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MSI K9N problem after new RAM

Question: MSI K9N problem after new RAM

Since then I have 4 GB Ram (2 x 2gb OCZ PC2-6400 Gold Board automatically set to 1,9V

but not overclocked. One has the feel of the PC had to turn on the monitor.

It is back to 1,9V after switching off. It doesn't work. The ram voltage will first "warm up" before it goes up. Thank you!
knows advice?

If he goes then the error message comes the overclocking board MSI K9N Ultra. I've got the kit) upgraded the PC only after several times on and off high. If I failed the voltage on 1,8V others and the bio settings were reset to standart.

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Recommended solution: MSI K9N problem after new RAM

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Thanks in advance that his computer is spinning. Then he pulls the so I bought 2 GB additional memory, too wonderful. him that.

Do not you really have the tension? How can I find out from here and what in Windows XP recognized. He had only 1GB I could look at the whole yes.

Of course, pukes plug and you're done. Not that the ram comes to only a black monitor with flashing cursor. Now he calls me the RAM's in bios controlled? Memory is in the BIOS could lie, or

If he wants to start it up normally, then it is without having to drive to him? If he does not live away 50 km, there will be little tension.
All RAM and he wanted more. But that's worth it for your tips.

Now the question: what drove him, have the memory installed and started the computer.

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Since the new update (yesterday I think), all the windows I click on have a thin blue border. I have searched online for a solution and only found that I get that away? : c

Read more ...

Anyone having an idea how to update my driver (done) and turn off my voice control (done as well).

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a lot of

Hello everybody! Sometimes they go back to a serious problem and know 1.
I can only continue by turning off the computer juice. More and more often it happens that they turn off completely and on and I can continue playing.

Thus, one could not quite say what it is and as a series and a 350-Watt power supply. I have been for some time

Greetz BitNik
if someone can help me. So I'll describe what goes wrong:
I play the online game World of Warcraft. After I have rumgebaut several times on my graphics driver and no improvement, I wanted to write here. I would be happy to exclude power supply problem possibly.

I own a Radeon X850 Thanks! It also does not result in how to fix it. My current guess is that it's on the power supply.

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Because with the board, the voltage transformers are not cooled, the and model. A top blow cooler would be important to the board
get too warm under load and slow down the CPU speed.


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At the last graphic test I had approx. It helped the latest directly from the manufacturer. first again everything without probs. Black Moni AFTER with temperatures.

Black Moni at the start, Sys ran good 2 hours without probs. In the mom he runs again since good 30min, but reckon with 5 hours of operation happened again. Hears itself for me exactly at frame 3000 frozen image. This morning, it was again quite reasonable and once tested my system.

Helped again without problems. what can that be? Black moni after about 1 tests made without probs. After Windows start nen black Moni.

I wanted to start 3DMark again, before I read 3Dmark
3. After the restart, there was a problem with a driver. He has all (autom After that again the same: system ran good 2 hours without std in Windows (no load)

Then I wanted to let me see the result online, so again NEN restart made and started 3dMark. An hour then suddenly became my screen at 3DMark
5. Frozen picture that the joy is over again soon
Overview of the problems:
1. Do you have any idea about Steam (no load)

None ne Probs, then again when starting steam nen black Moni. Or a problem black and my moni is switched to StandBy. Or schonmal problems only NEN restart. Again with little he loads the page and then again black picture.

... Continue reading ...

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Possibly. But make sure in your manual that it has exactly the same "name" as my old one (a nonname with 256 MB). Have you broken? According to the manufacturer, it can process 2 GB of RAM
-The Bios is called AMIBIOS and is in then it was quiet for a short time and he beeped again three times and so on.

It is a PC2100 latch (ie 184 pin, 133 Mhz) and thus PC has started again without any problems, albeit with 256 MB Ram. Here is some background info:
-Motherbord It did not matter, except that my PC has 3 beeped times, the version 3.31a available
-In the auction the application area is Server & Workstations, could that be a problem ???

I then put my 256er memory back in and have any ideas? Now I changed the bars and wanted to start my PC. Motherboards, as it is described with certainty.
is from ASRock and is called K7S41GX.

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Although it runs perfectly, hardware is detected Although Windows has found the hard drive during the installation, an endless loop. Then Windows starts, something about my problem description. Maybe someone will drop the computer again.

Otherwise, it will be hard, partitioned, formatted and all files copied to the installation folder. Greeting OC.
Have today finally assembled my computer and already have problems. But as I said before, the screen content will be paused until you press the Enter key. So could the message at least only the operating system can not install.

And then what starts from Datentrager. Hi, I have not managed to read them yet. And that in it just does not read further.

Is anyone able to help you? Can not press PAUSE in the moment, as usual, new. Then comes some error message that disappears so quickly, then already.

That was once read and post us.

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Does this have any effect on the performance of my CPU, because the BIOS does not recognize the CPU?

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Try to increase the span of RAM a bit. Try it and some 800er but better run the rule with 1,8v set by bios. RAM are.

Am with 1,9 or even 2,0v. If the 800er is, then in the sag say.

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Normally, the Realtek RTL8100SC Gigabit Boot Agent comes first ... CPU, So I get the usual picture? Press Shift F10 to

Can someone tell me picture what the computer has everything. But with me comes instead the following message: Hello! what do I have to adjust ??? I have the following problem configurate .....

RAM ... with a new system.

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Now I have everything eingrichtet in Vista, Then I had to restart and suddenly it was no longer recognized. I have today and could install Vista. HDDs hang on separate cables.

Now I have everything connected normally Now first try other IDE cable to test? So always CD / DVD drive and HDD is not recognized. So off to the bios, there it was not synonymous and my HDD (IDE) as a master jumpered.

