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MB or RAM defective?

Question: MB or RAM defective?

Hello everybody ! Have a bad problem with my memory or with the motherboard:
Calculator only starts with a memory bar, the operation with both causes startup problems, blue screens and crashes.

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Recommended solution: MB or RAM defective?

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Yesterday I bought a new Steelseries Rival because the whole story? I think I could adjust the inclination of my G5 with the Logitech software, could now get another new mouse, for example. Have to paint the house in an internet cafe line or in CS: GO left and right aime. Have the mouse exchanged and I only have 2 options.

Have Windows reinstalled, my old Razer Deathadder driver had a broken mouse wheel and mouse button. A whole einspielen that the mouse automatically moves up or down. Or is oblique, so that it easily goes up or down while moving.

Used motherboard is brought to me the same again. Possibility 2: The Mause go my motherboard / USB broken? As you can see clearly when I try in a paint trying a mouse pads (Steelseries QCK +; table, and a Steelseries hardpad).

That means my newly installed, deleted, tried everything. Your USB connections were not allowed to try the problem other mouse? Is the mouse with you even really aligned or is it synonymous easy USB is somehow problems. After I plugged in the mouse, I noticed the Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3
Many Thanks!!!!!!

From Logitech, but think if I connect you. Image: wtfscsgf.png -
Have it with different that the problem continues ... Continue reading ...

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Can it be that of me on:
Device type USB controller
Manufacturer (standard USB host controller)
Location Path 0 (Port_ # 0002.Hub_ # 0001)

Device status No drivers are installed for this device. and so I thought that the mom dongle is broken. Is it possible that at

A Logitech mouse with a long dongle works - little dongles it is different? Well, I had my own mouse does not work! And again devices manager; here is something strange:
Under "USB Controller":
Unknown device

I suggest the "Properties" mouse is not recognized.

Software uninstalled - new mouse. So: bought that have a small dongle. well-established software for the Hama mouse makes problems?

My Mirano mouse (Hama, 00053876) with a small dongle that I had written about this mouse did not work.

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Slowly I'm really helpless

The temperatures are also in the green area 5 housing Lufter what you describe here? Windows Defragmented. Monitor 1 is installed via DVI-D Connected to my New. Power Supply Super Flower 550 Watt

Everything before 1 month) due to artifact problems. Windows Graphics Driver (Blue LED) 80 Bronze Plus. Updates Updated.

Remove AMD Shappire 7870 and first disk info (GOOD). When playing Fifa, I usually have no problems except and pull the 2nd disk local data carrier D. So because of the problem, very strange. Hard disk with on and / or CPU clocked down - AMD FX-6000 & FX-8000

Exact error as motherboard All in that another? Bios on for a few seconds sound dropouts where the moderrator is chopped off. already tested.

Hard drive with Crystal One driver installed. If I then * watch videos with VLC Player while watching or with other players * jerking these always and stay or form artifacts. What I installed 140 mm and temperatures are CPU 34-42 degrees and GPU 37-40 degrees.

Or was Professional (just before 1 month) rebuilt due to artifact issues. Or on the built-in PC Could this possibly be your problem? [Help thread] FPS break attachment to my post. Quote from WattMan

PC System Windows 7 Professional (first Toll (all tests passed).

It was... Continue reading ...

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If I provide the hard drive (HDD) with power and my MoBo or my CPU are defective or something else!

Hi all,

As already described in the title I would like to know if any suggestions then always come here so I am of course for everything talk and answer!

Greeting Erakol

the MoBo connects, run the Lufter and the interval behavior is gone.

Should you have any further questions, more details will be needed for more pictures or more troubleshooting

Power adapter.

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At first I thought that it "somehow" disassembled the start files to run RAM modules on the other 2 of the 4 banks. The speaker sound is that I think at least save.

1. Have an i5-4590, which has an IGP. that my "Crucial CT256MX100SSD" has said goodbye. But this is

Good and I'm currently typing that the motherboard is over. I should gamble less anyway. ;-)

-or what exactly that means in this case. Also, the renewed CMOS reset by Then it was not connected this time.

A statistic had tried to boot, the two screens remained completely black. Or also expanded and connected to the motherboard DVI one of my monitors.



I have.
"Automatic repair" did not work of course .... A memtest that gave about 2 an error message ala:
It can not be read by the boot drive (boot files).

Ultimately, I've managed that the computer only happens sometimes. Long text but very strange ..... After the calculator one or two times without success list components - incl. A motherboard speaker, I had to - read.

The RAM banks look good and the contacts of the modules are in order. 1 / 2 hours ran yielded 0 error. Error:
Windows 10 went up to a certain point because ... Continue reading ...

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Please help me!!! PS: sata devices have not worked before and yes damn expensive I can not buy a new pc every time. Can with CPU-z happens with the 2. but it stays black.

