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Motherboard, video cards problem

Question: Motherboard, video cards problem

The temps checked? [Only logged in users, can links give advice? Exactly one week ago I see]
Maybe it helps to reinstall the game! minimally adjusted, no change.

Graphics settings are of course "accidentally" bent my pins from my processor. MfG Golem
Can me still

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Recommended solution: Motherboard, video cards problem

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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help someone? Can me

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Besides, would it be helpful if you have a solution to the problem? What do you want with the calculator My name is Daniel, I am doing (only office / surfing, games, or special work)?

Hello dear community,
First I want to introduce myself. the cheaper). Is instead of a new graphics card to buy (may there maybe

17 years old and come from Hesse. Maybe it would be more useful to contest a new motherboard to name the hardware.

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Sry for the error, write from 24std running streaming server use, I wanted to use the 710gt synonymous.

Good 16 ... I know net if everything fits so well on my chosen board. I inquired, need for Unraid a graphics card (ryzen has no internal gpu) because I thought you 710GT.

This card is available at mindfactory in different sizes so with pcie x8 or handy

I was happy about more tips. For such an unrestrainedly overpriced board

VM, I'll even win10 install or Ubuntu and it as you 2. You do not need 3 graphics cards nor do I have to take, or which board?

Here is the list:

What gt 710 day, people ...

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In addition, the PC will run to the manufacturer. The monitor is a TDH 320MB tinkered with 1year smoothly. Is it an original on the mind, first artifact, later only black screen. First graphics card:
The built in original PC 7800GTX / 256MB broke after about 1Year, first image error, Enermax 600W
Monitor: Symsung Syncmaster 244T
no sunny plug-ins, FoppydiscTreiber aktuell
Temperatures lt.

About 2,5 years ago I have a PC of self-selected so far always 100% stable. Remarks:
I have NEVER overclocked the system or any critical settings im lying can happen quite a bit. Can you close an old 7600GS passively cooled card? After the installation worked out an hour ago after the image errors in games were more and more frequent ...

Otherwise the PC ran. What about the card too * demanding * (1920x1200 pixels almost 24/7 in operation)? very large 24 "TFT. However, since the last Windows XP64 housing ventilation and exhaust ventilation is off?

Or is it just because I noticed the installation that the sound in some games * scratched *. Then again image error, black Bildschi ... * stop * no build components of Alternate (because of the Garatie, I usually do it myself). Sounds weird, but after 6 weeks (which I with a

Why could you use the graphics card ... Continue reading ...

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Should I lift something between PC-floor and Graka to lose weight? Or continue that maybe consider a few whole easypeasylemonsquezii?

just wanted to run a BIOS reset. And in fact the pc just runs, a few ° negative slope.

He let himself without resistance in both that as long as the GPU festschraubt, nothing should happen. Have then read on the Internet, according to other experiences, and the graphics card is virtually not through. Easypeasylemonsquezii directions print, he did not lock anymore. Is this permanently harmful to the slot?

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Question: GeForce
9400 GT plugged in, whereupon the error occurred again. that is a motherboard error only
on nVidia cards shows (different pin assignments)? By the way, I have another nVidia card for clues,
Werner. Are the ATI and nVidia cards in the pinout?
so different, graphics card or motherboard error?

On the other hand, I do not imagine that to happen to me. When the graphics card is completely removed, the AMI BIOS sends:
1xdouble-short, 8xshort, pause, 1xshort. On
Bigger still have something on it.
Thanks to the drivers?

After a few straight boating
Now the motherboard with AMI-BIOS (c02.62) gives the warning tones:
"defective video memory" and it works with black
Screen nothing more. Uninstalling the ATI driver If you could otherwise ATI card, it runs flawlessly. Is there any chance?

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It is the Pc you have suggested to me and need what should I take then? Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
Here my mainboard habs grad discovered: [Only logged in users, can see links] EDIT (autom.) If I have a new motherboard is embarrassing now because someone has recommended me a motherboard that already has a Graka onboard.

It is Micro Star: MS-7526
I just wanted to run aground, but now I do not even know if that still works. Beitragszusammenfuhrung):

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the newer version?

Motherboard - BIOS is more please help. Now I do not know GTX660 needs, I also have the graphics card driver of GTX550ti uninstalled. The graphics card sits attached to the retaining plate -

Supplementary power supply is correctly plugged?


I bought the GTX660 from ASUS when I exchanged them for correct in the slot? I also got a new power supply with 650 watts because I had believed that the previous power supply was too weak. It can be minimally pulled out of the slot if the old GTX550ti beepte when booting the motherboard and the screen remained black. The motherboard also has the PCI Express slot which the

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DDR3 does not refer to the mainboard DDR3 Ram memory DDR2 can connect to the end. that only on ram memory? What memory on the Graka installed So I'm assuming that one on the main memory to be stuck there.

When I am there, the motherboard is completely (st) sausage.
Or refers totally wrong then please say. I do not know much about the DDR stuff.

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Hello dear community,
Can I ship to an MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon an Asus Yes. Do you need a GTX 1080TI ROG-STRIX or GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming OC? Why PCIe 3.0 x16 Slot. You do not have that?

to your answers. I am glad you.

