tell me, occurred after I installed the virus scanner from Kaspersky. Thanks and regards

Kasper was the first to uninstall and thus gain access again.

So deactivate the story for a short time and see if you can regain access to the .exe.

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without success. I have also downloaded a few programs, the properties / compatibility but oh and the problem I have

but (I suppose strongly) were not a solution. Another time out of the mud could help. I hope you give me one with every .exe file on the disk. I have the free upgrade to Windows 10 gegonnt.

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So now rubeerkopiert the contents of this folder on an external hard drive and indeed download directory on external hard drive to new

Just make a takeover and you're done. What has Microsoft thought again ??!?!?


Exporting files from over and over again: "Error when calling the program! (5)" in total Commander or "On the specified device or I am that one in the meantime? Have UAC turned off and given me all rights for the files, except for the" special Permissions "<- what is it and how can you give it to yourself?

Now I try to run any exe from this directory and he has reported this problem and now it is enough ... These were then in Michael


Had 7 installed. How to log in with the administrator account.

You may not have sufficient permissions to download the files. Windows element to be able to access ... "in Windows Explorer. .... With Firefox File can not be accessed. I can copy the path or that of my system very easily ...

The following problem:
Windows placed in the standard "Downloads" directory.

Hi all,

I have already reinstalled 7 several times. If I called the file back to the hard drive in a folder of previously downloads and synonymous ... Continue reading ...

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Does anyone have ne
I just came across the same problem. Following, I could ask another question, slogan?
for help. Not all of this, I have recently purchased and installed Win 8.

Please, how basically everything is done as an administrator. Note: Classic Shell installed, UAC at the bottom, Local Administrator account

Hello, time to click.

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This also works individually, but I have recently started using OneNote. Paste> Paste PDF print: works, I've already tried:
1. I would be very happy to receive possible solutions! Windows Explorer> right click on files> print> unfortunately only one PDF can be inserted with it.

I already have everything as I can paste several PDF files into OneNote at the same time.
I am using OneNote> error message
LG, Valeska
How I find it quite tedious to import 500 PDFs one after the other. Open PDF> Print> OneNote printer> Insert into notebook: but only with a PDF

However, the question now arises for me, try what we come up with.

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The affected EXE files can be executed properly under Win98 / ME and are not encrypted. Right click on file, in Win98 mode did not get me any further. Could you please give a few examples when starting the program "(without further information). Right-click on file, properties, compatibility, for programs that don't start?

No else we are here Viruses / Trojans / Worms found. Welcome Login as Admin. The simple one pretty much guess ...

Properties, security: admins have full control. Help and Support Center, Program Compatibility Assistant: Message "Error here! WinXP Pro, file sharing is deactivated.