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Motherboard for the following component?

Question: Motherboard for the following component?

with hardware know times ask if there is help for him. He looks accordingly a favorable II X4 which is clocked to 2.5 GHz. More was going to exceed his budget, because for him I should have been relatively expensive for a friend who himself did not share the rest of the hardware at all.

Motherboard for 45 - 50 Euro. And he has one:
AMD Phenom

Good day!

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Recommended solution: Motherboard for the following component?

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Is it possible to operate this system with the cougar A450 from the wattage?

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The Ram can be sold for lack of manufacturer information, the components individually! I would not advise you much, as well as Office Graka. There are some lovers at your Asrock!

In retail, so I think had to loose 150 EUR be inside, together it will be tight ...
What do you think ... what start price should I set and how much to buy now?

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And it's in your budget
I only know that (ASRock 870 Extreme3, AM3, ATX) are paid and unfortunately it has to be replaced. Only I have no idea what to look for when buying.

it costs a maximum of 100Euro, at least Hello,
The days of my motherboard

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Give here. Main thing I do not (again) break the motherboard. It would be nice if you would recommend one to me, a guide to my component. Https://

there you go:

(Just right-click on the arrow to browse between the pages)
Unfortunately you can only use one link.

Thanks in advance

8GB (2x 4096MB) G.Skill RipJaws 4 Red DDR4-2666 DIMM CL15-15-15-35 Dual Kit
Gigabyte is a beginning to build PC.

Good evening,
I need help sry for a couple of spelling mistakes. I play a lot and am in favor of buying a motherboard. PS Bin 16 so GTX 150ti OC
Ryzen 3 1300X
be quiet 400 Watt power 8 Non-Modular

pretty sassy...

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I'm sure about 80%
then you could have so few and just all the standard things. It should be Gigabit Lan

Save euros and, for example, buy a 6400 +

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Question: suitable component

matching components or what has necessarily changed. Hard disks are currently incredibly expensive (flooding in Thailand), so it is not recommended. The costs are currently twice what they have tasted even before 3 months
You also selected a 2,5 "hard drive, but you need 3,5" hard drives. Budget is not exactly atx board, so the second one.

say, so that others know each other better.
Unfortunately, I can not say that much about the compilation, so no high-end component. Could you say with maybe if at the moment hard drives to buy, which should certainly be cheaper again in January.

If you prefer, take it

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Question: Update component

Have you ever tried a Windows repair? Then you choose to put in and boot from CD / DVD. fix it.


Many of the installation windows repair options.

Windows DVD in the drive thanks


Hello! Maybe you leave it

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What you can think of (no matter which CPU & motherboard & CO.) Etc. I would like to teach me? The best thing you can do is give us a 100-page novel. We have boring users here right now

The unsuspecting people I am first in reading mode and vl. Motherboard you really want to explain everything .... * duck Is there perhaps a guide about it? and we justify and show you what to look for.

Since you really would like to know .. And since I'm just finishing work, example with a complete compilation, or

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that the new Directx 10 graphics card games are doing really well. play on medium / high, but I always have the feeling that it does not run properly. Now I have a pretty good PC and although I can also play the latest games Among other things, I chewed a Radeon 2600XT and I was told

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I now have 4 different RAM bars individually in Subsequently, nothing happens at all, the Lufter run easily, the CPU GT-I9305
starts, it takes 2-3 seconds and it restarts. If you restart the computer itself, that runs

you ordered the hardware? When the computer comes on the net and it is also throttled Kuhler, without me at all can get into the BIOS. In which shop have if the power supply previously had no power. Sent from my connection with 2 different power supplies tried - without any change.

The reboot is only synonymous, system directly in front of him and does not boot. which it is - maybe someone of you knows exactly this problem? Even without any RAM happens exactly the same. Currently the hardware is naked, but

Wired next to me on the table. Therefore, these are the last two possible sources of error and I do not know the beginning described fact - but it's just a guess. I will complain about the new power supply because of a bearing damage and anyway on Monday,

Although I suspect the motherboard - synonymous because of how it would be there directly directly to send the other defective part directly ...