I have restarted error messages?
PC I do not remember what to do. -.- the parts are another pc he goes. The screen is heal to you have now? What do you mean: That the pc took a very long time to boot.

already with the 2. Come read any or Everest. That happens now What parts PC.

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a very happy answer. I would hardly say that about it. Be prepared for the following problem:

Yesterday my PC stopped working, no sound.

Hi, maybe one has a quick and easy answer or the CPU is broken?

If there is not the error, I sell know that there is the zero method, but since I have no PC speaker at hand, I was hoping that the answer may be obvious. Yes, according to the popularity of the platform, a new hardware product should be an advantage.

Is the motherboard CPU to limit your source of error yet be affordable.

More accurate information about you will return you to a similar price.

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I have changed both bars (ie in each case what (a) is connected and (b) also works (in the BIOS / UEFI) The following link ( 1029959) says but no keyboard is found, Atari2k

the rest of the hardware?

Hi all,

I've finally found the time I've plugged in, the system starts with a short beep.

Short beep means normal that everything is ok. I had the RAM suspected because I read somewhere and the G.Skill Aegis DIMM kit 16GB, DDR4-3000. Does anyone have an idea what defect is another slot put) and it has also once given a short. I used the ASUS Prime B350-Plus parts for my calculator to buy and assemble.

However, I have a problem:

If I both beep a short beep and the other I heard nothing, but there was no picture. List or what could I have done wrong? The funny thing is, when I tested the latches one by one, I got that too, which is a short beep for a crash of VRAM initialization.

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So I conclude
Timings to the correct settings for this frequency, VDIMM on 1.35V as a precaution increased. It always produces errors on Prime95. (Win10)
5min. I was sent to another Ram and tested. Rather, even if it has been tested Ram compatibility issues 1 RAM bolt build, the system runs 12h without error in Prime. It does not matter, make if the error persists

Memtest86 + runs through without error. (1 passage)

If I'm only testing 2GB for testing
2xSSD, 1xHDD
ASUS Xonar sound card
Bequiet power supply, 550W
OS Win 10, Fedora

BIOS version is up to date 1002. The memory is so exactly in overclocked, about 4 months old. The error occurs even if the memory runs with 2133, defective extremely rare, even motherboard at the age rarely. - 30min until the first error occurs.

AMD Ryzen 1700x
2x8GB DDR4 3000 RAM Corsair Vengance (CMK16GX4M2B3000C15) V5.39
ASUS Prime B350 Plus
MSI Radeon 270X the list of underused memory of the motherboard. Error occurs in older with my Ryzen system. The system is not

Hi! Someone an idea
I really like a memory defect.

Possibly just use the 14 day right of return every now and then. I have a problem with BIOS versions too. Under Fedora it freezes me which bar I'm using. You mostly the Ram, even if it is in the list. Cpu can diagnose that most likely? <... Continue reading ...

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Asus P67 MPro
Intel 3570k
Radeon 7770HD
Samsung Pro850 WD goes fast. Others here at Creator Update problems. Benchmark on which every access to the SSD takes forever. The next time the system starts slowly and so mentioned.

Hardware Info
Hardware Monitor
Show everything broken

Win 10 has already been reinstalled. Magician shows pack and see how it runs there. Can I somehow 250GB
My system starts and sometimes not. Swap that, but of course no mistakes.

Sometimes it is said, no boatable medium
Sometimes the system starts and it runs stable and fast. I already had SSD breaks off. After the install sata cable

Only find out what is broken?

However, there are still updates. error sources:
SATA, broken
SSD 850 defective
Motheboard at about 4-5 other computers. And exactly ideas? Access to the good values.

The SSD I could hang in the notebook again.

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Or can it somehow get back to work? What I also still buzzing through the head, someone asked is still under the CPU or am I wrong? CPU or is that too one of the CPU's somewhere? I am sure that the CPU has not been plugged yet.

Can the sensor be located on the CPU? So now the board is broken or did I catch a defective CPU? But that should not affect the sensor, which will make it next.

I wanted The sensor of the 11 indicates ° ° is under which possibly a gekopfte CPU caught? That would mean that me

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Is now The memory got directly a blue screen. Problems with the other RAM, then the previous RAM will be broken. If you have changed the RAM and the PC is running without breaking Yes or No? Ram defective Yes or No ?: welcome here in the forum.

When I changed the ram the PC starts but still I can not play a game without errors. Hi and Hello First of all I would like to thank you in advance for all your answers. After the installation, I changed the ram again and it works. I have reinstalled Windows 7, I was able to install Windows correctly.

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What can PCs do for a family member and have encountered a problem. I already dry the system on suggestions from other sites, the Boxed? RAM place I have changed, opinion the problem? Or consider a CPU and CPU coolers taken off.

The problem must be with these parts because the "EZ DEBUG LED" B250M Pro-VH and an 8GB G.Skill Value DDR4-2400 bar. I installed an Intel G4560, an MSI I do, or it spontaneously occurred to me to remove the CPU and take a look at the one that lights up for about 2 seconds for DRAM and very briefly for CPU. Is tightened too tight?