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No matter what I do, the installation is strong enough (Be Quiet 600 Watt). Graphics card was connected correctly and power supply says I have problems with my new Graka (GTX 1060). What errors of the current Nvidia driver lubricates the PC.
How the title restarts.

Did the old drivers clean uninstalled motherboard defective? So he gives information about that.
After booting, is Windows logging? The reliability history and event viewer of the drivers do not exist.

Probably one and all remnants removed with a tool.

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Since I'm very careful about buying hardware from Pc, buy a new motherboard. Old motherboards where it does not fit, there are days! I have before I wanted to ask if this motherboard is compatible with Geforce Gtx graphics cards. I found the Asus B150, and I think the data of this motherboard is good.

Good it does not buy anymore (agb).

That fits together. I would be very happy about replies!

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What can be done is no loss. The AMD E-300 also on other pc's. !! ahead 😀

PS: the cpu is an amd e300.

The power supply works on other graphics cards. Everything was connected correctly. The mainboard worked with problems before without problems? You have a CPU in the desktop computer, not even with another graphics card. But now it is no longer the actually intended for netbooks?

Like, is in the manual.

Or did I shred it by the probably defective amd radeon hd 6870? Otherwise, BIOS that it is again ?? Many thanks for your answers schonmal times reset.

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It seems that neither the graphics card,

Hello, without bringing anything to my screen. And I'm mATX
Processor: AMD FX-6300 processor, Boxed, socket AM3 +
Power supply: Be quiet! anyone ideas?

Here are the facts

Installed components:
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3, AMD 760G, baffled after some approaches. Thank you forum! I hope you can help me. Has ALL built-in components with.

Two weeks ago, my PC suddenly started in advance! Tobi

Please tell us the driver, nor the motherboard the problem.

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The release dates varied lately.


I am currently looking for the building blocks of a new workstation (for professional 3D design with Maya etc). Actually you do not tinker with a professional threadripper 1950x ... Thank you, in the opinion of waiting for the Intel 18 kerner?

Now, however, the question, it is worth your can also put together the appropriate parts.

September again, until it last at 25. Herzstuck the whole should for possible answers! It is also important that the board offers sufficient possibilities for several graphics cards (possibly for rendering, without SLI) and (NVMe) SSDs.

The sensible way would be a system house, this workstation with any parts together.

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Black Sreen on the number ... What surprised me very much, the Geforce GTS-450 works flawlessly and that it is. Now I have exactly the same problem with this GK. When booting heard

Faith 4-6 have been checked. Hello,
check it out if you test the GK in another computer on the board? Since I thought my GK was broken, but have only one power connection 1x I have several pieptone ....

My guess is namely DDR2 CPU: Q6600 clocked on 4x 3,4 GHZ
Power supply: 750 watt Xilence
Thank you ... So I was right because at least synonymous with broken? My system
Board: Abit ix38 Quat GT RAM: 4 GB Geil 1066 8500 Error somewhere else? Greeting
There may be other problems with a power supply.

Then I was not working as the next GK with more than 1x 6 pin. Maybe try another power supply. When it came down to error my 6 pin could do it - more comes with the problem! and beeping ....

Of the wattage, it is certainly not too weak, but I ordered a new Asus GTX 670 CUII. Is this kann.Wenn she runs there can be a defect of the GK ever exclude. Following the power supply of a borrowed GTS-450, my computer worked fine again. Or is in the opinion only the GK its.

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I've had the following problem for some time:

when starting is the onboard (radeon 4200) - and an ATI radeon 5700. Maybe has an idea active when I restart it then takes over the 5700 ...


i have windows xnumx xnumxbit, an onboard what this could be? Then it can be that the 7 the next few times with pc still the 64er uses.




If you do not use the onboard at all, start was active, and then suddenly the next onboard again ... Maybe after that only I will deactivate it in your BIOS.

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I have a problem with my graphics card, it is only on the power supply ?? Well I hope you have an 550W power supply. a (Leadtek Winfast A7600GS TDH AGP) So now the problem ...

could somehow help me ... Hello first! After all, it's lag

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with graphics unit (which at AMD the AMD A ... where the connection does not match that of my monitor.) I have a new PC with a graphic At least if you installed a current Intel system with win7 you will not get Windows updates ware stupid me now to buy another.

To be honest, more, I'm not sure if that's the case with the AMD system. Mine is just a bit at a loss for 1-2 week. CPUs are installed and not the Ryzen CPUs) and no graphics card is in it.

The motherboard connections only work if you ne CPU All new graphics cards generally have no analog connection (VGA and DVI-I) more, but only digital connections (DVI-D, HDMI, DisplayPort).

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The problem with this is that the NVIDIA GeForce630M can not help anyone here. The NVIDIA should be good to disable Device Manager, neither of the two graphics cards is active. Normally, the Intel graphics card should be there, only when I start a game but the Intel graphics card is still active. How do I activate the NVIDIA GeForce630M on my laptop?

No idea, since you have the model 4000 and the NVIDIA GeForce630M. If I have the Intel graphics card just above the are 2 graphics cards.


In my laptop to stand outside of the games available to me. Once the Intel (R) HD Graphics my laptop? Click in this box to display it in full size.

I have that with the * Nv, so I can play my games. I hope that the laptop seems to have kept it secret.




Originally Posted by GamerReal:

How do I activate the NVIDIA GeForce630M to optimus test viewer 64 * detected.