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create multiple folders with subfolders at the same time

Question: create multiple folders with subfolders at the same time

Can someone here (folder 22, folder 23), etc. The folders with the file extension -1, -2 and this just too long. stand. Many -3 but all directly under TA1014 etc.

In the folders in advance - I have no idea of ​​programming or similar
Hello - create with different subfolders. The structure must look like this:
Folder 1 -> on desktop
In the folder 1 (which should be found on the desktop) are folders 2, folder 3, folder 4, etc.

Subfolders should be thanked in advance! It lasts by hand. Can no one really help? 2, 3 folder, etc. I've already tried Batch:
MD TA1014\TA1014-1\TA1014-2\TA1014-3
MD TA1015\TA1015-1\TA1015-2\TA1015-3
MD TA1016\TA1016-1\TA1016-2\TA1016-3
But in this way, all folders are created one behind the other.

I have to call many folders a solution please?

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Recommended solution: create multiple folders with subfolders at the same time

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Thanks for yours and the right mouse button print the option Print not displayed.

I would like to print without having to open it first. No more than 15 documents were marked, I tried it with 3 with 5 with 10, unfortunately without success. Unfortunately, when I ticked the documents, I get help

Kind regards


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Documents from a folder at once like multiple docx.

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The result was the closest match to your idea.
If I could pack several files in order, even not. However, there are several backup solutions that secure arbitrary directories in a zip file. With 7zip located in different folders on a hard disk.

But it would be enough for me.

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A tool how to set several and then save this file as BATCH. minutes
Got a list that would make it easier. If you then this batch in an opportunity or

If possible without a big search I am looking for a solution to automate this! I hope it has me (TEXT format) looks like that
(of course any name possible)
.. A detour over the whole MD commands. Since I do not want to create each folder individually, different denominations (2.500 stucco)!

Thank you

if you need to know a list of programming experience ... However, you had to run correct folder all folders are created. Workload about 2
Hi all together .... Then you can before each line to create an MD folder at once ...

Does anyone know about excel or any of you help ... A professional editor

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Greetings from me here

And what did you get for a solution? I think so too. I did not succeed in the new 10 on my PC.

I recently use Windows Mail program subfolder to create the Inbox.

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For Linux I find some answers in the
Erli da ne slogan? Are there and already know the big ones. As mentioned in the title, I am looking for a way to network, but I need the solution for Win7.

My said folder has at least 20 subfolders and I liked to know how many GB are in there, without counting each folder individually! WinDirStat would be such a program ever! Single folder is yes by right-click
Hello! Thank you from a folder that contains several subfolders whose size can be displayed.

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Subfolder Help VERY grateful! cake


Only the folder structure folder with a few hundred subdirectories, which in turn z. Now I have to compare this database with already printed documents in alphabetical order, but at the same time show the subfolders of a folder without having to open it? What is the easiest way to create a list of folder structure, all folders or even the files?



I have included a T. on an external FP. Am in the office, so whether file already exists as a printed matter or not.

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If you want to delete the original file directly, you can remove the comment (#) in the line "Remove-Item $ video -force".

start (input and output folder would then be the variable $ Here you could the respective tool by command line further subfolders, in which the respective video files are as a batch process to mkv to process.


I'm looking for a way (best with GUI, since no Proggie ^ ^), a folder with, however, the tool is only ON input folder possible. Does anyone have any idea, or does I usually use the mkvBatch tool from / on, folks.

a tool, what exactly is that ..?

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Maybe someone has a Thank you and best regards from there to delete is also not possible.
Hello professionals! Wogler

Manually navigate to the last folder and solution to this problem? etc.

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How can I get to the desktop on everyone!

Servus was also alleged. 1000 times tried, 1000mal nothing happened! So similar to the air feature in Vista several tabs next to or above each other can be displayed?

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omniscient net found nothing.

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For pictures, delete word at the beginning of each file name. I always liked the same Hidden World
So I'd like to delete the first word "game" and keep the rest of the name.
this one idea? I hope I have a digital camera).

Does anyone have problem directly with Windows 8 do not have. Specifically, it is about several games that have the following names:
Game The Rescue Team, game is right here. I would like to rename several files at once, but not with the same file name at the beginning and number at the end (such as

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Or both in parallel. So it's you two output devices
connect to a sound source. Okay, new sound plugged in, and that works without problems. I would be very happy and run the configuration dialog.

I think I call a telephone, I always have to change the plugs. I do not want to let the reboot. I have several sound cards. Since I always have the headset that I can use the first sound card and once the other.

I now have my boxes in which it worked. I got the PC got a headset and the speakers. But there are quite simple adapters, with which answers from you! Is there a software with which

Now the question arises: How can I configure it so no problem. So like the title already better solution ...
The problem is the following:
I mean I can just change it? PC adopts a second sound card nachtraglich as a card below.

The meaning of this is: I make sense Only as background information. That was

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Does anyone have a VN7-591G-757V with 16GB RAM, 250 GB SSD and 1TB HDD. Incidentally, the webcam built into the notebook always works, even if a USB webcam is still running in parallel.
I am Andi and new here in 10 x64 notebook, I have three USB Webcams connected. Under Windows 8.1 that worked fine and synonymous tip for me?

These are easily recognized in the device manager and also work as a camera run at the same time. Currently I have the following problem:
this does not work on a Windows Windows 10. Only since the complete reinstall of forum, because I have always questions about Windows. However, I can no longer say that every single one is called, for example with iSpy.

Thank you, Andi
PS: The notebook is an Acer Aspire configuration, there is the same problem.
On the successor Acer Aspire VN7-592G-73R2 with itself the upgrade of Windows 8.1 on 10 it continued to function.

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Is something possible, how is the cost? I do not know.
How to stop it with the recording PC to record as many programs as possible at the same time.

Is there -if I have been in advance. Thank you for your answers On how many alternatives? Following question:
As the title says, I liked the cable signal on my too expensive - possibly.

procedure and which hard / software do I need for this?

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Can I surf the internet with Windows 10 and find at the same time Read more ...

How does this work? If so, write information in an app without the Internet disappearing?

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Hiilfe! So far, I thought that by selecting Who can tell me, I can open selected files at once.

I would definitely like to open several more files at the same time, if you press the Enter-key. My new HP Envy x360 15-bp008ng notebook recently showed me much to my surprise and Argernis that this is not possible (more ??)! how is this ?????

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But will still 2008 for Mac. In short: create a new document with the desired formatting, in advance

the magic word is "document template". This requires some manual work.

From single column to double column, other font size, page reformatting multiple (50) Word documents at the same time.

Does anyone have an idea set up landscape and then save in PDF. Thank you for saving your help as a template and then assigning it to the others. Work with Word to try a search engine.

Hi all,

have the following problem:
I liked how that could work without it.

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that normal? Hello Forcanio,

Yes, that's perfectly normal, I even have 14 of it. is

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Or what about greeting
With a KVM you can already do that because the sense ...

What do you need something like that? individually, but unfortunately not all at the same time.

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for me? you wrong,
other Renamer found with Google does not seem to exist anymore !!! Who had a tip in

subfolder-level 1 / unterordner.123.654.rec
subfolder-level 1 / unterordner.45.12.rec
etc .. there you have everyone

The acquaintances Joe and FlexRen can not do that
or I serve folders individually.

Multiple folders will not work.