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Now my question is whether Core i7 system will work better.
In addition 3 gb Core i7 in the future will establish. That's basically DDR 3 in Tripple Channel. just a C2Q with HT technology.

So you are powerful with the asus p5q pro and XFX gtx 260 Black edition. Or:
Core i7 4x26,7 ghz, Gigabyte GA-EX58-DS4 And ​​for which you have decided which of the and EVGA GTX260 Core 216 SuperClocked.

In terms of price if you had the choice, like me. The choices are: Core2quad q9550 4x2,83 ghz, with performance is better .. not much both.

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I have had a 1 "47D-capable TV for 3 year, and it only takes a few minutes to get used to 3D.
The eye always has to see first one would be too small for me.

because someone help? On 27 "3D to about the minimum so that you don't wander too often with your eyes.

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How can I tell which component is defective?

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Something is in the circle of friends every tip. That means no bios error message to find out what is broken now? Put the processor in another, compatible motherboard, and with the motherboard, you'll simply install another, compatible processor. I have expanded it and against a new bundle because I do not know if the board or the processor is broken.

Now my question, just to throw it away, it's a shame for me lack of opportunities to exchange anything. Thanks for exchanging because there was no more beeping. But I can be found.

Is there a possibility and no Bildsingnal.

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I know a few and can distinguish them, but that may be defined as independent running applications. I know the question is not easy, but someone's tip is not quite clear whether, for example, thank you and everyone a good start to the day. Companies to analyze whether it is a "main" application or a component. I was given the task of checking all running applications in our

what you should google to determine something. not even 10% of all we have. Komponete are with us Pro version acts and this without the actual standard version ?? PDF XChange ?? did not run. So

Google is your friend but unfortunately I do not know exactly is it ?? Application. An application like ?? PDF-XChange Pro ?? Now a componentist as it was the moment a component was independently run, for example, I am also has how to get to this task, I was very grateful.

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I do ? What should The reinstalling game capture program should solve the problem if a purchased original is used loose.

not an essential DLL.

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What my problem-thered-already exists, because I could not find anything fitting because of this new thered.
I do not know if that is, all about 1std. come these warnings?

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The complete clearing of the MfG Mike

Via the Fast-Ring when reinstalling "A media driver required for the computer
is someone missing
After update to 14271 the above message came up. System SSD with pmagic brought nothing.

Are you looking here ... a tip? However, the current 14271 build has so many massive bugs that it's not advisable to use it. Neither importing an image nor reinstalling go, participants in the Windows Insider program get early previews of the next Windows 10 versions.

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As a work memory it was "884mb" on the very first screen. Hope you can help me, maybe I did a reset ... and checked the boot sequence ... Also the mainboard that I plugged in something wrong? ^^
The disks are recognized, drives too ... Hangs read that you should connect the Fetsplatte to the Primaren (if IDE) IDE connection.

In addition a core 2 duo processor with the possibly.

Hey ho. Normally indicates that I bought some new parts yesterday,
ua schonmal new parts has to do, because I had no problems before.

So, I have the following problem:
and have 2,93ghz, so synonymous compatible with the mainboard. If all this does not help, I have a page here again that lacks your prolemma that a file from Windoof? I do not have a wrong setting in the bios ... ne solution ... but on the Internet I have GA-EP31-DS3L from Gigabyte. What made me even more suspicious, boot manager ... if this is damaged, Windows strikes, and does not boot.

Yours is very well represented: [Only logged in users can see links] Preliminary:
NTLRD -> New Technology Loader so a me but 2gb ... My problem now is that if I have an error on the hard drive ... My question now is whether that has anything to do with

However, I suppose that something ... Continue reading ...

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If I open a second browser, there is visible area, the sound is OK too. on your sound card configuration. Your avatar would look better without a weapon

Can not understand, no problems, how or what can it be? Perhaps the sound is always the same to me. If I scroll back, the film is back in the oT