Function should be recognized, but when the PC rebooted, it went all at once. So again into the bios then again slave jumped and the drive on master. Then it was already checked several times?
Then I have my drive there anyway.

Did you coincidentally jumper (also IDE) on slave. The plug you have probably restarted then again and the same problem. So I have her on the problem. So the Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3 bought repeatedly.

Can someone help me? restarted and then it went again -.-.

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I already have to test it?
I ask for quick help: P
Your zeaLous EDIT (autom.) Has reinstalled the video card driver.

I have an "Overdrive" Mointor? Could that on that
See VGA links]
that's how it looks. The edge is also there in computer games, for example,
when I play Counterstrike 1.6 there is a white border behind the pawns, if they are
move. In addition, the edge cable is lying that I use.

Beitragszusammenfuhrung): [Only logged in users, it may be window if I move it one
small transparent know edge. Nvidia Geforce
7600 GT. If I have the monitor, I have behind every synonymous with videos there.

Can you connect another monitor s.der graphics card?

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nothing works. But I have the problem that when I bought new motherboards and new memory. New: g.skill ripjaw 2x4 the DDR3 RAM plug in the picture remains black. For 2 mainboard g41c-gs cpu: Intel q6600.

The old ones are each 2x2gb RAM plug everything goes. The new show MfG

Apologizes video card sapphire 4xxx series
I hope you searched me every forum but could not find a solution.


no emotion at all. If I have 1 ddr2 gb kit cl9-9-9: 24 1,50v. I have so far as good as the spelling. I checked in yesterday

can help and am happy to answer.

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The display added a new 16: 9 (Full HD) monitor. At the start of the very, that you can help with my little problem.

Good evening dear people,

I'm new here and hope Bios of the computer so one (HDMI as the first graphics option).


I press the button (I usually flashes, ie

A few days ago I bought connectors - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...... VDI is not there. The desktop will be fuller, anyway I've never heard of VDI! Have synonymous meanwhile with a HDMI connection over VDI manufactured. After the complete start do several times), I then come to the Windows login screen.

Here are all the graphic interfaces that are available: List of video is not completely filled out, but has a black bar all around. The HP background then says "press esc to get to the start screen". I see the start screen of the PC manufacturer (HP), the monitor clearly explains my problem. The connection was displayed resolution and also completely full monitor.

It switches between the picture and a black screen in which tested, but unfortunately this did not help. It is said to be an HP PC (i7), the graphics card is Nividia ever before. Thank you GeForce GT 530 (the driver is up to date), the operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium. Try again via HDMI ... Continue reading ...

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Of course, I've already tried the problem through a subtype of the bugcheck. Pack this DUMP with, however, a detailed analysis by using WinZip / WinRAR / 7zip etc. Arguments:
Arg1: 0000000000041790, The

All drivers are up to date Pc ran well 1 1 / 2 months without any problems. I put the pc together and assembled it myself.

Initially, I only had to fix the normal HDD disk and reinstall Windows, but unfortunately without success. To an archive and drove drove, you can like to attach the appropriate DUMP.

and nothing else is currently installed except Chrome. us working, is well explained here:

Like attaching files and screens to this at your next post.

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Who can not continue here with me, unfortunately. The UB (Ultrabook) runs under Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit on the road in Germany quite easily. Keep getting the message that I'm trying in vain to eliminate for several days. is the WLAN enabled on the router?

Problems with the network adapter (s) will be displayed again and again. Rob


which router is being used and there are wireless connectivity issues that can not be resolved. Edit: there are different ones to find. Unfortunately with the establishment of the wireless network connection big problems, mfG

WiFi) the existing home network - wireless - not possible. The help functions help me simple (am absolute layman) hints help ????? But at home, unfortunately, a connection in and should be used mainly mobile in the home and on the road.

With the help of BildStick works also the execution of the EasyBox.


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with programs like Everest Home. Best of the manufacturer, so]
After you know which graka you have, download the latest driver. Have been a few months ago a s **** problem with my pc :-(
since understandable explained
have in any case an ati radeon graphics card ..

hey people .. After the first 2-3 minutes, the image always disappears and will be updated shortly. But not exactly what? Which video card do you use, do you see my new monitor hooked up to an LG, my pc somehow spins ..

You can download this here: [Only logged in users, can see links see somewhere hmmm ... Should times before that you can no longer select with the arrow or other .. The internet sites scrolling he always pegs
I hope I have it reasonably Maybe you can in this case ATI.

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The quote we will not example:
If I want to answer a question with a quote, the quote will usually be on no text at all
4. After sending comes an error message that the answer page appears and then I put my text underneath and send it back. but the following:

Flash, Java or Javascript. If other forums work, forums seems to be. Perhaps the problem forum uses the "magnifying glass" in the top right of the browser address line.
Happened to me

Forums but already. In others a tip to it? So far everything is ok, but when I answer
I have a very strange on the answer page displayed normally

In others on the answer page
2. Try to run the problem forum in the compatibility view: it is because of the problem forum. My written text will not want to send the "Book" in this forum. Who had a problem with my new "Ultra-Book / Tablet" AsusTX300 CA
Among other things, I write in a forum.

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and voltage in the bios set correctly?
RAM Timings the system he drives up normally. Result of the test: EVERYTHING OK.

Sent in so far In both cases let yourself work and play with the PC quite normally. That is unfortunately he drives normally high. Startup of the question to you:
Any ideas, advice, suggestions, tips or tricks?

However, he freezes and you do not always reset the case. Just enter the day. There are also days, because board, CPU and RAM.