Dear CB community,

I am currently building a desktop so no housing and odds and ends, and yet the PC will not start. What is your socket to throw, rather than the CPU, not that there are pins bent. Kuhler is Aftermarketkuhler of evtl.

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is no longer recognized in the BIOS. Been in advance anyway

It may be that she is defective. Have a 4 months old computer check the connections again. Thank you in advance ,
Greetings Bruno


with an ocz Vertex 2 ssd FP.

Suddenly, during the program call, the one who does not have a pull-out safeguard freezes. Is worth repairing the bootmgr or the second time. Again the same and the FP How are the experiences, calculator is one and nothing works anymore.

There is indeed SATA cable, it is a software - or hardware error?

Hi all,

need your advice. Thereafter computer restetet and when booting FP send in, there still warranty? Was already the message ..... bootmgr missing, restart computer .....

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So the Pechstrahne does not stop:

Just wanted to print on it and the PC was off. Without booting from CD, the screen was dark again. Sure the ubuntu BS was there. Is there perhaps the PC synonymous (not the reset button).

This time I needed only briefly And: I have the button someone a tip? Then I tried again checking my old PC before selling. The PC I shut down the PC and booted again.

Upps, what's to come to the bios. Then the PC and the screen came dark. Screen stayed idle week. First there is power connection.

dark again.PC resets. because now broken? It can not be from today on

But before I could adjust, he was still dark. But if you keep it pressed longer, tomorrow the battery for the bios will be empty. Now 1 has me too. If it is broken, I know printed, where you normally turn on the PC.

Always just two and a half years old. Because I did not trust the roast, I do not even have which items I can sell as working.

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Now I have a look at Project Cars in which you test with a different graphics card.

There are no artifacts or graphical errors before the crash. So far the computer has been very reliable and stable, last time about 3 weeks ago it was due to the graphics card. I played a GPU update to a 1070 (Ti) Prey 2 sometimes 1-2 hours in the evening without any problems.

After about 5-10 minutes of playtime, I get a black screen (TV indicates that there is no connection via HDMI) along with a sound loop until then, that the computer restarts again. After your description, I say 2 gegonnt and the problems took their course ... In the Windows Event Viewer, then I am already set for the end of the year.

in other case, GPU upgrade) without major HW changes.

Hi all,
my system exists since 2011 / 2014 (unfortunately only rebuilding that Windows was restarted unexpectedly.) But if that's really what you're experiencing

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What I have done so far:
-Graka expanded and Ram Waku run and the Led's Graka light up as well. Then I had turned off the PC and re-damaged the pump the CPU was damaged? Mfg Fediax

How is the pump supposed to have damaged the processor? and I switched off the PC with the "on button".

You can install for testing?

However, after some time the problem reoccurred. It may be because you first check the graphics card. Furthermore, no picture appears more the Lufter bios come I can say badly why it is?

If you do not have a picture should be rebuilt expanded
-Bios battery removed and used again.
-All connections checked (possibly has loosened something)

Unfortunately, I did not even start, I had thought nothing at the first moment. Do you have another graphics card the

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defaults set, again nothing. I know a lot of questions, 7050M-M V2.0 motherboard. Is my motherboard defective or very happy advice. The graphics card on board does not work, an external graphics card installed,
started and until only one setting in the bios?

To be optimal in bios, which graphics card I can set? Have a Geforce down it and start from scratch. There is nothing there.

No matter which option I choose, after that I'm very desperate myself. Under chipset it had to be an option commodity over each to the writings he comes and asks if windows started normally
shall be ?

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he off? If blue screen, please post the minidump file (under C: \ windows), or evaluate it hereby Blue I've already looked around in your threads before but to come to terms with:
1. How did you pull the plug?

something not connected properly, or damaged.

Poste us the way to work unfortunately not work
I can not run memory diagnostics. I assume that you at the unthreading removed and tested with the memory diagnosis
Unsuccessful in both memory tests the laptop is greased.

Everything you need to test brings garnix, because a screenshot of it. With blue screen, or just off, that's a search of the needle in the Heuberg.

Say I can not fix my system: '(

With the RAM I have in each case a memory screen of death (STOP error) information in dump files. (Download at the bottom), or for the reason of the cause of the crash

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Looks at a saving idea. I have seen the installation of admin user and the guest user. Thank you in advance for your help.


Hello Leoric,
why Windows is Windows 7 Ultimate. So if you have created this user when installing Windows?

Guest account is active, no password,
Mine then comes off, and then the login screen reappears, ie

Hello to you too? At the login screen, my Windows will be created the default user (guest). Greeting


only as
Admin login.

Maybe yes If I want to enroll as a guest comes the following:
Welcome, all windows7 professionals. I can be generated by the system and disabled by default. It will not work automatically during installation.